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  1. "A precarious thing, rumors," remarked Edmond of Sava, as he looked upon Eleanore with an expression betraying sympathy beneath its familiar stoicism. "It is a common and unfortunate reality - that people like to create monsters of others so that they might, by that virtue, seem less monstrous themselves."
  2. Name: Edmond of Sava Age: Late Twenties Place of birth: Unknown (Probably Sava) Contact ((OOC: Discord)): Quantum#3892
  3. The knighted Hexer, Edmond of Sava, descended from the Keep of Freimark, arms folded across his chest as he shifted forth. His flaxen hair flowed behind him against the passing breeze, and he turned to face Masuo @KunLunKungFu as they reached their horses. "I believe I've some idea of the affliction facing the Baron," he'd remark, boot sliding into stirrup as he threw himself over his saddle. "I fear it may prove worse than anticipated to the newly ennobled Freimark."
  4. MC Name: Quantumatics RP Name: Edmond of Sava Company Name(if applicable): N/A Discord: Quantum#3892 Will you be participating in the Regatta?: Yes Will you be participating in the Brawl?: Yes Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
  5. "You, my aunt of eyes unbridled, of heart unphased and soul immortal, shall remain a beacon in the hearts of the Vasoyevi and all others blessed to have met you in their lifetime. Your wisdom was and shall forever be unparalleled, and now I wish only for rest unto your soul, for all the virtues you have imparted, and for all the ills you have endured. The Elucidated Prophet, the Shephard of the Vasoyevi- the mother I was never granted. Thank you for remaining true, for being a paragon of faith's true manifestation. And goodbye, until the day I see you soon again," Spoke the Despot Andrik Vasovic, heart shattered by the loss of his aunt. He kneeled within her bedchamber, arms clutching the woolen cloth that enveloped the Soothsayer's lifeless cadaver, the once enlightened glow of her yellow-green eyes having faded into grey.
  6. Love you man, through everything we've seen and been through- good and bad. It's been a blast, and it's a shame things happen this way. Unto brighter endeavors.
  7. The Despot nodded in approval as he looked from the window of his bedchambers at the Vasoyevi below, prancing about with cheer and anticipation as the missive was handed out across the city of Sava. "A glorious duma awaits," he'd remark with a wry grin. "I do hope no one arrives in ill hygiene, lest they be defenestrated."
  8. The Despot lifted his hands to the sky in celebration, "The laws of the Despotate of Vasiyeva, codified! Za Vasiyeva!"
  9. The Despot, Andrik Vasović, lifted the missive over to his betrothed, Zoya @Vi, with a wistful smile. "We have waited half a decade too long to hold this occasion, it seems. Though I bear no doubt that it will be a joyous one, cemented in the annuls of our people's history. May all within this realm attend, and may those beyond it do so as well!"
  10. The Despot of Vasiyeva, Andrik Vasović, looked upon the missive with furrowed brows, shaking his head at its contents. His gaze then lifted up toward his High Envoy, confounded as he spoke. "To affirm my understanding of this shambolic affair, Sir Vulpe laid hands upon an elf within his own domain over a decade ago, outside of the realm of the Grand Kingdom, and then was called to court for it? Perhaps he should have made due to better act in accordance with Urguani law, but the very predication of his calling to a court is unsubstantiated and profoundly folly. I do hope this is soon amended."
  11. "Blessed be the word of His Holiness! May Veziak prosper as a true rite of Canonism, and may I and my people remain steadfast in our piety and worship," proclaimed the Grand Duke, Andrik Vasovic, as he read the papal declaration.
  12. "A pious visit, the Vasoyevi shall wait it dutifully," remarked the Grand Duke, reading the bull as he returned to his bed chambers late one night.
  13. Grand Army of Vasiyeva Overview Hetman [The armor customarily adorning the Hetman] The designated Commander of the GAV, elected to his position by the Grand Duke himself, the Hetman is one proven unparalleled in the aptitude for command, organization, and martial combat. [Hetman Adrijan of Sava, Contact Radzig#5583 for Recruitment into any Unit] [Ratnik] [The Infantry Uniform of the Ratnik] Headed by the Hetman himself, the Ratnik make up the primary defensive and offensive force of the Grand Duchy of Vasiyeva. Train broadly to take up positions from guarding to offensive attack, these are well rounded soldiers familiar with any task or engagement. Master Sergeant This individual acts as the second in command to the Hetman. He’s tasked with assisting in the management of the Sergeants and commanding of the Footmen. When the Hetman is not present, the Master Sergeant has the ability to execute both assaults and measures as they see fit. Sergeant Sergeants are Ratnik that have proven their outstanding ability in both combat and leadership. They act as the Officers within the army, and are given the jurisdiction to lead patrols and missions in the Master Sergeant’s stead, should they be not present. These are hardened fighters, veterans of the Ratnik. Footmen The main fighting force of the Ratnik, the Footman is a standard soldier who has proven his combat capabilities. Such are competent with blades, spears, and axes. Footmen are tasked with patrolling the lands surrounding Sava and the city within its walls. Recruit An initiate within the forces, these individuals have yet to prove their worth within the Ratnik. They’re tasked with training for such through both traditional means and physical exertion. [Zagortsi] The Zagortsi make up the Heavy Infantry soldiers of the Grand Army of Vasiyeva, with the elite among them granted the honor of forming the Duke’s personal Cavalry. Renowned most particularly for having been raised as soldiers from birth, few among them are inducted above the age of sixteen. Descending, in history, from a line of guardsmen trained to defend the Vasoyevi caravans of yore, they’re known for their undying loyalty and combat ability. They are trained from birth to be the loyal servants of his Serene Grace, the Grand Duke, and are often those seen most closely to him upon the field of battle. Agha The leader of the Zagortsi force, renowned as an extremely loyal and capable leader. This individual is tasked with maintaining the physical abilities of the Zagortsi and ensuring the maintenance of their highly disciplined nature. Sergeant The elite among the Zagortsi, these Sergeants have passed through the Trial of Loyalty, proving themselves sworn fully and ultimately to the cause of service toward the Grand Duke. They are the most respected among the Zagortsi, and have endured a lifetime of training for their position. Footmen Footmen are the standard heavy infantry of the Zagortsi, completely dedicated to their purpose of combat, they are adorned with heavy chainmail and plate, and oftentimes bearing spears and greatswords. Recruit Often consisting of the young, recruits may be orphans, children captured in battle, or youth handed from the nobility who have passed their early life’s training to enter the ranks of the main Zagortsi. These recruits seek to pass their first trials before becoming Footmen. [Vanatori] [The respective light and heavy armoured variants of Vanatori] An evolution of the ancient Kȁjatci: the Vasoyevi huntsmen of yore, that dedicated their lives to the extermination of monsters after the defeat of the mythical Psoglav. Staunch foes of black magic and mythical beasts, the Vanatori are a specialist unit of the Grand Army tasked with the enforcement of magical and alchemical legislation, as well as protecting the borders of the Grand Duchy from all manner of supernatural threats. Unlike the other units of the Grand Army, each vanator is selected based on their capacity for hunting monsters and magi alike, as opposed to men. Often equipped to harness alchemy, magic or a combination of the two, the vanatori are a dangerous foe to those that would endanger Vasiyeva utilising such volatile arts. They are the Grand Duchy’s first port of call in the investigation, administration and prosecution in affairs pertaining to sorcery, potioncraft, and all manner of unnatural entities. Inspired by gallant shepherds, who protect their flock from wolves and other natural beasts, the appearance of the vanatori is kept distinct from other branches of the military by the addition of a șubă over their uniform; a heavy cloak made from the skin and fleece of several sheep. Such is worn to symbolise the vulnerability of all men ill prepared for the horrors of the unnatural world, and the fate of sheep that pay no heed to the wolves in their midst. Captain Cioban - The Shepherd The head of the vanatori, answerable only to the Hetman and the Grand Duke, the Cioban is responsible for overseeing all levels of the vanatori, as well as heeding the advice of the Grand Duchy’s Court Mage and Court Alchemist to ensure a high standard of tactics and equipment are harnessed by the vanatori at all times. Sergeants Ogari - The Hounds The sergeants of the vanatori, responsible for commanding the berbeci and mieli on hunts, investigations and expeditions as well as the recruitment of mieli from the population and their vanator training. Ogari are further empowered to promote mieli who have proven themselves into fully fledged vanatori personnel - the berbeci. Footmen Berbeci - The Rams The core monster hunting force of the Grand Army, the berbeci are fully recognised soldiers of His Serene Grace’s military, tasked with the day to day regulation of magic and alchemy as the Grand Ducal delegation deems fit, along with the discovery, capture and persecution of dark or dangerous sorcerers and unnatural beasts. Whilst it is expected for the berbeci to possess an aptitude for magic or alchemy, any who have proven themselves capable of defending the Grand Duchy from supernatural threats may be welcomed into its ranks. Recruits Mieli - The Lambs The initiates and aspirants of the vanatori, mieli is the rank typically afforded to those new to the ways of the vanator, who have yet to prove themselves. Their recruitment from the population, as well as their ascendance to berbeci, is overseen by the ogari, or in some cases the cioban themself.
  14. So many hours of our lives, lost to the wind...
  15. An End to Regency 23rd of Sun’s Smile, SA 29 Following an arduous bout with Consumption, His Serene Grace, the Grand Duke of Vasiyeva, the Prophesied One, Andrik Casimir Vasović, has made a swift and full recovery. Under the medical care of his Court Physician and Alchemist, Sir Vulpe Hazmezul, and succeeding a great deal of prophylactic treatments, his humours have been found completely balanced once more, and no further trace of emaciation remains. His spirit has, as well, been determined restored through the examinations of the Sigismundaroșie. Returning now to his throne to rule, his Serene Grace’s regency has been declared at an end, and her Ladyship, Ursula Vasović, has been relieved of her service. Za Vasoyevi! Za Andrik Casimir! Grand Duke of Vasiyeva, Patriarch of House Vasović, The Prophesied One, Defender of the Vasoyevi Sigismundaroşie of Fate and Faith, Matriarch of House Vasović, Izaslanik to the Granj Vojvoda of Vasiyeva
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