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  1. I enjoyed writing this post with the boys and the final product has come together really nicely. Unshamefur Dispray. Banzai!
  2. Name: Darius Basrid Age: 20 Current Residence: Novellen Palace, Helena Are you a Citizen of the Holy Orenian Empire? Yes Are you a convicted criminal or wanted by federal or provincial authorities? No Race: Human First Submission: A Glory’s Lament Men sit upon this precipice Of glory and of valor. They sing to themselves silent hymns That chant and ring of glamor. But beneath each silver semblance glows, A heart of black and dread. A soul weary from nights construed, Above all those men who’ve bled. They claim a victory self won A victory yet unearned. They reap all those who oppose their word, Yet enforce it unconcerned. O holy lord you’ve taught me not To trust what I have heard. You place your finger upon my lips And distrust flies off as if a bird. Now know I not what to know, Only that glory ever lingers. As silver lips drip silver ichor, I, too, indulge as though its singer. Second Submission: Dear Friend Oh Oren, dear friend, our fateful trek is done. Each war has leveled every city, the glory sought is won. Helena near, the halls I hear, its people all exulting. To see their soldiers marching home, their faces worn and turning. Yet may no man ever reap, That which was not won, For among the streets there ever lies A golden hue of sun. Oh Oren, dear friend, rise forth and sing, tell of every tale, Rise forth, for you our flag is flung, for you the people hail. For you the woman heel and sing, for you the men do bow. For you each soldier salutes our flag, for you they ever vow. I hear each man to carry slander, I hear some who carry doubt. I know those men have succumb to banter, But you, Oren, with valor rarely stand without. Our enemies do not answer, their lips stand still and closed. They have no words to part to thee, that stand for honor posed. This journey has arrived within, its voyage closed and done. From fearful trip this history dips with wearing words and funds: Exult O Oren, and sing its song, But do so not in mortal dread. Do so beneath the glowing sun, As it stands alive and bred.
  3. SUBPOENA The Crown The Imperial Ministry of Justice Darius Basrid DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT: ELISSA BRANFIELD [[GrassIsAlright]] ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 202.023 - Where an individual intentionally and with premeditation causes the death of another, this shall be murder of the first degree, a felony. 202.043 - Where an individual intentionally or negligently commits such an act as to bring about the dismemberment of another, the destruction of an eye, castration, or other irreparable loss of an appendage or organ, this shall be mutilation in the first degree, a felony. 202.103 - If an individual knowingly mistreats or denies necessary care to a patient to the point of death, this shall be treated as murder. (see ORC202.02) 202.073 - Medical Validation Act (1738): Impersonating a doctor shall fall under ORC202.071. Following an in-depth investigation conducted by the Ministry of Justice, it was discovered that on the 17th of Sigismund’s End, 1770, Tirilan Sentinel alerted the Sheriff of Helena to what he believed were “medical experiments” taking place in a room buried beneath a narrow shaft in the Helena sewer. As Tirilan Sentinel and the Sheriff conversed, a man exited the shaft and attempted to flee on foot. This man, who identified himself as Theodore Galbraith, was apprehended and taken into custody by the Sheriff. Upon questioning, Theodore Galbraith admitted that he had lured Adalin Ault into the sewers at the promise of 50 minas. This prompted the Sheriff, Tirilan Sentinel, and Storm Reusvuln to forcibly enter the room underneath the sewers. An unidentified body was found, along with medical equipment and Adalin Ault’s blood. Adalin’s body was recovered by Storm Reusvuln and Medic Aaron Dern in the St. Amyas Hospital. Upon further questioning, Theodore Galbraith admitted that Peter Pruvia-Albarosa and himself had recruited Adalin Ault from the Dragon’s Rest Tavern for experimentation. Galbraith provided investigators with a book detailing his experiments (see “Further Case Research and Information,” §1) Galbraith claimed that he and an unidentified “Miss Branfield” participated in the mutilation of Adalin Ault. For his suspected involvement, Peter Pruvia-Albarosa was apprehended by Ministry of Justice agents and questioned. His testimony, in the possession of Tirilan Sentinel, corroborates Theodore Galbraith’s account. Peter Pruvia-Albarosa claimed he slew “Miss Branfield” in defense of himself and Adalin Ault, then moved Adalin Ault to the St. Amyas Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. “Miss Branfield” has also been identified posing, possibly fraudulently, as a doctor and has probable guilt for having corroborated with Theodore Galbraith in the murder of Adalin Ault in the alleged “experimentation”. Her own story contradicted her testimony and several other witnesses corroborated these points during investigation and questioning. She furthermore claimed that she was attacked by Peter Pruvia-Albarosa despite the fact that he was the one who brought the body of Adalin Ault to the hospital and had motive to try and save her from the experiments that were conducted beneath the city. Upon apprehension and post-initial questioning, Theodore Galbraith commited suicide, a probable sign of guilt, and left “Miss Branfield” as the remaining core suspect. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: PETER PRUVIA-ALBAROSA (as primary eye-witness) TIRILAN SENTINEL (as witness of crime scene,) PORPHYRE NICEPHORE (as witness of crime scene,) STORM REUSVULN (as witness of crime scene and victim’s body,) AARON DERN (as medical expert and witness of victim’s body,) DOCTOR MORGRYN (as medical expert and witness of victim’s body,) ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: [To Be Determined OOCly] YOURS HUMBLY, Darius Basrid Novellen Palace Quantum#3892
  4. DECREE OF THE LORD MAYOR OF THE CITY OF HELENA CORPORATION ROOFTOP TRESPASS AND ACCESS DECREE 6th of The Deep Cold, 1766 A decree to establish a law regarding the public access of roofs, in prospect of ending an unchancy disturbance which has stricken the streets of Helena. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this decree is to establish a law prohibiting individuals from accessing the city roofs within all residential and private premises. This decree has been declared to the livery board for the sanctity and safety of all residents and individuals presiding within the capital. Under the administration of this ruling decree, sanctions shall be placed upon all and any that infringe upon or break the laws outlined within this ordinance. SECTION I Circumstances and Provisions for the crime of unauthorized roof access are as mentioned, and are to be punished and responded to accordingly. I. In accordance with Orenian Revised Code this decree would be classified under Table 2, CH203 - On Injury Against Property. II. Where non-police personnel are identified atop the roofs of Helena in either residential or private premises without direct authorization from an official, and lacking weapons upon their person, this shall be trespassing in the third degree. III. Where non-police personnel are identified atop the roofs of Helena in either residential or private premises without direct authorization from an official, and carrying weapons upon their person, this shall be trespassing in the second degree. SECTION II I. It is additionally hereby declared that all Orenian police personnel based within the Imperial City of Helena are permitted full access to the rooftops for any reasons regarding their duties. II. Residents of Helena are not permitted under any circumstance, unless under permit by the Commissioner of Urban Planning, to grow plants or place ladders and steps that would allow them direct access to the roofs of Helena. Negligence to follow this ordinance will result in a direct fee of up to 2,000 Imperial Marks. III. In accordance with the law, any individual who upon receiving a direct and acknowledged warning from officers of the law chooses not to descend from the roof runs the immediate risk of lethal force or forceful removal from the roof in order to restore peace and uphold the laws presented in this decree. As written, William of Helena, Law Clerk 1766 As decreed by, Alexandra Carrington, Lord Mayor of Helena, 1766
  5. The young William of Helena quickly began penning a letter himself, signing it to Ms. Adrienne Dubois, eager to take a break from his work with the brown cap union. “I, William of Helena, accept this invitation to the Kaedreni party of the youth.”
  6. A Tale of Mercy’s Grace Qalasheen Folk Music The sun had set over the island of Korvassa on the 4th of Amber Cold, 1765, when the tranquility of night was disturbed by the screeching reverberation of steel against steel. Longswords and Shamshirs escaped their scabbards as the Mujahideen stood atop the sandstone walls of the glorious city of Al-Faiz, a beacon of strength and Qalasheen intuition. The kafirs observed from below Al-Faiz, their silhouettes were that of demons in the dusk, haunting the roads of Korvassa. In their clutches, a young defenseless girl by the name of Catherine, aged only nine. She had been beaten brutally when one of the bandits stepped forward from the crowd of men, and forced her to kneel before his blade. In little more than an instant, her throat grew tainted with blood, and her body fell fallow upon the sand. The renowned ghazi warriors rushed from the gates of Al-Faiz, first a wave, and soon a torrent, in their numbers were Khattab, Saeed, Fahad, Antar, Hamza, Mavin, Scyther, and myself, Yusuf Ibn Tariq. At the sight of the illustrious mujahideen, the bandits dispersed into the desert. The young Qalasheen girl was taken into the city, where she was tended to by Esmae and Osman. Through diligent effort and the will of Allah, Catherine was saved from the clutches of death, and brought back to the plains of man. As the night grew older, the brigands soon returned with another captive to make a show of, Constanza of the treacherous land of Savinia. They did to her as they did to Catherine, stabbing the woman in the stomach and leaving her for dead. The kafirs had brought a small army, and stood upon the shores of Al-Haybah. Clad in silk black turbans and scale armor, the ghazi warriors emerged from their homes, donning shamshirs and bows, and preparing to storm them, but a voice echoed out from the depths of the city. The Qa'id, Saeed, stepped forth, his hand raised in his proclamation. From the towering walls of Al-Faiz, he challenged the bandits to a duel. Their best warrior against him. They raved and laughed, for the men deeply cherished their reputation. Certain of victory, the bandit stepped forth, with his longsword held in an ox-ward stance and his body garbed in full plate armor. From the gates Saeed appeared, dressed in shepherd’s clothes with his shamshir at his side. From the partitions the ghazi could be heard chanting, “Martyrdom or Victory!”, as Saeed dueled the bandit honorably, and proved victorious in battle. The Qa’id spared the bandit, and the two groups went their separate ways. Soon after, the mujahideen converged upon Constanza, her body cold and lifeless upon the sand, a small pool of blood surrounding her. I made my way through the crowd, lifting the woman in my arms and bringing her within the city. She was ushered into the medical bay, as the Qalasheen medics and myself did the best we could to close her wound. Seconds longer and she would have died. By the grace of Allah he showed mercy upon the Savinian Royal, and through the Sultanate’s diligence she endured. Throughout Constanza’s recovery, she was kept safely within the medical bay, with medics provided to her each day of the week. She was additionally provided food, water, and other necessary commodities to make her convalescence swifter and more comfortable. Upon her wound healing completely, she was safely escorted by guards back to her home in Thyra. Let it be known that beneath the endless arms of Allah, mercy shall prevail, whether it be enemy or friend, Allah’s grace is immortal and impenetrable. Long may those who fear him prevail, and those who do not seek out his justice, Allahu Akbar! Written and Penned by, Yusuf Ibn Tariq Al-Muahid, Royal Scribe & Keeper of Knowledge in the Sultanate of Korvassa,
  7. ”It’s about time the people of Savinia recognize the Sultanate’s claim over Korvassa.” Yusuf wrote.
  8. @ibraheemc2000 Thank you my friend for bringing the community together during Ramadan and making these posts each year! Ramadan Mubarak!
  9. MC Name: Quantumatics RP Name: Yusuf Ibn Tariq Market Stand: No Fish Slapper?: Yes Master of the Catch?: Yes
  10. Eric Onfroi places his newly cleaned blade into his scabbard, resting his palm atop its pommel. “Prepare my armor,” he orders to a squire, who rushes forward to polish the large half-plate set of armor, “I have a tournament to win.”
  11. Septimus removes the missive from the wall, reading it swiftly before folding it into the deep layers of his coat. He glances to his son, Hadvar, ”It is time son, the future of our alliance is at hand. It is high time we discuss.”
  12. Septimus watched contently, his longsword stained by the blood of three men he executed. “Today is another day for our people,” he declared- now known as Septimus ‘the Butcher’.
  13. Septimus stared out at the Rusted Sword that hung on the wooden mantle, reminiscing on the monster he and Tovelm may have released upon Arcas.
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