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  1. “Ah, uncle Erwin will always be with us from now on, even without being Lord Marshal.” Alfred clasps his hands together, offering a wide grin as he looks at Brandt’s passed bill.
  2. Alfred Barclay's Re-Election Campaign for Maer ”Honesty, Decency, Integrity” Hello folks. My name is Alfred Barclay, I think you already know that, but for the sake of order, let me introduce myself again briefly. I am 32 years old, with common sense and a head full of ideas to improve the quality of life in our kingdom. It's not just me who decides, but I will contribute at least a little to the development of Reza and the environment. Previous achievements: Free Temporary Housing: Alfred Barclay helped with the realization of this project, which allows people new to Reza to settle in, until of course they collect everything they need to buy their own needs. Green Haense: After his bill was adopted, Alfred Barclay began to improve the appearance of the streets, walls, and general appearance of Reza. By adding various decorations, from leaves and bushes to trees, he successfully beautified the beautiful streets of the city by at least a small percentage. Festival and events: While he was Maer, Alfred held events attended by many people, not only from Haense, but from all over the Empire. Future plans to achieve: More events and fests: That said, if Alfred Barclay were to be re-elected Grand Maer of Reza, he would do his best to make as many fun and interesting events as possible, involving as many people as possible. Involvment in Duma: Alfred was not so involved in the Duma and its work with other colleagues that much, due to personal problems that he did not mention. However, if he were re-elected as Maer, he would join more and more the work and laws of the Royal Duma, striving to maintain that relationship between law and entertainment. More bills. Masses and Inferi: During these dark times, which do not give us a ray of sunshine, Masses are very important, as are prayers dedicated to God. Faith helps us to purify ourselves, mentally and physically, which is a big plus for us in the fight against Inferi demons. Alfred aims to promote faith and Mass in Reza. + Alfred will commit to donating as many things, food and materials as possible to fight the Inferi demons Better infrastructure: Better roads mean easier movement through the city, easier performance of daily tasks and obligations. Alfred will do his best to improve the infrastructure of Reza, in order to offer the people the best possible conditions. Vote Alfred Barclay for Grand Maer ”Honesty, Decency, Integrity”
  3. Minecraft Username: repl1ca Character Name: Alfred Barclay Character Age: 32 Place of Residence/Street Address: Duchy of Reinmar Position: Grand Maer
  4. On the way to Reinmar, Alfred walked quite normally, with purely positive thoughts. Little by little, step by step, he noticed a strange structure not far from him. As he approached, he noticed that it was a wooden cross, and that something was written on it ... " Was? This hasn't been here before, ich can swear to God ..." As Alfred approached slowly, he could finally see very close name. At that point, he remained frozen. A shiver ran through his body, trembling moderately as he read his friend's name over and over..and again ... " Sacul..God ist going to help zhou, gut freund..God, take him safely to heaven, to Seven Skies .. " he knelt down, clasping his hands together and praying for the soul of his very good friend, once a brother, and a soldier .. " A lot of people have been dying lately..this ist nicht gut, not at all .. " Alfred said, slowly getting up on his feet. He watched the wooden cross for a few more minutes before continuing to the keep, now emotionally empty and with dark thoughts in his head..
  5. Waldofest – Haeseni Festival 1783 Everyone loves festivals. Everyone loves food, drinks, fun, right? On this day, the 4th of the Snow’s Maiden, Maer is writing you this announcement, and at the same time one big invitation to one of the major festivals that will take place in Haense. Waldofest is a festival in the spirit of waldenian traditions and customs, including various types of games, food and also not to forget, drinks. The festival takes place with the intention of uniting and socializing various people in the Empire, creating a large and pleasant friendly atmosphere that aims to make one of the largest festivals in the region. In order for the festival to be successful and without any problems, Maer of Reza prepared and planned things one step ahead of everything: - Beer Tasting - Beer is one of the main ingredients that make up a waldenian man. It is drunk at any time of the day, because it simply gives a perfect aroma that relaxes a person. Beer tasting will open the festival as the first event. People will be able to approach the Bar supervisor for handling beer, giving and pouring the beer itself. In addition to tasting, snacks will be distributed to everyone who takes a mug of beer, just so they can feel the real aroma of beer coming from the Reinmaren fields. - Jousting - Jousting is a competition of pride and strength, which has been taking place since ancient times. With the help of two horses and two jousting lances, this famous game takes place in the best light. For easier control over prizes, places and players, the number of players will be limited to 8 people. The winner of Jousting who successfully pushes to the finals of the game gets 1500 minas. - Mug Hunt - We know that there is hunting for animals, hunting for eggs, but mug hunt... well this is a novelty! To make the festival more interesting, people will be asked to try to find as many mugs as possible, and the more mugs they find, the more free beer they get! This mug hunt will encourage hardworking people to drink more beer, because it will quickly make them thirsty, which will of course bring more profit for the Barclay family ! The one who finds the most mugs gets a cash prize of 750 minas and the amount of beer with the number of mugs found. - Stone Throwing - If you think you have strong enough hands and a good enough throwing hand, then feel free to be a competitor in throwing stones. This game requires a little more power, so it's not recommended for younger ones, but who knows, maybe they can throw more than some people. The one who throws the stone farthest from all the competitors wins a cash prize of 800 minas. - Background Music - To make the festival interesting all the time, bards will be present who will maintain an interesting and joyful atmosphere by playing only the best songs of their choice, and also of Maer's choice. Bards will also be open to musical desires! Everyone within the Empire is invited, including those from the lowest class to those from the highest class. This invitation brought to you by: Alfred Barclay, Maer of Reza and chaplain of Haense Royal Army OOC: The festival shall take place on saturday (29.8.) at 5:30PM EST, behind the jousting arena in New Reza. Signs will be placed for those who can’t find their way to the place !
  6. As he was leaving the office, Alfred Barclay received news of Mary Lucille’s death. He shook his head, thinking it was another lie by people who are bored in life. Yet, as he went to Helena, he realized that her death was real. He blinked a few times, looking for the nearest bench to sit on. He didn't cry, but it wasn't easy for him either, because he remembers hanging out with her and her sisters, spending time together, but that was the end of it now. "God, enlighten her way to Seven Skies ..." he muttered, signing a lorraine cross..
  7. Alfred Barclay observes Siegmund Corbish being carried outside the city walls, his arms and legs tied. What he saw that day in the Duma Hall intrigued him greatly, but at the same time aroused anger in him. Wrapping a noose around Corbish's neck was something Alfred hadn't seen in a long time, so he felt unexpected happiness when he saw the door open, and outlaw fall down. "God may have wanted this to happen ... und maybe zhou were brought to das light of justice at das right time." Alfred said with a stern face, watching the disabled and dead body being lifted by HRA soldiers
  8. O ye of gardening expertise, ye blessed men of Haense under the enlightened rule of not one, not two, but THREE BARCLAYS, hark ye now to this message ! Maer Alfred Barclay, in his infinite Waldenian wisdom, has seen fit to call the men and women of Haense to a trial of the ages, the FIRST HAESENI SPLEEF TOURNAMENT. In this tournament, envisaged by this great son of Reinmar in a dream, competitors shall seem to dig the ground out from beneath each other, condemning each other to fall into the FAILURE PIT. The winner of this prize shall win, as has the Haeseni government with its allotment of Barclays, not one but THREE gifts. These shall be: - Prize of 1000 minas, - Bragging rights, - and most importantly: the title of SHOVEL KNIGHT to be held by the winner in perpetuity. If you really think that you have the mighty power of your shovel, then enter the tourney TODAY for YOUR CHANCE at winning ! This message brought to you by: Alfred Barclay, Maer of Reza, Lieutenant of the Snowy Fields Watch, Colonel of the FOA, Hero of Korvassa, Son of a Gun, etc. ((ooc information: tournament will be held at Friday, 7pm EST or 1am GMT, in Haense (time has been moved forward because of irl stuff) . If you want to participate, reply to this post down below with any kind of an emote with your character’s name))
  9. Alfred Barclay, chaplain of Haense Royal Army and the Maer of Reza, happily reads the document, satisfied that the field of education in the city is provided and on the right path for the future students !
  10. One big +1 Looks like a great weapon to be truly honest, great job and I hope you have good rp with this explosive baby !
  11. Alfred Barclay signs up for the elections, hoping to get elected as his brilliant mind has a lot of wonderful and useful ideas for the good of Haense ! IGN: repl1ca Character Name: Alfred Barclay Age: 27 Place of Residence / Street Address: Duchy of Reinmar Position: Maer
  12. Alfred Barclay salutes to the fallen man, signing a lorraine cross. “Maybe ich didn’t know dein name, but dein story sounds very interesting..”
  13. Alfred took the invitation in his hands, looking at it and reading it with a wide, bright smile. He would go to his room to prepare a great gift, carefully choosing things to their liking. “ Das time has come for zhou zwei to get married as well, thank Godan ! “ Barclay said, chuckling to himself as he was choosing a fine suit for himself.
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