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  1. Username: BowpompDiscord: Bowpomp#3549Skin Name: Frilly FrockBid Amount: $5 USD.Previous Bidder: (if applicable) None.
  2. my cover photo is so CRUMMY.

  3. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa Sarkozy glares down from the Seven Skies, dismayed. “Oh dear, once an idiot always an idiot...”
  4. Skin: top down ac 10 Mina Bowpomp#3549
  5. Introduction The escape was successful. She was able to flee before those wrought iron gates of Providence snapped closed. As the powdered Victoria Sarkozy wept, the carriage leapt over hills and mounds towards Redenford. She was a woman with nothing to lose and nothing to look forward to, other than her useless position at the Augustine Palace. Once surrounded by family, and people of peerage, Victoria had been deprived of her strength and happiness. She was once a free woman, now reduced to nothing more than a depressed wife. Albeit this escape was the o
  6. SURNAME:de Sarkozy/Pruvia-Albarosa FIRST NAME: Victoria ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Adria St. 5 YEAR OF BIRTH: 1767 Are you registered and eligible to vote in Providence District? Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be consi
  7. Penelope Hamilton O'Rourke would run towards the nearest tailor, whispering her request into the tailor's ear. A package would arrive days later containing a beautiful silk ball gown with a ten foot long train!
  8. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa sinks on to her husband's arm. "A slummy cesspool its become..." She'd groan.
  9. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa marvels at the idea of an exclusive club. She took a piece of parchment, a wonk eye tipped fountain pen, and scribbled hastily on the paper. She sealed it and sent it off.
  10. Jeanne Poisson de Motte's bright red lips curled into a wide smile when she saw her friend enter the gates of The Seven Skies. Striding forward in her panniered yellow gown, she took out a small velvet box, containing the earrings made of wonk eyes. "Florenza! You forgot these..." The Auverginian said, smiling, tears rolling down her face somewhat as she was reunited with her only friend in heaven.
  11. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa read over the announcement made by her dear cousin. Shuffling over to her wardrobe, she chose the widest hoops available and the most tackiest of silks.
  12. Margaret Annabelle Helvets watched with an odd smile when the dissolution of marriage was announced. When let alone in her apartment of the Augustine Palace, she raided her mother's makeup cabinet before her departure.
  13. IRP NAME: Margaret Annabelle Helvets DISCORD: _Pomapdour IRP AGE: 5 LIST OF THREE GIFT IDEAS: Maybe a new dress? ((Literally anything that has to do with fashion/jewelry, or something cute! Don’t stress over it! ))
  14. Johanna Pruvia-Albarosa welcomed Sabrina to the Seven Skies with open arms, smiling at the arrival of her old friend.
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