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  1. “Hrm, perhaps I could look into a project about an asylum or mental hospital in the future, it would indeed help the sick and mentally disabled in our society today, perhaps something to discuss with dear Anna sometime.” Beryl Carrington laughs maniacally in his office, before going to tend to his birds.
  2. Beryl Carrington, once again sits in his office- that's all he'd seem to do these days, simply sit and ponder, of course that's all he had time to do, he couldn't find motivation to do things other people did, socialise, find love- he wasn't sure he'd ever find something of the sort, and yet could hide his bitter feelings so well, his own subconscious attempting to force and contort his mindset to that of a joyous one upon the even of receiving an invitation to the union. The merchant son, who'd struggled since birth with feelings of inadequacy and loneliness would be sitting his o
  3. Somewhere, in the Augustine Palace- Beryl Carrington, would grimace at the news of Minervas death, shaking his head at the loss of another close friend.
  4. Foreword: [!] A page, taken straight from the frail binder of a worn, and musty writing book- the pages of Beryl Edmund Carrington’s personal writing journal- his first work of professional writing in the footsteps and imprint that his father, the esteemed playwright Peridot Carrington had left, after fleeing the Ruby city of Helena, leaving his son those many years ago, now his son and only heir’s first work- would be a piece, upon the newly built Imperial Palace, the majestic home of the ruling class in Orenian society. The name of such place- Augustine, appearing several times in the
  5. Beryl Edmund Carrington, the merchant son, would receive a personal invitation by bird, flying into his office and landing, he'd stare at the bird as he'd gesture for one of his Carrington Couriers, to bring the letter over to him. Upon reading the invitation, his gaze darting over it, he look happy for his dear friend Anna, but grumble slightly as he looked over to his closet. "What do I own that isn't green?" He'd sigh "Time to get creative..."
  6. IGN: BenjiBot_ DISCORD: BenjiBot#1207 ------ NAME: Beryl Edmund Carrington AGE: 17 CHOSEN BACHELOR'S DEGREE: Politics, Society and Law CHOSEN MAJOR/S: Imperial Politics ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Augustine Palace DO YOU REQUIRE A DORMITORY TO LIVE ON CAMPUS?: No, I have residence. DO YOU REQUIRE A SCHOLARSHIP? (Each case for subsidised tuition will be looked at independently): No, that will not be necessary
  7. Skin: Slavic Horseriding Bid: 135 mina Discord: BenjiBot#1207
  8. Skin: Slavic Horseriding Bid: 100 mina Discord: BenjiBot#1027 Sorry Desired- I need me a new casual outfit desperately.
  9. Skin: Slavic Horseriding Bid: 50 mina Discord: BenjiBot#1207
  10. The Month of November-December: Whew! What a month, am I right? Temp Map, 8.0 transition, Returning and New players flooding in….it’s been a lot to say the least, and now in the tradition with all these incredible events, I’d like to add the return of the Monthly Community Newsletter to the list! Yes, that’s right folks! - The Monthly Newsletter has returned! Here to provide you with the latest updates and know-how to get your Lord of the Craft knowledge up to code! And with me, BenjiBot_ as your guide, I’ll take you through what’s been happening on our wonderful server this past month, an
  11. IGN (MC Username): BenjiBot_ Discord: BenjiBot#1207 Likes: Minecraft Skins, Persona Art Commissions, Custom Heads, Signed RP Items, Story Team Items. Dislikes: Anything using real money- I too, would rather keep it to LoTC confines.
  12. Beryl Edmund Carrington, would be pacing across a room, by a roaring fireplace, staring occasional glances outside the window, to the view of Providence outside, wincing slightly, he'd sit at his desk to calm his nerves "It really is odd- I wonder if they've caught her ye-.." He'd be cut off as a Carrington Courier burst in, coming up to him and whispering something delicately in his ear, news of his acquaintance, and relative Emma Elaine D'arkent, and dashing out the door again, Beryl would then look outside and shake his head "I hope she'll find satisfaction in her own death, more than than
  13. Someone tell me about an interesting persona they've played before- I'm in the mood for backstory exposition


    1. rukio


      Define "interesting" 

    2. MyNameIsMason


      Orlando Otterbowl, I feel like it's pretty self-explanatory

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