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  1. IGN: BenjiBot_RP NAME: Beryl Carrington The Traveller of Carrington eagerly awaits to see the results of his luck in the raffle!
  2. A CHILD’S ODYSSEY Eastfleet Docks - 40 S.A “Two mina, sire.” “ T’was a rough journey wasn’t it? I think it’s fair to say I have my sea legs now, hm?” “Two mina, sire.” “Ah, right. One moment, then.” A young man at the docks of Eastfleet slung his various impedimenta across his frame, heaving a heavy breath and taking a long sniff of the intimate aroma that swelled the minute he touched the shore. Nodding in acknowledgement at the area as he was imbued with a fond recollection of that same place, several years ago before he departed on his own recent escapade. It was then he slammed the coin upon the wooden counter of the portly foreman with a wry smirk. “Well then, I suppose you’ll be the gladdest to be rid of me, ey Sir?” The youthful fellow jested, though a glimmer of curiosity in his orbs, hidden though as if he actually cared for that fellow's answer. “You were a nuisance, Demetriyus. And far more trouble than you’re worth.” He shot back indignantly, though perhaps he realised the harshness of his tone, rolling his eyes and added “To be fair, you were useful, at the best of times. Never lose that trait, or underestimate how much being useful is worth and you’ll do just fine.” He concluded as he dipped his quill back into the inkpot and swiftly scribbled onto some parchment “Y’keep well, alright?” Finished the foreman, waving a hand to shoo the youth away “Next in line!” Demetriyus strolled off as he was commanded, yet turned his neck back to the man, now regarding him with an altogether new brand of confusion. “Useful?” He mused, repeating the words yet again “Useful, he said.” Frowned that youth, shaking his head. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I’m far more than that, surely.” The figure confirmed as he pressed on through the crowd of seafarers who toiled away unpacking the cargo of the vessel, trying to not get into any trouble as he made his way to the end of the dock. As he moved swiftly through the crowded dock, he noticed the intricacies of emotions displayed upon the faces of his comrades. He’d had an entire journey to observe them, and initially thought them different to the gawking city folk he was raised around in his childhood, yet even now he glimpsed these travellers partaking in the same vices that plagued his homeland. He saw their drunkenness get the better of them as a first mate and a sailor scuffled and fought as he made his way past. He saw the gluttony of others, greedily stuffing themselves full with food from the market the minute they’d gone ashore. He couldn’t help but feel partially foolish, for he’d left this land years ago because of people like them, and from that foolishness he felt a smidgeon of hatred for this throng displayed before him. ______ { --- } _____ “Oy! Demetriyus! Come give us a hand, would ya?” Called out a voice from a rabble of fatigued sailors at the wooden cabins adjacent to the rickety pier he’d just emerged from. Demetriyus, usually uncaring as he was, made every attempt to dawdle and ignore the voice- yet once he’d made eye contact with the source of the call, with a heaving sigh he trudged over, belongings still slung over his shoulder. As it happened, the source was that of another man he had become acquainted with on his travels, one he had not particularly grown to like given the character of such an associate. This one was too jolly for his liking, a tall broad-shouldered man with a great beard who was constantly peddling mirth and merriment to the crew for the length of the journey, much to Demetriyus’ chagrin. “What is it now?” Whined the youthful one, his arms resting on his hips in annoyance “I’ve got better things to do y’know- can’t order me around anymore like you did on ship, eh?” The jovial man gave him a patronising chuckle and ruffled his hair “Yer’ a firm one Demetriyus, I don’t think I could order ye’ to do anything ye’ don’t wanna anymore, lad.” He retorted, gesturing with a flick of his hand to a group of burly men behind him, they appeared to be exasperated, struggling - trying to move a large group of trunks onto horse carriages to be taken off “Oi’ know ye've got places to be, laddie- but we could use some more hands here, and you’re just so-” “- Useful?” Finished the disgruntled youth, his face dripping with resentment. He then cast his gaze to the struggling workers and contorted his visage into a familiar grimace “So then, even off a ship my character is nothing but useful then? And once I run dry of such a trait am I nothing?” Lamented he to the seaman, heaving a sigh as he set down his belongings and went to aid them. “Well, not only that, lad.” The man responded, raising a hand to scratch his unkempt facial hair “Ye’ shouldn’t only associate yourself with being useful ‘cause you are useful.” He wheezed, stifling a chesty cough “But ah- there’s notin’ wrong with helpin’ others now ‘n again.” Spoke, he in that weathered sailors accent, clearly choosing his words delicately with his comrade. “You’ll come to find people ‘ll grow to appreciate ‘ye for it, like when ‘ye helped the ship physician ‘tend to folks on board when they were ill something’ awful- we all appreciate ‘ye for that ‘ye know.” “. . .” Demetriyus spoke not a word at first, pondering the response deeply as he continued with his labour. He looked over to the sun, which now was in its terminal stages of the day, fading on the horizon as the counterpart rose in the east. “Perhaps. . .Perhaps I have been hasty in my conclusions. Forgive me, sir- I-. . .uhm” Heaving another gasp as he finished transporting the cargo upon that carriage, the other workers began to prepare for departure from the port. “I- understand that my curse for these early years of my life is the feelings of inadequacy one receives from those they love.” He confessed, now becoming gradually more emotional with his recollections “I have a great many siblings, you understand. Spawned from many fathers with my. . . ah- mother.” “Oh?” Spoke the vast figure, now listening intently to the youth’s spiel, motioning for the carriage to stay the horses a moment longer so he might hear the rest of what had to be said. “So ye’ say? Was ‘tis the reason ye’ left them to go on the voyage?” The scion tilted his head slightly, unsure of himself “I- believed it so, initially? But now I find myself returning and wanting very badly to see them.” He stated rather dreamily, running a hand through his cornish locks “I only wanted attention, truly- perhaps I was too blind to see that they gave it.” Said he, now beginning to doubt even his own furthest memories, and trying desperately to recall “No. . .No, I can’t recall now- too late it would be anyway. . . At least perhaps they would regard me with warmth when I return, and I can continue being useful to them..” “Or. . .” Spoke up the broad-shoulder man, a suggestion clearly forming in his mind “Ye’ might find yourself travellin’ someplace new like voyagers tend to do, hm? Ye’ might take ‘yer time returning, instead- see this world before goin’ on another odyssey like that again?” The mirthful titan suggested, shrugging his heavy shoulders and craning his neck to face the swiftly darkening skies, the stars beginning to emerge as the last rays of sunlight subsided. “I’ve seen a fair bit of the ‘world lad. Still a fine place for someone to make ‘sometin of themselves. Least try it before ye’ sail away from it, because ‘ye can be a help to anyone, anywhere if ‘ye try.” _____ { --- } _____ “It’s not a wholly unpleasant idea, I imagine.” “Nae, ‘tisn't hard either.” “But how does one begin such a metamorphosis of character?” “Simple. Ye’ find something’ yer good at and ye’ pursue it.” “Ah.” The youth frowned, considering the notion delicately “I suppose it’s a start along the path to fulfilment.” He quipped, turning over to look at the other men, supposedly growing impatient as they awaited their last associate to join them “It’s an idea nonetheless.” The seaman bobbed his head wistfully, then glanced over to his company and began to trudge off towards them. A few moments of stillness ensue between the pair, Demetriyus still standing in that dirt path and staring skyward to the stars, appearing to still don a semblance of deep thought. “Would we be heading yer’ way?” Suddenly the seaman spoke up, not having even turned back to the youth, as he still made his way down the path slowly. Demetriyus considered this a moment, the figure swiftly producing a weathered map from his various ephemeral collections and scanned over it with his eyes, his orbs tracing over to where he needed to be, and saw that where they headed was far out of his way. “No- actually, you’re nowhere near it.” He replied bluntly, pausing then to reflect on the man’s wisdom. “But then again, perhaps my way isn’t the path I'd desire to venture on right now.” He finished, looking over to the fellow with a weak smile. “Hah! There ye’ go lad, takin’ my advice already.” Laughed the merry old man in his hoarse voice, turning back and gesturing for his young friend to join his side as they boarded the already full carriage together. “Make room fer’ young Demetriyus!” He called out to the disorderly group clamouring for their sitting spots, of which they acknowledged and made room for him to sit on the back of the carriage atop the mound of luggage. “Alright, we’re ready to move!” Called out one amongst the gaggle to the coachman, who obliged with a resounding crack of his whip and a hearty “Hyah!” Prompting the horses to begin with a slow trot down the long road ahead. ______ { --- } _____ As the night reached its peak, the stars had never been more clear for the young man, this brilliant dance of celestial magnitude filling Demetriyus with such a sense of wonder, the likes of which he did not find often in the day-to-day interactions he shared with those around him. Perhaps it took him a minute to realise it, but the wonder he felt, sitting there- was only partly due to the breathtaking expanse above him, and the other was drawn solely from the wisdom of the seaman. This advice, though well-meaning and passive, had managed to touch him in a way that he’d never felt since his earliest years, and the tales of her own life his mother has whispered to him as he lay in bed every night. He considered this another moment longer, resolving that it was this advice that was worth following in his life, so it may become a fulfilling one for himself. And with this, the first odyssey of his life was complete. The present conclusion of his childhood, and the notion of a world larger than he initially thought. His infant flights of fancy would retreat to the further corners of his mind, immortalised only as memories, dreams, and nightmares forevermore. And a new path awaits. “Never lose that trait, or underestimate how much being useful is worth and you’ll do just fine.” _____ { --- } _____
  3. A traveller who'd been following the recent actions of those abominable followers would recognise personally one of those named within the missive. This shocking revelation would cause such turmoil within his mind, causing that explorer to then gather his impedimenta and venture out for an answer to his query. "Interesting, it is for such an accusation." "Perhaps warranted though, for what wicked actions would be on their head if it were truth." "I shall see for myself, not from word of mouth."
  4. [!] A Falcone casts his vote gladly, eager to see the results. RP Name: Dante Aldo Falcone MC Name: BenjiBot_ Voted: Yes
  5. And so it was that news of this tragedy reached the ears of an especially puzzled Carrington scion. He'd only last visited New Esbec recently during an investigation, on which the findings had been inconclusive, yet promising. How interesting it may be, for him to resume such a study. A new branch of information for his thesis altogether. Surely worth looking into, if anything.
  6. SURNAME: Falcone, FIRST NAME: Dante ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Dobrov Castle DISTRICT/MUNICIPALITY/ARCHDIOCESE OF CANDIDACY: Dobrov YEAR OF BIRTH: 1813 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Municipality or Archdiocese you are running? Yes, Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Furnestock (1838)? No, If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: I do understand, and agree. ((MC NAME)): BenjiBot_
  7. An Illatian nearby reads over the missive, fondly recounting the mentioned event and recalling his marvel at the fine works of those seamstresses, off he prances to go and congratulate them yet again. Meanwhile, in another region of Almaris, a scion of Carrington comes across the missive and regards it with a mirth-ridden grin across his countenance, as he remembers his homeland with a sigh.
  8. Upon the Eastern Coast of Almaris, a ship draws through the fog of a crisp morning. Upon it, a mere child grown to adolescence stirs from his slumber, for he aches to return. A return to his mother and siblings, awaited him- for he was almost home.
  9. Beryl Carrington acknowledges the declaration, and signs the Lorraine for Emperor John VIII, wishing him a safe recovery. He then turns back to his quill and ink pot and continues his work on the tutoring system.
  10. [!] A nearby Carrington notices the absence of the former Arch-chancellor and the newlywed imperial couple. He'd offer a moment to the thought of whatever interactions he'd shared with either, and smile fondly.
  11. In the distance, a Carrington frowns expectantly, waiting for some other news to arrive on the subject so he might add it to his documentation of events in the world of a mystical nature.
  12. Time to throw money at you
  13. Beryl Carrington smiles the shiniest suns smile ever conceived.
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