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  1. A passing blind man would look upon the most recent in the series of missives, "Let them both burn, and both will in part. Sin shall fight sin, and only the greater sin shall win."
  2. The once apprentice of Ostromir read over the notice of his master's death, hatred welling up deep inside him as he began his plotting...
  3. Skin: Bejeweled Bid: 55 Mina Discord: MiniMuffinNinja#1178 Previous Bidder: Onika
  4. This is by far my favorite shade rewrite! +1 Hope I get to try this
  5. Inmortuae Memorium Lair PRO MC Name: MiniMuffinNinja Lair Name: Inmortuae Memorium Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190109-✓-playable-ca-race-event-creature-phantoms-apparitions/ The Circle of Dusk was once an order of knights dedicated to Honor in battle, and holding it through to the end. The original four knights consisted of Meleth Hailaga, Brenjolf Ethelmaer, Lleyn Praetorus, and their Grand Commander Edward Astaeroth. Upon their joining, these knights swore an oath to the creeds and values of the order, vowing to uphold them for as long as they shall be able. Much to their unknowing, however, this ability would prove fit even through death. It began with Edward. His will manifested him through the grave and took embodiment much as he once was, but twisted therein. His skin took on a tint of transparency and mist poured from his graven-bound hand as he absolved to see the order reinstated and flourishing. He would not let it fall as it once had, and would keep it forevermore. So thereforth he set out to call upon the oaths of his fallen warriors. First Lleyn, then Meleth, then Brenjolf. One by one, they rose to their oaths and duty toward serving Edward and the order’s influence. This would see the band seeking to recruit, ally, or exert forceful supremacy over those of the current world. The creeds of which they wish to support are as follows: I. Uphold the utmost respect for members of the order, especially your superiors. II. Slay those who do not show honor, they shall be given a chance to draw their weapon and prepare themselves, but if they refuse they shall be slain without remorse. III. Mercy and remorse shall be punished, these are cardinal sins and all weakness will be stripped from our cause. IV. Failure to slay the dishonorable shall be punished, this is a sign of weakness. V. If one is slain in battle, they shall be honored to the highest degree. VI. Arcane matters are ones that should be immediately brought before the Grand Commander, to be dealt with at their discretion. VII. To desert the order is to spit in the face of your superior, this will be punished with a fate worse than death. VIII. Failure to carry out orders given by superiors is a crime punishable by death. IX. Hold true to the honor and security of the order, always obey the creeds, and respect the word of your superior. X. Help your fellow Circle Member. They are your brothers and sisters in arms, and will determine your fate. After the initial resurrection of the original order, Edward deemed it necessary to recruit. And so, after exploration and numerous recruitments, it came time to find a residence to house our deeds. The Circle scoured deep forests, trekked blazing deserts (hoods help a miraculous lot), and ventured through endless fields before eventually finding it. A grand church of dilapidated state, fit with murals within the windows and darkwood pews lining the hall. The grand centerpiece was a monumental organ, brass pipes splayed from its wooden frame as they extended upward in crooked digits. The organ itself was still functional, albeit greatly distorted, and with mold-rotted keys. Vines and cobwebs alike hung from the walls and coated the building inside and out, the only resplendence left from its once-beautiful state being the chandelier. A gentle luminescence would glisten from the crystals of the hanging beauty upon sunset, light beaming in through the west facing window. Lingering outside the walls of the church would be dark courtyards wrapped to its sides with shrub-shrouded fences. Within these courtyards would lie a variety of tomb-like gravestones, borne in vines and moss with their age. In the inhabiting of the church, the band will have exhumed the corpses and made the insides of each mausoleum a small room or storage chamber. Various poltergeists and specters met and allied or otherwise enforced by this cause would also call this home in one manner or another. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): Dimensions: 66x83 (Roughly 7 individuals and growing) Why can you not accomplish the niche of this lair’s roleplay in an existing settlement or nation? (We expect a substantial answer for this, not just ‘I don’t like them’). Undeath is not welcome in most societies, and thus we cannot perform all that we could outside of them, within them. What does this lair add to the greater world around them?: As undead are not generally welcome within most societies, this locks us from residing within comfortably. While one could in theory live within society, a congregation like our own is rendered near impossible without the negative eye and assumed uprising of those seeking to drown out our cause. This being said, a private place to gather and perform our own rites and traditions would allow purposeful and tasteful conflict rp, in that those seeking us would be deliberate in such endeavours. On the other side, it would provide true surprise and meaning to those who aren’t deliberate in finding such places. Not to mention that this would allow us to provide much more substantial resistance and put emphasis behind the lore we are using, successfully filling the Lawful Neutral niche undead seem to fit so well.
  6. Do you like Vortex?

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