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  1. Can I change my wish? I’d like to make it a bit easier on you xD
  2. Minecraft username: MiniMuffinNinja Why do you want to join?: I wish to bring justice to those deserving Are you committed to roleplaying as an assassin? (you can’t just kill people right away on the spot): I am Discord Name: MiniMuffinNinja#1178 RP Name: Ludwig Saxon Race: Human Age: 25 Traits: Skilled with longsword and can investigate well.
  3. Username – MiniMuffinNinja Character Name – Ludwig Saxon Proficeiencies/specialties – Combat, cooking, hunting, and investigation
  4. I'd like a necromancy teacher please
  5. Can we wish for anything? I mean can we wish for something that we can get irp?
  6. Sign(s): Fire Symbol(s): Separation x4 Burning x3 Draining x2 Appearance: A deep purple succulent with each of the leaves shaped in the form of a lotus, each leaf is 3-4 inches long, 1-2 inches wide, and 1/2 inch thick. Each leaf contains a large amount of sticky, crimson sap. Location: Vlatrite is commonly found deep within forests, usually in places where there are a lot of decaying animals. Harvesting: Vlatrite can be harvested by removing each individual leaf and leaving the core on the stem, it can be “farmed” by planting the core in some shady, loamy soil. Raw Effect(s): The main use of Vlatrite is it’s sap, it can be used to treat an infected wound by separating the infection from the flesh. This process is extremely painful and lasts for about 30 narrative minutes. After the 30 minutes are over, the pain will begin to fade and the sap dries. This does not close the wound but it will be cured of the infection. Redlines: – Vlatrite cannot cure poison, only infection that comes from leaving a wound exposed for too long – You will need about a teaspoon of sap per square inch of infected wound you are treating – Not rping the burning sensation counts as powergaming – Vlatrite cannot be used pre-emptively, it only cures infected wounds, if used on an open non-infected wound it will not burn
  7. lol, its alright, this is my first lore piece so I don’t expect it to be great
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