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  1. This is by far my favorite shade rewrite! +1 Hope I get to try this
  2. Inmortuae Memorium Lair PRO MC Name: MiniMuffinNinja Lair Name: Inmortuae Memorium Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190109-✓-playable-ca-race-event-creature-phantoms-apparitions/ The Circle of Dusk was once an order of knights dedicated to Honor in battle, and holding it through to the end. The original four knights consisted of Meleth Hailaga, Brenjolf Ethelmaer, Lleyn Praetorus, and their Grand Commander
  3. Do you like Vortex?

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    2. MiniMuffinNinja
    3. Shah of Iran

      Shah of Iran

      only thing I love more than vortex is the prospect of getting sucked into an actual vortex and never coming out

    4. aiden0023


      Reject Vortex, embrace Nexus

  4. After, yes, thinking about making a secondary cooldown
  5. Long have the children of Horen sought ways to extend their short lives, yet few have found the means to do such with magics like necromancy and mysticism restricted from the public eye. The infinite potential of Alchemy grants comfort to the short lived humans, however slightly. Name of Potion: Elixir of Longevity Brief Description: This potion, allows one it extend their life, the cost being that they suffer a weakened immune system and internal functions. Recipe: Blood (Base) x5 Life x5 Vigor x5 Endurance x5 Order x5 Grace
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