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  1. A passing blind man reads the paper, scoffing, "The cards give no intrinsic merit nor does knowing how to divine them give reason for political power!" he shakes his head and walks off
  2. What did you install and where did you get it from? Sounds like you downloaded malware
  3. ((OOC Information)) What is your Discord?: MiniMuffinNinja#1178 What is your Minecraft Profile Name?: MiniMuffinNinja What is the ideal time for you to partake?(Please use GMT as well as EST for convenience ;_;): GMT-8 2:00-3:00 PM, EST is 5:00-6:00 ((Only IC past this point.)) What is your name?: Nathan Cassiel How old are you?: 53 What is your race?: Mali’aheral Are you aware of the rules of the College and that not conforming with them will attract consequences?: I understand What class/classes do you wish to enroll in, of the options? Standard H
  4. From what I understand, she is trying to ask why these communities are so reclusive that they are wasting chances to make an impact on the server, that these magics could make a lot more of a difference if they were a bit more out there
  5. Alright, I'll be sure to fix this later when I get the chance! And you're right, it is a bit excessive. True, I'm taking quite a bit of inspiration from D&D ghouls, where demonic energy gives them life
  6. Ghasts Eaters of Rot Origin Tainted, cruel, hungry, these all describe the traits of Ghasts. Ghasts are disgraceful and disgusting beings that feed on the flesh of corpses, men tainted by the twisting magick of Iblees, Ghasts will gorge themselves on rotten and fresh meat alike. This depraved act of consuming Descendent flesh g
  7. Make sure to let people metagame the witches who have magic DEUS VULT - A canonist
  8. I mean what forms need to be spread a bit more
  9. Hey, looking to do something similar to JustMeMorgan, to try and see what forms of Alchemy need to be boosted, and how active each form is. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q9VCP18yPpbV4JXArx4FWk8t_iPaEqX76iZ3ef8j840/edit
  10. Omg… Mordu… so 👉👈 I've never had a magic but 😳 your telekinesis lore is just so good ❤️ would you be willing to give me a grandfather? 🥺

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