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  1. The Ballot: ((MC Name:TAMEFX )) Name: Theodore Mowood Vote Iris Peregrin for Mayor? Yea (X) Nay () Vote for Sheriff: Theodore Mowood (X) Alfie Greenholm () Meemaw Applebottom ()
  2. [!] Flyers would be pinned up all over the village Theodore Mowood For Sheriff My name is Theodore Mowood, loving husband of Basset Mowood and father to four halfling young’ens, Most of you may know me to not be the most popular guy around, but i'm not all that bad if you get to know me. One of my main goals being sheriff is to spread inspiration Lately my life has changed drastically, a few days after our arrival in the new land i met an unfortunate burden where i became a plant, a pumpkin specifically, and if i get chosen by you, the people, to be sheriff i can spread the message that just because you may be different, you can still achieve what you want, and you shouldnt let anything stop you. Somethings i do around the village I am a carpenter, soon to open up classes so i can teach the trade to anyone who wishes to learn it, once i gain a bit more knowledge of smithing i will also teach halflings how to make shovels and hoes for all our halfling needs I'm a house mage that once i become a master will also teach the magic to all who seek it, a basic rundown of this magic is that it is very useful in cleaning a burrow with the simple ‘fresh Breeze’ spell, or it can be useful to get tools to do chores for you whilst you do something else using the ‘Living Tools’ spell A final thing I do is help any way I can around the village, whether it's that the Thain needs my help, a friend or even just a stranger! I try to help in whichever way i can If I become sheriff, what can I bring to the table? I run a Halfling detective organisation that aims to find the root of crimes in not only the village but they are also approved in The Great Kingdom of Norland! Their goal is to discover the roots of crimes such as, why they happened, how they happened and how we can reduce the amount of crimes, The HSO, with the people can be dedicated to helping alongside the Sheriff. If I'm elected to become Sheriff I aim to set up a halfling shovel training program, teaching halflings of all ages how to use a shovel and how to fight with a shovel, this program will help people defend themselves against any trouble, i would be working alongside Monkey Peregrin in this program.
  3. Bestow upon me the power of coal VIP and make me feel special :3
  4. [!] Everyone known to Theo and Bass receives a Invitation on their bunk beds, mail or however they are able to receive it. The wedding of Theo and Bass! Us wee halflings, have loved each other for a few years now, and we have been through so much together, we know that everyone else has been through a lot with all the attacks and everything else, we thought that we should forever bind our love in marriage and hopefully this special day will bring smiles and laughter to these dark times, because there will be much fun to be had, these include: -Swimming -Dancing -Singing -Drinking -Eating -Time to say speeches Please take this day to appreciate what we still have and to celebrate the ceremony o’ love between Theodore Mowood and Basset Mudfoot On this day there will be peace and harmony, Love and joy, and most of all Family There will be someone at The Sutican Gates to guide you to the wedding, if there isn't they are either guiding others and will be back or late -Theodore Mowood and Basset Mudfoot The village grandmas (OOC Information: Meet at sutican gate to be guided to the wedding, Saturday 31st october 1PM EST (date may change) We need alot of food and drinks, person who marries them, please pm me if you can do that stuff PM for any inquiries: TAMEFX#1905)
  5. theo ponders at the paper in front of him “oh boy a gaming night! lets hope i can make this one!” he howls
  6. Theo paces the newspaper and spot “i dont like alcohol very much” his jaw drops and is stood in his place speechless
  7. “Unfortunately i wont be able to come” Theodore says with a sad tone
  8. TameFX

    A Wedding Awaits...

    “Aww i cant make it but all my wishes to the couple” says theo with a happy tone but a sad face
  9. “I suggest we come together and send out a search and rescue parteh to look fer polo, such terrible new” theo says with a serious voice
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