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  1. Striga was shelved because of a Joel hateboner, cope.
  2. Seen two people using this line of argument where Minecraft doesn't have the 'capacity,' and I just really would like to say this. It's not accurate at all. There have been larger warclaims than this in the past that have been completed, AND there have been warclaims with much smaller numbers that have been cancelled. It isn't the server, it's the people managing the problem.
  3. Adrian Marcellus, Count of Temesch, sat in the palace gardens as he smoked a fat cigarillo, a warm smoke filled his mouth as he took in the scene. The frozen dew of winter clung to the fountain at it's centre. It was a good day, one of justified means. "God save the Emperor, it's about damn time."
  4. The revivified Judith Helvets, Duchess-Dowager of Crestfall composes a poem dedicated to her northern cousins. 'ate oren 'ate the emperor 'ate wigs luv beating me mrs luv crow poo luv 'aense luv barbanov simpe as.
  5. Adrian Marcellus laughed in the face of the missive he received, having himself completely recovered from the losses that his Grandfather had served his family in the first year of his return from exile. "The loathsome broad can't leach off of her dead husband for much longer. She ought to engage some fat Barbanov instead, or rot away in Woldzmir until she chokes on one of the rats they serve in that dump." He had no sympathy for the women, an ugly trophy wife from a corrupt bygone era
  6. Adrian Marcellus nods his head in full agreement with the Baroness' most reasonable words "Let them eat cake!" he exclaimed, as he puffed upon a herbal cigar, a self-mendicant for his many lung problems. ((yasuke wasn't that great))
  7. Tiresiam

    On Safety

    It's honestly a reasonable response, then again, so is this.
  8. Adrian wishes the woman well, hearing further of the intrigue from the capital as he rode hard for its gates.
  9. Adrian Marcellus finally received missive of the news a day after it's occurrence. He sat within the family villa, provided by the Prince of Savoie for the duration of his extended exile from his homeland. He had known the newly coronated Philip III as a young boy and had always been treated well by him despite his sickly childhood. Thus, he was ecstatic immediately with the prospect of a final return home. He would write to his brother and sister of the news if they had not received it in their own time already. It was time to leave his rocking chair, pack his things, and move again. "All HAIL HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY PHILIP III"
  10. Adrian Marcellus Novellen affirms his attendance in the name of his father, Robert Francis.
  11. Adrian Marcellus Novellen smokes a cigar from his rocking chair, squinting down upon the document; his toys sprawled on the ground nearest to him. "Ah yes just what the Empire needs, more appointed Grandees' and significantly less of those smelly elected salarymen. Liberties be damned, only we educated few can be trusted with even the smallest stipend of effective political power."
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