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  1. PETRINE PAMPHLET Petris Libellus, 22nd of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1884 Dost Her Sons Still Hark? From this desk upon which I pen thoughts upon the proceedings of our tumultuous nation, I rightly ponder how it ever came to this. Even now, this abnegated Temesch recalls His Majesty's signing of the Edict, which also bore this hallowed name. This family of Temesch is tied in perpetuity with the ideas I had hoped the document would come to represent. A free and open Assembly of all the people within the realm, blissfully ignorant, haunted the halls of Orenian meritocracy. The Crown would be managed hand-in-hand with a body comprising each estate within the olde sphere of these former Imperial territories. However, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the failure of those ideals in the face of such a promise. This constitutional Edict bore our pride, was left without any measure of regard, and the Assembly mandated by these new articles of state were left unattended. A mere four sessions were permitted throughout its course, and the delicate balance that had to be set between the powers of the Court and the People themselves became inevitably imbalanced. It is what ultimately led this author to a swift retirement. It was a consultation that the Crown and its constituencies have sorely underachieved. When retirement came, there was no vote upon the confirmation of my successor. Nor during my time were any who achieved positions upon the Privy approved by the people's representatives. This initial interim cabinet of men and women under this first Ministry began to choose succession arbitrarily pending approval of the sovereign alone. This is not how Men should govern. Nor how we three had sworn to govern when this reformed Kingdom arose from the ashes of the Empire. The merits of the Marnantine's Proclamation at Nenzing were to be restored to the realm, the rule of law maintained and expanded for future generations. Nevertheless, the Judiciary was dissolved by His Majesty and replaced with an Inquisitorial Junta too weak to enforce order upon the realm nor any of its constituent nobles. One of the primary sources the House of Novellen cites as a champion claim upon the throne tossed aside in a fortnight. The powers of the state were divided on paper and parcelled to the General Assembly. They were immense in scope. Authority upon all matters of land, law, and identity itself, it was the duty of the Crown to promote these institutions and cement them as fixtures that citizens could cling to and readily rely upon. Regardless, time and time again, the Crown's Ministries during my tenure showed no significant sentiments toward true advocacy for these free institutions of the state - with the benefit of hindsight, it is now clearly visible through constant misnomer that none cared at all for the careful nourishment that the people would require to flourish. Now unsatisfied, the realm's subjects cried out in clear voices for the power to govern for themselves, for there to be an end to war despite every attempt to thwart this inevitability. In my life, I have seen every manner of regime fall as we of noble birth gamble in the halls of power with the lives of simple folk. When Philip II, my grandfather, took power, I became just as they - entirely powerless as a consequence of a feud uncontrollable. Each repetitive transition is a newborn void that must be filled by a claim to power. As Grandfather perished, his grandson took his place and tore down his reforms in exchange for his own. When Philip III passed, his paltry changes were levelled by the destruction wrought by his sons. The goals of the Monarchy each time has been to build for itself individual repute - a legacy. Such legacies are for naught. When the cost of that greatness is itself a breach of faith, the contracts of fealty that bind the realm together are sacred. When broken for the sake of glory, all suffer indignity while having to worship the ground their liege walks upon. The realm has spent an eternity at War with the Dwarves and suffered through the brutal Civil War between brothers. Now evermore conflict has been brewed because of the poor instinct of this Government. Held beneath the weight of a Crown drowned in its golden embrace. We began with a promise of peace beneath a newly reunited land. We began with a promise of mercy, for trade to resume, and for wounds time necessary to heal. We promised, in the beginning, a free society sanctioned and protected by His Majesty the King. We failed at each in turn. No longer. GOD created Man to be equal in all things, 'To Share in the Bounties of His Creation. And the Wisdom of the Word of His Prophets.' Where once benevolent Monarchs ruled, the House of Novellen, now like the House of Horen before, has fallen. It has fallen into a state of severe disrepair. Regional identity has torn at the heart of the nation and found this country wanting. A nation with considerable discontent cannot be ruled through six-sided vice. In order to persist, the rights of the people must be respected in perpetuity. The continued labour of our citizens must be allowed to provide a reliable bounty not just for the state but for themselves so that both can flourish. In essence that unfulfilled Kingdom needed its due rest. Everyman must be allowed his life to live for the entirety of its tenure. No Man ought to be deprived of property nor birthright without his consent, lest the loss of his livelihood damns him to choose between squalor or the skies. These are the two fundamental Rights of Man, which are preceded by their natural constituents. No Life can be lived well without the Liberty to choose unbonded from the shackles of Slavery. Moreover, the evils of other Men and their schemes should not impede his Liberty. Thus, he is always owed a free and open Trial: LIFE, PROPERTY, LIBERTY, TRIAL. Each is an uncompromising term to ensure the continued prosperity of Mankind. LIFE has been violated in countless Wars of Ambition suffered by the People of Mankind. PROPERTY has been stripped as Noble and Commoner have been shuffled like cattle between fields. LIBERTY has been taken, as the Assembly is abandoned and confined to the dregs of societal power - TRIAL battered down alongside the Empire which afforded it in full. Each has been ignored. So is it not also the right of the people to choose a new Government for themselves in the absence of benevolent rule? It is the right therein for Everyman to rebel in the face of tyranny for the sake of probity. The slate has been wiped clean of bloodline and divine right, no more will there be this cycle of war and peace, no more will the game of Kings be permitted. Humanity has been given a chance now to build something wholly unique in origin within this year of Harvest. Let us not squander these coming opportunities. MORS SERVITUTI ANTEPONENDA Signed, Adrian Marcellus Novellen, Count Emeritus. [!] Noticeably upon the contents of the pamphlet lay a red powdery substance which stained the pages of papyrus. Possibly Redstone? [!]
  2. There is honestly a real problem that players have with racism and homophobia on the server. It is very cyclical, unfortunately. Anonymity allows people to say some pretty horrible things, and so especially in the earlier part of Lord of the Craft's history, these styles of toxicity were commonly normalized among the player base at large. Because of that initial situation, that thereby spawns a culture where new players are exposed to that same toxicity and adopt it as a model for their behavior because they want the attention of more veteran players, which spawns a WHOLE other set of issues that have also been a significant problem for the community recently. The only way to combat this is to do what the administration and Moderation are doing now: to essentially come down as hard as possible on the people who perpetuate this cycle of toxicity on the server. Furthermore, to do it regardless of public opinion. That said, the reason why you have obtained this perception of being so horribly treated has nothing to do with any of the prior problems I've just covered. Lord of the Craft is messing with Mental Health? Got a desire to quit? Great, that is entirely understandable. Is that the fault of Moderation? Does that give you the right to critique people for writing a 'lovely little paragraph or ten' for having a slightly different outlook on the situation? No it is not. It's that attitude that is generally unappealing for people. It is safe to say that everyone knows the server's problems. This place is not perfect; people who cross that line should be banned. That doesn't legitimize being hyper-passive aggressive. It's really cringe to create a thread complaining about serious server issues and then go back and immediately chastise people for engaging with said feedback; that's idiotic.
  3. ENLISTMENT FORM: Name: adrian marcellus ((Discord: Chenn#6807)) ((Timezone: EST))
  4. When I first joined in 2012, my first friends on the server were the Azogs; I joined the Teutonic Order as a New Player and continued that way for three or four years. None of those people talk to me anymore. I helped Esterlen build the Johannian Dynasty stuff and helped out with the Novellen stuff. By the time Nectorist couped, I'd been pushed out entirely; everything I had worked on was killed and put to bed. I've met many people on the server. I've given a lot to people on this server who have decided to ditch, betray, or dip out because of convenience when asked to do the same. It sucks, but it happens outside of the server, too. Personally, I've enjoyed having you around when we played in the MOI together, Matt, and I hate to say that the community hasn't changed in my experience. Staff will harass or threaten to ban based on cliques, and players will do their worst in the same way. My best advice is to move on, man, find where you fit in, find the people who will stay in your corner, and have fun. If you think you're being excluded, then **** the people doing it. They aren't worth your time. Personally, I wouldn't be interested in playing on the server at all if it wasn't for Lion or Nectorist. This new Oren has been pretty accepting of me, but that isn't everyone's experience. I'm happy to have you, and if you're still in on RPing in Oren, I'll be very open to helping you get through it if you want to stay.
  5. Skin Name: COMMISSION SLOT 2 Discord Tag: JackO#8849 Bid(s): 540 Mina/27
  6. Skin Name: Commission Slot 1 Discord Tag: JackO#8849 Bid(s): 500 Mina/25
  7. Oh man finally an LT member who actually does something productive @Islamadon much love
  8. Discord: JackO#8849 Skin Name: Fancy Robes Last Bid: N/A New Bid: 10 USD
  9. Gotta keep it in the family adrian says smirking in hapsburg
  10. Adrian Marcellus looked down upon his growing son Paul Gustave with an incredulous look of pure patriotism. He was nearly five years old, why does he not have his own personal armaments? Where did his son hide the crossbow he'd given him for his fourth birthday? Or the arrows that came with them? The Count of Temesch now fully disgusted with his unpatriotic spawn left the room, immediately returning with the large sword he had been given by his Emperor Philly II, essentially shoving the heavy blade into his son's stubby and small hands "Fight" he insisted staring down with beady eyes, confident he would raise a soldier someday.
  11. Adrian Marcellus lamented the departure of his goodly cousin, a last keepsake beside Anastasios of his childhood companion Darius. All he wished in that moment upon reading of her demise was that he might have had greater opportunity to know her before the end. Though the time they spent together at Aster Hall too would serve as an unforgettable memento. He would see the young children she had left at court were in good hands, to be raised well. Something he had failed to do during his time in exile. Savoy was a second home to him; no longer though. With Catherine and Darius' daughter both gone this new nation was clearly no place for his budding family, nor for any reasonable soul.
  12. Richard Victor smiles upon the fortune of his brother's kinsfolk
  13. Striga was shelved because of a Joel hateboner, cope.
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