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  1. When I first joined in 2012, my first friends on the server were the Azogs; I joined the Teutonic Order as a New Player and continued that way for three or four years. None of those people talk to me anymore. I helped Esterlen build the Johannian Dynasty stuff and helped out with the Novellen stuff. By the time Nectorist couped, I'd been pushed out entirely; everything I had worked on was killed and put to bed. I've met many people on the server. I've given a lot to people on this server who have decided to ditch, betray, or dip out because of convenience when asked to do the same. It sucks, but it happens outside of the server, too. Personally, I've enjoyed having you around when we played in the MOI together, Matt, and I hate to say that the community hasn't changed in my experience. Staff will harass or threaten to ban based on cliques, and players will do their worst in the same way. My best advice is to move on, man, find where you fit in, find the people who will stay in your corner, and have fun. If you think you're being excluded, then **** the people doing it. They aren't worth your time. Personally, I wouldn't be interested in playing on the server at all if it wasn't for Lion or Nectorist. This new Oren has been pretty accepting of me, but that isn't everyone's experience. I'm happy to have you, and if you're still in on RPing in Oren, I'll be very open to helping you get through it if you want to stay.
  2. Skin Name: COMMISSION SLOT 2 Discord Tag: JackO#8849 Bid(s): 540 Mina/27
  3. Skin Name: Commission Slot 1 Discord Tag: JackO#8849 Bid(s): 500 Mina/25
  4. The Brothers' Temesch, circa 1840 As dawn broke, the Count of Temesch was offered the news, swiftly and to the point though he did not take it as such. His mind was a haze, still unwoken though his body had begun to walk the grounds; he was seemingly unwell and unable to process as the shock overtook him. Much raced upon him. In these sparring moments before the rest of the Household woke. As he was led to the balcony, where his mother had passed, she rested peacefully. Yet, her personal struggle must have been anything but. Why would she not tell him she was so near to such a day? Did he simply not care to notice? Given their country's strife, there was much which had occupied his every waking hour. He had not even seen his children since his arrival with her the previous morning; even then, she was in good spirits and seemingly in good health. As he thought, his heart raced, and his breathing became shakey. His vision blurred, the colors he saw all tinged with gray, his expressions mute. It was then that he must have stepped forward and white-knuckled the railing. All that divided him, from his absent father and his caring mother. He looked down, contemplating another grisly fate. "My Lord?" He heard behind him, his retainer still present even as he had become lost in his own thoughts. "Might we begin with the arrangements?" The man questioned, his own brows knit with curiosity and concern for his Lordship. "Yes, of course." he returned, still divided as he turned to address his servant, abandoning darker contemplation instead for this conversation. Nevertheless, the Count remained melancholic even as he was snapped back to the reality of things and spurred outside from his solitude of himself. "A Priest will need to be called, and the casket, of course. One must be built." As he spoke the words and worked through the process of her demise, the staff each one had awoken, the cool night air gave way to the rising Sun, and the Stars each were pulled away from overhead beneath the luminescence of orange-yellow light upon the horizon as it reflected off the melting morning dew. He went from one conversation unto the next, each successively as he stood within his mother's quarters, awash in a stream of requests, aid, and necessary duties. There was no wailing, save his mother's caretakers, for he had to stomach all as he bore the burden. Her Grandchildren were barred from that wing of the building. The body moved from her balcony to avoid both panic and ill-rumour of her demise from spreading before they were ready. "Lord, forgive me, but I have questions about the body. Should we move her from her chambers?" Spoke another, separate from the last, and then the next. "There is also the business of the letters," one quick moment just as another began. "Yes, not just to your Mother's family, but to the villagers of Vienne, and to your own family as well." All too often, he became drowned in new crises that had to be solved. However, his mother meant more to him than a problem to resolve. When he was alone in Rosemoor with his brother Ioannes and his cousin Darius, she watched over them. Sickly as he had been in his youth, he had faced the consequences of his ill-bred constitution daily, each time bringing the possibility of an untimely death. She supported his decision to ultimately leave their home, seized by their Grandfather due to his hatred for their father, his son. They had no guarantees made for them, no inheritance or future within the land of their birth. All had to be built. From her, he garnered all his strength to persevere despite his circumstances. He had achieved all that he stood for, and all thereafter, because of his mother's teachings. As his brother had followed in their father's pious path, he continued alone to secure their family, abandoning his love of poetry and the arts, sacrificing his natural affinities for the politics in which security for them would be unquestionably established.
  5. Oh man finally an LT member who actually does something productive @Islamadon much love
  6. Discord: JackO#8849 Skin Name: Fancy Robes Last Bid: N/A New Bid: 10 USD
  7. Adrian Marcellus supports the mighty crusaders!
  8. Gotta keep it in the family adrian says smirking in hapsburg
  9. Adrian Marcellus looked down upon his growing son Paul Gustave with an incredulous look of pure patriotism. He was nearly five years old, why does he not have his own personal armaments? Where did his son hide the crossbow he'd given him for his fourth birthday? Or the arrows that came with them? The Count of Temesch now fully disgusted with his unpatriotic spawn left the room, immediately returning with the large sword he had been given by his Emperor Philly II, essentially shoving the heavy blade into his son's stubby and small hands "Fight" he insisted staring down with beady eyes, confident he would raise a soldier someday.
  10. beginning of asulon
  11. Adrian Marcellus lamented the departure of his goodly cousin, a last keepsake beside Anastasios of his childhood companion Darius. All he wished in that moment upon reading of her demise was that he might have had greater opportunity to know her before the end. Though the time they spent together at Aster Hall too would serve as an unforgettable memento. He would see the young children she had left at court were in good hands, to be raised well. Something he had failed to do during his time in exile. Savoy was a second home to him; no longer though. With Catherine and Darius' daughter both gone this new nation was clearly no place for his budding family, nor for any reasonable soul.
  12. Richard Victor smiles upon the fortune of his brother's kinsfolk
  13. Striga was shelved because of a Joel hateboner, cope.
  14. Seen two people using this line of argument where Minecraft doesn't have the 'capacity,' and I just really would like to say this. It's not accurate at all. There have been larger warclaims than this in the past that have been completed, AND there have been warclaims with much smaller numbers that have been cancelled. It isn't the server, it's the people managing the problem.
  15. Adrian Marcellus, Count of Temesch, sat in the palace gardens as he smoked a fat cigarillo, a warm smoke filled his mouth as he took in the scene. The frozen dew of winter clung to the fountain at it's centre. It was a good day, one of justified means. "God save the Emperor, it's about damn time."
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