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  1. the newly elected Robert de Bourdon of the western district cackled most loudly, the echo known to all in his immediate vicinity on his way to the bank
  2. "You guys really need to come up with better names for these treatises and such." Spoke Annunbor, an Elf of Elvenesse from his hut in the Father's Grove
  3. Robert de Bourdon prays for the holy Cardinal who's life was so tragically lost.
  4. "If you aren't hunting people I'm not interested, there is no better sport for those of true nobility than to track and slay their fellow man." spoke Robert de Bourdon with firm confirmation.
  5. SURNAME: Bourdon FIRST NAME: Robert ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 4 Aurdan Alley, New Esbec YEAR OF BIRTH: 1779 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Western District? Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be consider
  6. "Real priests shoot people they don't like I don't know about this guy, seems like a coward or something." spoke Robert de Bourdon, Pontifical Secretary as he read the thesis with particular relish although not that much relish
  7. Emanuel de Montcalm readily enjoys the publicly posted letter and the author's evidently massive brass-balls. Crumpling up the letter in his hand and tossing it in the fire he made note to attend the affair as he would not want to miss such a powerful match involving the great Holy Ser Owyn de Joannes the Gallant, Most Resilient Protector of the Augustine, Champion of Southbridge, Champion of Anthosian Fair, Guardian of Sedan, Rescuer of Princesses and Contester of Boars
  8. "All those Leumonts who descend from Odo Summers are through that bastard illegitimate. This is no true d'Amaury but merely a fake trying to cling to an old name for clout" said Robert de Bourdon, maternal great-great-great grandson of Lothar III, the last Archduke of Lorraine
  9. @KosherZombie "Emperor John Charles Novellen when?" spoke a phantom Richard Helvets from beyond the grave
  10. Yeah Burnsider did such a great job writing this
  11. "No doubt many jimmies have been rustled. Ignore the gossip and the sinner good Rochefort, for both are a waste of oxygen." spoke Father de Bourdon, looking up briefly as he uttered his goodly prayer for the new Count.
  12. In my opinion this shouldn't be allowed. I've seen too often now during times of conflict on lotc people trying to force or peer pressure others by shaming them into a PK even when they abide by the rules. If the person IC cannot be aware that they died, and that they have no memory of it then why should other people be able to hold onto their prior corpse and wave it around in their face? It promotes poor role-play and OOC bullying and I think this should be looked at again because this is the sort of thing that Staff should be in place to prevent and not endorse. It
  13. "I did it before it was cool" spoke the now headless ghost of Richard Helvets as he recalled his challenge of the cowardly Count of Halstaig; riding atop a pale mare with corpse of his dead daughter tied to the back end of his saddle like fallen Hector to the back of Achilles' mighty chariot, as he circled the walls of Troy.
  14. "An honourable man, who I could not protect. Another good man lost to tyrannical Lords turned from the light of God's compassion." Spoke Robert de Bourdon, lamenting the most honourable of Holy Knights.
  15. "By that is holy in this world, let this process not be defiled by earthy men and bulging hubris." spoke Robert de Bourdon, shaking his head and signing the lorraine.
  16. Robert de Bourdon held the Cardinal in his arms, Imperial Soldiers clawing upon him like vultures as he sent off the dying man to the skies above. He wished that he too could die as well as the man before him, defying the tyranny of the earth and ascending to the skies above. Yet he was still young, but a boy. His constitution was strong and thus he endured the beating, just as he had endured the bolt which had failed to assassinate the Pontiff first time running.
  17. "When you can't beat em, do what works and slaughter all of them instead." notes Recruit de Capua, releasing his bloody sword from out of a the now readily disposed corpse of a holy man in his stained frock.
  18. Richard Helvets smiles the sun's smile as his loyal compatriot joins him in the skies above. He was at peace now, and could refrain from the mortal hatred of those who would seek his destruction above all human decency.
  19. Rocco Stiletti de Capua begins to sharpen his blade after reading the missive. "Deus Vult."
  20. "Whatever the mood of the masses at large the mood of the music is the only thing I guard." de Bourdon offers, readily picking up a pitchfork to go slaughter some gnostic heretics to some vining tunes.
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