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  1. As Juniper recieved a letter, she broke down in her room once more, weeping. Oh, if only she had done things differently... maybe Alucard would still be alive? Nonetheless, dwelling on the past was futile, and so, as the final member of her bloodline, Juniper kissed her beloved brother's letter, and set it on top of a pile. A pile of final goodbyes from everyone she had ever called her family.
  2. Although she received no note, a long lost sister let out a scream like never before. A million thoughts raced through her mind as her beloved brother was pronounced dead: She had never gotten to say sorry. She had never gotten to say goodbye. She had failed as his big sister. But most importantly: Juniper would never forget the moment she lost her fifth and final sibling, and became an only child.
  4. This is the ONLY correct response to this post everyone else go home
  5. Gone. Juniper stood on the shore, staring out towards the sea. The waves that were once silently calling to her were now beckoning her home. And within the sea foam, the deaf elfess saw what her life had finally come to. Her only wish was to be happy with her family, as many dream similarly. Imagine that… growing up in a peaceful kingdom with her sisters: Amura, Theodosia, and Plume. Perhaps her brother, Alucard, would have joined her and her siblings. Imagine growing up with loving parents, Octavia and Whylde. Now, of course all of them were either dead, abusive, or simply not around. A true shame, no? Even so, Juniper tried to find small joys in her life. Perhaps becoming an author was one of them, or learning alchemy and magic. Larger joys were more rare, but occasionally they managed to wiggle into her life. Such as the day Juniper heard Plume’s voice for the first time in nearly twenty years, or that time her lover, Grayson, had asked her on their first date. Oh, how fond those memories were… Looking around her room one last time, Juniper let out a sigh. Could she even call this her room? Maybe not, with all the times she had moved… How many times had she walked into a house, hoping to settle down and call it home? At least seven… no, eight? She couldn’t even keep track of them all! Nonetheless, maybe… maybe this could be the final place Juniper called home. If there was one thing that brought the melancholic elfess to this ledge, what would it be? Did it begin in the aviary, where she found out Theodosia had taken her own life, when Juniper was only 13 years old? Or perhaps it was upon her 22nd year of life, when her wretched father slit open her own hand. Now that was an ugly scar. At 28, Juniper found out Plume had been murdered… could that have been the cause? Who knows. Of course, as so many memories and dreams whispered across the vast, endless ocean, it became clear to Juniper what she was to do next. Maybe it was a surprise that she had turned out the way she had… maybe it wasn’t. Upon sending her final goodbye letter, Juniper felt a pang of sadness in her chest. Was this the answer? Could this truly be the solution to her life's many problems? Oh well, whether or not this was the way to go, it was too late. Juniper had made up her mind. So finally, Juniper looked up at the sky, and she smiled. Breaking through the waves' deafening roars, Juniper whispered: “I miss you all… I miss you so much.” And with that, Juniper Rose was gone.
  6. Juniper Rose let out a sigh from her homeland of Vikela "And so, another war begins..." She muttered, before returning to whatever she had been doing beforehand.
  7. um well once a canonist priest tried to kidnap my character bc she was deaf and tried to arrest her uncle. Ended up being a whole thing and I think I split a political party…. OH AND THEN HE TRIED TO CRP WHILE HIGH ON METH IRL @AechDO U REMEMBER THAT
  8. Upon receiving the invitation, Juniper Rose choked on her drink “Holy shit- EMIR IS GETTING MARRIED?!” She paused, thinking, before yelling aloud even more confusedly “AGAIN?!” Nonetheless, Juni marked her calendar. God Himself could not stop the young Rose from attending this wedding.
  9. Ilaria Amador is gonna be the best model ever
  10. A blood curdling, absolutely heart wrenching scream erupted from Juniper's throat as she recieved her letter. Collapsing to her knees, she held the note from her final sister's death as if she would die if she let go. "No... NO NO NO! NO!" Juniper shrieked, tears flooding over the young woman's face "You- y-you promised Plume... YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T LEAVE ME!" She continued to heart-breakingly sob as a tsunami of memories crashed over her. The times Plume had played with her as a little girl. When Juniper was sent away during the war, and Plume would come to visit her in Urguan. Every time Plume had played their mother's beloved violin for Juniper. When Juniper had first lost her hearing, and Plume was the only one who would translate for her. Juniper remembered all the adventures and laughs and hugs and cries she had shared with her beloved sister, Plume. Plume was there for her when their other sister, Theodosia, took her own life, and Plume had been there when Juniper first regained her hearing. "Juni! You're the best sister ever and I love you." Those were the first words Juni had heard after getting her hearing aids, and they were spoken by none other than Plume. And she would never hear those words again. Now, the last Rose sibling remained, and she was hardly a shell of the person she once was, with her beautiful sisters and mother having moved on without her.
  11. Juniper smiled, ready to finally have a new place that could perhaps be the last of her many moves during times of war. Then off she went to ask Aech if they wanted to come to the ceremony with her! ( @Aech)
  12. Juniper Rose sighed, frowning at the announcement "Guess that's the end of that..." The young woman mumbled. Her entire life had been a warzone, and she had gotten far too used to moving around, but that doesn't mean it ever got easier to leave a place she once called home. After collecting herself, Juni turned and started towards her house, going to pack her things and inform her parent (@Aech) that they would have to move once more.
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