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  1. Achoo! A sigh came from Primrose Gendik following the intense sneeze she just had! Reaching for one of the trash papers on her table, which just happened to be this missive, Prim would bring it to her face and blow her disgusting snot into it. "Ugh!"
  2. A faint smile grew on Primrose Gendik's face as she recalled her friendship with Cyrus. From watching him craft his beautiful gowns, to fighting alongside him in the Imperial State Army. She was thankful for his aid in caring for her children when her first husband, Arlo Cooper, was banished, her children even calling Cyrus and Jace their Uncles. The sound of the breeze in the wheat field outside of the Gendik-Komnenos farmhouse stirred Prim out of her thoughts. "I wish things had gone differently. How I miss the Marenos and their friendship... Now I barely even see Jace..." The woman rose from the rocking chair on the porch to return to the inside of the home. "Perhaps I should visit Myrine soon... I'm sure they have their own families now, after all, we're all grown up. 28 years of friendship certainly has led to a few marriages and many children. I'd like to meet their little ones sometime." Primrose finished with a nostalgic smile, shutting the door behind her to keep the cold of the approaching winter away. She would light a candle and place a bouquet of white lilies on a windowsill, a habitual thing the woman would do when thinking of long lost family and friends. It would remain there for the rest of the year, it's candle and flowers being replaced as needed.
  3. A team of 20 Imperial State Army soldiers worked tirelessly to fortify Southbridge before the King of the Mountain officially declared war. A sigh of relief washed over the camp when the missive of declaration of war on part of the Urguani King was delivered - and to which she laughed at and threw into a fire to burn - fortunately was received just as their work was done. The group went home, many drenched in their own sweat and muscles aching painfully. After taking a warm bath and dressing in something much more comfortable, Primrose Gendik would check the mailbox outside of the Gendik-Komnenos home. Seeing the new missive distributed to their mailbox, she brought it upstairs to her bedroom that she shared with her husband. Sir Arthur Komnenos ( @MailC3p). Sitting at the edge of the bed, Prim read the missive with a smirk. "What a load of tomfoolery. A war over one man when their own decided to break into the bastion like a bunch of buffoons." She looked to her husband, holding the missive out to him to read. "It looks like the good old days of gatehouse duty falls upon us once more. Perhaps this time I should bring a deck of cards for us to play?"
  4. Primrose Gendik laughs at the missive! "They want to try after last saint-day's failure to raid? How sad! It's almost as if they're trying to compensate for something!" The now Baroness, thanks to her husband's valiant success at said raid, threw the missive in the fire. She roars in laughter again!
  5. Primrose Gendik read over the missive, smiling in nostalgia as she recalled her early 20s and enlisting in the Imperial State Army at the end of the 10th Nordling War! "Joining the reserves is worthwhile of one's time. It teaches them how to properly fight for their country and to defend themselves."
  6. A horse trotted along the road from Fort Linnord, returning from a trip of carrying supplies from the Gendik-Komnenos' Providence home in preparation for the new city. Upon reaching the gates, Primrose Gendik would find the missive pinned to the wall. Primrose would pocket the parchment, kicking her spurs into her faithful steed's side and rushed home! Jumping off the horse and running inside, Prim held the missive out to her husband, Sir Arthur Komnenos ( @MailC3p) , now a Baron of Oren. The woman would shout, "What in the world happened when I was gone?!" as she whacked him over the head with the missive!
  7. Primrose Gendik picked up the missive her husband, Sir Arthur Komnenos ( @MailC3p), had left on the table. She reads it over before sighing and throwing it in the fire. "What a mess!" She chuckles.
  8. A thud of a heavy chest was heard, followed by a grunt as Primrose set down the chest she moved into their farmhome. She rose, going to take the letter from her husband, Arthur Komnenos (@MailC3p) Primrose Gendik sighs after reading the letter, placing it onto the table. “It’ll be interesting to finally fight people my own size for once.” The 5’4” woman joked with a humored hum.
  9. Primrose Gendik-Komnenos signs the petition with a frown. She mutters to no one in particular, “I cannot believe that he didn’t even consult his own people and have us rightly vote upon it, by GOD’s sake. Some other actually symbolic name to the Orenian culture would be better.”
  10. "Charles, get that out of your mouth please!" The woman cried out across the room to the 4-year-old who continually insisted on putting the crayons inside of his mouth. The bird landed on the family lounge's window sill and prompted for Primrose Gendik to take the letter from it. She read the contents before slightly frowning. Collecting a fountain pen and parchment paper, Prim would write a response. Tucking it into a light glass tube, she would send the letter back with the bird to deliver to Aleksi. Upon Aleksi receiving the bird, the letter would read: "My dear son, Aleksi, I received your bird. Interesting use of paper and ink. I wish you safe travels in the woods. I will have a winter care package of scarves and hats, tea, and warm meal ready for you upon your return. Aleksi, my son, you may think I don't worry about you, but there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about you. It was hard letting you be free, but I know now that you are a strong young man. I don't need to worry about you because I know you will persevere despite all odds. Just don't be gone too long, then I will worry... Love, Mom"
  11. Sergeant Primrose Gendik folded up the cleaned tarp she had previously used under one of the Savoyard wounded. "I wasn't able to be there, remember? You got were but I had to tend to that seizing child first." The woman threw away the leather bag lined with beeswax that was overfilled with dried bloodied gloves she had used in the past 3 saint-days alone. "I am thankful for the watch's help, but it's unfortunate that our teamwork wasn't spoken of. If one was without the other, they would be dead." Primrose sorted through her medical potions and herbs to quickly write a list on a piece of parchment of what needed refills. "No wounded to care for; only bodies of our comrades... If the voidal horrors even leave behind bodies." She shuddered just at the thought of it!
  12. The sound of the mailbox opening caught Primrose Gendik's attention as she prepared a metal tray of food to carry. Lifting it from the counter, Primrose stepped outside to take the mail, setting it on the tray. She swiftly returned inside the house. Each step she took on the stairs echoed through the main hallway until she reached the bedroom. With a smile, Prim opened the door to see her husband, Lieutenant Arthur Komnenos, resting from the wounds inflicted upon him during the battle. She set the tray in front of him to eat, taking the missive and reading over it. The Sergeant had only arrived towards the end; She was summoned by a bird to treat the wounded -- Her best friend and husband included. A proud grin grows on her lips as she sat on the bed, handing the missive over to Arthur. "You should read this, dear. Seems like you all had a fun time on the field." Primrose said as she leaned over to press a chaste kiss to Arthur's forehead. "I'm just glad you're alright."
  13. A few saint-days after the raid, Primrose Gendik-Komnenos read the missive. Having only heard of what had happened from her husband and friends and not been there herself, she grins in pride for the strength of the ISA! Creeeeeeak. Click. The Sergeant stood from her seat in the family room. The sound of soft clicks resonated through the hallway of the Gendik-Komnenos home as Primrose went downstairs to greet the soldier who had entered her home. She fondly smiled to her husband and quickly made her way to him. Wrapping her arms around him and placing a quick peck to his cheek, Primrose grins. "Wonderful work on that rustler raid, Sir Arthur, my dear." She placed another kiss to his other cheek. "I am just glad you are safe."
  14. Primrose Gendik-Komnenos sat in the sitting room of the Gendik-Komnenos house, taking the thesis from her son to read. She smiles to him in pride upon completion. "You have grown well, my boy. Strong, Wise, and Courageous. May GOD protect and guide you in your endeavors."
  15. The Countess of Huntshill sat at her desk, the missive resting on the wood before her. Her eyes stared out of the window at the sky just above the buildings across the street. She sat thinking - processing - what she had just read. "Oh my God..." Swiftly, Isabella rose from the desk and snatched up the missive, running all the way over to the bastion. Knocking on the door of his office, Bella breathlessly cried, "George, you need to read this!"
  16. Primrose Gendik-Komnenos gasps upon receiving the invitation. With a beaming grin, she turned to her husband, saying. “Duncan’s finally getting married! I told you Ravn and him were a perfect match!”
  17. Primrose Gendik-Komnenos fondly smiles at the file. "I can't believe it's been 20 years since I've joined." The woman replaced the file and shoved her hands into the pockets of her crisp 3rd-brigade uniform. "The 3rd helped me grow into the woman and soldier I am today." She said with a smile. Primrose made her way to the stables, chocolate eyes sparkling with excitement once she entered and retrieved her horse. "They are like family to me. Isn't that right, Barley?" She asked to her horse as she mounted it with a grunt. Failing at this, she would try a few more times until she successfully sat on its saddle. "If only it would make me taller..."
  18. Primrose Gendik-Komnenos stood on the balcony of her bedroom, the wind rousing her chestnut hair as she read the petition. With a frown, the woman headed back inside only to sit at her desk. "This sounds like a disaster. I need to clear things up." Pulling out a piece of parchment paper and her fountain pen, Primrose started to write a letter to the lawyers involved. To Father Stor Vuiller and Sir Charles Galbraith, I write to you in concern about this case. I was a dear friend of Azgrul and I truly believe that there is vital information missing from this case. Azgrul suffered from blackouts, though, the cause of them were unknown. From his descriptions, they were segments of memories where he was unsure of what happened; to which his demeanor would change and I can only assume he grew violent. On many occasions, Azgrul had approached me asking him to arrest him. He told me that during his blackouts, he was murdering people - children included. It is unknown who these unfortunate souls are; may they find peace amongst the stars. Despite being a Sergeant in the Imperial State Army and knew I could detain him, I was afraid for my own life, and thus I did not do anything about it. You see, Azgrul had played a cruel "joke" on me some time ago; proceeding to fake a seizure and thus forcefully kissing me when I tried to help. I knew Azgrul liked me, and I was afraid to be alone with him. Afraid to be alone either because he would try to kiss me again, or try to kill me for rejecting him. I truly thought it would be another trap. Azgrul was a strong recruit in the ISA, consistently working hard to train himself and attend other missions. Nearly every fight he won, yet the injuries of his opponents were severe. Some of these include Abarran's horrible brain damage and twice fractured femur. A saint-day before my wedding, Azgrul joined Damien Hughes and I in the Novellen tavern. He gave me a handmade bouquet of fake-flowers and wished us both goodbye. He said he was going away for a long time. Earlier occasions revealed that he intended to hide away from everyone as to never hurt anyone again. It is clear that Azgrul felt guilty; he knew that he was a dangerous murderer. He may have abandoned the ISA, but he did so for the safety of us all. There is no doubt that Azgrul's confession of guilt is true. Why would a guilty man confess so many times? Why would a guilty man want to be arrested for his crimes? His arrest is what he wanted. Sincerely, Primrose Gendik-Komnenos
  19. Primrose Gendik read the missive as she sipped from the teacup in her hand. Placing the delicate chinaware its saucer, the woman would say, "I cannot attend, but perhaps my sons will be interested! I will give them news of it."
  20. T H E U N I O N O F G E N D I K - K O M N E N O S Holy Matrimony of Primrose Gendik and Arthur Komnenos 1842 "You're a slowpoke, Arthur Komnenos." She couldn't help but smile as she lowered herself down onto one knee. Her chin lifted up to fully view his face as he stood in her presence. Opening the black velvet box in her hand, she said, "Arthur, will you marry me?" "Yes, of course I would! Is there any question in that?" Dear Friends, Family, and Loved ones, You are cordially invited to the wedding of Arthur Komnenos and Primrose Gendik. The wedding will place at Orenian Basilica, afterwards there will be a celebration at the Novellen tavern. We hope you can be apart of our special day. Special Invitations are sent to: To the Imperial Family and the Imperial Peerage: HIM Emperor Philip II and the Imperial Household of Novellen @BenevolentManacles HIH Philip Aurelian and Charlotte Augusta, Duke and Duchess of Adria, Count and Countess of Renzfeld HIH George Maximillian and his esteemed pedigree@FredrickTeufel THR Count of Kositz and his esteemed pedigree @Imperium General Erik, Captain Vladrick, and Sergeant Varlarm THR Count of Azor and his esteemed pedigree Sir Ledicort, Leon, Rosaline, and Katya. Joseph, Philippa and their children Diana and her children THR Baron of Rivia and his esteemed pedigree @𝖂𝖆𝖌𝖜𝖆𝖓 Captain Robert Galbraith THR Count of Valles and his esteemed pedigree @grnappa Captain Sir Erik Othaman The Gendik Children Samuel, Jack, Aleksi, Rosemary The Komnenos Children Faeviel and Oliver Joseph Beckett and Jack Beckett Amelia Eleanora The Komnenos Family Henrik Komnenos Holy Dame Faux Amati Aleksi Raven and Oliver Raven Jacker Gendik and his esteemed pedigree Aliria de Rosius and Elodie de Rosius The de Rosius family Sir Otis, Philip, and Josephine Katherina Tsecsar His Excellency, Henry Penton @CharmingCavalier Cillian O'Rourke and his esteemed pedigree @Setsuko_ Maria Romstun de Rosius and Darius Romstun de Rosius and their esteemed pedigree Duncan the Fearsome Damien Hughes @ATallTower Aeonn @Roguechaotic Azgrul Cardinal Francis @KaiserJacobII Leo Jones @WarcrimeWonka Elias Darkwood @FumihiroDesu Osric Tsescar @jcbeno Holy Sir Hieran Livarai de Melphestaus @bufffsanta Captain Alexander Antler and his esteemed pedigree Holy Sir Edwin de Sarkozy @Guzr Duke of Elysium, Eugeo de Astrea @Suicidium Richard Harver @PaleOmnivore390 Grant Elmere @LazyBacon220 Sir Sorriel Redfist @Tozwad Gus @Bushwukkie Dame Viktoria Tsescar @TreeSmoothie Ezekiel Moores @XOCO Julian and Abarran ein Sark James H. Madron Vonchester Solmonson Rian Johan Vuiller and his esteemed pedigree Rev Vuiller and Ravn Vuiller The Hope Family Edith Hope and Nicole Hope The Loyal Soldiers of the Imperial State Army
  21. Primrose Gendik read the missive, giving a firm nod followed by a smirk. "Wonderful work being done in the ISA lately..." She would set the paper aside, going to put a pot of water over the fire to boil. "Let them burn to the ground. Perish in the darkness of the Void." The woman said with a final sigh, turning on her heel to set up a few cups of tea.
  22. Primrose Gendik passed by the newly restored Basilica on her way home. A warm smile grew on her lips as she held the basket full of fresh vegetables tighter. "Good as new, it seems. How wonderful!" She mused, turning down the alleyway shortcut home.
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