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  1. dune 2 is astonishing

  2. of all the places to complain about immersion, CT is not the place HES ME @Jentos
  3. stop dragging me back from temporary forum retirement, when did I say that the church was evil and homophobic and crucified gay ppl? (beyond father paul and rozania it doesnt happen anymore). ive already stated multiple times that i DO NOT think that the church is aggressively homophobic and that this is more of a PROACTIVE rule than a reactive one. you say im yapping but ur attacking me for things I havent even said, stop being a shitter and let me go back to ignoring this thread because its served the opposite of the intended consequence (instead of reasonable discussion ppl have started using it to attack church folks for being homophobic when they arent for some reason?)
  4. srry im eeping rn (misandry as a theme is barely ever used these days by fwitches except for a select unusual few (afaik its just one person). its not so much about misandry anymore but instead the need for survival, it is a curse after all)
  5. I am so tired 162 replies is not what I had in mind. I'm going to stop replying to this thread because my brain is so fucked rn with this convo, I hope it was a good discussion for some people at least and presented some new ideas. It did for me (I have also heard that some folks are using this thread as a justification for calling all canonists homophobic and to attack religious people. Please don't, that's obviously stupid and intolerant and actually harms the cause you purport. Let's be civil and nice please)
  6. I have yet to read any kind of fantastical story that doesn't reference the difference between Kings and peasants; I have read a great many that don't bear reference to homophobia I have very strong memories of it, as narthok said it may have been him
  7. I've already gone over this. LotC is a narrative medium, yes, but it's based in a fantastical setting. Removing class differences is foolish because it's an integral part of fantasy narratives; consider House Lannister, for example. No-one is arguing for this. Also, roleplaying a noble isn't going to offend anyone nor cause problems, unlike the topic in discussion. On the topic of racism roleplay, I do believe that human-on-human racism roleplay virtually doesn't happen and is handled quickly by moderation when it shows up (I spoke to an admin a few days ago who stated that individuals who discriminated against each other based on skin colour in humans tended to get handled within hours).
  8. that surprises me since I joined hnor fairly early pre-rozania when I first showed up and I didn't see anything, do you know if it was popularised throughout hnor or if it was just one bad egg
  9. I'm fairly certain that the SS skins haven't happened at the very least post-Arcas, and the crucifixions were happening in rozania thanks to savoyard crusaders which would have been late 2021 I think
  10. I'd say it's massively unfair to talk abt SS skins because it implies that it's a recent thing, when in reality that level of shit hasnt happened for years. Canonists were crucifying gay ppl more recently than this, though they of course don't do anything of the sort nowdays
  11. I actually agree with you, with consideration, in that my original statement of IRL prejudices is too broad; I'd narrow it down purely to IRL-esque racism and homophobia in RP for what I'd want banned. The thing about religious conflict IRP is that it's somewhat unavoidable and unbannable because Darkspawn often act through religious motivation, the key difference being that their deity gives them powers and transformations. As for high elves, well, I'd personally be in favour of Haelun'or being banned from using acid pits to burn people alive, but they don't really do that anymore and my understanding was that staff blocked them from doing it early after Arcas. Their 'purity' being based around skin colour and hair isn't really true from my experience - I've only seen that sort of thing from the Bronze Band (my character was once slipped a 'vanity' potion that turned them into the ideal form of perfect beauty. The toga elf pmd me saying blond hair, pale skin and blue eyes), which in my opinion is really really odd.
  12. to be sure, it was rude (I don't disagree with her main point though minus the disrespect), but I'm instead making a point about unhelpful generalisations of all LGBTQ ppls as being disrespectful of reilgions. I do accept that the same could be said of the reverse, which is why I clarified in the main post that I accept that not all canonists are homophobic
  13. people being LGBTQ and disrespecting religion is by no means synonymous and should not be assumed to be such
  14. I in fact have heard of that; I have also been told that the last time they were used was just after Arcas after staff said it wasn't allowed
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