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  1. A Fated Union The Holy Union of Lady Ipera de Falstaff and Mister Sigismond Varoche The couple's nuptials were held on a well-weathered day in 1891. Their holy matrimony was celebrated by Father Markos, the officiant. Following that, a private ceremony was held, which the families of de Falstaff, Varoche, and any other extended family and guests in attendance.
  2. The Union of Hearts [!] A portrait of Ipera and Sigismond ahead of their union The House of Varoche is happy to announce the Union of their eldest son, Mister Sigismond Petinax Varoche and his betrothed, Lady Ipera Antoinette Ashford de Falstaff. After five years of courtship, the two are ready to make their union permanent, under the watchful eye of The Creator, their friends, and fellow citizens of Sedan. The Union is to take place at the Basilica of Saint Alexander of Furnstock. The couple asks for no gifts, and that your presence is enough of a gift to them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Invitations Addressed to: Ser Aurion Aretheon & His Pedigree @X3N02k Miss Giovanna Florentino @Oriaros Lady Laurelai Holly Komnenos @MapleSunflower Crown Prince Joseph & His Pedigree @Dogged
  3. Even though she's sad that her play wasn't chosen for entertainment, Ipera decided to put her skills to the test!
  4. [!] A missive would be sent out to the general public of Karosgrad in a dinged parchment. The words would be written carefully in a black ink that stained to the back of the paper. To The Royal Family of Barbanov and whom it may concern, For those who may not know me, my name is Ipera Antionette Ashford de Falstaff. In recent times, I have done many unsavory things, reflecting poorly on my family and Her Highness. Though it is not my place to go into specifics into what happened between the Princess and I, that is for her to publicize how she deems fit, I do wish to issue the sincerest of apologizes. I spoke out of turn, and above my rank, to someone who deserves respect of the highest degree. To Her Royal Highness,I was a provoker, and caused you to lash out. It was not your fault, you were just acting in reaction to my improper actions. You had every right to be emotional and should not be ridiculed by the public for anything you may have said or did to me in this time. I am sorry for pushing you. I do hope that we can work through this and eventually regain the friendship we held when we first met. To His Serene Highness, I should have not spoken the way that I did to you, even if it was in private. It was unsightly of me and I am very grateful that you did not publicize what I did say. I hold our friendship in high regard and I am thankful that that friendship has remained intact. However, I do wish to clarify some misconceptions, I did NOT steal His Serene Highness’s circlet. I removed it from his head and joked around with him, and immediately returned it once he asked for it. The crown never left the palace or His Serene Highness’s sight. This was blown out of proportions by an unnamed source stating that they saw me trying to take it once before, which is false.Through my clarity I do not wish to continue this quarrel however my words are ment to put an end to this more than anything else. Signed, Ipera Antionette Ashford de Falstaff
  5. Mal looked at the letter, taking a deep breath, "No, this can't be real..." He ripped the letter up and wipe a single tear from his cheek.
  6. In the wee hours of the morning, Locke took her final breath. Before this, she gave Amura, the only person present at her passing, a stack of letters. ————————————————————- Lle Aylir-Hawksong-Savir @ Dear Parent, I am sorry that I didn’t tell you I was sick. To be completely honest, I didn’t tell anyone. I wanted to be allowed to live my last few months exactly as I left the many years before. I had always envied you for being an elf and being able to live forever. Ironic that now I’ll never have to grow old. Thank you for being my parent. Genuinely. For the first 19 years of my life I didn’t have that. You allowed an overcautious, overbearing teen who was more of a problem than anything else into your life and let her scream at you, cause problems, cry into your shoulder and laugh when I was happy. You made me into more than I ever thought I would be, and I can never repay you. Please take care of yourself. Continue to love unconditionally and care deeply for those you hold dearest. You’ll never know when or who may need it most. -Locke Brook —————————————————————— Oliver Solros @Fumi Dear Oliver, I am sorry that I didn’t tell you I was sick. To be completely honest, I didn’t tell anyone. I wanted to be allowed to live my last few months exactly as I left the many years before. I remember the first time we met. We were both young and you couldn’t even speak. I found you so fascinating for some reason. So I pushed on you until you became my friend. I’m so glad you did. We had our fair share of low moments in our relationship, but the good parts were so good it was almost easy to forget the bad. I remember at our wedding you were so nervous you didn’t even say vows. Honestly I couldn’t give a **** about whether or not you said any vows because I knew that what we had was special. I’m so thankful you were the love of my life, my fierce protector, and the father of my children. Hold those children tightly. Love them endlessly. Remind them how much Mom loved them too. If they ask, tell them about me, from my highest highs to my lowest lows, because we both know I had both. As for you, never stop fighting for what you believe in, even if our opinions did differ frequently. Your passion for things you cared about was always one thing I loved about you most. -Locke ————————————————————— The Kids Floris, Aspen (@generi), and Angela , I would write all three of you a separate letter but I almost feel like I don’t know you all well enough to write you personally. I absolutely hate that I am not going to be here to watch you grow up. I’m going to miss you all becoming yourselves, independent from what your father and I tried to force upon you. Speaking of which, I’m sorry if you feel like I was too hard on you three. I didn’t want you to end up like I did. Alone. Desperate. On the run. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. Ask anyone. I would go around Elysium and find kids who needed help and help them. It brought me a great joy. That’s what the safe house was supposed to be. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more joy than when I had you three. Floris: Keep being you. Jump into the Elysium fountain with reckless abandon and remember that even though I grounded you for it I always thought it was funny. Aspen: You are more than your wheelchair. I know that you’re shy, and that is something that you’ll have to overcome, but I know that you are going to do amazing things in whatever you do. Angela: My little wild child. I know that you always had a weird aversion to me, mostly because I was overbearing. I can assure you, it was never me trying to knock you down, it was always to keep you safe. But now, you can go get that castle. I’ll be your biggest supporter. I love you all dearly, and I will continue too long after I am gone. Listen to your dad, love and support each other. Mom —————————————————————————— Vunlea (@lilbeantoes), Lea. My dear sister. I am so glad to have found you. I was an only child the first nineteen years of my life and I had always wanted someone to confide in. I was so lucky to have you be that for me. I always tried to be your best friend, and the best confidant I could be for you. I wanted to be annoying when you liked boys but also be there to help you. I just hope I was able to be all of that for you. You were that for me. You were always so fun to be around because you spoke your mind, no matter who you were talking to, whether it be your best friend or worst enemy. I hope you always do that. Be strong. Love you always. Locke —————————————————————————— Andora (@generi), I watched you grow up from a child into a beautiful young woman. I believe the first time we ever met was when you asked me to be the officiant for your frog’s wedding. I thought about how much you reminded me of me when I was your age. Honestly now, I hope you turn out nothing like me. Thank you for saving my life on that rooftop. At least it gave me a few more years with my family. Locke
  7. A Union of Houses The Wedding of His Lordship Oliver Solros and Her Ladyship Locke Aylir-Hawksong [!] A portrait of Oliver and Locke ahead of their wedding ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- His Lordship Oliver Solros and her Ladyship Locke Aylir-Hawksong are excited to announce their union. The Couple is to be wed in Elysium Park. After the ceremony, the guests are invited to celebrate with the newlywed couple in The Drunken Bokolo Tavern. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Invitations To: His Grace, Duke Eugeo De Astrea (OOC: @Suicidium) Her Grace, Heir of Elysium, Aylin Reede De Astrea (OOC: @Charbi) Head Of House Solros, Liluth Solros (OOC: @Sunflower) Head of House Nria-Crane, Pyrin Nria-Crane Solros (OOC: @Pyro2) Lord Commander Ellathor Vanari (OOC: @Tannnon) All Members of the High Council All Members of the Patrician Council All Members of the Elysian Guard All Members of the De Astrean Family All House Members of Solros All Tribe Members of Aylir ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: Thursday, January 20, 2022 5:30 EST
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  9. [!] A poster nailed onto the Elysium community board reads: Blodyn Blooms is now open in Market Square at Stall 20! Here you will be able to find a collection of beautiful single flowers and bouquets from all over. Very cheap and affordable! For custom orders: contact Locke Warmane Aylir-Hawksong OOC: discord clairejane02#8487
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    Locke was born in The Realm of Skjoldier to her parents under the name Scout. At seven she was given up by her parents after a deal gone awry and had to go to work in Judi for a rich family as a playmate (read servant) for their daughter. Throughout her entire childhood she was stuck between the religion that she remembered from her childhood, the story of the Mother and Father, and what she's learned in Judi, Fl'nthogg. She actually went on Mal'Dahoth with her playmate, Lillian, when both were 16. Slowly, she has fallen in love with the culture of Judi, but she still tries to keep up the practices of Skjoldier in secret. One night when she was 20, Lillian found her worshiping the Mother, and Lillian told her parents. This caused them to kick her out of their home, but not before telling the Clery of Judi, who put out a warrant for her arrest. She cuts her hair and is now on the run under the name of Locke. This is what makes her so scared to become attached to people. She trusted the family she worked for, but they still sold her out.
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