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  1. [!] A poster nailed onto the Elysium community board reads: Blodyn Blooms is now open in Market Square at Stall 20! Here you will be able to find a collection of beautiful single flowers and bouquets from all over. Very cheap and affordable! For custom orders: contact Locke Warmane Aylir-Hawksong OOC: discord clairejane02#8487
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    Locke was born in The Realm of Skjoldier to her parents under the name Scout. At seven she was given up by her parents after a deal gone awry and had to go to work in Judi for a rich family as a playmate (read servant) for their daughter. Throughout her entire childhood she was stuck between the religion that she remembered from her childhood, the story of the Mother and Father, and what she's learned in Judi, Fl'nthogg. She actually went on Mal'Dahoth with her playmate, Lillian, when both were 16. Slowly, she has fallen in love with the culture of Judi, but she still tries to keep up the practices of Skjoldier in secret. One night when she was 20, Lillian found her worshiping the Mother, and Lillian told her parents. This caused them to kick her out of their home, but not before telling the Clery of Judi, who put out a warrant for her arrest. She cuts her hair and is now on the run under the name of Locke. This is what makes her so scared to become attached to people. She trusted the family she worked for, but they still sold her out.
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