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    Narril was born to a fairly well-off family as their only child. Being their only child she was expected to excel at everything. She was put into school and personal tutoring very young. Her favorite subjects were history and literature. She was sheltered and liked reading more than playing with other children. Given history is her favorite subject, she was naturally drawn to all the tomes and scrolls of historical knowledge, museums, provenances, and libraries. As a child she spent most of her time in libraries, with one day perusing a tome of modern history. It was here she found the entry on The Great Collapse. It terrified her and shaped her future obsessive pursuit in the preservation of knowledge and history. Not much of import can be said about her childhood and adolescence after this. She spent all of her time studying and writing amateur papers on the happenings of her city. Not that any of these have seen the light of day, oh no, she keeps these private as memories. Which is very against her principles, even she doesn't know why this is. Going forward in life she wants to be remembered as one of the great knowledge seekers that shaped the history of knowledge and knowledge preservation forever. She won't stop for anything to document something.
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