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  1. Dwain hides in his deep.dark room in the back of Dunhiem.
  2. BEARDS IN BELTS,! Cries the Holm Heir.
  3. The Urguan Iron Banker hears of the 10% mark to mina transaction fee. "Oooof, an dey say muh .1 mina fee was expensive..."
  4. These were grandfathered internal ferries so players had comparable travel times to Capitals from hubs. We are not offering fast travels to Athera at this time, please check back in later.
  5. Norland AND the Helves were grandfathered ferries for their nation roads. Norland's due to their massively longer travel time compared to other nations and helves for them being on a island. We didn't want repeats of last map's ugly super long bridges in the middle of the oceans/lakes so we grandfathered in no cost ferries that save a couple hundred block traveling to make it the same as other nations who are 3 mins away from their hub.
  6. Settlers of Almaris - Seafarers Expansion Hello there fellow LoTC players, the World/Tech Team is proud to inform you about the introduction of the Ferry Plugin on Almaris. This plugin will allow nations and independent settlements to purchase Fast Travel Routes between each other. Process: For a nation or independent charter to purchase a Fast Travel Route, they will need to make a /wreq asking for a designer or a World Team Manager to help them out with this. The handler will calculate the cost of the fast travel route (0.5 mina per block a
  7. Ever heard of patches? We are adjusting to our original plan for improvements and adding more nodes for people to collect resources.
  8. This is a hold over till a proper LC plugin is made by Nickrocky. Atm he has ferries, vortex 1.0, and shop sell rewrite. I figured this is at least something that people can use in the mean time. Im sorry it didnt meet your standards and your welcomed to not use it if you dont like it. Since day one of 8.0 I've been working with the economy team, admins, and techs to make things better. Things that looked good on paper didnt pan out so we adjusted, and adjusted, and adjusted again. Its hard to give value to other blocks besides iron and diamonds. With vortex 1.0 and the
  9. No, for my sake and the amount of builds that we are going to have to do (tech's sake) we have some limitation for the time being.
  10. Good Evening Players I'd like to give you guys a few updates to let you know what the economy team has been up to and to clear up some things. We also want to inform you about the new service the World Team will start providing. Natural Improvements: I mentioned this in the main LoTC discord a couple of days ago, the economy team has started placing natural improvements around the map. Please be patient, this is not an instant process however, nation-owned tiles have priority in terms of the placement order. Each tile will have a natural improvement. These are meant
  11. Love it. Note to self, make a price guide
  12. -1 im not grandfathered in at the minimum of tier 1. Its a good looking rewrite.
  13. Dont actually mind this at all. Looks good. Smooth, clear redlines and whats allowed. Will more runes be avaliable ti be created and added? Also thanks for not being a cuck and let the runesmiths currently be able to use this new runesmithing.
  14. A great grumbling can be heard coming from the Iron Bank. "Ow da feck isnder nae voter integrity? Feckin anyun can vote! Dwarves nae seen fer ages, non dwed, dead dwed. Shame!"
  15. All quartz nodes drop quartz blocks instead of a individual quartz ore.
    Oak leaves added to all hubs
    Music disks, jukebox, name tags, honey and honey related items all added to spawn admin shops

  16. Dwain stomp his axe on the ground Aye dis gits a foire in me belley. ALE! FUUD! COIN!
  17. Its happening! Cries a dwarf named Dwain
  18. Dwain frowns upon reading adn see many issues. "Interestin, ders already a coinage being made.... he dunne seems tui know whuts goin on."
  19. ~Format~ IGN: Hiebe RP NAME: Dwain Irongut CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  20. Who? Dwain rubs his beard trying to thinking who this Durorn is...
  21. Minas per vote has been changed. 3 mina a vote, plus 5 for your daily bonus.

    1. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      What an improvement, awesome !

    2. Mirtok


      Pennies for the poor!

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      can we have the 500 player minas cap removed now? it kinda makes it hard to get enough of a sum of money for serious investments on your own, also its probs one of the most unpopular parts about minas rn

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