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  1. Thornz

    The Winds of War

    The few fishmonger families litter the ruins, mercilesssly slaughtered as they hid in the tunnels under the local fishing village. Left to face an army outnumbered ten to one, the local fishermen underwent a brutal siege wanting Reivers. The empire had falsely propagated a patriotic victory against notorious bandits, when in actuality it was a massacre of innocent fishermen backed by a malicious ruler.
  2. Thornz

    [✓]The Eternal War, 1687

    I will represent the second fort, tumperton#6703
  3. Thornz


    A blue scarfed brigand recalls the Reiver disbandment from years ago as he roasts a dead ferret over a campfire in the woods.
  4. Thornz

    LoTC PVP

  5. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames McThornz m0ngrel SleepyTheDwarf Ban Reason https://gyazo.com/ad2f8f2fba40bbc7371f02155482d98b Players Involved Me Myself and I By your own understanding, why are you banned? I am banned for abusing LC on the LOTC war server. When logging on for a warclaim, I noticed I was in creative. As a result, I spawned in, or duplicated, a bunch of items. At that moment I had already crossed a one-way line in a poor showing of integrity to my character. From there, I was caught with a large stockpile of duped goods and consequently banned. In brief, a staff member accidentally allowed me LC and I used it to my advantage. Why should you be pardoned? I have served approximately two months time banned for my actions--which I do recognize as wrong. However, it should be taken into account that I’ve received two minuscule bans-- one when I first joined and was just a noob, and another for one week--in the three years I have been playing. Not only have I displayed a non-toxic, behaved manner throughout the majority of my time on the server, but also I have been well composed throughout the duration of my ban as well. I have been good while many people would have instantly opted into ddoxing and then constant alting. Lastly, my duping had little to no effect on the already inflated, broken economy: of which I put very little mina into circulation as opposed to legitimate means. Above all, I should be pardoned for my recognition of the wrongdoings I have done. I know that the intent behind my actions were not justified, and I should never do that again. This offense, my first offense, will not only be such, but also the last. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I have learned a crucial lesson that is to instantly go to staff when having a game-breaking advantage rather than abusing it for my own interests. In addition, I have matured to have more integrity because in the end, I am just making running the server harder for our hard-working staff. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe that if more players abide by the community guidelines, we can evolve into a better, healthier community. This, in turn, will allow us to make improvements to better the server instead of having toxic shitshows hindering our progression towards a more enjoyable server.
  6. Thornz

    [Community Review] Raids

    Once again, you’ve provided assertions about us that are inaccurate. Honestly, I did not expect more than another bigoted, bogus response with no backing. Go ahead and pretend that you are enlightened on the matter by using a minimal amount of outdated or plainly incorrect examples. The “current state” of the Reivers does not exist. But of course you should knew that... right? Anyways, I will have to decline your open invitation to discuss your errors and end here as I do not want to drag this any further. (( despite your faulty, malicious attempt at trying to slander us, I do appreciate the consideration put forth when taking the time to Try and better the raid rules.
  7. Thornz

    [Community Review] Raids

    I should reinstate the idea that iron armor and swords hold little value. What I duplicated using creative given to me by staff was bezerker axes and soggy stompers, items that not everyone carried around. Excuse my digression but part of my motivation to do so would mainly be a subconscious desire to receive a ban for my upcoming school year. Regardless, I can assure you that the loot acquired from raiding and roleplay banditry had become so plentiful and identical in quality that it was a minor bonus and not a main goal. In short, you’re saying that abusing op to duplicate items - items, I should add, that one would not normally acquire in raids- is proof that I raided for “pixels”? Doesn’t it seem contradictory that I would raid for pixels when I already had an infinite supply of whatever I wanted? I’ll make it easy for you: yes, yes it does. Regarding the ignorant accusations made against our motives: you are correct in providing Silents use of a monkey onesie when playing a child; however this was something that Silent did in Axios when he was not with the Reivers, and therefore not currently representative of them. Additionally, this instance is too dated to provide validity to your assumptions on our playerbase. As for Collectivist and Havoc, they may have said that before when surrounded by the Norlandic playerbase that was so heavily dismissed as a toxic, pvper group. — In fact, the hypocrsy evident is just ironic. It’s hypocritical that this is all coming from the leader of a widely known toxic group. Just days ago do I remember that Norlanders we’re having a “meme” orgy. A “meme” orgy. — Getting back on topic, I’m sure many people have been in a mood where they just don’t feel like roleplaying. This does not mean that these two roleplay in a one dimensional manner. In addition, collectivist has been banned for the entirety of the summer and then some; thus it isn’t an up-to-date example which really undermines its validity. Concededly, lion is the outlier of our group, and to my knowledge his character isn’t as developed. I would attribute this to his amount of time playing said character. In contrast, delving into MCPancakes, you didn’t even get the race right, so it should be clear that you don’t have the right to proclaim how developed or undeveloped his character is. Perhaps now you understand that you can’t falsely assume our characters did not have a backbone, when you yourself had little to no recent interaction with us. You’re undeniably free to conclude what you want about us or any player group, but don’t go around spreading your incorrect, outdated assumptions and pass it off is an axiomatic truth when it is a flawed, prejudiced conclusion.
  8. Thornz

    [Community Review] Raids

    I never knew of our “personal” engagements Narthok. If you truly did know anything about us, then you would not be slandering us with your fallacious accusations. You claim that we, the Reivers, did not provide “roleplay” during our existence, but this uninformed allegation is simply just not true. You claim that we fight for “pixels”, something so plentiful, it’s become useless. You claim our natural aggression is one of toxicity and constant “memeing”. You heavily imply that we disregard roleplay and brush it off as pointless while portraying us as a stereotypical bandit pvper that doesn’t care for rp. Grr! In truth, you are just making a prejudiced judgement off of baseless assumptions or unverified judgements by others that you may have heard. Each and every Reiver character had an in-depth backstory to provide backbone to the roleplay we did. We did not do a whole spiel laying out everything about our characters when banditing, but it no way should that justify the ignorant assumption that we play meaningless, stagnant bandits. Moreover, as a group, we have found roleplay means to diplomatically solve conflicts, therefore proving that we did not raid only for “pixels”. If situations have devolved into a toxic state, the blame cannot always be pinned on the attacker, and more often than not, the few toxic situations that we have been present in came as a result of the defending party as well. I personally have never seen you roleplay, so through your false logic I can deduct that you do not roleplay? In brief, you’re wrong to besmirch a playerbase of such acts only based off of groundless allegations. You clearly don’t know about us or our actions or you wouldn’t be falsely tarnishing us. Also don’t fix something that isn’t broken, leave raid rules as they are. Ps I think writing this on mobile may have given me brain cancer
  9. Mah’r Volaren agrees with the reformed government as opposed to the days of Vjorhelm.
  10. Thornz


    “ How am I supposed to take my morning bath when apes are freely dumping their **** in our river!” He’d exclaim from across the river
  11. You join a chat to provide valid, legitimate input and feedback in a civil manner but end up getting kicked on no pretense.

    Gotta love lotc “staff”



  12. Thornz

    Narthok's Wiki Team Application

    Hotheaded man that can write good +1
  13. Thornz

    The Ivae'fenn

    [ooc] username: m0ngrel actvity Rating: 3 do you have TeamSpeak? This is a necessity: yes [Rp] name: Robbie Gender: male place of residence: homeless race: snow high elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince? Yes