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  1. Haha it’s lotc :-0)

  2. An old Reiver shudders at the thought of being mistaken for having been apart of Rustwick, a group of successor “bandits” that had fallen so far so since their birth.
  3. What a ptsd-evoking yet nostalgic server


    1. Bogrin


      I am trying to get back into it, you should too. 

  4. “The Jindle Bandits, I believe” Mah’r would correct upon hearing of the brigand’s demise
  5. Sorry kaelan but you clearly don’t know what you’re doing. You know VB stands for villainy blacklist, right?? 


    Example:  Screen_Shot_2019-06-15_at_2.49.44_PM.png

    this is not a rule and has never been a rule for 7 years. Yet another half-assed verdict given by a gm who either does a **** job or has questionable motives.

  6. Vbs should be for bad villainy not for punishing players for following a mod’s ruling.

    1. Harrison


      that would make too much sense

    2. nordicg_d


      you expect too much from the staff

  7. “But we were never declared war on by the Empire of Renatus???” Mah’r ponders, this newly formed empire not even being a decade old!
  8. @renatus want to get a warzone set up or u want to keep rallying for nothing all day every day?

    (( no dad jokes this time, I promise

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Thornz


      Was banned so I couldn’t go to that warzone, but I totally agree. Horrible thing to do from Norland’s side during that wz. 

    3. Harrison


      reiver group not norland but whatever

    4. Thornz



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