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  1. Thornz


  2. Haha it’s lotc :-0)

  3. welcome to the light buff
  4. An old Reiver shudders at the thought of being mistaken for having been apart of Rustwick, a group of successor “bandits” that had fallen so far so since their birth.
  5. What a ptsd-evoking yet nostalgic server


    1. Bogrin


      I am trying to get back into it, you should too. 

  6. Shi t server turned sh ittier
  7. Thornz

    Lotc PvP

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzOzxoQpPhHirH87L-WQb1392Hk_i1Txr https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzOzxoQpPhHhSBBDHcgU6dDgLK6rqe7SS
  8. “The Jindle Bandits, I believe” Mah’r would correct upon hearing of the brigand’s demise
  9. Sorry kaelan but you clearly don’t know what you’re doing. You know VB stands for villainy blacklist, right?? 


    Example:  Screen_Shot_2019-06-15_at_2.49.44_PM.png

    this is not a rule and has never been a rule for 7 years. Yet another half-assed verdict given by a gm who either does a **** job or has questionable motives.

  10. Vbs should be for bad villainy not for punishing players for following a mod’s ruling.

    1. Harrison


      that would make too much sense

    2. nordicg_d


      you expect too much from the staff

  11. Thornz


    Most the people who wanted nexus gone (that I’ve spoke to at least) regret it. It was just kind of removed without anything to take its place. Obviously nexus itself can’t be bringer back, but some sort of rudimentary system resembling it should at least be prioritized because a server with literally no working economy dulls the server and takes away from what made the server unique. Custom crafting (foods, brewing, armaments) is what we need. ?
  12. “But we were never declared war on by the Empire of Renatus???” Mah’r ponders, this newly formed empire not even being a decade old!
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