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  1. Where’d my color go, Ex-GM rights!

  2. Anore

    Aislin's Fm App

    Aislin is good person but his posture in his chair could hurt his back and affect his activity. I suggest that once he fixes his posture his back problems should decrease exponentially and then he will become best FM +1.2
  3. Anore

    Anore's Forum Mod Application

    thanks for the support
  4. The Ex-GMs gave birth to freedom through our butts, do not betray us http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/106519-king-of-ooc-voting/

  5. Anore

    Anore's Forum Mod Application

    Okay I will do my best, Craotor.
  6. Anore

    Anore's Forum Mod Application

    I don't know if I am actually 12 for sure, Craotor may not be a reliable source.
  7. Anore

    Anore's Forum Mod Application

    *update* minor edits with text and such.
  8. le revolution is coming

    1. Kawaii Kush

      Kawaii Kush

      Anore pls, help me.

  9. I believe I have failed the Ex-GMs as a whole, and I will accept the punishment of 1,000 Brazilian screams.

    1. Augor


      Yes, accept them. Cry to me.

  10. Anore

    Mingpow321's Sm Application

    You are now accepted into the Possibly-Ex-GMs meaning you had the oppurtunity to become a GM someday and then get promoted. But now it is no more.
  11. I believe it would be appropriate to replace cybering with this http://www.pandorapedia.com/navi/appearance_behavior/navi_mating_practices

    1. JCQuiinn


      Link to sexual content. Ban.

    2. Anore


      Not sexual, emotional

  12. Anore

    The Rise Of The True Lord Of The Craft

    durp'lur nub decessed. Durp in papur nuw. yu kin reed
  13. Anore

    Anore's Forum Mod Application

    I do not Lead the Ex-GMs, I merely stand as a figure head, they are not sheep and do not need to be lead, they are trained squirrels with the intelligence of an unmanned aircraft drone. They do not need me they are as free as complimentary samples at Walmart.