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  1. treshure is a good individual
  2. sign and sign again
  3. You should write this in Lithuanian for maximum immersion.
  4. The Prince of Ponce claps his hands gleefully accepting the friendship.
  5. [7:41:16 PM] toby.goldman: Jokes on him #5 now
  6. "We should execute the bishops upon taking the city." suggests Ali Khan of Lesser Tarchary.
  7. whenever i get money i have to spend it on sending a courier but now i have no money and a whole lot of letters to be sent
  8. James begins his studies in the occult, gaining 50 Dark Power.
  9. i think we need to stop this conflict among ourselves this is just what the admin team wants it makes us weak. we need to destroy the admin team and destroy their systems because they can't make this map any worse. i dont know who made all the really shitty systems but they need to be eliminated.
  10. yea i dont get why the roleplay leader of the region isnt the primary region owner. ooc should never outweigh rp.
  11. when u removing that swing timer ****
  12. The Prince of Ponce signs the charter.
  13. "Ah, a noble people!"
  14. man kyle is still losing to nathan barnett, embarrassing.
  15. I will be there!
  16. nice blogpost
  17. A Courlandian bard recites a ballad about the Pheonix Rebellion.
  18. can we add a system to roleplay fight the mobs? i don't want to wait for hit timers.
  19. The Prince of Ponce claps as Ari takes the first steps towards Sainthood.
  20. Im going to keep this short but here you go. 1) What do you believe are the key qualities that one should have for it to succeed in creating a worthwhile overarching antagonist? Don't make it invincible, don't make it a generic black/white evil antagonist. Give it motivations and reasons beyond "I am evil and I will destroy everything." 2) What do you believe are the qualities that one should avoid in an antagonist? Do not make them invincible/indestructible or overly powerful. A good example of this is 3.0 Antag vs 4.0 Undead. 4.0 Undead had an aoe attack which never missed and you couldn't avoid. 3.0 Antag was really strong but once you understood how it worked and functioned with was easily killable and it's attacks were dodge-able. Do not make them align with any faction, that just alienates players. However certain player-groups aligning with the antagonist isn't bad. 3) What do you believe an antagonists job is? To provide chaos and fun. 4) What do you believe would give a more enjoyable experience, an overarching antagonist entity or a splintered group of antagonist entities, or something else? There needs to be a central figure but there can be groups under the antagonist. 5) Any other information you would like to give on the topic?
  21. Man5791 became a Sith Lord when he obtained enough power and then he changed his name to Darth Tirenas. Now that he is a Sith Lord I dread what might happen if he would obtain even more power.
  22. can we make this a mount and blade tournament no1 actually wants to pvp on lotc
  23. Guys it's the current year 2016 (Soon to be the future year 2017) why do we still have a cloud temple and an evil cloud temple?
  24. Theres also the current problem with not enough money actually going into the economy. It was removed but an alternative wasn't added. Also the fact that the only purpose of money is to be on money top.
  25. Agree with Pok go to Anthos but improve it and make it slightly different to fit what happened to it.