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  1. The Talbot Family.
  2. reserved
  3. can someone help him?
  4. "Wait hol up you finna tell me that I gotta pay fine when I break some ***** ass law? Man this some bullshit.." Whines the Felsen Watch Sergeant Tyrone of Compton.
  5. The Prince of Ponce hides Onfroi under the floorboards.
  6. treshure is a good individual
  7. sign and sign again
  8. You should write this in Lithuanian for maximum immersion.
  9. The Prince of Ponce claps his hands gleefully accepting the friendship.
  10. whenever i get money i have to spend it on sending a courier but now i have no money and a whole lot of letters to be sent
  11. James begins his studies in the occult, gaining 50 Dark Power.
  12. i think we need to stop this conflict among ourselves this is just what the admin team wants it makes us weak. we need to destroy the admin team and destroy their systems because they can't make this map any worse. i dont know who made all the really shitty systems but they need to be eliminated.
  13. yea i dont get why the roleplay leader of the region isnt the primary region owner. ooc should never outweigh rp.
  14. The Prince of Ponce signs the charter.
  15. "Ah, a noble people!"
  16. A Courlandian bard recites a ballad about the Pheonix Rebellion.
  17. can we add a system to roleplay fight the mobs? i don't want to wait for hit timers.
  18. The Prince of Ponce claps as Ari takes the first steps towards Sainthood.
  19. Man5791 became a Sith Lord when he obtained enough power and then he changed his name to Darth Tirenas. Now that he is a Sith Lord I dread what might happen if he would obtain even more power.
  20. Guys it's the current year 2016 (Soon to be the future year 2017) why do we still have a cloud temple and an evil cloud temple?
  21. Theres also the current problem with not enough money actually going into the economy. It was removed but an alternative wasn't added. Also the fact that the only purpose of money is to be on money top.
  22. Agree with Pok go to Anthos but improve it and make it slightly different to fit what happened to it.
  23. This is the worst map we've ever had. I don't believe that the polls will accurately relay my distaste for the map so I will answer the questions in this post. 1. What is your favourite Isle of Axios? There is only one island where there are actually players. However the Map is massive and it's just badly worldpainted in general. I think the Sutica one is worldpainted decently though I've been there once. 2. Do you feel we have too many settlements? Yes but there is nothing you can do to fix this. The amount of active settlements is fine however there are a lot inactive settlements. Players will always want to go out and build there own settlements. They will always find a way. It would be nice if the ET turned these unused settlements into ruins after some amount of time. 3. How do you feel about the map's size? Whoever thought making 3 massive maps is an idiot. The fact that there was no fast-travel from roleplay hubs before a month ago or something shows that the map was not thought out by someone with an IQ above 75. 4. Do you feel the Lore created for the map was sufficient for release? Do you mean the ooga booga we wuz shamanz lore? I don't think the lore developed by the lore team has much impact on the server as a whole to be honest. Most people just ignore it don't know about it. All I know is there was a Axios storyline when I logged in and I thought it was dumb. 5. Do you believe an additional few months of development would have greatly improved the map? No the map is an inherently flawed and bad map. Trying to sculpt **** doesn't change the fact that it's ****. 6. Do you feel that the creation of the map was too rushed? I believe that the team designing the map was out of touch with the playerbase and they focused on the wrong things. They wanted a map where you can admire the exotic and cool biomes but they didn't realize that most players sit at roleplay hubs and type. 7. Would you like to see more Events directly related to the story line and Lore of the map? If we are still on Episode 1 of the Axios storyline then it shows how useless the Event Team is and it reinforces my opinion that the Event Team should be turned into a Nature Team that improves areas and makes unused settlements into ruins. Most people are on the ET for the pex might as well keep the builders which are useful. You don't need a team to promote roleplay and it just hasn't worked in my opinion. 8. Do you like the tile system? No it just makes it easier to split up roleplay. If I manage to see a Charter I sign it to show how useless the charter system is. Just split land between nation leaders and give them a restriction on the amounts of settlements and make it so that if the settlement goes inactive the settlement is destroyed or turned into ruins.
  24. At this very moment there is no proof that Kyle is a person. I believe that he is an AI developed by Doha Technologies and planted by Mogroka so that anti-orenian groups would lose legitimacy and so that people wouldn't take them seriously. There is no way that Kyle is a living breathing person, It's just not possible!