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  1. A zar’akal ponders the scene with an abundantly crooked cheshire grin forever plastered upon its hideous visage. He stood there letting out only a series of gargled clicks and rattles from its throat before it trudged off elsewhere It was a bold thing to attack someone deemed as a pillar and to bring their head back to the doorstep, but to sign their names upon the missive was a death sentence. A rebellion had been sparked. No, war. How would the Prophet and his Pillars respond to such an egregious attack? How far did the pair’s reach truly go? Questions raced through the ever-plagued entity’s mind. A reminder. “That note, yes. What of that note? What were we meant to do… A letter. Yes. Perhaps we will finally write.” And with that the Prince of Carrion would begin his letter - a response to the once ‘friend,’ Cordelia.
  2. DISCUSSION OVER DRINK 14th of The Deep Cold, Year 136 of the Second Age To the Blessed Citizenry of Haelun’or and allies of the Blessed Silver State, The Eternal Library has long stood as the heart of elcihi’thilln; within this ancient Bastion, we pursue progress through the cultivation and maintenance of knowledge. As times change, so, too, do the ways in which our citizenry engages in the endless pursuit of scholarship. A fervor for debate has arisen in recent days; the large attendance at the Public Forums, held some time over a decade ago, serves as proof for this returning trend. To quote the words of dedicated scholar, councillor, and servant of elcihi, Lleinde Tillun’sae, debate has always been the language of Mali'thill. The Public Forums are a space for the discussion of serious topics, but we occasionally desire to debate more lighthearted subjects. It has been long since we have had a proper debate, but in light of recent discussions about the suppression vs. regulation of emotions within elcihi’thilln, the time has come for us to clear the clouds from our memory. For this reason, the Eternal Library and the Tavern shall partner to host a night of merriment and blithe conversation. All citizenry are invited to the event – all are encouraged to contribute to elcihi’thilln’s endless pursuit of progress through discussion over drink. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. EVENT DETAILS DEBATE TOPICS -Red wine vs. White wine -Purity of red hair -General space to broach the topic of what is pure and impure PRIZES FOR MOST ELOQUENT - Custom Made Wine developed by Visaj Reserves - Clothing Voucher (Custom Made) - "Elven Etiquette", "The M&H2," and "The M&H 3" by Lucion Sullas + "Analysis M&H” by Lelien Lazul - Enchanted ‘Megaphone’ provided by the Bardic College Signed, Mediir’indor Azaerin Visaj Okarir’maehr Celestia Astramaris OOC Information: Location: The Tavern When: Saturday, July 15th @ 3PM EST
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  4. An 'akal with an assortment of eyes looked over the missive as it was handed to him. He stood there in silence for several moments before those pupils shifted to serpentine slits and offered a tilt of his head toward the Naztherak. Though his maw never moved, words still escaped him as he wondered "Can we even make spears of malflame? That sounds useless in comparison to what we can do." The being did pace for several more moments as he pondered the image just at the top. Finally he critiqued, "Terrible, terrible angle they got on me with this one. More snake and less goat-like next time."
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  6. What happened to BEEHAW??

  7. Seer of Vaseek Guide Lore Summary When a blind individual becomes overcome with anguish and desperation to gain sight, be they born blind, injured, diseased, or elderly and plead or beg they may have their prayer answered by the ever vigilant Vaasek. He sees opportunity in vulnerability and grants the blind individual a kabalees (referred to as a “witness” from here on out) to bond with them in their sleep. The witness feeds the individual their vision which is interpreted by their mortal soul and mind to create an imperfect translation so long as they embrace their own blindness and cover their eyes, a symbolic act of surrender. This newfound vision is called secondsight and is the defining trait of seers. Seers have a degree of control over the witness where they seamlessly direct its vision which makes their eye movements feel natural, however this is littered with errors and shortcomings as mortals cannot easily comprehend let alone experience the degree to which witnesses perceive. This manifests through anomalies which cloud and distort their vision, sometimes causing intense psychedelic ‘hallucinations’ as their mind and soul fumble the translation of alien perception. Seers can attempt to strengthen and refine their connection to their witness which is described in the magic section after this feat section. General Things. Physical Drawbacks: Mental Drawbacks: Tenets: Feat Secondsight - Combative One Slot (Ritual of Sanctioning) Dilated Secondsight - Combative Caecic - Combative Polyglot - Combative Heat Lense - Combative Identify - Non-combative Two Slot (2nd Require Ritual of Sanctioning) Piercing Gaze - Combative Third Eye - Combative Eyebite - Non-combative/Combative Hypnotic Gaze - Non-combative/Combative 3 Slot (3rd Ritual of Sanctioning) Truesight - Combative Reading - Non-combative Afflict - Combative Bestowment - Non-combative Require Pupil Invisible Hands - Non-combative Blindsight - Combative Scry - Non-combative Conjure Asper - Non-combative Ritual of Sanctioning - Non-combative Relevant Links:
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  9. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.
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