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  1. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [✗] [Magic Idea/lore] Sonomancy (Acoustic Magic)

    This was clarified in the second post made after the lore, please read it.
  2. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [✗] [Magic Idea/lore] Sonomancy (Acoustic Magic)

    Essentially yes and thank you. I do understand, but I did believe that that was the case. I actually considered the idea after looking at the most common magic types, specifically what was being affected and how. I looked at the common evocation based magic types and broke down two principles of them; pressure and movement. Sound, at it's core, is made up of pressure and displacement/movement. From what I read an evoker's powers followed the same principles as well. The case of water stuck out to me in particular. They can create, move, and control the pressure of it. This is a quote from the Guide for Magic Canon: I tried to make it follow the principles that I read in the current magic lore. Accessibility is the same as others presumably. However accessibility to understand and study sound is much more common than even the elements possibly. Sound is all around beings of the realm, in variations as well. As far as it being the unnoticed hole, I assumed that was the case. As I posted above, it is essentially two principles present in all evocation types. The difference being the intended result. In this case the user isn't trying to move something so much as change it's pressure and resulting displacement. This was some of my thinking behind the idea.
  3. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [✗] [Magic Idea/lore] Sonomancy (Acoustic Magic)

    Sorry, I just realized I didn't put that in there. It's power is drawn from the void.
  4. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [Denied]Sir_Wyvernos' Trial Gm App

    I appreciate it everyone.
  5. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [✗] [Magic Idea/lore] Sonomancy (Acoustic Magic)

    Illusion and Sonomancy don't equate one another. What Piercing noted is important. This is a physical force, like that of the elements, not an alteration of perception. An illusionist can't do the effect of Alert, nor can they channel sound. They can message someone or make them think that they are hearing something, but it is all but real. This is real sound or the lack of.
  6. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [✗] [Magic Idea/lore] Sonomancy (Acoustic Magic)

    Thank you fiend, I needed a better name. Lol Sonomancy it is.
  7. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [✗] [Magic Idea/lore] Sonomancy (Acoustic Magic)

    From what I'm reading, these seem to be different. His seems to be more along the line of bardic music and it's affect on people, where as this is the literal affect on sound, not necessarily music. I may be wrong though. Maybe I should just take the bard out of the name. Edit: I took bard out of the name, hopefully this clarifies. I'm sorry about that.
  8. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [Denied]Sir_Wyvernos' Trial Gm App

    Thank you everyone once again. Chaotikal, could you explain what you mean more specifically. What is making it unclear, lacking, etc. In regards to the forums, ingame, in general? I just want to know so that I can improve if necessary.
  9. The Zealot (Sir_Wyvernos)

    [Denied]Sir_Wyvernos' Trial Gm App

    Minecraft username: sir_wyvernos Age: 22 Time zone: (EST) Eastern Standard Time What is a GM’s role in the community, and how would you see yourself fitting in it as a GM?: Global Moderators are, well, moderators. Not in the sense of babysitters, but rather as managers and facilitators of the community as well as of technical matters. GM’s make sure that the server functions smoothly in regards to community events, public relations, team management, technical matters, and so on. They make sure that player interactions are positive, productive, and up to our server standard. They also try to create and promote an environment in which lively roleplay can flourish. GM’s create positive experiences for players and help them to formulate and/or communicate ideas. GM's manage a whole host of things on the server, but are also ears to community. I am use to these expectations and qualities both because I had to fulfill them before, but also because this is what I strived to do since I joined the server. I have experience with the many roles of a GM and I can quite easily see myself being able to fit within them. Why are you applying to be a GM?: I was helping the server before, but I had to step back from my duties to focus on finishing college. I knew that I wouldn’t have as much time to commit to the server before, so I resigned, but now I will have time and I believe I could still help the server. In my time in college I picked up skills that may be useful for the server as well. I have a background in communication and public relations that could be helpful in alleviating conflicts. I am also applying because I have had a lot of time to put toward helping the server. Overall however, I am applying for the same reason that I applied before, to help the server. That has always been important to me. While I was away I lurked the forums and still kept up with all of the events. I learned what the concerns of the community were and read through the forums constantly to see how the server was doing. Now that I have time to commit to the server once more, I wanted to put forth that effort in bettering the server. The most impactful GM’s the server has had have always done more than the basic duties of a Global Moderator. What aspects of LotC aside from universal GM duties would you be willing to delve into?: Anything, but I suppose that is too general. When I was a GM before, I focused on helping players formulate ideas and write lore, I helped players communicate ideas and bring them to fruition, so in that sense, helping with player lore and public relations. I am also willing to produce videos, graphic design work and/or illustration for the server. Beyond these areas of work I am sure I could help out, but as for what I have the most skill at, these are stick out the most. I am willing to help with events also. What members of the staff and/or community could you look to for guidance of these additional responsibilities?: The Admin or GM over the selected fields and the teams that presides over them are the obvious answer, but more specifically, there are individuals that come to mind for me for each responsibility. In regards to lore, there are many people who are great with certain types of lore, so it would depend on what type of lore the player is trying to work with. Even in general, there are numerous names (which I can name if necessary). For the sake of clarity however, I will say that I know I could turn to Lago, Gaius, or Blundermore. They usually dealt with different types of lore but were/are excellent in their fields. They are great writers and also know their field of lore extremely well. In regards to public relations it is really the players in a very general sense. As for any public relations, guidance comes from community input and much needed team deliberation. To be specific in regards to a community member, I would say Alan, not so much because his role is in that field, but because I’ve known him through the time that I was a GM, he even trained me to be a GM. In that time I learned how he made decisions and where his head was in the midst of server ordeals. He has a good head on his shoulders and I trust his judgment, in all seriousness. As for media, I would have to say the media team in general. They all bring their own set of ideas and skills to the table. For guidance on events, I would have to say the very same thing. The team brings together a whole breadth of uniquely skilled community members. What faults do you believe other members of the community see in you, and how do you intend to improve on these perceived faults, if necessary?: This is complicated question to answer. Truthfully I am not aware of the faults that the community perceives in me. I would however ask, if there is any faults that the community does see or perceive in me, please make note of them in the comments so that I can either address them in this main post or in the following comments. I do ask that people are honest. If there is any concerns about faults or anything of related manner, please make note of them. How much free time do you have? Will this change in the foreseeable future?: I am free Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7am until around 2pm, Tuesday afternoons, and almost all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can give exact times if necessary. This schedule will change in April after I graduate. I will just have more time though. I would love to get feedback, post if you wish. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to voice them once again. - Wyv
  10. Welcome back to "Obvious facts with Wyv". I'm your host Sir Wyvernos. Fact of today is..*drum roll* Apples come from trees. Thank you Thanky you, until next time! Stay classy!