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  1. craotor

    Devotion To Spirits

    ((Ogron is a spirit used in Dark Shamanism, very evil and frowned upon by the other spirits))
  2. craotor

    [Denied]Hunwald's Global Moderator Application

    Arent you a banned player? +1
  3. craotor

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    1/10 dont know you
  4. craotor

    Help Needed

    Just tell me what is this for? Homework or a test or is your drug dealer asking it?
  5. craotor

    Help Needed

    My answer good enough?
  6. craotor

    Help Needed

    Lowering taxes will increase investment from the private sector since this means people get a bigger return for their investment, thus it also increases the gdp because you are going to have more money in the economy. With the investments going up you are going to have an increase in industry and in the private sector so this will creat a demand for a skilled workforce so employment is going to go up. Wages should also increase due to the private sector having expanded this being an incentive for companies to increase the pay of their workforce.
  7. I have been authorised by the King of Skravia Rocco Romstun I, to offer you a duchy in the Kingdom of Skravia
  8. craotor

    The Boar Tusk Warband

    MC Name:craotor Do you have skype?: no Do you have Teamspeak?:no Are you a GM alt spying on us?: I want ot steal your gains Past groups you've been apart of: Company of the Wolf, Lur clan, High elfs and Church of the Canon IC: - Name: Shaggo - Clan: Lur - How much do cattle do you squat?: - Do you have battle experience?: Du latz eben lift? - Do you pledge yourself to the Big Nob, so long as he is fit to lead?: Kurrent Uruks be nub wurthy, da Big Nob zeemz worthy enough. - 1 Paragraph backstory of how you entered the warband (yes im serious put in some work you lazy ****): Shaggo Lur is the grandson of the legendary orc known as Craotor'Lur. Shaggo spent most of his life in the wilds learning how to fend for himself and growing up hearing tales of how great the uruks and especially his clan used to be. When he heard his grandfather had passed away he rode to the orc nation only to find it crumbling, the uruks had no honor and the nation was a failed state. So he joined the only functioning ork group around with the goal of rebuilding his people.
  9. craotor

    [Denied] Zezimus's Fm Application

    He will literally switch to another team first chance he has, thats why he is known as switchimus
  10. Coal Miners? Ill warn you, they have a union.
  11. craotor

    [✗] The Under Ground World

    Choice meme
  12. craotor

    [Denied]Gunnerdude's Global Moderator Application

    One of my top 5 australians +1
  13. craotor

    [Denied]Knox213 Gm Application.

    Alot of experience leading a nation into a war +1
  14. craotor

    Stevens Event Team Application Numero Dos

    Should have never been removed +1