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  3. *A robed dwarf wanders over and looks to any of those gathered and nods* "Like teh seasons, we must also change" He says with a smile. "Follow teh call, an may teh aspects bless ye" ( You have my support regardless, unsure if I can sign due to not being round )
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  5. If that is to be allowed, then I can write lore for that aspect of the fruit as well. At the moment, the current state for the lore is just to have it as a fruit to be used rply as well as for potions and poisons.
  6. The current issue with the plant is that there is the teleportation mechanic. That is why it is not currently allowed to be grown or in the hands of players.
  7. ~<(Chorus Fruit)>~ The fruit of the taint --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physiology Chorus plants are the result of a rose bush slowly being tainted, infecting the plant like a parasite and changing its appearance and shape. The stalks of the rose bush turn a shade of purple and are engorged, enlarged, and spread wildly if given enough room like a small tree, shooting upwards more so then out. The plant will start out like a small stump of a plant and slowly produce bud like roses. After some time, the buds will begin to grow from the stalks of the plant, and will eventually bloom and spread out spores, in hopes that the life of the infection continues to infect new plants or for taint to continually spread out. The rose’s take on a purple hue like the taint and grow white or purple stalks from the middle. Once the spores are released from the flowers, the buds tend to stay there and become engorged much like the plant itself, almost rounding out and take on a shape that of a peach. The Chorus Plant doesn't have any particular smell until the flowers from the stalk blossom, releasing this horrid smell of a decaying corpse. The engorged flowers that result from blossoming flowers tend to keep the smell within them until they are either cut, distilled for alchemical purposes, or begin to rot. Spread of Chorus Plants Chorus plants spread by releasing spores from blossomed flowers,utilizing the wind and the projected speed of the blossoming flower to travel, tainting the land they land upon and slowly draining it dry, leaving the earth devoid of all nutrition. The plant slowly begins to grow due to all the nutrition sucked from the earth,and utilizes the photosynthesis of the rose bush to grow in size. Chorus Plant spores that are not able to get enough nutrition from the land they settle upon begin to rot and instead taint the land. If the fruit from the plant continues to stay upon it, the fruit will eventually fall off and rot, tainting the land that the fruit lays upon. Contact with the plant If one was to get close enough to the plant, they should be careful and wear a mask over their mouth and nose to protect themselves from inhaling any spores that could be left behind or being spread currently by the plant. If an individual were to get any spores within their system, the spores would rest within their lungs and slowly spread taint, turning their lungs black and shrivelled, slowly draining the life out of the individual's body from the inside out over time. Initial signs of infection would be coughing and tingle in their throat, no visible markers of infection at all. A couple days later, if the person is untreated, the infected would have trouble breathing, an excessive need for nutrition ( Food and water), and would have limited speech. At this stage, their throat would be a shade of dark purple, sometimes changing the color of the skin around the neck to a purplish hue. Their breath would smell horrid to those around them, but not to the individual themselves. If the individual is still infected within a week, they are drained of all their fluids and become a blackened drained husk of themselves, smelling that of a rotting chorus fruit. At the end of the individual’s life, they take in a final breath and exhale, marking their death but also sending out a large amount of spores, in hopes to infect another host or plant life to spread taint or the infection itself. Cure The plant itself can be removed with any means previously for curing blight upon a land (Blight healing, etc.) An infected individual could be cured if they are cured before the stage of their throat becoming completely purple (If an individual has been infected for 4 days, they cannot be cured by any means). Any magic that is able to purge taint within an individual would easily cure the infection. A potential cure via alchemy could be made, given the alchemist is proficient enough to produce such a cure. A practiced and knowledgeable alchemist could make a brew that could reverse the effect in a matter of days, compared to the cure of magic which would take a matter of minutes. Uses It could be speculated that if one was to able to get a flower of such a plant and consume it, the individual would become sick with nausea and excessive vomiting, along with dehydration as the flower would attempt to drain the individual of all its fluids. It could also be speculated that if the flower was brought into the right hands, it could be distilled down into a poison that could cause the same effects, if not amplified to the point where the person who is infected with the poison would share the same effects as eating the flower, but would have less of a chance of survival, due to its distilled state. If one was to mix this poison with other herbs, the resulting poison would be deadly to those who come in contact with it. Only those who are skilled enough in the arts of alchemy would know what poisons could be made with this fruit. MC Mechanics -Potential new herb for alchemy to be used for RP purposes, as well as for cures for alchemy -A meaning for the Chorus Plants and Chorus Fruit for being around, as well as means for the spread of taint -Removal of the teleportation mechanic, seeing as that is not the focus of the lore (Thanks for LordBobby123 for help)
  8. Spoopy Time my friends. Spoopy time.


  9. A dwarf passes by and calls out "Ye betteh let mi see t'at staff too Crineas..."
  10. While we are still at it, Hello everyone!

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