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  1. “Every nation has low points but we don’t judge nations on em. Although yeah that’s embarrassing.”
  2. An elf recalls Solaria dying years ago in a bowl of water. He takes a swig of some high ABV substance at a bar somewhere.
  3. “Wow these prices are low, guess the market is going bear? Oh, **** wait it’s weekly. ****, okay,” mutters an old mercenary
  4. wheres the one I use if I got fired
  5. I think we’ve had more VBs in a week than we did for like the entire time I was GM

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    2. Thornz


      And how many of them were actually for villainy?..... bruhhh

    3. ScreamingDingo


      VBs are literally the poor man’s punishment smh

    4. Haseroth


      can we VB tythus for being mean to us

  6. Maly pours one out for his old friend who, with his skygod powers, he saved the life of.
  7. Maly ponders what there is to be traded in a post-scarcity minecraft world
  8. Maly conjures a more terrifying mental image before promptly sharing it
  9. Reminder that thanks is a downvote

  10. An elf imagines Dimaethor being walked around on a leash being held by Iaria, but cannot conjure the mental image editing skills to produce this image
  11. A maly’thill grumbles about Iaria once again attempting to politically castrate effective government members, but then realizes he is too busy not being active within the city to care.
  12. the real way it works is that ur uuid is put into a control-f search in the #player-infractions channel on the staff discord n ur offenses are summed up from there so maybe 2012 isnt accurate try 2017? or whenever everyone started using discord idk.
  13. also u are aware that fly modreqs were literally a single command, maybe 3 if you do your full due diligence right? it doesn't lead to burnout really.
  14. you can say removed it isnt a dirty word
  15. You missed April 1 by like 60 days bro
  16. lotc war is sleepy. zzzzz

    1. Thornz


      w ar zones

    2. Jaeden



  17. im pretty sure public staff reports dont exist but im gonna ban keening anyway for u habibi
  18. mcname: destroyer_bravo rpname: bowman irongut dwelling: who knows candidate: hiebe irongut “Wait, can ah even vote if ah havenae done anythin’ in actual stone years?”
  19. Player has been tempbanned for one second
  20. Stop posting before I get the hammer
  21. Maly’thill never learns of the halfling that faceplanted into a riverbank after escaping him.
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