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  1. Who writes an eviction notice over Christmas, literal scrooge...

    1. Heero


      Clearly they need more holiday cheer

    2. HortonHeardAWho


      Hey bro did you know that if you modreq stating that you’ll be on vaca a GM will put a sign down stating how long and they’ll avoid evicting you?! Wow that’s just c-c-c-c-CRAZY!

      Edited by HortonHeardAWho
  2. Man in the High Castle season 3: Lot of actors filling out P45's...

  3. Anyone want to supply me with a skin that looks like Johnny Vegas?

  4. Seems we're now protecting the paper over the cracks instead of facing reality.

  5. I really do feel that despite putting down a sign to say I will be on holiday, I'll get a free-build eviction notice. I also find it strange that I'm 3000 blocks out to sea in a lighthouse and have gotten notices, like do people care? Is it hot real estate?

    1. JuliusAakerlund


      Some prime real estate you got there

    2. Vanir


      how dare you not devote all of your time to lotc? You must be punished

    3. Wrynn
  6. No duplicates in vault: Yer because having only one dark oak sapling and 1 animal spawn egg doesn't defeat the purpose.

    1. Myleres


       was going to bring 1728 lockpicks if duplicates were allowed though

  7. No cocoa beans in vault is BS

  8. _Stigwig bribed me to say nice things on his GM app...

  9. Don't know if GM's even ban for X-ray anymore with the amount of blatant examples in the mines.

    1. Freischarler


      they dont i think

    2. mateolog


      I know people that got banned for it

  10. This mine world reset is starting to sound like fake news.

    1. Ricky


      Ohhh you're hard...

  11. Skins for a new char, significant IG payment. High quality. msg if can deliver.

  12. I proper need a head for my skin yah blud?

  13. It’s easier to raise funds for LC than craft building materials…

    1. Temp



  14. Remove nexus, remove resource areas and put the power back into the nations, then it's up to them to provide people with RP and the most active are the best led, no excuses for inactivity. Also seriously cut down the max amount of personas, put meaning back into characters.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CaptainHaense


      It /would/ be nice if I could make my own armour and weapons..

    3. Praetor


      But how will the kiddies leading the server have a chance to feel powerful if you do that?????

    4. Suicidium


      Competent major staff decisions for the direction of the server? What's that...


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