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  1. Name: Theo Zaide Race and Subrace: Human Age: 15 Current citizen of what Nation: I am a nomad Military Experience(None Needed): Indeed. I almost was in the military. I, Theo Zaide, agree that by becoming a Sea-Strelt, I will serve Ruska, and House Ruthern to the best of my abilities. I will no longer be a little *****, and will die for my Nation and the House I serve. If I decide to become a ******* idiot and betray my brothers, I will accept my long, and painful death, knowing that no one liked me, because I decided to betray glorious Ruska and Ruthern. By signing this, I abolish all other oaths not related to Ruska and the Church, and agree to be completely loyal to Ruska and House Ruthern, and will never disobey the superiors of my Nation. ((OOC Part)) MC Name: people884 Do you have Skype: Yes Do you have TeamSpeak: Yes Are you willing to make a VA within a two week time period, if you do not already have one((1a,2a,2c minimum)): Sure homie.
  2. :I Jspencer, why..

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Idiot14yearoldminecraftplayer


      You don't know what's been going on in my head later, this was for the best, I got what I wanted

    3. THUNDER37


      A bad rep and a ban? Congratulations! -Presents the ban with a pretty red bow-

    4. ryno2


      kids be mad over a game

      sometimes a cathartic release of emotion works, i mean look at exorcisms

      dont make broad assumptions about somebody just because they act some way in a video game

  3. Stares at the sign and laughs. He grabs his swords. "Interesting."
  4. The server goes down so much :(

    1. Octavion


      Sadly. Was about to go kill some Salvians too. :(

    2. Garukumus



  5. Dat Accepted Application.

  6. Ive got the best memories of you and your char, i quit lotc along time ago but im thinking of coming back.

  7. Got some funny memories with you lol. That day when you like attacked Chorrol and I ran and sent a bird to the Dwarfen army of Kal'urguan and they came and your whole plan turned against you and your guards all got killed. Lol I miss Aegis :/

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