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  1. Kuila


    Welcome to the server, friend! I hope you enjoy your time around here. What’s your favourite song, by the way? 🙂
  2. looking for animal crossing players 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ScreamingDingo


      FT: kidney

      LF: 500+ Turnip Prices

    3. Kuila


      @Urara can i add you? :0

    4. Urara


      yeah absolutely!


      I’ll send you my friend code!

  3. Kuila

    Urara's Free Skinz

    I’d love to claim brown haired girl in orange, if you don’t mind! All of your skins are lovely. I’m even willing to make a donation of some minae to you, if you need! 🙂
  4. if there are good discord nitro emotes then i will join.
  5. All the LOTC admins are hunting you. You can choose one to be your ally against the others. Who do you choose and why?
  6. If you need guns to make your roleplay interesting, then I don’t think they’re going to be used effectively and dynamically. If all that human roleplay boils down to is ‘government,’ than that might be a problem of the player and less of the server’s techlock.
  7. im really upset, but im incapable of actually formatting my concerns and criticisms in a constructive manner so im just going to whine in a satus update. don’t mind me.  haha.

  8. less than 12 hours remain


    1. Ug


      Until what?

    2. Kuila


      animal crossing new horizons uwu

  9. only fifteen more days ...

    1. Milenkhov


      animal... crossing...

  10. so when are we getting catgirls?
  11. guys there’s only 22 days left !!


    1. Ayoou


      for what?



    2. Kuila


      animal crossing’s release !! 

  12. 24 days left ...

    1. Zacho


      what happens then


    2. Kuila


      Animal Crossing New Horizons releases on the Nintendo Switch 

    3. Zacho


      I pre-ordered it for my girlfriend for christmas ahahah

  13. Kuila


    Wonderful application! When you log onto the server ask a community team member to whitelist you in the wandering soul chat. Our whitelisting bot has unfortunately been having some issues lately. Again, I’d recommend checking out the New Player Discord and the New Player Guide. If you’re looking for someone to show you around the server and it’s commands when you log on, just type ‘/creq I need a Wilven Monk!’ and a community team member will be able to help you soon. I linked you a few settlement guides that would be useful to read in the above message, too. I cannot wait to see you on the server!
  14. Kuila


    ➤ Try to include at least one or two faults in your character’s personality traits, other than him being somewhat narcissistic and lazy. Remember that dynamic, well-rounded characters also have their imperfections! Other than that, your applications was really well done! I’d like to advise you, however, that roleplay takes place in third person on our server. There is no need to change your response to the roleplay scenario in your application, however, as it was great! If you need any help making the above change, check out the New Player Discord or reach out to me directly at Lumii#0001. It’d also be beneficial if you check out some of the human settlement guides. Oren, Rubern, and Curon are just three examples! I wish you the best of luck, and can’t wait to see you on the server soon!
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