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  1. can I post the musket lore next time? 

  2. god I wish I made more than $12CAD an hour
  3. the store page graphic is so out of date

    1. Mio


      the home page is unlimited times worse.

    2. Kuila


      wouldn’t be surprised if store page gets updated first though, gotta get that $$$

  4. Welcome back to the server! :)
  5. this is most definitely allowed -- it may conflict with the views of some other Druids but that's half the fun
  6. what do you guys main in rock paper scissors ?

    1. Bhased


      rock my day one fr

    2. Nectorist


      i used to go scissors but ever since the gun update came out ive been maining that 

    3. Xx_BloodStalk_xX
  7. Kuila


    thank you for all the work you did.
  8. @drfate786what happened man ??

    1. rukio


      Becoming jaded gets the best of us.

  9. selling an aspect stone (not original copy)

  10. A particular bear is awoken from it's slumber by the peculiar visions, yawning as it gazes about the familiar landscape of the Archipelegrove. Out of the corner of it's eye, it notices a small, green stone radiating with druidic energy. After picking it up in it's maw, the bear wanders off into the wilds in search of it's next meal and a quieter place to slumber for the winter. The warmth of the stone would serve as a comfortable companion to sleep beside. Welcome home.
  11. after the “@everyone cum” spam in staff chat I gotta say I believe the forums are being deleted 

  12. If this isn’t a joke, and you brushed over the countless important posts that don’t get replied to but are vital for roleplay, I’m not sure what to say. what about the countless guides for how plugins work on this server? I’ve linked Tarre’s chat guide to countless new players because the system is so unintuitive and confusing to people who don’t use it. What about magic guides? Lore pages? Culture posts? this is an awful bait, if it is one. You cannot be serious that “all” posts are going to be deleted.
  13. I'll have to check those out! I don't think I'm familiar with any of those artists, actually :) Thank you!
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