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  1. Hey Harrison just wondering when your secretary is going to get back to me. It's been 1-3 working days as you mentioned prior.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  2. My secretary will send you a status update reply in 1-3 working days. Thank you.

  3. hi harrison how are you doing today? :) 

  4. does @Werew0lf still like vortex?? 

  5. [!] A notice is pinned to the Cloud Temple bulletin board. "Hello. I would like to find where I can locate thanium, preferably in bulk. I can offer a 1000 minas reward to anyone who can assist with finding a thanium deposit. Harvesting is not necessary, only the location. Please reach out to Sister Snow at the Archipelegrove if you are able to help with this. The sooner the better."
  6. pretty sure krug was a girl. not sure why this is controversial?
  7. You can choose one admin to protect you. The others will try to hunt you down. Who do you choose to protect you, and why? What's your favourite song? What's your favourite album?
  8. we should have a seperate category in the auctionhouse solely for books -- they seem to fill up the miscellaneous section quite quickly

    1. Goon


      @nickrocky213 @Llir yall gotta see this one

    2. BobBox


      The botanical section doesn't work either, could just replace that

    3. nickrocky213


      Will do, just patched the botany auction house just now

  9. please. oak leaves. please. 

    1. WestCarolina
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      How are we to have an economy if the wretched oak leaves exist???????

    3. Jaelon
  10. trading endgame magic for a hug 

  11. started staying in my lane and im enjoying this server so much more now 

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