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  1. how come it's only spamming the forums when my friends do it? :( 

  2. why is it only spamming the status updates if me and my friends do it? :(

  3. wanna play tower unite when I’m home from work ?
  4. LOTC is older than I am... what the heck..
  5. if you’d like to have a character with Druidism, you’re always welcome to reach out to me :) it’s just as easy as coming to the grove, really.
  6. Thorny Rose Gown, please! Discord is Lumii#0001
  7. can I post the musket lore next time? 

    1. rukio



    2. Yakith_Lizard


      we need dakka

  8. god I wish I made more than $12CAD an hour
  9. the store page graphic is so out of date

    1. Mio


      the home page is unlimited times worse.

    2. Kuila


      wouldn’t be surprised if store page gets updated first though, gotta get that $$$

  10. Welcome back to the server! :)
  11. this is most definitely allowed -- it may conflict with the views of some other Druids but that's half the fun
  12. what do you guys main in rock paper scissors ?

    1. Bhased


      rock my day one fr

    2. Nectorist


      i used to go scissors but ever since the gun update came out ive been maining that 

    3. Xx_BloodStalk_xX
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