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  1. stay alive, joel the ginger.
  2. the governor-general is dead. long live the governor-general
  3. the kniaz of muldavia, tourmarchos of sklavenoi, count of tirol, and baron of pertinax happily mines gold in his tirol gold mine
  4. Estol counts the days on his fingers until he can see the two musclebound Orenian titans finally duke it out.
  5. 100x this. You should have to respond to RP and resolve the emote before you call PvP default, otherwise there’s literally no ******* point attacking anyone for any reason (they can, and will, call pvp and then stall you until their friends arrive)
  6. the staff should not OOCly prop up nations. every nation on this server should be able to gather its own resources and protect its own territory, the ones that can’t should be allowed to perish


    (this means full freebuild)

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      50 block rule was terrible. Basically just turned freebuild into notfreebuild.


      was kinda funny when Dalek tried to use the rule to get half of Belvitz removed by staff, I guess. That’s about it tho.

    3. Kid Mackin

      Kid Mackin

      freebuild gang die

    4. howard


      i ride for my crafters i die for my crafters

  7. I really miss when we had a teamspeak. It was cool to have the whole community in one server (for the most part) and be able to bounce between channels to get screamed at by exciting new groups of people. We should add nation discord channels and VIP channels (for more sweet Tythus Ltd. revenue). Should really try to get people into our discord voice, because it makes our server look active and accessible. Also, add a channel for people to put permanent invites to their servers. Make this mandatory for anyone using the rally plugin from here on out, so we get the community connected by a central hub.
  8. Howard Moss, Sr. does Sutica crimes in hopes of having his name put on the Sutica list.
  9. telanir kinda chadding out

    pretty wild. if he had just said his goal was to get to 500 players this whole time I would have almost no grounds to criticize him. wondering how much productive time this server has lost to pure needless bureaucracy. here’s to 1000 more years of lotc dominion

  10. howard

    Technical Update

    shard the server
  11. gathering resources and selling them
  12. they call it void magic because when I see you using it I ask you to delete your emote
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