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  1. porphyre nicephore smiles. by abdicating his position as deputy sec. to a woman, he has become an ally to all women. he closes his eyes and dreams of the many nights of passion he will now spend with his wife
  2. A note is put in the circulating correspondence, addressed to the Trade Princess. “Cowards and appeasers are seldom remembered well in the annals of history. Rise to the occasion and defend your country, or someone will do it for you after separating your head from your body. Yours, Csaba Val’Ullr, Sutican Resident.”
  3. Seriously. @Telanir can you think about demoting this guy? He’s active 90% of 1% of the time. He has no direction for the storyline, still won’t resolve his interminable “lore games,” and has generally made things much worse than the past lore team left it. There are plenty of competent, motivated folks on Story Team who could easily take his spot. Folks who could do his job with panache and enthusiasm and who could maintain a presence on the server.
  4. I would just like to say that this armor is more inaccurate to a high medieval setting than gunpowder

    Image result for maximilian plate armor

    1. howard


      (begin blog post)


      This is Maximilian plate armor, which was developed in the early 16th century in response to the predominance of pike-and-shot warfare. People roleplay it on LoTC because it lets their character be virtually invulnerable to enemy swords (”your thrust bounces off my gorget”). Its actual battlefield purpose, if there was any, was to stop pikes from penetrating a rider at high velocity during a cavalry charge. It was heavy, impractical for hand-to-hand combat, and very, very expensive. Lighter armor made of cloth and chainmail (with metal helmets and cuirasses to protect vital bits) would have been used by footmen, who didn’t need to worry about a pike flying into their face as they charged toward the enemy.


      Meanwhile, the 14th century saw cannons (towed or even handheld) used in sieges. Since the late 1200s, the Chinese had been using guns in skirmishes with Jurchen and Mongol raiders. The Mongols for their part, after conquering China, probably spread knowledge of gunpowder to Europe, Iran, and Arabia through their conquests. There’s no reason LoTC should ban the development and use of rudimentary firearms. I’d argue our setting is less accurate, and less fun, as a result of the “techlock.” 


      I think that synthesizing period-accurate and anachronistic elements to make our fantasy setting more fun is good, and we should do it more often. There is no reason that descendant history has to mirror real-life history. There is no reason we should strive for historical accuracy on a server with immortal elves and magic. If we race to the bottom trying to ban everything that isn’t “medieval” we’ll deprive ourselves of creative freedom. We’ll punish well-intentioned players for trying to roleplay. Repeal techlock pls

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      doesn’t matter, tythus and telanir don’t want guns, so no amount of logic will give you them

  5. howard

    Safety Team

    Cool thank you Telanir Were you a tentative Safety Team member? The failure was your team leader was an opportunistic woman harasser who jumped the gun on Telanir by announcing he’d be investigating a ban that had nothing to do with his team. Everyone predicted that the Safety Team would be used to avenge personal grudges. Our predictions came true before the team was even formally announced.
  6. “aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA” screams porphyre nicephore
  7. “(You)” replies Porphyre Nicephore, unimpressed by the feeble attempt at wartime morale boosting.
  8. howard

    New Year New World

    when are we going to remove the charter system altogether and return to the objectively better system of freebuild? no gods, no masters
  9. how is it the server is less stable at 3:30 AM with 5 players on than it is at peak hours w/ >100

    1. ElvenMomma


      Basically from what Korvic think the issue is, that the crashes happen when the server is saving information and large GCs (Garbage Cleanup) have been happening.

    2. howard


      that’s rlly interesting. god bless korvic

    3. CrazyBigSpiders


      Except large saves and GC shouldn’t be happening when there are low players. Not to mention Paper does incremental saves not 1 large save like vanilla does. Doesn’t make sense at all. Also, GC stands for Garbase Collection not Garbage Cleanup

      Edited by CrazyBigSpiders
  10. At least naked citizenry can cheaply obtain iron and fight back? I’m alright with a professions plugin that simply makes it harder to get gear. Iron armor was easy to get with nexus, provided you were in some sort of PvP group that made you armor for free. A professions plugin that lets people with too much free time and a resistance to DVT make better gear than everyone else is sort of **** by definition. I’d like the actual professions plugin to have a relatively low cap for how good you can actually make ****. A blacksmith who’s been training for 50 years knows very intimately how to make a sword that doesn’t break when you swing it at something. He doesn’t make swords that tear through the fabric of reality. A cool system would allow master artisans to work on “feats”: side-grades for weapons that give them neat special abilities, like a sword breaker on a sword that lets you disarm an opponent but lets you get disarmed, or a repeating crossbow that fires multiple low velocity bolts instead of a single high velocity bolt. Stuff that would encourage people to develop their professions that doesn’t make legendary gear better than masterful gear, if that makes sense.
  11. There were just as many bandits under the professions plugin as there are now. But at least now the bandits don’t have +50% damage sharpness swords that 2-shot you in full armor because the bandits have a Legendary High Master Blacksmith and you’re just some schmuck. Professions plugins always result in these weird command economies where most of the guild feeds resources to a single high-level grinder in exchange for a steady supply of gear. It’s pretty obvious that we shouldn’t attempt to apply real life logic to a system where you can craft thousands of buckets to become an Aengulic Blacksmith and use that bucket experience to forge swords that slice through steel. A professions plugin without an economy where every player is useful makes the game broken and unfun for 90% of players.
  12. howard

    [Your View] Coups

    Your group has a certain prescription of who can be the de jure leader, but if a group of players seizes control of your region in roleplay that makes their leader the de facto leader. The rules shouldn’t try to litigate who’s the de jure/“true leader” through a cultural/in-character perspective. I have serious issues with moderators deciding what is and isn’t true in roleplay. Rather, the rules should be based off of who is objectively in charge, and what could actually happen in roleplay. Otherwise you end up with inane verdicts like the “duke of Adria” burning Ves down through OOC assent. Simply put, regardless of what the druids do to select their leaders, if a group of armed druids staged an insurrection, kicked out the druid leadership, and named someone else Archdruid or whatever, that person is made de facto leader of the druids. The druids would have the choice in roleplay to either fight back against that or leave and start the “true” druid grove somewhere else. The rules should 100% avoid red tape. “Coup applications” was a previous solution that genuinely sucked. Anything involving an application or “war chat” some other tiered process should be thrown out. Coups in RL aren’t fair and often involve people quietly gathering forces and staging a surprise assault on an unprepared government. Warclaims don’t work as a coup solution because they take weeks to prepare, and are too decisive. If one side stages a coup and it goes to a warclaim, and they win that warclaim, it’s going to be nigh impossible for the ousted side to fight back. Even if that ousted side was a majority. The most “fair” coup rules are ones that respond to minute-to-minute changes in roleplay. If a minority of players seizes power in a region the rules should allow a popular uprising to throw the usurpers out. If a government is ousted from a region they should be able to take power back if the odds are on their side in roleplay. Warclaims, simply put, do not allow this level of flexibility. And they also don’t currently exist, so... Even if you genuinely believe this is a good idea, there has to be some objective OOC framework for how regions change hands. Players are not going to make rational compromises on who owns their precious mineblock castle. Letting players make the rules leads to lots of self-interested chicanery. I support a system that gives players the freedom to do everything they possibly can in roleplay, with moderators and players deciding on what is and isn’t possible. If you let players choose the terms of a war, though, they’ll come up with absolute nonsense terms to make it as infuriating for the other side to win as possible.
  13. Sprinkles is injured in the fire.
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