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  1. what would a monky poach anyway? bananas? **** off

  2. Regardless of whether the wilven monks were good (most lore, throughout lotc history, has been ****) we shouldn’t set the precedent that some rando staffmember can take your creative work (lore, characters, etc.) and claim that they own it “because the ToS says so.” LoTC should not be in the business of stealing people’s writing or artwork through a loose interpretation of autogenerated language. Even in the stingiest possible interpretation of LoTC’s terms of service Keldrith still has legal ownership of his lore/characters, but Tythus LTD. has a license to use it We can either let Muffins and Keldrith use wilven monk lore, or let neither of them use it (and it becomes an editorial issue, not a copyright issue). Both of these solutions will let the CT keep their new player guides and Keldrith maintain ownership of his work. But lotsofmuffins having a temper tantrum and banning people
  3. just change the name and let the dude have wilven monks for roleplay/posterity reasons; no reason there can’t be another sect of cloud temple monks
  4. howard

    Lacies music.

    this is awesome! I hope you keep doing these.
  5. peter architecus is dead?
  6. howard

    8.0 Map Teaser

  7. howard

    8.0 Map Teaser

    Nobody cares. I know this might sound shocking to you, but having played on the server when Blundermore was able to instantly kill you with magic, and playing on the server now, I openly do not give a **** whether players use lore that’s publicly available to “gain an advantage.” What does bug me is when group-exclusive CA creatures have bulleted lists of advantages, ones they can use in combat to get an edge on regular players but not on other CA races. You can obtain wind evocation through roleplay, you can’t become an Azdrazi or an Izkuthii or some other etymologically meaningless magic creature through roleplay. What LoTC direly lacks is any way to interact with the setting through in-character actions. Any vaguely creative use of the server lore is outright banned. Even the simplest inventions require precisely formatted lore submissions, which the ST are free to just deny for no reason at all. In that environment, it’s no surprise to me at all that the WT doesn’t “communicate” with the ST to add worldbuilding, and focuses on its job, which is to create the next map.
  8. howard

    8.0 Map Teaser

    My position is that the ST/LT/whatever wastes an enormous amount of effort by telling instead of showing. Where more confident storytellers would throw a new magical creature/place/material into the world and then oversee players’ interactions with it, our Story Writers pen thousands of words of needless exposition for every single thing. The lore management, and to some extent the community, demand tedious “redlines” be written for every lore piece to tie up all loose ends and ensure no one can use it to gain an advantage. This is a huge waste of everyone’s time, and it makes most players unwilling to engage with the lore at all. So when you suggest the WT should “communicate” with the ST to add archaeological sites, I have to say it’s not the WT’s responsibility to write lore. They couldn’t write lore if they wanted to, because there’s an odious bureaucracy in the way.
  9. howard

    8.0 Map Teaser

    looks great. my only request is that before the world team decides nation/city placements we have an open community discussion about it, so we don’t have any more ring road rigamarole Any single story team member could have made it their pet project to go build little event sites. In fact, a few of them are doing that (sort of) with Nodes, areas you can go to get magical materials. Unfortunately, as a team, ST choose to write bloviating 1000-word entries about metals and what technology you can and can’t roleplay instead of fleshing out the map. These are the priorities the team has chosen. It’s a lot to ask to have “minor, yet tasteful touches” that reference the lore, when most of the lore is too incoherent to reference. You’re not wrong that these maps usually turn out featureless, but it’s not because of a “lack of LT-WT communication” it’s because Telanir butchered the event team and the story team is not interested in the map. There is no one with the understanding of LoTC’s confusing mishmash of canon lore who’s simultaneously interested in building landmarks.
  10. The nation weeps for Amelia Bedelia Barbanov.
  11. “eyyy im tryna be da fuckin prince of muldav ova heeeah” says a haenseman
  12. An Adrian peasant collects an earthenware bowl full of fetid bog water from the Aldemar (rightfully Adrian) lowlands. “Fragrant,” he utters, taking a sip.
  13. The dark elf finally sees the error of his ways, vowing to install a spittoon in the public forum.
  14. A dark elf spits. “Mindless factionalism. Morsgrad is allied with the very people who tried to make war with Renalia, and who still lay claim to its ancestral titles. This is an alliance formed not of diplomacy but out of idiotic loyalty to grudges and symbols, and we should expect them to run for the Empire for protection the moment those claims are pressed.”
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