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  1. some of you have a crazy unhealthy obsession with this server

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Coronavirus has done a number to us all.

    3. Unwillingly


      dude u dont obsess and dedicate ur whole life and identity around lord of the craft??? wack

    4. _Hexe_


      there are things other than lotc to do that aren’t effected by covid, anyway, this is something that’s happened far before the pandemic happened. there’re people here who get far too hung up on **** that happens in this community, they care too much about what these people, who should barely even be considered one of their peers, think about them and what they’re doing and honestly i find it disturbing.


      there’s been a number of times where i scroll through the reply of some staff announcement and seen too many people getting extremely emotional and heated about whatever it was & it’s just like man go put that energy into something productive, even if it’s as little as cleaning ur room wtf.


      lotc is just a gross distraction from what actually matters if you ask me.

      Edited by _Hexe_
  2. pls read more lore b4 write lore i can’t even tell what this is for or what its actually even supposed to be it’s like old mysticism but pointless and low budget
  3. In your "three minute mspaint" post you are joking around with your friends and you make a joke about Cappy. This joke infers that he orders p**n and enjoys children p*********y. This is inappropriate and though it was meant as a joke, can be hurtful and taken the wrong way by others.

    Edited by _Hexe_
  4. hows ur weekend goin

    1. Cr1TiKaLlyMoist


      Got a new cat, now we read lovecraft together

    2. _Hexe_
  5. any rpers want to rp ??????

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    2. Drunken Mutt
    3. Sorcerio


      omG :3 ME??? 👉👈

    4. Burnsider


      RP?! On my RP server?! I shan't allow it! 

  6. hows ur nite g

    1. TheFlowerBandit


      good how bout you homie

    2. _Hexe_


      good bro

  7. hows ur day goin

    1. Cr1TiKaLlyMoist


      How is your day going

    2. _Hexe_



  8. hows ur day goin

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