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  1. _Hexe_

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  2. _Hexe_

    almost 4 year AMA

    genuinely quality taste
  3. _Hexe_

    almost 4 year AMA

    alright, so essentially what music do you listen to & if you listen to anything do you have any go-to songs rn ?
  4. neither are written anywhere and i’ve been told by at least one inferi player that they were told that inferis weren’t effected so probably should’ve been is it in the new rewrite?
  5. the amount of times ive been told they’re half & halfs lol hhhhhhhhh
  6. it isn’t written that they’re immune either, afaik, so somebody has to make the decision. a resistance would both make sense and wouldn’t result in inferi being able to wholly coat themselves in the stuff and just run at people so i personally like the sound of that. yes Self-immolation, as the name suggests, involves coating the caster in malflame. The size descriptor, rather than affecting how big the flames are, affects how much of the body is coated. The area coated is decided by the Naztherak, though cannot be moved after the spell is casted without re-casting the spell. A Naztherak can use this spell to coat their casting hand in their chosen flame to little ill effect, though the rest of their body is ignited as normal. It is, of course, not a particularly good idea to completely and utterly engulf yourself in flame, though those who have suffered persistent agony are often prone to poor judgement. Finally, one can only self-immolate a part of their body with bare flesh, and not anything covered by clothing or armour. This does not stop the malflame from spreading underneath such clothing, however, after ignition. sadly doesn’t go over inferi also everybody explains everything differently so unless it’s in the lore i really don’t trust that
  7. _Hexe_

    Regarding the Current State of LOTC

    nothing happens and a lot of people log on only to just run around in circles or afk/have mc in the background while doing whatever else, myself included.
  8. should probably be some sort of mark beasts and **** get for that sort, but so long as everything else is just aesthetics i can’t see it ever being an issue. malflame is discordant and chaotic, it don’t care.
  9. zar’akal aren’t inferi, their soul essentially merges with the slain zentheraks and so they’re still burnt by their own malflame. this also keeps **** balanced. also inferi don’t get an immunity to malflame anyway now that i think about it because if they did how the **** would we ever subdue them, a good few of us are purely naztherak users. ontop of that it’d make **** like igniting your minions with revolt and lobbing them as an explosive not exist when that’s literally a written example of how the malice can be used. this isn’t an inferi rewrite. yes they can wear normal armour, awkward wording. this isn’t an inferi rewrite. that was something that was put in as of an amendment, i don’t know the reason but that’s what ive been told. zar’kiel are also still minions, minions shouldn’t be able to teach, especially since they could just be abused as additional teaching slots for a teacher.
  10. _Hexe_

    Character Recommendations

    not a shade probably not any kind of dark mage, current state is just dogshit and not worth getting into. i’d recommend doing some paladin **** or bounty hunting honestly. maybe just pick a race and see where you can go with it, tho idk if you’ve done that a million times already or not
  11. ok so like pokeballs cool funny april fools lol mobspawn isnt even on lol but like can you change these into capture nets or some **** so we never have to modreq for moving animals around ever again??

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      i kinda assumed that’s what these were for regardless of the meme no?

    3. _Hexe_


      who knows, i hope so

    4. Dardonas


      accepted. moved to implemented lore.