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  1. _Hexe_

    Why Do You Play?

    i used to play for my friends and only for my friends, that was the reason why i joined and the only reason why i enjoyed four or five years of such a crock of ****.
  2. Oh hey! didn’t see you there

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  3. what keeps people here

    is there fun?

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      F is for friends who do stuff together.

      U is for you and me.

      N is for anywhere anytime at all.

      Here in the deep blue sea.

    3. _Hexe_


      all my friends are gone and so is my hope

    4. TheAlphaMoist


      @_Hexe_bro.... I’m still here...

  4. lotc & everybody still on it didn’t deserve you god bless chief, cya
  5. did you try sending him a friend request
  6. my feet but i drive manual and drivers seats are on the right side of the car in the UK so right hand, left on stick
  7. hey can i ask you a question?
  8. i put u thru fence bitc easy
  9. i’ll be on discord but i don’t want to play lotc anymore, it’s been like five years so now’s probably a better time than ever thanks for dealing with the retard i was and the retard i am now follow ur brain & ur dreams
  10. i’m qualified for electrical work but i’m probably going to work construction labour or w/e for money, desperately need a car, then go back to that. all of the people i enjoyed being with are gone, there’s really no reason for me to log in anymore or anywhere for me to really be, it’s been good but ontop of that i just don’t really like the direction lotc’s going in. i talk to all the people i care about regularly on discord so i don’t think i’ll be missing anything.
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