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  1. curious as to what about lotc brings people back over and over again. nowadays i only browse the forums on occasion and log on when somebody i’d want to rp with asks me to, then i log off and return to whatever i feel like doing. it just feels like wasted time if i get on without a reason to.
  2. whoever has this problem needs to learn some self-control, or just admit to themselves that they don’t really want to move on. i think if anybody who has read this can relate to what leo has written in respect to this needs to get help as much as he does, honestly sounds like some people are nearing on my strange addiction type ****.
  3. all the questionable **** and my hate for you aside, why the **** does leaving lotc mean leaving friends behind? surely the people who actually like you have reasons to stick by you other than your weird ass lotc clout? if that’s not the case then you really just don’t have friends here, i wouldn’t even say you ever did, i don’t know what that is. it’s just bizarre to me that no longer playing a minecraft roleplaying server is going to put such a scar in your social life and that you’re going to feel lonely once you’ve left. everything else that i’d want to say and ask has already been put up here so i’m not going to sit here writing a whole ass reply. bye, i hope to god i won’t ever see you anywhere else.
  4. strange wording. everything i’ve seen of you has made me dislike you so hopefully this is a step in the right direction for you, lotc can bring the worst out of anyone.
  5. _Hexe_

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    take the blackpill
  6. dm me your discord knobhead

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  7. https://gyazo.com/c71ac8299ed69ee2346ed05e3aa40763


    hello? for what?

    do people not get reasons for warnings anymore?

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  9. how many time this been done b4 like at least 4
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