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  1. "Even when opponents in war, music binds us all alike, no matter the side they are fighting on." states an old man of unknown affiliation.
  2. Also, great video in the OP, we need more of that. +2
  3. Of Ash and Earth – By Law, Honor and Loyalty 20th of Tobias’ Bounty, Year 105 Second Age “All forces halt! We set camp here.” The commanding voices of the coalition army leaders echoed faintly in the ears of this aging man. Frankly, he did not even want to be here. But the King ordered and by law he was obliged. By honor he maintained a stern expression and his silence. By loyalty to those he left home back home he marched. The ruins of the two castles they sieged in the preceding months still looming in the distance, dark shadows against the pale moonlight on this evening. Weary dark grey eyes, lined with wrinkles from the many decades he had to shoulder. He glanced around camp, men and women gathered around their campfires if not asleep or on night watch duty. From all walks of life, each with their own path through time and existence. A wondrous thing indeed. Strange how a man finds time to contemplate such. But given the years of time he has been granted on this world… if there is nothing better to do with it, then why not dabble in philosophy. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, early morning A horn blares, followed by drums thrumming in the early morning. Awoken, ate some cold rations, geared up. Breathed deeply for a minute to push out the pain in the bones and limbs. The years even wear down those with the most iron constitution. Such is the fate of humans. “Assemble, assemble! The enemy is on the march!” Now in the early light of the morning everyone was the same. Drab in heavy plate armor that rubs open the skin and makes muscles sore at the end of the day. Good protection, but uncomfortable. Better safe than dead though. The column began to move. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, midday They circled them like vultures. But vultures wait, these didn’t. Pelted with arrows and javelins, the lines marched forward. And back. And forward. Whenever the King and his men commanded. “Headless chickens.” The man murmured. His heart was pumping. Not of joy, not of anger, not of disdain. But only because it was a physical exercise. At that age to be expected. Cursed heavy armor. “Formation about face!” the command comes. The column turned and so did he. By law, honor, and loyalty. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, early afternoon Frantic and in disarray. The King was struck down. Alive? The remaining forces remained composed. Into a forest they went. And then back out they marched into the open fields, through a tunnel. But the vultures were always present, picked at them. Back and forth. The man eyed the men on his left and right to whom he has grown accustomed. Left one was the same. Right one… was a different face. Closed up the gap, the youngster who was there earlier was no more. Likely bled out in the forests they just left behind. “Headless chickens.” The man grumbled. “Troops, about! We march for the forest!” the command came again. By law, honor, and loyalty, he marched. 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, late afternoon The clash of metal was deafening, for the first time the vultures closed in. Mounted riders crashed down into lose formations. The trees helped and the coalition footmen were able to pick off a few, but under tremendous losses for themselves. A distant command rang to the ears of the old man, as he avoided a charging rider by ducking behind a tree. The plate clad coalition soldiers began to trudge off. Wait. There he was again. The young man who was on right in the morning. Panicked. Running away. For his life. “Headless chickens.” The old man grunted, took a breath. Pushing out the pain, pushing out the tiredness, pushing out the years. He began moving, just to see the young man being ridden down by the vultures. Though this close… not all of them are vultures. Some fight for law. Some for honor. Others for loyalty. And of course, money. Can’t blame them for that. The man moved between the trees as swiftly as he could. But by then, it was already clear that it was too late. The broken up formation, dispersed among the trees had moved on, back to the tunnel. The armor heavy. The breathing hard. “I guess it is time to go.” The man said. --- 21st of Tobias’ Bounty, Year 159 of the Second Age. Thondorus II. Stafyr, Line of Hanethor, aged 105 years, dies in the battle of the “Ashen Skies”. His body falls to Earth in the forests South-West of Brasca. He leaves behind no children. --- “I am sorry, Arthur-Konrad. That took me a while.”
  4. Well fought everyone! On to the next one!

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  5. Good battle, this was quite exciting! Thanks to both sides for creating the tension to have this bout!

  6. "These are some accurate accounts. Rare to see in these days." murmurs a man who was there and part of it.
  7. "I wish you all the best for your final rest. You had your quirks but you were one tough mother to these Stafyrs. Good on you. Give my regards to those who went before us." An aging Thondorus (the Older) mumbles, having received the news. "I ought to spend more time with family... I feel I missed so much..."
  8. You took my skygod dirt. I am down to 2 blocks now. I had 24 and already had to leave behind 4. Such a cruel fate.
  9. Looking back like this really brings up memories, considering I have been a player for the majority of the realms listed. It's amazing how much player history can be shown in such a compact image, considering the depth and diversity, the actions and events that took place. +2 if I could, very nice.
  10. Updated the economy proposal.

  11. To quote myself in a reply I made for another thread, but distinctly fits to the topic. Also made a new post:
  12. I have not read into detail for the particular regions too much, but I did focus on your central bulletpoints. One thing you address is dead space. Whilst I agree that dead space should be taken care of, we must be wary of how much dead space we cull. What nobody wants is another Athera, where everything is packed together tightly. The King's Road does not work (not speaking against the Ring Road, that is actually a good idea). Size is important, yes, too big is bad, but too small is even worse. What I'd strongly promote is to establish a distinct visual distance. Visual and perceived distance between notable locations such as cities, outposts, holds, event sites, etc. can go a long way before it becomes apparent that things are too close to eachother. And it should be noted that dead space is not always dead space, but can be interpreted as "canvas" to grow and develop in.
  13. The Galmarch RACE: Primarily Human, Eastern and Central Galrunian with various Empire minorities present in the cities and towns. MAGIC / SORCERY: Marble Court BRIEF DESCRIPTION / HISTORY: On first glance the Galmarch appears to be a simple feudal realm with familiar structures of nobles and commoners, lords ruling over holdings and settlements, answering in a hierarchy to the Lord of the Galmarch, who by rank is a Duke in the Empire. Delving deeper into the people’s livelihoods however reveals more distinct habits and customs. The fair skinned inhabitants of the Galmarch have a long history of husbandry, having tamed and grazed their animals on the plains of the Galmarch for many years, starting to do so not long after the arrival on the continent. The fertile soil gave basis to a thriving agriculture as well something that is reflected in their simple but nutritious cuisine. As their homelands are quite expansive, the fastest method of transport was strongly cultivated and is still a central pillar of their society today. Horses. Some may say there are no finer horsemen than the Galrunians of the Galmarch, far in the North of the Empire. However, as much prosperity there is, there is an equal amount of conflict and it has not been unusual for the Galrunians to be beset upon by warbands of orcs and goblins. The latter do live in the regions beyond mountains to the Northwest. As a natural response, the settlements are by tendency more located on hills and high grounds, well-fortified by palisades or walls of stone, for the case a hostile force shall start to threaten their homesteads and livelihoods. To bolster their defenses a response force naturally formed itself out of the ruling caste of the Galmarch, the so called “Galmarcher”, heavy armored knights that thunder swiftly across the plains to crush any incursions before they get a chance to raid or plunder effectively. As the recent war with the neighbouring Kingdom of Estria drags on, the amount of these incursions into the Galmarch have increased as the focus and manpower of the Empire lies elsewhere, leaving the Galrunians to fend for themselves. With Lord Torenfal now in charge following the death of his father, the previous lord, it remains to be seen where things will go. LEADER / NOTABLE CHARACTERS: Lord Torenfal Renenbrandt, Lord (Duke) of the Galmarch Having come to power at the age of thirty, Torenfal stands alone at the top of the Galmarch, having lost his father and his younger brother only recently in the West as the Empire continues its advance against the Kingdom of Estria. On one hand he is bound by oath to the Empire and would love for his kinsmen in the West to pledge to the mightiest realm of mankind, but on the other hand he and his fellow Galrunians have been ordered to fight their own people in Galrun, something that does more than just put a strain on his oath. What direction may he take is unclear, but it is known that this stern and pragmatic man is willing to commit to his ideals. MAP LOCATION (ONLY WITHIN OR NEAR TO ANDUVIA): The plains and hills between the swamp and goblin mountains, stretching from the Akzizbuzal Foothills down into lower Galrun. UNIQUE UNIT: Galmarcher A caste of knights dedicated to the code of chivalry, honor, loyalty. They are the sons of Galrian nobility, forming a well-trained core of the forces of the Galmarch. Thunderous their charge, fearless in battle and devastating their blows, the Galmarcher knights dominate the battlefields in the plains, swiftly turning the tide on losing battles and changing even bouts into crushing defeats for their foes. Naturally, with their position as nobles of the realm, wealth and corresponding high-quality equipment comes. The finest steeds, the sturdiest of armor and the sharpest of blades. They may be seen as heavy cavalry but are without a doubt a cut above the rest. POINT OF INTEREST: Farhold, the castle built in the heart of the Galmarch, on a vantage point capable of overseeing the entire stretch of Eastern Galrun. It is a well-fortified hold, supposedly build decades ago with the aid of Dwarven craftsmen, making it unassailable with its layered thick fortress walls, high and sturdy towers, lined with siege weapons to counter foes on the ground and even the sky. Ever since its construction it has served as the seat of the Renenbrandt family and in the years following the accession of the Galmarch into the Empire as a stronghold where Imperial Forces may gather, train and march from.
  14. As the title states, I am currently looking to make a new character. Oldtimer Human player here. Do you have anything you'd want played?
  15. Herzogtum Greifenburg Year 11 of Albert's reign After spending some time in the village, listening to the concerns of leadership, it is clear that Herzog Albert has to do something to retain control of the newly acquired holding. On the other hand, he must not dawdle and expand the realm to gain access to more resources that very much would allow the realm to protect and project its interests. It is also for the future of his people, the Greifner, and his good-for-nothing son of his. Herzog Albert remains hoping that only at some point Komodan would become the man he is supposed to be. Without further ado the journey continued into the next season heading on to the next town and village further West. At home Isabella and Deborah acting as regents in his absence are taking reigns on the first economic projects that have taken place in this year. A task not too difficult and a learning experience for the young ladies von Greifenburg. Statistics Economy 2 towns (wooden palisades) 6 villages (no improvements) Income Taler (C): 7,500 (2 towns, 5 villages) Metalle (M): 2 (2 towns) Vorräte (F): 32 (2 towns, 6 villages) Baumaterial (B): 2 (2 towns) Expenses (maintenance) Taler (C): 1,000 (2 wooden palisades) Metalle (M): 0 Vorräte (F): 2 (2 wooden palisades) 9 (armed forces) Baumaterial (B): 0 Net Taler (C): 17,250 Metalle (M): 4 Vorräte (F): 40 Baumaterial (B): 4 Military 1,250 Greifner Büttel (Light Spearmen) 500 Wappenträger (One Handed Med Infantry) 300 Bogenschützen (Med Archers) Actions A workshop is erected in Riebenland (town at the heart of Greifenburg). This should supplement the national economy and bolster the construction capacity of the realm. (-4,500 C, -3 B) Herzog Albert himself tours with a small retinue to the village and town further in the west. The visit is diplomatic in its purpose, however with the motive to bring them into the field of the Duchy, peacefully. With his own presence negotiation should be swift and decisions final. (Mod)
  16. Herzogtum Greifenburg Year 11 of Albert's reign "Deborah! Isabella!" shouts the aging duke as he marches through the halls of the Greifenhorst. "Where are these two daughters of mine... Komodan, boy, come here." The young boy and heir to the Herzogtum was quietly sitting reading literature he has recently picked up and come to like, tales about brave knights and fair maidens. Adventures. An alright passtime, as long as he doesn't pick on the servants, their children or other noble kids. "Where are your sisters? I require to inform them that I will be absent for the coming weeks." - "Ok." - "Do you know or do you not know?" - "I do not know." - "Then answer straight in the first place boy when you are asked a question as such. I have no time for nonsense." Albert fumed as his son only offers a disinterested look before returning to his book. It took the better part of the morning until Albert did find out that his daughters went (without telling anyone) to the nearby town to visit the market. Dear, dear, only trouble with the youngsters. Herzog Albert von Greifenburg has been somewhat impatient in the recent days, with his uncaring son to succeed him, with nothing of interest happening as of recently, his daughter spending fortunes on their little brother and the local markets to satisfy their own needs. For a change, unlike his usual patient and calm self, it is as if something snapped and Albert was in the need for action and activity. The prolonged time of complacency dulled his senses it seemed to him and so he went for something new, he hadn't really tried so far. He would lead a diplomatic mission himself. To the West were settlements that were de facto independent, peaceful, but perhaps willing to listen to what the old Greifner had to say, perhaps capable of seeing the advantages of being under the unified banner of Greifenburg. With their close proximity it was expected that both language and culture would be shared. And so Herzog Albert prepared an expedition, of course after duly informing his daughters of his plans and upcoming prolonged absence. To the West for the accession talks! Statistics Economy 2 towns (wooden palisades) 5 villages (no improvements) Income Taler (C): 6,750 (2 towns, 5 villages) 5,000 (event, this turn only) Metalle (M): 2 (2 towns) Vorräte (F): 30 (2 towns, 5 villages) Baumaterial (B): 2 (2 towns) Expenses (maintenance) Taler (C): 1,000 (2 wooden palisades) Metalle (M): 0 Vorräte (F): 2 (2 wooden palisades) 9 (armed forces) Baumaterial (B): 0 Net Taler (C): 10,750 Metalle (M): 2 Vorräte (F): 19 Baumaterial (B): 2 Military 1,250 Greifner Büttel (Light Spearmen) 500 Wappenträger (One Handed Med Infantry) 300 Bogenschützen (Med Archers) Actions No construction projects to take place this season. Resources to the stockpile. Herzog Albert himself tours with a small retinue to the settlements in the west. The visit is diplomatic in its purpose, however with the motive to bring them into the field of the Duchy, peacefully. With his own presence negotiation should be swift and decisions final. (Mod)
  17. Nation Name: Herzogtum Greifenburg Nation Government/Leader Rank: Herzog Albert von Greifenburg Description of National/Provincial History & Culture: The people of the Herzogtum and perhaps in the vicinity call themselves Greifner, a group of midlanders of the region where the Herzogtum is situated in. The Greifner are a stern people, honest and hardworking. However this also means that they are a lawful society, disdain vagabonds and “free spirits”, with tradition dominating everyday life. Though it has provided them with a stable foundation upon which they grow and prosper, but innovation and progress often run into barriers when it does not become the general opinion of the populace. Most of the minor lords and local powerholders within the Herzogtum have withheld new inventions and innovations until either state or church have sanctified the same. Songs, stories and their architecture are “rustic”. Simple songs of hero ism, joy, friendship and faith, stories about brave knights and fair maidens, wise kings and holy men dominate the folklore. Education is straight and simple, the people and their children (of all strata) are being taught by either the local clergymen or if present dedicated teachers. Often enough one man or woman is teaching hundreds alone. This unfortunate limitation of capacity does have the consequence that the rural curriculum is limited to basic reading, writing and mathematics for the commoners, marginally more expanded for commoners in the few cities and towns, decently better for craftsmen and their families and of course of good quality for the wealthy. The homes are robust, of lumber and clay, often with stone foundations, even in the rural villages. Their affinity for masonry has allowed them to establish a common practice whenever a new family is founded and there is no house to be inherited, the friends and families of the married couple build one together. The cuisine is not very diverse, with simple grain products supplemented with foraged provisions from the local flora as well as the rare piece of meat or fish ruling the plates of the Greifner. Exotic spices and unbeknownst to many and so far, the distance to the oceans and peaceful and limited contact with neighbours hasn’t caused much of an influx of rare goods. Notable Characters: Herzog Albert von Greifenburg (Ruler, aged 51) A man in his fifties, Albert ascended to the ducal throne merely a decade ago, after the death of his father Reinhard II. von Greifenburg. First of his name, he is often called „the Calm“ as his demeanour whilst initially may be considered being shy is in actuality rather observant and quiet. Listening to everyone and every subject when he holds court he has become a liked ruler, never pressing taxation or other obligations too much on his populace. This however is considered by some of the minor nobles as a sign of weakness as Albert is seen likely incapable of making harsh and swift decisions, taking critical time to overanalyse issues before making a choice. Then again, his mettle has not been tested in the past ten years, so these might just be rumours. Prinzessin Deborah von Greifenburg (aged 20) The older daughter of Albert takes much after her father, being at least equally patient. Always formal and polite to him and everyone else, it often comes across rather cold, earning her the nickname of “Icy Princess”. The only thing that has melted this icy discipline of hers was her brother Komodan, for whom no task was too big and arduous for her. Prinzessin Isabella von Greifenburg (aged 18) The younger daughter Isabella takes more after her late mother Anneliese. A bit more grounded in things, she is aloof in her adherence to court etiquette and is always willing to have a chitchat with the kitchen maids, housekeepers and stable hands. Like her older sister, she is very fond of the arrogant young brother. Prinz Komodan von Greifenburg (aged 10) Being the long expected heir to Greifenburg, Komodan’s birth came at the cost of his mother’s health, Anneliese. At the mere age of three she passed away, leaving Komodan fully in the care of his father and sisters, the latter being overprotective of their little brother. Much to the dismay of Albert, Komodan has grown to be a petty and spoiled young boy so far, pursuing every slight and insult received, whether intended or not. Unique Military Units (One): Herzogsgarde (Unique Heavy Crossbowmen) National Idea: Greifenburger Meisterhandwerk 10% construction cost reduction (decimal values rounded up) Player POI Greifenhorst (Ancestral Castle)
  18. Duché de Charolais (Credits to u/NoOneReallySpecial from Reddit) 1890 - Autumn --- "My Duc, we have received the promised reparation funds from the Naresian League." - "Good." Duc Levin dismissed the official with a wave of his hand, as he stares out into the smogridden sky of Charolles from his office. At the color scheme present beyond the window, his olive colored uniform appears almost vibrant in hue. It has been a day since they returned from that battle against these thieving sky rats. Close call, nobody had expected an ancient weaponry to be still usable in the very region, a remnant of Hieromar's legacy. Not that it should be considered divine or anything, it was simply a marvel of technology. Too bad it blew up. The summer heat was fading, bringing the temperatures of the cities to a bearable heat that wouldn't reminisce the foundry ovens of Charolles that have been burning day and night, spewing forth steel for the hungry and growing industrial realm of Charolais. Every summer for the past decades has been a journey through hell for the common worker. Still, Levin's gaze wandered on, piercing through the dark clouds of soot and ash, to find a distant speck, bustling with activity. The bridge to the West had begun its groundwork for repairs, once concluded it should be a major artery of potential traffic to new shores that may hold untold riches to exploit. Resources for the Carelin industrial complex. But one can not gain, without investing. Elsewhere in the East, patrols maintain vigilance, as reports have been coming in of Sky pirates boldly assaulting Naresian traderoutes. This has incurred a demand for increasing the Carelin fleet numbers and military production. They shall not be defenseless when these parasites come to draw blood. --- Actions Two Emissaries are sent to the immediate neighbours in the South, the supposedly feuding Diachi Clans. One emissary is sent to the Archduchy of Tyrel, another few head North to visit the Acadian Consulate, the Empire of Sarradon and the Seschian Empire. The Armed forces are rallied to the Naresian cause. The Duc himself takes charge of the operation to oust the Warlord and bring the sky thieves to justice. (event) The bridge is target for future repairs. The Ducal government begins official interviews to see what companies are offering their workmanship for such a task. Naturally the state will provide funds and resources, but the bridge will be state property after a successful repair. However with the boon of preferential treatment to the awarded company in terms of enclosing new lands and resources on the other side of said bridge. (maybe mod) Trade, Finances, Economy In order to accelerate the bridge repairs and fortifying it against earthquakes, airstrikes and other bombardment, the realm invests notable amounts of material. (-10,000 Francs, -4 M into the bridge project) One of the towns in the Duchy is elevated to city status, massive funding guided that way to rapidly industrialize the former town center, expand housing and draw in more people (forcibly). (-24,000 Francs, -8 M for a new city) Guédelon expands on its luxury goods production to satisfy the needs of aristocracy and bureaucracy. Not like the common man sees much entertainment these days with so much work to do. (-8,000 Francs, -1 M) Verdun receives three new military factories to start the groundwork of a modernized army supply. (-10,500 Francs, -3 M) A heavy cruiser and six destroyers are ordered for construction to bolster the fleet of Charolais. (-35,000 Francs, -5 NP) The remaining Naval Industrial Capacity of the state is distributed on the global market, fulfilling jobs for the private sectors. (5 NP to the global market) The remainder is retained. (-5,267 Francs)
  19. Duché de Charolais (Credits to u/NoOneReallySpecial from Reddit) 1890 --- The light in Charolles during the day has always been faint. Swathes of soot and ash cover the skies, clouds blotting out the sun, birthed by the sheer endless chimneys and ovens the city seems to sport. A beating and evergrowing heart of industry, at the nerve centre of the nation that built it. The Duché de Charolais has experienced a vast turnaround through the past three generations. With the decision of Sean IV. d'Charolais, a nation once healthy in nature and looks, turned it's calm and green meadows into a dry and arid hillscape, covered in the fog of steel and coal. At least, in and around Charolles and the other cities. Between them, in the longer stretches of land where still populations of agriculture spend their lives, the remnants of the past can be seen, feudal family hierarchies and farmsteads, Churches to Hieromar, handbuilt. Still, the paved roads are the first signs that even outside of the beating hearts of the nation, progress has arrived. High above it all, on a tour through the country, a fair skinned man, almost bald head, with merely a crest of brown fluff adorning the sides of the head and the ears stands on one of the gundecks of a steaming and smoke spewing Destroyer. His dressup is notably plain, a drab olive colored uniform, with rusty metallic buttons, no insignia visible on him. For some he could appear as if he was a rankless soldier. His average stature and the slightly stretched fabric around the belly do not seem to make him much of a soldier. The cool grey eyes wander along the green landscape below, the gaze wandering to the horizon, West. Then East. Then down again. A whole hour the man stands there, unmoving aside from head and eyes, turning and looking about once in a while. The ship now closes in to a dark shadow in the distance. A city. Of chimneys and furnaces. Charolles. A man was coming home. Duc Levin II. d'Charolais was to return to his seat of power. --- Actions The Armed forces are rallied to the Naresian cause. The Duc himself takes charge of the operation to oust the Warlord and bring the sky thieves to justice. (event) The bridge is target for future repairs. The Ducal government begins official interviews to see what companies are offering their workmanship for such a task. Naturally the state will provide funds and resources, but the bridge will be state property after a successful repair. However with the boon of preferential treatment to the awarded company in terms of enclosing new lands and resources on the other side of said bridge. (maybe mod) Trade and Finances The Naval Industrial Capacity of the state is distributed on the global market, fulfilling jobs for the private sectors. (10 NP to the global market) Rapid expansion on Genevés Material Industry. (-33,000 Francs for 6 Material Industries) Substantial growth of Guédelons Manufactories. (-24,000 Francs for 4 Manufactories) The remainder is retained. (-23,350 Francs)
  20. Duché de Charolais (Credits to u/NoOneReallySpecial from Reddit) Capital: Charolles Official Languages: Lingua Herin, Lingue Carelin Religion: Hieromic Church (53%), Atheist (47%) Government: Absolute Monarchy Head of State: Duc Levin II. d'Charolais History: The Duché de Charolais and its people, the Carelins, are but a fragment of what remains of the past. Old tales, records from many years ago indicate the Carelins were once a richly cultured, prosperous and fertile people. Nowadays it stands in stark contrast to what one perceives when he traverses the cities and homeland of theirs. Towering plumes of black smoke dot the skyline of their industrial nerve centers, nature and the few bounties it may still provide in this dreadful era is being considered secondary or simply obsolete. In this absolute monarchy, industrial growth and progress are the primary goal, driven by the insatiable hunger for power of the man who rules it all. Duc Levin II. d'Charolais, a descendant of the family that has ruled these swathes of land throughout the eras, yet the recent three generations have turned their back to the peaceful and cultural harmony their land once had. Then again, in today's age it might just be what is required, for man and woman alike are naught but cogs in the machinery of war, one that desires to be fed, either by the scraps of the old world, or the unknown riches of the new one. In the recent years, with the steady decline of the Hieromic Church, less and less people in the Duché have remained followers of the old faith. Whilst the schismatic path of this traditional belief never took hold in the nation, Atheism has grown rampant. This is partially induced by the fact that the recent rulers of Charolais have not given a single thought to faith of their populace at all. Following, the father of Levin II., Levin I. established freedom of religion, dismantled the old (and not really practiced or enforced) state religion. Now, whilst the people are free to follow their faith they desire, there are still hardliner elements in the realm that fear that this backturning to the one true faith of Hieromar may cost their people their rightful place in Heaven, and they would like nothing more than to re-establish an official religion and oust all Heathens, Heretics and non-believers. Unique Military Units (Max 3): Dewoitine Series (Unique Fighters): The backbone of the Carelin fighter force, personal project of Sean IV. d'Charolais, grandfather of Levin II., the sheer amount of time and resources spent in development of this fighter have brought the D-series to a peak unprecedented in the past. The latest installment of the D.3 MK 5 has guaranteed that the ash and dust filled skies above the lands of Charolais remain free of thieves and bandits and once in a while of hostile forces. Caudron Series (Unique Bombers): As the D-series are taking care of controlling the skies, one can rule the ground from above. For this purpose Levin II. himself, continued to expand on the air capabilities of the nation, by pursuing the development of the C-series. The C.1 MK 2 has become the first reliably usable mass producable light bomber of the nation, capable of loading both missiles for air combat against bigger vessels and/or droppable bombs for carpet bombing tasks. Sean Class (Unique Aircraft Carrier): Every plane needs a hangar to call home. It was of strategic benefit if said home was capable of moving long distances for them, to shorten their times spent in air solely travelling, extending their reach and effective combat time. These homes also must be capable of defending themselves. For this, using the most powerful engines they could afford, they gave the Sean Class enough lifting power to haul both hundreds of planes and be equipped with some major firepower on turrets and airlaunchers. Moving the hangar bay and runway below the gundeck, with sealable doors at both ends, this would allow this "Battle Carrier" to take to the skies and fulfill both roles of support and flag ship. National Idea: "L'Etat c'est a moi" -20% construction cost on all buildings, facilities, fortifications, infrastructure and cities. Point of Interest: Foundries of Charolles Produces 2 Steel without upkeep. National Traits: Military: Naval Focus Economy: Industrial Giant Society: Isolationist Resource Deficiency: Grain Army Doctrine: Air Power Naval Doctrine: Carriers Economic Focus: Heavy Industry Map Location:
  21. Königreich Zunderland Spring 3251 Shameless statpost. --- Actions: A foundry and a gunpowder Mill are being established in the new region of Südwestufer (C1). (-8500 C, -3 M) Following the Toleyran-Grünwendt agreement with the Vrena Principality, Zunderland deploys the Zweite Königliche Armee under General Matthias von Neuburg in full force to ascertain control over the neighbouring province of C2. (Discord) Ten new Zundrian Standards leave the foundries of the Kingdom (-9,000 C, -8 AP, -4 S) The army is bolstered by 5,000 new line infantry, 1,000 light infantry and 500 Dragoons. (-8,000 C, -13 S, -15 AP) The "Wissenschaftliche Allgemeine" continues to receive funding for the avenue of instant communication technology. (-8,000 C this season). Due by Spring 3252. (5,000 C invested so far). The remainder is retained. (-1100 C)
  22. Königreich Zunderland Autumn 3250 "Your majesty?" A soft voice interrupts the young Queen in her train of memories. "Y-yes..?" - "You are expected by General Elsteeden. He is waiting in your study." - "Of course, I shall join him momentarily." As she waves the servant away, who leaves with a polite bow, Isabella wipes the corners of her eyes. She was Queen now. The sole ruler of Zunderland. Her father passed away a mere three days ago, a crowning ceremony has been done quickly, just yesterday. To her it still feels unreal. He father Heinrich has been such a strong man throughout his lifetime, steadfast in both word and principles. But this sickness he caught was sufficient to beat him. After months of being bound to the bed, his life was exhausted and he passed away in presence of his sole child and daughter Isabella, his personal medicus and a couple of servants. The young Queen would never forget the expression of regret on her father's face and his last words. "Isabella, my dear. I leave our legacy to you. Whatever way you choose for the people of Zunderland, I will not judge you. Be strong. Be successful. But most importantly... be happy, my dear daughter. Be happy..." A clacking sound of hurried steps approaches quickly, General Elsteeden turning about from his discussion with a present adjutant. The door swings open and the Queen enters, accompanied by four men of the Königswache. "My queen. My condolen-" - "Save your words, General. I will mourn as I see fit. You are aware as to why you are here?" The General furrows his brows, being taken aback slightly, as he is interrupted by the young woman who was now his liege. "No, your majesty, I am afraid not." Isabella steps around the centrally placed office desk of the study and takes a seat in the comfortable velvet chair. As she sits down, she appears distracted for a moment, as her hands feel the soft armrests of the chair. The King, her father used to sit here for at least half the day throughout his entire lifetime. In the end, after said moment, the Queen snaps out of it and stares at the General and his Adjutant. "You ordered an expeditionary force without my knowledge? Order mobilization of troops without my knowledge?" - "Yes, your majesty, I did." - "Why?" - "I considered it the most viable course of action at that point in time, as the reconaissance force was deterred by a horde of.. tribals. Considering an excursion for training purposes in the realms of pacifying a province could be useful." - "Lovely thought. No parley? Just occupying?" - "Yes. I am afraid so." The General closes. Isabella narrows her eyes, as she leans back into her chair. Her gaze wanders over another man present in the room. "Major von Rabenfels. I have need of your services." - "Yes, my queen." The mentioned man, already in his fifties steps forward, as the Queen pulls out a piece of parchment and writes something down. She stamps it and gives it a beautiful fine signature, definitely from a lady's hand, seals the note. "Bring this message to the Commander of the expeditionary force. By order of the Queen they are to withdraw back over the bridge to Zunderland." - "Of course, my queen." The Major receives the sealed note, salutes and leaves the room promptly, leaving behind the General, Adjutant, the four guards and two other members of the military. "General. May I briefly remind you of your position?" - "No, your majesty, I am your humble servant." - "May I remind you as of who lives to our South beyond the river?" - "No, your-" - "Good. General Elsteeden, for insubordination and disregard for the chain of command, you are hereby sentenced to three days of house arrest, the public will be given notice of the events that transpired. That is all. Dismissed." Robert Elsteeden eyes the Queen in surprise, opening his mouth for a reply, but then considers better. He salutes and leaves the room, joined by two of the guards and his adjutant. "Now, you two..." the Queen begins to address the remaining officers in the room as the door closes behind the leaving General. --- Actions: Under the Queen's orders, the expeditionary force of Zunderland is to withdrawn from the region (E5), the order is being brought by Major Albert von Rabenfels to the leading commander Major Rudolf Feuerstein. In the West, following suit on their discoveries, the Kingdom sends a notable force to the adjacent region (C1) of Westufer to claim it. The men are specifically instructed to conduct the integration of the region under the banner of Zunderland preferably peaceful, but are of course permitted to use force if and when necessary. (Force details in Discord) A foundry is being constructed in Westufer (E1) in order to accommodate the new population with new jobs. (-5,500 C, -2 M) Same for a gunpowder mill in Westufer (E1). Zundrisches Pulver, beste Qualität! (-3,000 C, -1 M) Lastly, two factories. (-4,000 C, -2 M) With the threat of war looming on the horizon, Zunderland begins its recruitment drives in earnest. The cavalry force is to be bolstered. 1,000 Medium Cavalry (Dragoons) (-4,000 C, -4 AP, -4 S). New companies of Skirmishers are drafted into service. 1,000 men in total. (-2,500 C, -6 AP, -2 S) Light infantry and cavalry both increase in numbers. (-2,000 C, -4 AP, -2 S for 2,000 Light infantry and -1,250 C, -2 AP, -1 S for 500 Light cavalry) Two more Earthworks are erected along the river South of the Ost Zundermark (E4). (-3,000 C, -4 M) Winter 3250 Her breath forms little puffy clouds, as the Queen traverses the Military Courtyard in company of Major Neusig, recently promoted commander. "The General does not seem to like me very much, Major Neusig." - "No, no, my Queen, on the contrary, I assure you he is your most loyal follo-" - "Major. Please don't sell me short. I am no simple woman." - "I-... forgive me, your majesty, I meant no offense." Isabella only eyes the Major briefly with a cold expression before finally passing through the main door on the other side, past two saluting Königswache soldiers. A few minutes later after traversing two flights of stairs three long corridors she is let into a room by yet another guard, where a whole entourage of officers and commanders are in midst of a discussion, looming over a huge map showing the entire region. As they notice the Queen entering, they all salute in unison. Among them, General Robert Elsteeden steps forward. "My queen, we are delighted to have you here. Our apologies for inviting you over, it would have been much of a hassle to haul all our charts, maps and ledgers of the army over to you in the palace." - "One could assume so." Isabella replies, her voice clearly coated in disdain for this arrogant man. But she needed this arrogant man right now, because he was leading the armed forces of Zunderland. Well, needed him until she found a suitable replacement. "So? What were you gentlemen discussing?" she inquires as she approaches the map table to get herself acquainted with the situation. The assembled officers trade a few nervous looks. The General noticing their hesitation to reply takes the charge: "Our expeditionary force has been cut off by hostiles named the Muhajideen." Isabella mustered her composure as she eyes up at the General. "And?" - "We have rallied the forces for countermeasures. We will not leave our men behind." - "Good. Now, you and you." the Queen points to two attending Lieutenant Colonels. "Fetch me writing material. Time to bring movement into things. And to conduct diplomacy, for one." --- Actions: Fighting warriors of the faith. The newly conquered region abtly named Südwestufer (C1) receives a swathe of Zunderlander to establish a new and proper town. (-2,500 C, -1 M) The "Zweite Königliche Armee" sends a detachment West to the adjacent region (C2) to ascertain dominion of Zunderland there too. General Matthias von Neuburg, freshly promoted by the Queen in person, leads directly. (Details in Discord) Four messengers are sent out, one to the Vrena Principality in the South, one East to the Freeholder's Republic, one to the realm of (C3, C8 and C11) and lastly one to the Vyacheslav Confederation. Primary mission are general diplomatic talks, establishing proper formal relationships, offering embassy space in Zunderland and vice versa. (Discord and such) 4,000 additional men are recruited into the Regular Infantry. (-4,000 C, -8 AP, -8 S) 5 Heavy Howitzers are forged in the capital, to give heavy long range bombardment ability to the forces of Zunderland. (-8,000 C, -5 AP, -3 S) 5 new Zundrian Standards are made along with them. (-4,500 C, -4 AP, -2 S) Lastly, the cavalry forces are to increased slighty, another 1,000 Dragoons to be added to the mobile forces of the Kingdom. (-4,000 C, -6 AP, -4 S) The earthworks at the bridge to the South are being expanded to become a fully fledged fortress. (-3,500 C, -2 M) Two more earthworks are added along the river line. (-3,000 C, -4 M) In the heart of the newly pacified region, the Kingdom begins to construct a new fortress to act as the base of operations of the new "Zweite Königliche Armee" in the future. (-5,000 C, -4 M) In order to not fall behind technologically, the Queen founds the "Wissenschaftliche Allgemeine". A society that focuses on advancements in all varieties of science. With their initial budget, they are required to pursue ancient knowledge in regards to communication. If they had a faster way for that, then the expeditionary force might have never been cut off. (-5,000 C). The remainder is retained. (-900 C)
  23. Königreich Zunderland "Die Mission Steiners ist nicht erfolgt." Robert Elsteeden furrowed his brows as he read the reports from his commanders. Whilst the West was of little concern, with the scouting party even going so far as to driving out the unwashed inhabitants of the region, the South concerned him. He could not afford a horde of savages at the borders of Zunderland, much less so them having the possibility to cross the ancient bridge to raid the peaceful and rich lands the Königreich had in the area. "Offense is the best defense." he mused to the men who have joined him at the map table. "Mobilize a few batallions. Let us have a try at rooting out the problem, before it becomes one." - "But the Princess-Regent..?" - "She will listen." Robert shut down any concerns of his officers before they could develop further. "Dismissed." Mere days after, one of the few ready batallions of the nation march on out, headed East from the capital, then South to cross the Nokibur river arm. Uncivilized or not, they would not oppose the firepower Zunderland could field. And it might just be good practice. --- Actions: Westufer, the newly claimed territory is being flooded by Zundrian settlers. Under guidance of the Princess-Regent's administration, a new town begins construction in the location. (-2,500 C, -1 M) Every province receives a gunsmith and factories. (-12,000 C, -6 M) Despite the General's words, Earthworks are to be erected in Ost Zundland (E4), near the grand ancient crossing. (-2 M, -1,500 C) New Zundrian Standards are being produced in the many foundries of the realm, to supplement the current artillery force. (-9,000 C, -8 AP, -4 S for 10 (5x2) Zundrian Standards) To bolster the armed forces, another 3,000 men are pressed into service in the regular infantry. (-3,000 C, -6 AP, -6 S) Heading from Westufer (E1) south, another extensive scouting party is to evaluate the area there. Simultaneously, a similarly sized force is to scale the mountains to the West, see what they can gather on the regions beyond the rocks. (Sending a detachment of 1,000 Skirmishers and 2,000 Light Infantry to the region C1 and A1 each.) Under General Elsteeden, Zunderland sends a detachment of 5,000 Regular Infantry, 2,000 Light Infantry, 10 Medium Rifled Cannons, 500 Dragoons, 1,000 Light Cavalry to the region where they encountered tribal warriors that prevented any further investigation of the area. If they oppose, they shall feel steel and powder. (E5) The remainder is saved in the Royal Treasury. (-6,000 C)
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