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  1. K00l

    Dear Tythus

    ...Wait. No. The struggle is that people are having to pay for race changes.
  2. K00l

    Read's Trial Gm App~

    pminctress for admin
  3. Given (MC) Name: TheH0neyB33 Chosen (RP) Name: Bilal Jabir Race: Farfolk Age: 26 Faith: Not given Past Military Experience: None Current or Previous Loyalties: None.
  4. K00l

    Sam's Fm Application

    On behalf of the fake GM team, Welcome to the Forum Moderator application team! You were accepted because you're druid affiliated. plzno yell at me he's good and deserves this +1
  5. K00l

    Donation Perk Problems

    There's a post somewhere for you to post on about this, but I can't find it atm and the forum doesn't allow me to copy and paste. If any staff sees this, they'll disregard this post and refer you to the official list
  6. K00l

    Theroommate's At App

    After being violently.. R-r-rickrolled, +1
  7. K00l

    Heff's Application Team Application

    Is that a bad thing Alirya..? I was told via Skype to come here and support, now he owes me prison favors. HEFFLER HEFFLER HEFFLER
  8. K00l

    [Bug] Loss Of Soulbound Items

    Also would like to point out something else, Staff can't take soulbound items out of the inventory. This can be a bit of a nuisance when you're trying to get something repaired.
  9. K00l

    [Denied]Draeris' Trial Gm Application

    this guy is a ******* *********** who has the *********** brains of a god ********** two year old. Woah, that raises the staff average +1 (jk I luv u staff)
  10. K00l

    [Denied]Gm Re-Application

    sky, u suck.
  11. K00l

    Enable Ics In Craftbook

    um no it is what makes our ping so bad so no
  12. K00l

    [Denied]Gm Re-Application

    no u must bend the gend! rhia needs frends!
  13. K00l

    The Dragontail Pirates

    ((..Anyone else think of this?))
  14. K00l

    [Recruiting] The Winterguard

    OOC MC name: TheH0neyB33 Skype name: kooldriftzz RP Name: Marroc Gender: Male Experience: Knows his way around a mace. I, Marroc, do claim a promise of loyalty, to protect and stand for the lands of Herendul and to always value the creator's, and your will, Kommandant of the Winterguard, and to all your offspring, according to the obligations of the guard. My sword, my shield, my strength, mine life ill serve Herendul, and all of it's kin until I claim the deathbed.