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  1. this map is essentially just axios 2

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Oversized map, check

      Controversial crafting mechanics, check

      Nations owning multiple tiles to spam out baronies, check

      Cut into sections, check (warp hubs might as well be the separate islands of Axios)


      Main difference in Almaris is that it's harder for you and your pals to get independent land out in the sticks due to activity checks and hefty minas fines. Also, Almaris hasn't had a war yet and probably won't have any until some solution is found to solve wars without 200v200 mosh pit battles that lag out and leave no resolution.


      LOTC goes in circles. We move forwards in a direction until there's a change in admin/staff policy and we go in the opposite direction.

    2. monkeypoacher


      the tile spam is pretty egregious

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      @monkeypoacher ye it's kinda strange hearing staff talk about the need to centralize the map leading them to impose activity checks and big ol' fines on settlement creation and whatnot while giving every nation a blank check to spam out as many baronies as they want. Feels like there's much more focus on political centralization than anything else.

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