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  1. "What civil war?" Aodhan thought to himself with disdain. "Both chapters are on fairly good conditions asides from the hunt on Crumena."
  2. Aodhan the Wayfarer takes up his mace and shield, setting off with newfound resolve to meet with Leric.
  3. Aegor's brows furrow. "Crumena was right, what a bunch of hypocrites. They're bedding Dark Mages? ******* hell."
  4. Moved to Denied Events.
  5. I met Netphreak's necromancer and told him that if he didn't teach me I'd kill him. He taught me and my character spiraled down into the life of a Dark Arts user. Recently, Guck and Jacko kidnapped my character and transformed him into a Striga, I found that to be highly enjoyable. I ran into Geoboy66 as a new player on his character Chrodaeos/The Mime, he life-drained me while I tried to tell him I'd fix his voice, he let me survive. I thoroughly enjoyed waging a war of attrition on deity magic users, especially when we finally made the Curatrix surrender completely to the superior might of the New Order covenant.
  6. Hello. I will be addressing your concerns once I learn what's going on, give me a second.
  7. i trusted you
  8. Taken. I will pass it on to the members necessary. In the mean time enjoy some smooth tunes.
  9. "Brandy, you're a fine girl." comments Quinn.
  10. just let it stay dead
  11. Claimed. You have 24 hours to amend this topic to be lore friendly, I have analyzed the following issues: Excessive Lore Breaking: It's alright to be a little bit on the breaking side, sadly it's done excessively and needs a more concise approach to it. I advise you read more canonical lore and make it something we can work with. PK Clause: There is no way on the server to enforce a pk, we can only heavily recommend it to the players involved - to do otherwise would be rule breaking sadly. "Antagonist": While minor antagonists are fine, something of this scope needs approved lore. You must fully outline their abilities, their origin, and the scope of what they shall be doing and what motivations they have.
  12. Worthless position in general but if Perrin can do the job I don't see why Collin can't. +1
  13. same.