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  1. (( Very well-written post. If everybody wrote things like these, the server would be far more in-detail. ))
  2. Skin Name: black lung Discord: CT-DER-FY#2712 Bid: $10
  3. exactly next time might just b better to reach out i've had an edible and it hit so honestly this entire situation just feels rlly funny to me good luck kids
  4. easily fixed rlly by just going "how would I act if they did x thing that I did" like, personally, when i dislike ppl i just avoid them because if i yell at them or roast them they can run OBS and get me banned or smthing for that reason, many people are avoidant of conflict on here, which means a lot of the time things don't rlly get resolved in an open-forum civil discourse typa way
  5. it's not whether it's a big deal or not falls down to u wanted an answer for why those ppl are annoyed and u got one nobody's gonna bar u from walking into the city or something, but if u annoyed people, they'll be resistant to interacting with u on a personal level i personally wouldn't care about a meme, i'd just counter-sh*tpost
  6. i mean i'm not above sh*tposting just be mindful that free speech is free speech, but free speech has consequences. if ppl don't like u cuz u annoyed them, seems like something u ought to rectify with them, or it's better to find a crowd that thinks like u do
  7. asked why u got booted btw and its becuz u made this and annoyed people doesn't seem so one-sided lol
  8. Except it's not the same community? A big part of the changes in Oren is that it's ruled by a different faction that was inside the player group. Also, this claim you're being ghosted is very nebulous and strange. If you're being ghosted by the same people over and over again why are you reaching out to them and not involving yourself in a community where you'll be more comfortable? People are on the server to have fun. If people don't like you, go play somewhere else, f**k them. Even if you instigated it or they instigated it, don't spend time somewhere where people clearly are ignoring you or something. The fact it's living in your mind rent free is in of itself a call for help, because it's honestly not that big of a deal. I don't personally fit into LoTC communities and I don't pin it on them. It's not a community's job to sustain me or please me. If I don't enjoy a community, I don't play there. If I'm not respected, I don't play there. Go find a group that's a better fit.
  9. Alistair of the Blackwald pours one out for the realest Herald and remembers fondly the time him and Draakopf engineered a scheme with child miners to steal thanhium. ((Hotbox is one of the realest RPers on the server and has a greater care for dynamic RP than most the bureaucrats I've seen prancing around this server. Straight up, good job with everything, and have fun with your next character.))
  10. Aquiline Derfey, Holy Orenian Emperor, enlists in the Petran Legion. He is a true and fervent Nationalist.
  11. Talis Sylvaeri wishes his great grandkids the Oranors good luck but sneezes horrifically at the other signatures because he hates Elves. Awchoo!
  12. The dog is quite content after levying charges against the King. Mr. Pampers, the forlorn mutt aforementioned in the story, goes on to win several academic awards, before becoming a prized member of the Sixth Circuit of the Kingdom of Oren's Supreme Court after bringing the King to justice via his mouthpiece, Father Ioannes.
  13. The ancient Nephilim Alistair in passing remarked, "This is the cost of such defamatory politics. Had our people retained their original mission, this would not be happening." ((Your emote seems pretty out-of-characterly charged given you're mocking their activity upon leaving. As the forebear of your community, I feel like this is an inexcusable way to act. Banishment and exile RP is the natural response to finding a horned quasi-daemon in your city, and given the recent Azdromoth events, it should come as no surprise. "alongside the 20 other members of his guild " has a very negative connotation, it reads as if you're quite spiteful. If you suspect rule-breaking or foul play on their end, I'd report it. Engaging with them in this type of post seems like a waste of time and gives off a very passive aggressive air.))
  14. Elysium laid low by the Urukhai. As 7,100 Krughai riders from the Iron Uzg pushed at the Elysian knights and field men. Alas, the de Astreas' army could not rebuke them, and fell after several deft collisions with the enemy upon the field of battle. The Spirits smile. The Elves and Humans of Elysium frown. Their homeland shall soon be torn asunder, if they do not act quickly. The day's events had been macabre and filled with terrors as their bodies were hewn in twine, limb from limb, by the lumbering Orcish warlords. The vulgarities of war made clear by the broken banners, rising flames, and mangled bodies of the fallen. ENROHK smiles no doubt as the Orcs pitch tents on their newly occupied territory, preparing for another offense perhaps. It is not over.
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