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  1. excitedly


    Far across the sea, a waylaid warrior lay before his tree, a horned black helmet grasped in his hands. There would be an act of vengeance. There would be recompense.
  2. excitedly

    The Sutica Gank of April 2019

    Here I was thinking it’d be a PvP montage of “LoTC PvPers” ganking role-players who don’t have armor with really bad mumble rap music in the background.
  3. excitedly

    The LotC Livestream Returns

    Clean out the bathtub now, Whiplashist.
  4. excitedly

    When Malinor Burned

    Somewhere, a figure mourns the Alliance he and his brother Erathon had fought to forge. Seemingly in vain, however.

    Enjoy mate.

  6. Looking for writers to assist me with updating the Elven wiki pages. I want people from each player base who are willing to assist with translations, interpretation and recounting historical events and nation information. Hit me up with a forum message, and I’ll create a Discord chat for the endeavor!

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    2. Nectorist


      let me write abt Red Cloak history and ill do anything else

    3. Flamelynx


      idk how to do forum messages, but add me on discord 99% Neanderthal#6439

    4. MangoArt


      I want JK Rowling to write LotC lore. Malin was gay. Krug was an anti-vaxxer. The first emperor of oren was a bisexual furry.

  7. excitedly

    [Forum Warning Point] aerial Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? Forum Warning Point Minecraft Usernames aerialkebab Reason for punishment Banning Fireheart, TreatyCole, and Parker from the forums Players Involved Fireheart Treaty Parker By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? I was given Content Mod for banning all three of those aforementioned players from the forums on the night of my pugsy/subsequent ban. Why should you be pardoned? I behave appropriately on the forums and conduct myself well enough to have the ability to post like a regular player again. I am fully willing to apologize to each person I wronged apart from Parker. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Simply will not use the forums for anything but role-play posts and well-constructed analysis and polite criticism. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Because if people don't follow the guidelines, they risk offending others or harming the integrity of the server.
  8. excitedly


  9. excitedly

    Silver and Severed

    “In the face of grave insult, turn the other cheek.” Kairn had once told Din’laselan, “But if the insult is so severe, so unbearable, so wroth. Offer no respite, no mercy, and let loose the hounds of war. If you are weak, the vultures will surround you.”
  10. @Potts244 Congrats old pal

    1. Potts244


      Thanks buddy boy 🤩

  11. heathen is just an anagram for veist

    1. KiausT


      bruh I don’t think u know what an anagram is

    2. Lockezi


      @KiausTback off bucko

  12. excitedly


    A lone warrior monk atop the steppes remained sat with his heels flat on the ground; his weight evenly distributed throughout his body. The Easterner had long observed the fighting within the realms of Man, and it came to him as no surprise that his ancient enemy, the Norlander people, had again risen from the ashes of their fallen kingdom. With thinly concealed rage he rose up to the ground in a jump, his porcelain skin awry with a feeling best described as righteous indifference. ”I will have revenge for you, Sensei! I still remember as those Ruric dogs cleaved you asunder...” His accent now grew thick with indignation. ”Akira-san! Muda muda muda!” The limber and short figure straightened his posture with resounding popping from his joints, before he tied a red Hachimaki around his head and tied the back; a dexterous fabric which had once been bestowed by his teacher, long ago slain amidst the conflict of the Siege of the Krag. He would have his revenge for Akira-san and his Imperial allies, even if it were to be the last thing he did on this earth before rejoining his kindred and Master in the Other World.
  13. excitedly

    Regarding the Current State of LOTC

    Nothing wrong with taking a break, quitting or just lurking around the forums. It is better to quit while you’re ahead than to stick around and beat a dead horse. The drive to role-play is something that wanes with age for some people, and I heavily endorse the following activities for people who do reach the point where role-play is an unfulfilling hobby. Playing other games: namely, in the Fantasy-RP genre. I suggest the early Dragon Age titles, the Witcher series, etcetera. Given that a PC is hard to maintain and often lags at the best of times for most people, I suggest running with Dragon Age: Origins, Stardew Valley (PC or Switch). There’s also a myriad of story-oriented games on Steam that might suit your fancy. I also suggest reading and reducing screen time, because if you spend too much time online, your interest in online things will fall out of favor with you and grow dull. I have always suggested reevaluating prerogatives and at times perhaps developing a more lackadaisical interpretation of roleplay. Sure, being lazy isn’t fun; but it’s a good phase to be in while you find more hobbies and enjoy the server from a more relaxing, trivial and lax perspective. I suggest looking at personal health goals, Sports, and a variety of real-life oriented social activities. Chances are if you like roleplaying on the Lord of the Craft, where it is typically RP-Lite and focused more so on individual characters and their impact on the server through its mechanics, it’s easy to forget a lot of what makes roleplay interesting. Although I favor Political Intrigue myself in-character and out of it, it can be stressful to be involved with an interactive world where the rules can never be fair or balanced. A lot of the intrigue for LoTC stems from the fact that ooc goals coalign with rp ones, and that can be disturbing for some people. Playing different characters and joining new communities in and off the server is a good way to reinvigorate interest. When I played the server, I was an Elf, a Human, an Orc, and took on a wide variety of different Class archetypes such as: Paladin, Necromancer, Nobility, etc... It is good to develop a character that is different than the last, and if you partake in the staple of that community’s rp regularly without drama while also remaining on amicable terms with people, your interest in the server’s rp landscape will increase. With all that said, I’m kinda confused why I bothered taking the time to post this. As a banned player I just lurk here and tend to rant like an old man and support some of my old friends who I treasured many memories with on and off the server. Make of this pedantic rant what you will, and I wish all of you the best of luck in whatever it is you choose to do. TL;DR Banned player Dr. Phil explains how to reduce screen time, find more interest in character variety, and examine other potential interests.
  14. excitedly

    Death of Cassius

    A Legionnaire standing proudly before the Green Tide within the Atlasian city of Krugmar. Across the sea, Cassius’ loyal friend the former Legionnaire Ilya of House Ivanovich somberly lifted his hand up in a shaken salute upon hearing the news. Ilya had been a distant friend and ally of the young Horen Prince throughout his rise and fall and greatly admired his place in the fledgling dynasty. He still recalled the days that Cassius had sent him to hunt down the menace Donald Dabber within the Renatian Capital, and how he took the news of the man’s disappearance with undaunted resolve. “Ilya,” The young Prince had told him, “Do not fear. You did your duty, soldier. We shall catch him eventually.” A friend to the last, thought the aging Raevir as he remained seated before his fireplace, the embers sputtering as he tossed in more firewood. Life, he quietly pondered, was as fickle as those flames. A wry smile bloomed on Ilya’s lips as he then declared in a quiet mumble to himself for none else to hear: “Cassius Horen was a Prince firstly, da, but he was always willing to sacrifice. Still, I remember the days that aloft he held the Legion’s Standard, and the countless battles we fought with its golden dragon crest in the air...” The old soldier grew misty-eyed at the memory of those battles, the countless deaths of friend and foe alike in distant lands. Whether they be barren or life aplenty; desert or forest, human or orc. Admonishing himself for being unable to attend the formal funeral, he thought to himself, ”To be young again. To have victory within my grasp again, alongside my battle brothers clad in the garb of conquerors; the other immortals who live on now for eras immemorial in service to the Empire of Man. Godan assuredly welcomes you into the Seven Skies, my dearest Comrade, and may you remain there for times eternal. We will meet again, I hope, and if we are not to be reunited you were the best man I could have served afar and at home.”
  15. excitedly

    Playable CA Race Lore - Drakul, Serfs Of The Stone Serpent

    The lore is well-written but I implore it’s creators to make the lore for an event race, and not a playable one.