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  1. ”Ave Imperium,” Says a leal Horen bannerman in response to the notice, while referencing the Empire of Renatus and not the Orenian Confederation. He then enjoys a sip of tea, thinking about all his ancestors who died to keep Aurelius Horen on the Throne, and then imagining slights against the Haenseti people for colluding with neo-Imperials to destroy his way of life. With a trembling breath, Gareth emits: “Grrr, Oren, Grrr.”
  2. Donald “The Slapper” Dabber; The 17-Man Killer

  3. “Involvement in Human affairs was a dangerous precedent for me to set.” Comments a mounted Kairn Ithelanen in a land across the sea. He and his Riders turned, and the young elf shouldered his broadsword with indifference. ”Actually, Tristin set the precedent, I suppose I am blameless. Doubt it’ll work out for them now in the long-term, it never does.”
  4. excitedly

    Come and See

    Somewhere, Kairn Ithelanen remembers his former High Elven protectorate fondly and feels pity for them. ”We are bred in war, they cannot say the same. Such a tragedy that even now Elven blood is spilled over disputes so trivial as a pissing contest between warriors and scribes.” The Druid shed the paper notice into his crackling hearth, before returning to his armchair to take a seat. In his hands, he turned a skull around and faced down its empty eye sockets. ”Tragic.”
  5. I can’t believe Kid_Mackin finally got his revenge. NGL, crying right now, can’t believe it. Insane.

  6. excitedly


    Ilya had seen many things throughout his life. He had fought with his father Ser Konyves against the Adrians who had defied them and even brought them to heel with him on occasion. He had also enlisted in the Imperial Legion and served alongside his distant relative Cassius Horen, and served in the Third Atlas Coalition War. It was only now, across the Great Sea, that he realized the futility of his life’s work in his sick bed. He had no wife, and the only children he sired were bastards. He was a failure unlike his father and had never managed to achieve Knighthood. All his family was dead or gone, and his very own cousin had committed sacrilege against the Faith by bedding his sister. To Ilya, all he could feel was spite and dissatisfaction with how he lived his life, and that too is how he died. Not on the field a proud warrior, not in the coal mines a family man, but at the ripe old age of fifty-five upon getting cancer of the lungs. He spat and heaved, and that too is how he died – in futility, with the Empire he so loved dissolving despite the best interest of all his kinsmen.
  7. “I cannot believe this,” utters the estranged Ilya Ivanovich. He was not happy to hear this plight had befallen his distant relative.
  8. Somewhere, Brother Leatherback mourns for the people he once claimed to be his own. A trembling hand grasped onto his pendant, before casting it down to the snowy ground beneath his feet. The symbol, Stag’s horns, was lost to the snows and a furious storm. After all, sigils that bore no meaning ought not to be afforded respect. Hatred destroyed the Elven race once, and it had proven to have destroyed it again.
  9. We weren’t close and you likely don’t remember me, Ziko. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure being alongside you on the ET, and I hope you find success in whatever it is you hope to do now on gaming and in real life. Kudos to you, bud!
  10. Alright, so, formally I’ll be listing this in the Debate Forum so that the topic can run its due course and the community can offer feedback as to what happened. I am currently serving a long ban for an account-sharing conspiracy that happened with the collusion of me and several other members of the LoTC Community. Because of this, I clearly do not play anymore, although I like to tweak wiki pages and make posts once in a while since I’ve been a part of this community for so long. I see other banned users make edits to the wiki and there is no established precedence for this. Most of the tweaks are (as far as I know) rather harmless. I just enjoy to sit down and write Lore, I also enjoy writing analyses on canonical in-game events and nation-states that existed while I played the server. I am now banned with the “Infinite” marker from the Wiki, and I can no longer edit pages-- not even the ones relevant to my own background on the server, an example being the Elven wiki pages which are horrifically out of date. This ban was made without me knowing. The reason is “Account-Sharing With Banned Wiki Users”; I never conspired with other players using my Wiki Account and only I have had access to it for writing pages relevant to nations I’ve been a part of. I have not been issued a warning by Lsuvfar on the forums or any other form of notification that this would happen. That is where the debate comes in for as following: Should banned players have access to edit Wiki pages? If not, why. If so, why. Should someone be issued a Wiki Ban without pending notification and evidence? This is not intended to berate @Lsuvsfar or other members of the Wiki (Story?) Team. I just want to bring this error to their attention so they understand that I have not engaged in any duplicity to loan out my wiki account so people can edit Elven Pages. I’ve done these edits myself and it’s not some kind of conspiracy. My IP History on the Wiki is substantial evidence enough that the account “Aerial” (which has been on the Wiki for years ever since I was a Global Moderator, Wiki Team Member, and Magic Team Member) is definitely mine, although my MC Name has changed since then. Thank you for your time.
  11. Far across the sea, a waylaid warrior lay before his tree, a horned black helmet grasped in his hands. There would be an act of vengeance. There would be recompense.
  12. Here I was thinking it’d be a PvP montage of “LoTC PvPers” ganking role-players who don’t have armor with really bad mumble rap music in the background.
  13. Clean out the bathtub now, Whiplashist.
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