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  1. Excitedly


    you did a good job, king
  2. MC Name: excitedly Current Tier: C Desired Tier: B Reason to be Moved: you judged be 'C' a week ago but im 'B' now :B
  3. Oml bro I don’t mind you but this is overkill if you feel threatened just put up a report don’t go on the forums spreading Palestinian disinformation. You know full well what’s going on in that region of the world isn’t black and white. My advice would be to polish your writing a bit and focus on the objective facts (key points, being threatened, etc) of what happened because honestly I have a hard time spotting a lot of what you’re saying in the post. That being said, I hope you’re safe in these trying times - there are many Palestinians who are Jews as well. stay safe
  4. A weary night settled down upon the fief of Camlannen within the Holy Orenian Empire. The tired Kairn Calithil pronounced to his kindred within the foothold of his castle in The Pale, "May he rest in peace. The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor."
  5. How much for the Halcyon? I'll put fifty down for now.
  6. Kairn Calithil received a notice about it. He flexed an arm with one of his dumbbells, eased against the edge of his chair. He removed a pair of his spectacles and set them on the table. The arm flexed and creased for a moment bulging with rippling muscle. Doing as many others have done, he cast the missive into his fireplace. He smirked, "Time to go on a hunt with my family."
  7. Not the time or place. That being said, I've spoken to Basket a lot about wars, and a lot about Sedan and he's not once been opposed to any of the conflict and not once has been working against "Player Interests" as you put it. If you have complaints about GM verdicts made by members of his team you ought to report them. As for the rest, if people made rule-breaking comments or posts about the war, those have been shot down whether they come from Oren, Sedan, or Haense. Basket is not an Orencentric player, nor was he a biased Administrator with regards to his conduct involving this conflic
  8. What always touched me about you was your sense of humor and humility. You're a great guy, don't be a stranger in Staff chat.
  9. No problem! Welcome to the server. :)
  10. (That pic's a meme photo don't worry he's not really on fire.) Kairn returned to the native rolling hills of Keep Camlannen, his lips moving into a grim grin. Behind him his horsemen took their steeds back to the fenced off enclosed shelter of the stables. He inhaled the crisp air, before he steadied the reins and relaxed once again. If such misdeeds were to happen again, he was certain no amount of diplomacy would mitigate his wrath. He bit from an apple from his orchard, his lands bountiful and true. The horse galloped along now slowly as he gripped the reins with one hand, a small
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