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  1. Heathen

    Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    What can I tell you about this man? He’s a real G, always does his modreqs in a timely fashion and that ban he had didn’t stick since its a slip up on his end at best, and one he’s learned and moved on from. Obviously I’m biased but this man deserves his shot. He’s professional, level-headed, and polite.
  2. Heathen

    Book First

    “Actions speak louder than words,” comments Ilya.
  3. Heathen

    Tenth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    Ilya Ivanovich drew the cross off of his neck with a trembling hand, before casting the necklace into the flames. His eyes burned with rage, ugly as sin, and he turned to his basin in a closeby bathing room to begin and trim his beard down to an acceptable degree. If the Faith was so willing to cast aside the Marshal, the Prince, who had slaughtered heathens and their bandit ilk in the name of the Empire then perhaps the Faith was not only foolish or poorly representing the will of Godan; but also irreverently fraudulent in its design. The young man tended now to his vestments while pondering. Mere years before, his father Konyves had ridden to the lands by the Wall to purge it of Evil. He had failed and disappeared and Ilya was left without a father, many friends, and a title with the death of his father. He had struggled to make new friends and establish himself as a presence within the Imperial Lands farther from home, away from the keep he had long fended for alongside his auntie – but it was all for naught if this kind of disrespect was to be afforded to Cassius Horen, a man who had always been just and fair, a true paragon of Virtue and the Faith. Ilya decided now that he would be no pawn of Church and Imperial games, it was now time to go on his own. If his people could not see that Cassius was innocent and that the plotting in the Capital had gone on for far too long, then it was time to do what his ancestors did in days of antiquity. Raiding, Raving, Roving. Might Make Right. Seize, or die to try; because the Faith had become an instrument of Sin and political device, not an institution of Godanistan, the Saints, and the Heavens above.
  4. Heathen

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    How far we’ve come, old friend. The initial opinion of me? What do you think of Flamboyant axing magics and creatures? What do you think of Gladewynn? What’s your fondest memory on LoTC? (Bar being married to Lana and Malocchio)
  5. Heathen

    Practicing Art (Closed for now)

    Screenshot of skin: https://namemc.com/skin/944d01b538b66104 References if any: Pose preferred: Sitting in a large throne like Imlerith from TW3. ^ Headshot, Torso, Knees: Knees and up like that pic. Anything else: Brooding, dark shading, all around spookiness. Tell me a joke: How do you circumcise a redneck? Kick his sister in the jaw.
  6. Heathen

    shimmeringbliss's Lore Master Application

    Did well before!
  7. Heathen


    You know you’re a real G.
  8. Heathen

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Name: Kairn Ithelanen Race: Alder Elf Age: 200’s Discord#: Heathen#8112
  9. Heathen

    Boruto's Lore Master Application

    I still remember the horror days when he played a Cerivataur, his roleplay has gotten so much better since then! A very detailed, articulate writer with a poignant sense of dedication and professionality you’re not likely to find in any other Lore Master candidate. +1
  10. Heathen

    Numirya's Event Team Actor application

    No better applicant for the job.
  11. Heathen

    The Ancient Elves

    Kairn opens an inter dimensional rift back to Tamriel to conquer the Elves.
  12. Heathen

    As He Lay Dying

    Somewhere, an (EX) Necromancer mourns a Lich he helped create.
  13. Heathen

    The Embers of the Cold

    I would just like to say that your talent really speaks louder than words and that I’m proud of all the strides you have made in your prose DragonsRoost. I look forward to the next rendition of this post or its continuation. Don’t lose hope, we all have inconsistencies and errors in our writing, some more glaring than others. But I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that with enough practice you could be among the greatest writers this server has seen. Perhaps you’ll even eclipse the writing prowess of the lore writer @Heero, who has worked on lore pieces that make up the backbone of many present or former magical creatures such as Gudour, Itharel, Keepers, Shades, and Dragons. Again, I hope that you continue with these posts because they add something this server lacks: Creativity. I bid you adieu.
  14. ”Let the enemies of Man and Elf be slaughtered in the most vicious ways conceivable. Let their cities burn, let their fields be salted and their people made into slaves; let the young still at their mother’s breast be bashed against the crib until their flesh, blood and marrow whittle away – let them suffer as we have suffered, they will know no respite, and last of all no hope for a greater tomorrow. Today, my beloved ally, we ride and put them to the torch as we did twenty years ago.” - Kairn Ithelanen to Prince-Marshal Cassius Horen, before the Siege of San’Kala. As of the 14th of the Amber Cold, 1692, the Kingdom of Gladewynn and the Empire of Man shall stand united in the face of all adversity. We agree to terms of mutual non-aggression, deterrence of violence, and to stand together in a defensive alliance against all our foes. With these accords, we have reached the concordance that Men and Elves alike shall be able to wander the lands of either sovereign unharmed, unless they have breached the laws of either settlement or been banished for crimes of aggression, sedition, or noncompliance with the word of law. However, those high-end officials in the upper echelons of either nationhood who do not comply with the law and act by aggressing, causing sedition, or being noncompliant with the law shall be turned over to their respective sovereign and their court. The King of Gladewynn and the Emperor of Man shall agree to assist one another in battle without pause. This means that should either party be warring or declared war upon, the other shall join with full rallies to assist and bring a decisive end to the conflict to protect the other. The Empire of Man and Kingdom of Gladewynn have a friendship that reaches back nigh thirty years since the Dominion of Malin and Kingdom of Renatus-Marna first raised their blades together in the First Atlas Coalition War and the Staunton Uprising. The two parties agree to maintain friendly relations and to assist in preserving either state in times of extreme duress and internal strife. The Empire of Man and Kingdom of Gladewynn agree to respect one another’s territorial boundaries and to stave off on expansions that damage, offends, or instigates the other. Should there be a territorial dispute, it shall be resolved peaceably by word of mouth between the Emperor and King. The Kingdom of Gladewynn shall recognize no other Human sovereign but the Emperor of Man, and reflectively the Emperor of Man shall recognize no true King of the Elves except for the sovereign of the Kingdom of Gladewynn. His Majesty, King Kairn Ithelanen; Crownbearing Royarch of Elvenesse and Sovereign Lord of the Barrowlands, the Elysian Realms, Free Company of Gladewynn and its Constituents. True Shepherd of the Elder Blood; Harbinger of the Ichorian Way, Bronze Lord of New Leyulin.
  15. Heathen

    Guy with swiggly fingers

    I feel like your writing rivals that of George R.R. Martin, Raymond Feist and other giants of the Fantasy genre. I think that your posts are underrated and bring a much needed Low Fantasy standard to an otherwise High Fantasy mode server where things out of the ordinary are underappreciated, thrown to the side or outwardly scrapped by Game Moderators, Lore Moderators and other moderators on the server. As written in the book The Kings Buccaneer by Raymond Feist, "The brave man is not one without fear but the one who does what he must despite being afraid. To succeed, you must be willing to risk total failure; you must learn this." I believe that this lore is simply an article that lambasts the inferior works of Lore Masters and their ilk did throughout their time on LoTC. This is a piece of writing that has marinated in the juices of ingenuity for far too long and it is a miracle to see that it has finally come to fruition (or fruiguition ha-ha-ha!). I believe that ‘The Guy With Swiggly Fingers’ is a good lore piece that defines the chiropractic practice on the Lord of the Craft, and I feel that the understated dangers of acupuncture in this aforementioned lore piece set a good precedent for your lore article on the server. Dave has to be my favorite lore-abiding character on LoTC next to Big Boy Bob played by stoptheboats, and Karren Myrsta who was played by TheDragonsRoost. I think, in all honesty, that our Lore Team does not write things that reek of such scientific knowledge and poise that you bring to the table yourself, all without hiding behind a pretty green tag. It is great to see writers like you to which the likes of Swgrclan, Zarsies, and Smawton cannot compete-- not because they are skillless-- but because you have worked so arduously and with great intent increase your writing aptitude to the point that nobody on this server can compete. Bravo, bravo. Keep on writing, I hope to see more!