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  1. Heathen

    Redemption for Incompetence

    Give them a tile next map and allow them to role-play and whatever. Never coming back so I find it amusing I’m on permanent content mod, just give the Orcs room to regrow their player base into something positive instead of the abomination that Kyle and I viciously (and illegally) demolished. I’m what’s wrong with this server. Others as well, Ponder here included. All of you people treat one another like animals and the Admin Team behaves like a bunch of manipulative children who can’t even grasp the situation because they were unwilling to properly discuss it with me, including the intricacies of everything that was going on. None of you role-play. You’re all ooc centric whiners, me included, so make rules that actually benefit role-play and stop playing this PvP game. PvP on LoTC doesn’t mean jack due to the lag and lack of PvP mechanics, we don’t even have most Vanilla PvP Mechanics. TL;DR Give Nanman a tile. I apologized to Pond before I pugsied, because that’s what matters and this “Admin Investigation” that should’ve happened 4+ months ago didn’t mean anything. I’m gone, list me as a perma, never coming back to this cesspit of a fetish community and all the other utterly reprehensible and degenerate behavior on here. Ban Wolfkite and everybody else involved with this situation permanently, we broke the rules knowingly and lied to many people to maintain a facade for 4+ months in order to easily put an end to a conflict “to the betterment of role-play”. What we did was a spur of the moment decision, but definitely malicious and of ill intent to other factions on the server. Wolfkite only outted everything (in a controlled fashion) to slander me and try and falsify his own high-ground. He IP checked me and knew full-well that he was in a call with me and DPM during the situation. This is equally on his conscience as well. PS: If anybody else ever does this, it should warrant a perma (or hard-negotiated indefinite) because it’s completely bereft of morals and it’s just another calculated way player bases **** one another over. Make all duels between Nation Leaders role-play fights and have a GM oversee, do not give up OOC mechanics (tiles, etc) as dictated by PvP mechanics (also ooc mechanics). Roleplay should be the focus of roleplay. Admins, you had your chance to know everything when I requested to be in voice, as I was about to come fully clean before I left to be on good terms with everyone. Tomorrow’s my birthday and I planned on quitting before then and making good with all the people I’ve wronged. Literally offered to go into voice and you refused. I quit. I was coming clean, and I was mugged off. Make my ban indefinite as a DPM alt.
  2. hey? what’s your problem dude why would  you post that on budder’s profile. i aint afiiliated with you xD

  3. XOoGwWz.png Admins always did do wrong by you comrade.

  4. Heathen

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    Permission to post revoked.
  5. Declaration Etched in Sterling Silver The Kingdom of Gladewynn hereby recognizes the Silver State of Haelun’or as the one and only true representative of the High Elven people in the world, and henceforth also recognizes their authority in managing their own affairs, resources, and swathes of land. However, as the principal power within the Kingdom of Elvendom; the might of which is inherited and ingrained by the one and only Eternal King Malin himself, the Haelunorians and Gladefolk renounce their ties to individuality on the basis of coherence beneath the Crown of the Elves, just as Laureh’lin set the precedent for seven long years ago. The inheritors of a lost legacy of Elvendom upon the Realm of Atlas, the two powers hope that by joining their forces as protectorates beneath the Crown that peace, unification, and coordination may be restored to the far-flung Peoples of the Elves. No longer will such prominent powers on the global stage stand alone when a Golden Age could be dawning upon the Peoples of Malin once again. No longer shall our people continue to be slain while the descendant remnants of Malin and Larihei still draw breath in their lungs, uncontested by the woes that be in a world of uncontested oath breaking, sacrilege, and kinslaying. The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: The establishment of the Protectorate of Haelun’or, or the Silver City. It shall manage all its own internal affairs bar diplomacy with sovereign powers and other international relations without the explicit permission and acknowledgment of the Crown. A military alliance spanning both countries that is mutually defensive, and unified in all times of peace and war. The Crown authority of the Marshal shall take precedence over all matters of war, and war will always be declared by the Mortal Sovereign. The peoples of both territories may freely roam and visit provided that they aren’t banished. Banishments issued by the Crown and the Sohaer are discussed, and eventually, the Crown may decide whether or not to issue punishment. However, it is within the right of both parties to keep detestable influences or people out as they see fit. Those signed beneath do pledge their names and respective peoples to the cause of joining both states in totality; bound forever by blood, oath and the unbreakable vow properly put to quill and paper. THE MORTAL KING, KAIRN ITHELANEN, LORD OF THE BARROWLANDS AND LOFTYWOODS, SOVEREIGN OF THE ELVES AND SERVANT OF MALIN THE SOHAER, ALYRION LAUREH’ONN, PROTECTOR OF ALL HIGH ELVES, SILVER-BLOODED, RULER OF THE PURE, THE COMPLETION OF THE PLEDGE, AND SERVANT OF LARIHEI
  6. “I just perceived him as low-quality”; it’s either he broke rules or he didn’t. If he didn’t break rules then it’s good you didn’t report him, but if he did you should have. Your flaws are relevant, you attacked him in role-play and thus you were struck down for it or suffered the repercussions of role-playing. If he power-gamed as you claimed you should have reported him instead of whinging on his GM app. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that you should post logs of the roleplay so that you actually have evidence backing up a claim. I was in voice with him as everything went down and heard you accidentally pm some of your complaints to him. You seem to be the one who doesn’t want to be reported, which indicates that you may be violating the following rules and our server’s community guidelines . Regardless, I hope you view this less like an attack and more so a learning experience – if you disagree with the principal of a situation in roleplay or believe there is power-gaming you should always contact a GM with substantiated evidence of wrongdoing, and you should provide logs and evidence on posts you make less you risk derailing it. I hope you have a good day.
  7. Ironic. Perhaps before you commented on this app you should have also considered your own behavior during that situation instead of vaguely pinning blame and whining about a situation that you brought on yourself by numerous poor instances of villainy roleplay and poor conduct with personal messages in-game. He who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.
  8. Heathen

    Where did the direction go?

    There is no direction because the Staff is busy with 24/7 damage control on stuff Staff messed up years ago in our community.
  9. Heathen

    [Denied] Bluee's Forum Moderator Application

    Hello Bluee, I will be interviewing you within the next three days. I would like for you to read over Forum Roles and Policies in the meantime, and then I will get back to you on discord. Expect me soon!
  10. Heathen

    screaming australian tries to write more lore

    Easily the most handicapped capable person you could choose for this position. He’s from down under Australian enough to fill your diversity quota. Mega +1
  11. Heathen

    [PK] Death of a Dad

    I think this is one of the best posts I’ve seen written in recent years. Excellent work, and a toast to a well-developed character who ended with interesting role-play and a lot of impact on their relevant community!
  12. Heathen

    Treshure's Wiki Team Application

    Very capable writer and more than qualified for the position of WT.
  13. Heathen

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    Placeholder on Wonkawoods. We cookin’ boys.