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  1. A notice would be penned to Alexander, bearing the seal of Gladewynn. Henceforth, with the power vested in me by my brethren and the consensus with the Chieftain of my clan, we do enable this pact with the Holy Orenian Empire. Throughout my life, I have fought alongside many just and devout men who have emerged from your species, whether they be the famed Antonious Horen, Charles Elliot, or brothers in the Black Reiter Company. I was a confidante of the late Prince Cassius Horen, and together he and I laid our enemies low and brought safety and security to our newly established alliance. The wars between humans mean little to me; but the return of our beloved land which Dinlassel’an razed brings me great joy. Although my time in this world wanes day-by-day and I remain intently focused on my Druidic Teachings and busy myself with the pursuit of enlightenment. Now, I, the “Prince of Gladewynn”, as proclaimed by my subordinates and comrades from amongst my clan do offer my signature to this writing. The tumultuous relationship with my fellow Elves ends now. I will not serve amongst those who were too feeble and cowed before others rather than protect their brethren. Their steps have done naught but falter, and even when posed with the overture of a potential reunion they squandered their time and wasted an opportunity to reunite our fractured people. The followers of Irrin Sirame, apart from the Aureons, deserve no respect. They rob us of our ideals, and on the daily do nothing to benefit their nation except to beg for handouts from their citizens. Their bureaucracy and their faith has been hard-tempered by the sloth and lust of pining elders who no longer understand what it is to be ‘Elven’. Once, I rode against the Dominion of Malin. Once, I rode against foes to the North and to the South in the name of my allies. But now, I ride to protect the Free People from the self-destructive tendencies of a dying people and their way of life that echoes across this realm as a disgrace. I have my misgivings about Humanity, but my misgivings on Malinor are far greater. Signed, Kairn Igus Ithelanen, “Prince of Gladewynn”, The Bronze Lord & Chieftain Aneir’in Ithelanen, Fist of Morea
  2. “When you slept, what did you see?” “I saw us. Our Gladewynn from times long past. Stretching, harrowing forests that fell to deep blacks. A brilliant aurora adorning a foreign sky. And in that strange light, a lost people found unto themselves. No gates or walls marred our land - only the trees, and silent eyes within.” A spirit of war has long inhabited the people of Gladewynn. Although this burden was shared amongst most Alderfolk, few were chosen to carry out the duties that befell the nation. Upon the Rock of Alders seven swords convened, thus forming a nation born on the dying throes of another. They lived and died, with only the rock to note their passing. Their songs and battles lay in woods forlorn by elvenkind -- yet, the spirit lingered. Deeply rooted in the blood of Alderfolk was something that had previously laid dormant. And finally, at long last, it has awoken. Refugees of the stagnated Dominion of Malin embark and accompany the King and Prince of Alders through the Barrowlands, into the former Kingdom of Gladewynn, Atlas. The Avchirran is the primary branch of the military serving Gladewynn. Initially conceived as a mercenary company, they were meant to assist in the process of aiding Alderfolk refugees from Caras Eldar and to Viralondë, and now they do the same for New Gladewynn. As Gladewynn formed and the Alderfolk joined, the company eventually became the de jure army of the nascent nation-state. High Command Marshal, or Annilir The Marshal is responsible for leading the Avchirran in its entirety. Their word is absolute, second only to the Chieftains. High-Consular The High-Consular is the second-in-command and acts as the de facto leader should the Marshal not be present. Typically they are responsible for carrying out disciplinary actions, managing internal disputes and boosting morale. Consular A Consular is tasked with managing a small division of the Avchirran. Distribution of materials, raiding and other errands relegated to them by their superiors are a regular set of activities they’re meant to chaperon. Army Warden Accomplished, recognized and senior warriors in service to their respective Consulares. Wardens help direct troops during everyday instances of law-breaking, civilian disputes and other domestic affairs. Herald Heralds are responsible for recruitment and public events. They create propaganda, advertise and speak to people to help them feel reassured and safe throughout the realm. Waystalker The designated scouts of the Avchirran, also called the Dread Wolves. They are charged with doing reconnaissance – scoping out enemy defenses, and keeping tabs on foreign politics from afar. Guardian Becoming a Guardian is the second stage of recruitment. Once you are bestowed this title, you are considered a full-fledged member of the military. Initiate A foot elf in the standing army oftentimes levied from the citizenry or abroad. They have only recently sworn their oath to defend the realm unto its dying breath and thus are in the very beginning of their military tenure.
  3. It’s not about the land and cities, it’s about the friends we met along the way.

    1. Lackless_


      I love you eliot

    2. Auriel_
  4. Kairn decides his next act will be chartering a public school.
  5. 5th of The First Seed, 1728 With this proclamation, the vernacular title of King of the Elves, Prince of the Alders, and Prince of Leyulin are hereby dissolved. In these less trying times there is no need for us to willfully enable a dictatorship to charter the course of the Alderfolk in world affairs; and I, Kairn Ithelanen, do enfoff that task to the chieftains who rule over the clans of Gladewynn. The refounding of Gladewynn was first done to form a sanctuary for the elves who were noncompliant with the Dominion of Malin’s new policies, which at the time of about fifty-years ago caused much grief to the Free Peoples by stifling citizens participation in government, enabling a corrupt and senseless bureaucracies mismanaging the government which soon after transitioned into a fleeting and frail demagoguery. After the annexation of Irrinor in those days, and the ratification of the ‘Kingdom’ which we thought would stand for centuries; we lost sight of our mission. A home for outcasts became the mainstream hub for all Elves in Atlas. The freedom we represented was gone, and once again we were the Dominion of Malin come again in the flesh of a walking, dead and decaying horse. By the time I had left and my heir had taken the throne, it was too late. We took to the seas and left Atlas to settle elsewhere. But now has come a new time. To ratify a new settlement and one that respects the core values of our culture with the utmost certainty. We are hedging bets on a new experiment, one where demagogues and royalty are a thing of the past. To be King is to rule with unceremonious certainty, to hold all the power and concentrate it into the hands of a lone figure. For the Elves, this cannot last. The Dictatorship is fleeting and within a matter of years, its benefits give way to misfortune. The true way to retain our core cultural values and a multifaceted society is by bridging rifts once thought unmendable and overcoming differences through sheer force of will. The power is now concentrated into the hands of chieftains and the everyday citizens who follow them. Today, that is Ithelanen and Aureon. Tomorrow, there may be more who found new clans of their own or rediscover rich cultural history lost to time. All that has happened was for a reason and now we find ourselves on the precipice of a new age where power is vested in the hands who wield it, and not into the hands of those whose potential to misuse it could be the defining characteristic of an age. Signed, Kairn Ithelanen Lyemar Aureon Aneir’in Ithelanen
  6. Name of your Charter: Gladewynn Owner's Username: Excitedly Owner's Roleplay Name: Kairn Ithelanen Location (XYZ): x 2549.643 /y 42 / z -427.500 Tier applying for: 2
  7. THE ELVEN SMITHING GUILD COMMISSIONS 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1727 The Elven Smithing Guild is now taking commissions for swords, armor, and tools. We are looking to expand our enterprise and due to this, we will be making what we produce not only high-quality but an affordable alternative to what is found in markets throughout Arcas! We will be price matching and if you show us documentation of the item and its price, we will give you an alternative of the same quality that is fifty-minas less than what you found. Provided that you do not attempt to take advantage of this system to receive free commissions, it will be applicable and without any heavy restrictions. To make a request you can meet with Kairn Ithelanen in Irrinor, or with Illythia in Ves or Llyria. Alternatively, you can submit a long-distance letter that will arrive at our aviaries within a matter of weeks. OOC: - To make a request by the aviary, please submit a letter to my inbox here on the forums, or to @SquakHawk. You can also just post a request as a response to this thread. Be mindful that forum requests will take longer to be processed. - To provide “evidence” of the price of something, please submit a screenshot of the item you found on the market place. And we will take off the cost by 50-100 minas depending on how much it costs overall. - Items created are done in role-playing and not just by simply renaming and describing.
  8. I applaud that you now think this kind of approach is necessary, but I still cannot hope but wish that people had communicated more with me in the slew of rule-breaking situations and accusations I’ve faced in the past. Someone on here made the point you don’t explain how you'll execute this, and I think you should address that in your next update log. That being said, I am not too overly critical about the ideals of this approach, I’m just a bit skeptical that there’ll be any headway in making the Staff act on it. Kaelan, for instance, was a passionate staff member who was burnt out and pressed into a bad situation. Instead of talking to him and working through the problem in an efficient way, Flamboyant went on a public thread and accused him of lusting after an Admin role and being jealous of Pun. Keep in mind, I am friends with both Kaelan and Pun. I don’t feel either of them should be removed, and I was surprised when Kaelan stepped down. A lot of Managers were willing to step down with him, and I honestly think that you guys need to sort out the staff before telling others how to behave. The last point I’ll make is the toxicity of the Staff Team causes many “good” and “idealistic” players to go rogue and adopt a careless attitude towards the server. It happened with me, it’s happened with Kaelan, and it’s happened with loads of other people. Many people feel the same way, and staff, after they quit/are removed, tend to let off lots of steam because of how rigid the system is. For all the decorum that you guys want to put on the lower echelons of staff, I still think the bluntness and reactivity of the Administration should be curbed a bit. Admins should be role models, not bosses. Admins should be directors, not dictators. Peace, and best of luck!
  9. throw me your new snap monkey

  10. Kairn remembers the day that the four orcs intruded his smithy fondly. “Really polite fellows. Shame I couldn’t help them find a worthy fighter for their quest.”
  11. THE ELVEN SMITHING GUILD EST. 1726 Purpose Blacksmithing is the king of all trades, and no matter where you are in this wide world it has a wide variety of uses. Whether it is farming utilities, siege equipment, or weapons and armor forged for valiant warriors to protect and expand their native homelands. However, as time goes on the rights of craftsmen are infringed upon. The labor of artisans and smiths everywhere exploited, and their works made all the worse for it. That is the foundation for the Elven Smithing Guild, which represents and lobbies on behalf of Elven blacksmiths everywhere. The organization also holds itself responsible for teaching the art of smithing and helping smaller forges and other businesses make money from their commissions without taking a single cut of the profits which do not rightly belong to them. Locations The official meeting places of the Elven Smithing Guild are not set in stone. The organization possesses a guild house in Irrinor, but may also opt to meet at a member’s smithy or a tavern instead. Despite this the Elven Smithing Guild is pursuing guild houses in each Elven nation in order to represent its interests and initiate new members. Membership Once you are a member of the guild it is a viable tool to market your abilities. It is through the collaboration of its members that the guild draws its strength, and commissions are shared through a network of aviaries throughout the region. The guild itself does not charge a fee for the lobbying and petitioning it commits on behalf of its members, but it accepts donations to keep the guild itself afloat so that it may continue to protect the historical legacy of Elven Blacksmithing. Hierarchy The hierarchy of the Elven Smithing Guild largely decides how it will proceed as an organization. It is simplified into three roles. Master The master has mastered the art of blacksmithing and may take on apprentices to teach the subject. They have the role of lobbying on behalf of journeymen, as well as calling for official guild-mandated meetings to deliberate on important subject matters. Journeyman The journeyman is a blacksmith under the employ of or represented by the organization. A journeyman has not yet taken the trials to be a master and cannot yet take on students in any official capacity. However, they are capable of running and maintaining their own smithies and employees and are given permission to speak at meetings without being called upon. Apprentice If somebody is interested in joining the Elven Smithing Guild, they converse with a master to express interest in enrolling. As blacksmithing is an honorable and lucrative profession, it is a desirable trade to pursue. Apprentices cannot speak at meetings without permission, and cannot represent guild interests when doing commissions. Eventually, when their master sees they are professional and learned enough to ply their trade, they will be made a journeyman in the organization who can.
  12. “HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY,Alexander II Stephen of the House of de Joannes, by the Grace of GOD, Holy Orenian Emperor and rightful Emperor of Aeldin, forever August, Apostolic King in Oren, of Marna, Mardon, Renatus, Seventis, Salvus, Savoy, Aesterwald, and the Westerlands, Defender of the Faith, Prince of Helena, Duke of the Crownlands, Avar and Cascadia, Count of Pruvia and Johannesburg, Fidei Defensor, Sovereign of Humanity, Suzerain of the Elves and Protector of the Dominion of Malin, etcetera.” Recited Kairn Ithelanen, rubbing his chin. “Suzerain of the Elves and Protector of the Dominion of Malin no longer applies.”
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