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  1. Veist

    Toxzero's Lore Moderator Application

    I've known Tox for going on 4-5 years now. I believe that he has the understanding of LoTC's canonical lore and that he has the creativity and ingenuity to make reasonable solutions to problems and write some bombtastic lore pieces. Major +1 from me!
  2. Veist

    N0tt's Event Team Actor application

    +1 Everyone I post support for on an application gets denied for being associated with me.
  3. Veist

    Goodbye, for now.

    Work on yourself. You should always aspire to be a great person in real life, take all of this backlash to your absolutely horrible behavior as a motive to improve.
  4. Veist

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    Man, it's almost like LoTC is a toxic cesspit filled with people who are encouraged to harass, ridicule and mistreat others on account of just about anything they do because they're in a different group. Maybe instead of saying somebody is the definition of a toxic player on a public thread without any kind of evidence you should take a step back and realize that just because you personally dislike somebody that doesn't necessarily mean they're a bad fit for a team. Not every chunk of word barf that leaves your mouth is gold. You're definitely not fixing this "toxicity" you label by being toxic in response. It's evidenced in each single sentence comment you make that you really aren't keen on airing out that definition in front of people. As somebody involved in the situation at hand, I can attest to the mismanagement at the time and the poor decision making Chorale made, just as I know that he somehow managed to interpret my leaving post in the chat as some kind of "leak" when it was information I had inferred from discussions I had with other FMs.
  5. Veist

    angry old man screams at computer (ama)

    When will you and I make the ET great again?
  6. Veist

    A Heinous Crime

    A notice would land in the Ignoramus Rex's outstretched T-Rex arms bearing a message from the Elves. "The King of Marna asked, I gave. Do not tempt fate." The bird that had so politely dropped the notice scuttled off and took flight.
  7. Veist

    Three Saints Day Ceasefire

    His Eminence the King Kairn Ithelanen; Crown Royarch of United Elvenesse and Sovereign Lord of the Woodland Realms, Defender of the Loftywoods and Prince of Leyulin.
  8. Veist


    His Eminence the King Kairn Ithelanen; Crown Royarch of United Elvenesse and Sovereign Lord of the Woodland Realms, Defender of the Loftywoods and Prince of Leyulin.
  9. Veist

    Swan Song

    "My family has been destroyed by the ravages of war and I can do nothing to stop it." King Kairn was distraught by the news and nobody was able to comfort him in his state of uneasiness and woe. He was a man who had seen many horrible things in his life time; whether it be rampaging Undead and genocidal radicals or men killed by volleys of arrow fire during sieges. Bearing witness to some of the most gruesome crimes the world had to offer, he assumed he had seen it all time and time again. He said lowly, "Consequences for my actions. Your name will go down in the annals of our people, brother. Forever."
  10. Malin Oem Malin Kinare A King Kills a King, Saga of the Fallen Rex Role-play: Ceasing Restrained and Virarim on the march, c. 1669 (Art by wombattree) Northward bound, a small party trudged through the woods in near silence. Reiter mercenaries walked ahead, their heavy bootsteps crushing fallen foliage and turning the path into a mess of mud, while behind them, the clinking of Romstun armour could be heard. No one spoke a word, not even the prisoner with a rope around his neck like a dog. Two men, one in leather and one in plate, held twin ropes; one around the orc’s neck, and the other bound his hands. By the time the Orcish Rex reached the gates of Caras Eldar, he was coated in mud up to his shins. A Reiter forced him to the cobbles with a sharp kick to the back of his knees, and he grunted as the unprotected joint met unrelenting stone. A figure emerged from the crowd, which seemed to melt away at his approach. He moved with a preternatural elegance that was offset by the full bronze armour with which he wore - lethal, and utterly expressionless. King Kairn Ithelanen took his time approaching the Rex, coming to a halt with the tips of his armoured boots touching the orc’s knees. “You may offer your surrender to me for your belligerence and murder of innocent elves,” the King said softly. Deceptively so. There was a murderous glint in his eyes that betrayed his willingness to put down anyone and anything that would threaten his city and his nation. “Zay gug’ye tu lahtz goi,” Puknaak’Lak spat with his chin raised defiantly. Say goodbye to your city. Sweat beaded on his blue skin, catching the dappled sunlight that streamed in through the heavy canopy. He was armourless, having been stripped of the Bloodsteel upon capture, and knelt only in filthy black and red clothing. “Your city will burn.” “And your brothers will die.” Kairn held out a hand to his Praetor, who wordlessly advanced with a sheathed greatsword. “You had your chance to surrender and make your concessions.” He drew the blade, throwing the sheath carelessly aside in order to grasp it with two hands. That murderous glint ignited until the King’s eyes practically glowed, and he brought the blade down without mercy. It cleaved through skin, sinew, and bone, sending the orc’s head flying clean off. In a pool of ruby red blood it sat, staring sightlessly up at the silver leaves above. ... ... In the Naelurir Grove, the Mali’ame gathered around a stone altar. They sacrificed the dead Orcish Rex’s heart to the Aspects with their King’s blessing: “A gift for Cernunnos and Cerridwen.” Kairn descended from the altar once the deed was done, disappearing into one of the side caverns with a druid of the grove. When he emerged, it was with a striking red tattoo snaking around his right arm- the Warrior’s Mark. The mark of the Father. - Credit to ToffeeZodiac - CBs: Denouncement Kidnapping, Multiple Occasions, such as Khaine and Nivndil (iMattyz, Nivndil) who are key political figures. Attacks On Leadership Counts of Peace Time Invasion Aiding An Enemy Side A: The Dominion of Malin & Allies Side B: War Nation of Krugmar & Allies Proposed Date & Time: July 7th, 2018 @ 4 P.M. EST. (Saturday) Proposed Rules: (Suggest any unique modifications or restrictions for this warclaim.) Regular Server Rules Location: CAPITAL Site of first skirm. Discords: Eli#0795, Gus#6475, Khan#1650, Will (TauFirewarrior)#2409
  11. Name of the Treaty: The Pact of the Sacred Grove ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Defensive Pact] ========================================= [Nation] Name: The Dominion of Malin [Nation] Name: Mother Circle ========================================= Date of Signing: ((March 19th, Fid didn't include the in-character date on the original.)) += The Pact of the Sacred Grove =+ The Grove and its surrounding lands are hereby accepted by the Crown in the capacity of Protectorate State, to be a considered a constituent and amalgamated member of the greater forested borderlands of Elvenesse. The new subsistent realm will be afforded the following rights henceforth, granted by the authority of the Woodland royarchs. The Mother Circle, under its traditional structure of three Archdruids, will remain the authority paramount within the bounds of the sacred Grove, retain their ability to keep the law and order of the blessed sanctuary, and maintain all ancient laws, customs, and facets of worship and life which adhere to common sensibility and decency. The Archdruids of the Mother Circle will be granted a representative upon the Court of the Dominion, so that their will and desires may be communicated directly thence, and further unto the High Prince. The Mother Circle shall be afforded the ability to request martial law and/or the assistance of the Crown, in the event of serious internal disturbance or other comparable situation. In matters of national security, allegiance, outside borders, and integrity, the Grove shall be represented henceforth by the Crown of the Dominion of Malin, and will benefit from the existing and future treaties engaged by the protector state. The Grove shall, in times of declared war, serve as a staging-point and forward position of the united Dominion and allied forces; to this end a small garrison of Virarim soldiery will be raised and stationed at the Grove henceforth. In addition: A small fortification shall be constructed by the joint authority of the Crown and the Mother Circle. Reaffirmed on the 18th of the Amber Cold, 1669, His Eminence the King Kairn Ithelanen; Crown Royarch of United Elvenesse and Sovereign Lord of the Woodland Realms, Defender of the Loftywoods and Prince of Leyulin. -and- The Representative Council and Federal Cabinet of the Dominion of Malin Archdruid Nivndil, Sister Autumn to the Druidic Order and the Aspects of Nature. -and- The Archdruids of the Mother Grove
  12. what the **** you actual ape
  13. beef squashed 🙏 imattyz , rin , medvekoma left to go 

  14. We've had our problems and we're both passionate people. While I don't particularly trust you, I also understand there are two sides to every story and it's pointless to openly feud over a hatchet I buried months ago. He's likely competent enough to be a superior GM to the majority of the GM team, you would do well to add him immediately.