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  1. Time Lady of Kittens

    Why I might leave LoTC

    just to point out something from which was in here to clarify. What she said here is accurate. @Sky you actually were the first admin to even handle any of the issues I dealt with, with both players I dealt with. Both were harassment, and borderline sexual harassment. I had reported the first player multiple times before you finally permabanned them for harassment and toxicity. I did not include his ooc harassment of cybering as I believed it was a typical for a 16 year old boy to be pent up and sexually frustrated. That being said, the second one was reported publically by multiple women on this server, and he was perma-banned after stating he was going to off himself. Sexual harassment on the server is still live and well. I still get my fair share of it, though most of it I ignore. I have had, on occasion, messaged GMs about players coming up to my character and stating quite derogitory things that should be instantly bannable, and they got just slaps on the wrists. If I went up to a player and asked to see her nethers in character, I would be banned for more than a few days. Yet multiple times I see staff be lenient because "oh he just is trolling/joking". I wonder what would happen if a parent saw that being said to their 12, 13, or 14 year old daughter? Women, and especially men, in general will not necessarily open up about rape or the likes due to the stigmas like "its the your fault". The staff currently is unapproachable for these issues. I do not feel confident in them to handle the harassment that still plagues this server. @Jaeden you have seen some of the stuff I put up with. I go to you for issues because I know you listen. Whether action is taken or not, I am never sure of, but when I can only go to one or two gms because I feel most of the staff is unapproachable, it means you have no trust from your community. Staff needs to handle these situations more firmly and act more swiftly. Complaints should not go ignored no matter who complains.
  2. Time Lady of Kittens


    My biggest regret is letting myself get caught up in the drama anand toxicity of others and letting that damage who I am.
  3. Time Lady of Kittens

    An Intro to an Older Player

    Thanks, I am trying to grow. I just hope people can learn forgiveness, whether i deserve it or not
  4. Time Lady of Kittens

    An Intro to an Older Player

    Well, I don't know if I ever did an intro post, and if I did, it has been many years. So, here goes nothing I guess. I have gone by Jade for many years, loved the name since I first saw Jackie Chan Adventures, yes, I am old. I originally used the name in an old story I wrote one that shall never see the light of day. I mean who wants to read about shapeshifting elves under the rule of a demonic king, right? Anyways. I joined Lord of the Craft back in 2013, back when we had QrQs and a harder time getting on. I still feel bad for the AT who had to read my application. Before joining this server, I was an avid forum roleplayer who would write posts of 5 to 10 paragraphs, albeit I have slacked since then. You can probably imagine the lengthy application I made for this server. This server has served as my social outlet since I live out in the boonies (or middle of nowhere). I joined my friend's small group, Drone, Kizu, and Dante were the first people to really become my friend on this server. I probably would have left if Drone wasnt pushing me to be around. The people here helped me get through my father's heart surgery. I had an outlet so I didn't stress as much. Slowly this became a second world to me, a community I had come to rely on. I slowly took on new characters that some of you may remember. Kaila Horen-Hightower will forever remain my most treasured character. Salvus of Anthos was always attacked, and I usually was a target. I took things in stride and enjoyed my time on her, even with some OOC harassment. To say I got better is regrettably untrue. As some of my closer friends vanished, banned from the server or just left, I slowly fell into groups that were more toxic. I let myself get close to some that began to change me, without knowing it. I ended up severing friendships with people, then banned for a month for toxic behavior with another player. While I was banned, I found myself working on another server for a short time, before returning at the end of my ban with an appeal. However, this was when I noticed things had changed. I grew slowly more paranoid, allowed myself to see the player as no longer my friend, but someone out to make my roleplay experience unbearable. I grew closer to Kizumachan and CJmate, relying on them to keep me somewhat sane, didn't work. Around this time, Kizu and I got caught up in another player's toxicity. Needless to say he was eventually permanantly banned and Kizu left the server for a time. Dakirennis then became a good friend at the end of Anthos and through all of the Fringe. We grew close, had great talks and worked to make dark elves better, together. Baconthief had left the server but kept me in close contact. I became friends with Zero and Darklord, finding out that things were getting more complicated. It was around this time Elad and I grew close and I started staying in teamspeak more with the admins in my private channel. However, per usual, I tend to muck things up with my friends. Thales turned to be a land where I lost many friends. Dark became distant and I was dumb enough to admit I had feelings for another friend. It unfortunately made the friendship akward, and I kept making it worse. By the end of Thales, I left the dark elf community and stayed more to myself. Meta became a good friend and I started keeping to myself. Athera was when I joined the druid community and learned so much about many of the people there. The staff was ready to ban me due to issues between myself and the previous player I had been banned with. I kept my distance and wanted them to do the same. We almost were able to rp together again, but when one of my friends started getting harassed, I assumed it was because of the player and immediately cut all ties and RP. As Athera closed with the harvester event, I withdrew from the community to try and focus on myself. Around this time, I was dealing with the loss of a job, depression, and many other things. I felt alone and scared, not wishing to be part of a community that seemed to have abandoned me as much as I did it. I returned on another map and immediately became close friends to Hedgehug. This player, had helped me through so much, I wish I deserved such an awesome friend as that. I kept mostly to myself for much of the maps. Roleplaying a little with a few others but really felt withdrawn. Then last year, everything changed. My grandmother, a woman who raised me like her own daughter, passed away from serocis and c-dif, it was a slow death that had me shattered. I did my best to be strong, but it was very difficult. Those closest to me knew how much I struggled to keep myself together. I kept my mourning to myself around my family, but broke down around my closest friend, Hedge. Then everything started to go downhill. I got into a confrontation with another player and vented to a friend. Unfortunately, my venting was sent to the player and things became very uncomfortable. I was soon given a six month ban for harassment, one I still feel I deserved, despite not agreeing with it. I managed to appeal after four months but immediately felt a change with the people around me. Now, I know I am a paranoid person, I know I am a mess most of the time. However, the month I returned to the server, an old childhood friend of mine, asked me to marry him. Why he would want to be with someone like me, I will never know. He saw something in me I still do not see. I started playing the server less and less. I grew to depend on him to be my outlet. Then in February of this year, we were officially married. I admit, I am still finding it hard to believe. That following March, we had a wedding in which we invited some people from LotC and I couldnt have been happier. One of them even "officiated" the wedding out of a DnD book. Blessed Be. Through the five years I have been on this server, I have changed, both good and bad I guess. My depression and anxiety have gotten worse, though more due to pregnancy being something that really affects your mood. Yes, I am old enough to be a mother. I have had times where I ended up in the hospital due to the depression. I am seeing a therapist for my depression and anxiety, yet there are days where I feel even she isnt helpful. I ended up losing a job I absolutely loved due to by pregnancy. I ended up withdrawing from many people. I have lost friends, made a few, and learned that one of my ex's never got over me and got pissed, sending me a lovely note about how toxic I am. Why am I writing this all out? Its not to really get anyone to feel sorry for me. Its to let people know who I am. I will overthink, stress, worry, and get upset with every interaction I have with someone I meet. I assume the worst and have it in my mind that most of this server would celebrate should I truly vanish. Its a twisted thought. I stare at my discord and often ask if anyone on there would miss me, or if I am annoying them. I admit my faults, many of which I know I blow out of proportion. However, there are those few who will reach out, just to ask if I am okay, or to see if I need something. As of now, I am uncertain how much longer I will be apart of this community. I have made a few new friends, enjoyed some fantastic roleplay, and finally got back into drawing. However, because of my job loss, the pregnancy, and another surgery lined up for my father, I am uncertain if I am even stable enough to shoulder it all. Some have already seen me starting to crumble. I roleplay maybe a few hours a week anymore, and often only with one or two people. I try to keep my head low, and only speak up when I need to. I try to avoid lashing out at people who have hurt me or started spreading lies. Instead, I try to just focus on myself and my character development. Yes I am older player, but that does not make me mature. Some people just never grow up. I am sorry to those I have hurt in the past and present. I am trying to change, and I have no excuse for why I am the way I am. I apologize to anyone reading this entire thing as it seems like some sob story now that I read it. But that is the Jade you all havent really gotten to know. Most know me as an angry, opinionated, stubborn player. I however, love talking to people. I love being someone people can turn to for advice or help, it makes me feel like I have a purpose. I like talking about animals, baby things, and even art. I love just having communication with people, just because it makes things seem less lonely in my life. You dont have to comment, I just felt like opening up a little. And yes I feel stupid.
  5. Time Lady of Kittens

    My Thoughts

    Witnessing it in one chat, I honestly wish I could have done more. I have been through this with now two friends. One I still find it very difficult to believe they did something similar. If you find it easy to turn your back on a friend over accusations, that person never deserved you as a friend, in my honest opinion. It took a lot to convince me one of my friends was a predator. And when I saw the evidence for myself, I finally had to concede as one of the people involved was under the age of 13 (different server). The other friend, I have a harder time believing he did wrong because some whome were involved were known for lying. Leo. Honestly, stand by your friend as long as you want. I have stood by people for a long time and it takes a lot to break that bond. No one should be blaming you for being a loyal friend. If anything, they should admire that you prefer facts before dropping your friend. I am open to talking if you need another friend.
  6. I wish you were still admin. You took no sh*t from anyone. Even if you liked to torment me ❤️

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    2. Time Lady of Kittens

      Time Lady of Kittens

      LE GASP! You caught me!

    3. Urasept


      cant say your wrong or right without sounding egotistical and out of touch so wont even try. There were times i was more active as times when i was less yes to which i have never stated otherwise. thanks for the note about good character. You live, you learn, and you reflect and see how things could have been, should have been, or still can be. That being said from the short bit i been back just looking at forums, theres a big jump to where things could / should be.

    4. Time Lady of Kittens

      Time Lady of Kittens

      You have taught me never to say goodnight to moderators or to carry a tissue at all times. Fun times 

  7. I am going to clear things up on what sneaky is trying to say. Lord of the Craft has a strict policy about cybering and the like due to the ages they are trying to get into the server. Anyone who has yet to hit puberty (generally under the age of 12) falls under the category of Pedo for pedophile. Thus her thread should be more on the legal actions parents of teens should be taking. Statutory Rape is what is meant here. Yes. It is RAPE regardless of medium. Statutory rape refers to the age of consent of minors between the ages of 12 and 18. If the administration wishes to say the participants were willing, then they need to read the laws that state what the age of conscent is. Lord of the Craft Administration is currently allowing RAPE to be roleplayed on their mediums and discords between players without a care. I am sorry, but this needs to be addressed before LEGAL ACTION is taken against the server.
  8. Time Lady of Kittens

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    Do you love your adorable mute daughter? What do you think of me?
  9. Time Lady of Kittens

    Jade's Art Thread

    I have decided to showcase some of my artwork over the years. I know some of my art is lackluster and my more recent works are actually doing great. I might be willing to do commissions once I feel like my art is up to standard for commisions. I have finally fixed my tablet and have since been on a drawing spree. It is partially why my sprites have stopped. Q: What Programs do you use? A: I use a mixture of programs. For art I use Poser to get my anatamoy correct, Sai for the coloring, and Photoshop for miscellaneous things. For sprites I use Game Character Hub to help me with getting the body and armor correct, I then freehand the rest. For my 3D Minecraft pictures, I use Minanimator, though I do plan to move to blender once I can get a friend to teach me it. For skins I use MCSkin3D. Q: Can I has free art? A: Short answer, no. Long answer, I am sorry but I do not do free art for anyone unless I get inspired by someone. This is either because of the roleplay around my character, or because the person has done something that I feel warrants free art. If you want art, you must wait for commisions or see if I am doing a stream.
  10. Time Lady of Kittens

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Temp Hiatus

    @Security_ @Sybbyl0127 @Allieice @Arygon I have your sprites ready for you. I am usually online most of the day. Please PM me in game so we can meet so I can give you your sprites. Thank you
  11. Time Lady of Kittens

    Loading Terrain and Disconnected

    I still get the error from time to time
  12. Time Lady of Kittens

    Loading Terrain and Disconnected

    its an ongoing issue. Message a GM on discord to have them TP you, you may need to be in a loaded chunk
  13. Time Lady of Kittens

    [MT] Hedge... why...

    Hedge is a good man who can take just about anything. While some say he butts heads with others over his "clique" its not true. I am not part of his group of friends, as most of them dislike me, but he is still my friend. He is willing to listen even when approached agressively by others. I say give hedge MT again. +1