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  1. Time Lady of Kittens

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    @Wrynn @MyLittleUnicorn - Your sprites are done and ready for you. Please hmu in game to pay. (I am usually on between 2pst and 5pst on the weekdays) @Elk @Boruto - Your sprites are awaiting Approval @Medvekoma - Your sprite is now being worked on, moved to top of list for rush, should be done by tomorrow evening @Gladuos @Sybbyl0127 - Your sprites will be worked on shortly, you have been moved to the current list
  2. MC Name: MamaBearJade Character's Name: Rin'Su Winterleaf Lorenthus Character's Age: 35 Character's Race: Dark Elf What magic(s) will you be learning? Diety - Druidism - Commune & Control Teacher's MC Name: A_Keefy Teacher's RP Name: Hareven Lorenthus Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Of course Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Of course Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  3. Time Lady of Kittens

    Time Lady of Kittens

  4. Time Lady of Kittens

    A_Keefy's Application Team Application

    No, he is working himself too much as it is. He will kill himself with all these roles. Someone stop him! I support him either way, but someone must save this man from his insanity +1
  5. Time Lady of Kittens

    Elawynn Caerme'onn

    ~*~ Elawynn ~*~ Ela | Little Princess Maiden Name: Elawynn Taveria Torena Other Names: Vincrute Aureon Caerme’onn Winterleaf Titles: Honorable Ambassador of the Dominion of Malin, Adherent of Tahariae Birthday: 7th of Deep Cold, 1550 (Every Tuesday at 11am) Age: 117 Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf (some Dark Elf) Status: Alive Pets: Dawn - orange kerwolf with black speckles and amber eyes, Mr Fluffs - A black and white rabbit, Autumn - an orange kerwolf Fighting Ability: None Religion: Aspects, Tahariae, Ancestors Tattoos: Ilmyumier Caerme’onn - Mark of the Caerme’onns under her eyes. Mark of the healer - Teal bindings on her wrists. Ilmyumier Aureon - Mark of the Aureon around her back, chest, and shoulders. Appearance Elawynn is a tall wood elven woman, reaching the height of five foot eight. Her long crimson hair cascades around her in waves. However, she usually keeps it in a braid to avoid it getting in her face. Her dark tan skin is a few shades darker than her wood elven kin, but almost unnoticeable. Her eyes, much like her mother's, is a pale blue. However, deep within her irises, silver and blue light swirls within them, giving her eyes an almost liquid look. Across her flesh are multiple scars from her days in captivity. However, most have been covered up by her tattoos. She tends to wear light clothing that is easy to move in. No one has ever seen her wear shoes. Personality Elawynn is a very kind woman. Raised on her own, she tends to trust people a little too easily. She rarely gets into confrontations and will often avoid fights if she can help it. Despite being a cleric, she fears blood so severely she has been known to pass out. Being a passifist often leads her into trouble as she will not fight to defend herself if it means harming another, and killing someone is inconceivable to her. Being so soft and naive has lead her to multiple problems, not just in her love life, but also her safety. Biography < To Be Added > Family Father: Narmir Taviera Mother: Lilliana Taviera Sibling(s): Arianna Solaray (9th of Deep Cold, 1510), Caelin Solaray (9th of Snow’s Maiden, 1526), Tanal (Missing), Alexander (Missing), Cecilia (Left), Annabelle (Deceased), Bariel (Missing) Spouce(s): Athrel Aureon (Married 18th of The Deep Cold, 1590 - deceased), Wolf (Missing) Child(ren): Tanithil Taviera (6th The Deep Cold, 1586 - Tuesdays), Elvira Aureon (11th of Sun’s Smile, 1628 - Sundays), Sarya Taviera (7th of Sun’s Smile, 1643 - Sundays) Adopted Child(ren): Filos Taviera (21st The Deep Cold, 1590 - Tuesdays deceased) Grandparents: Dhaun’che Oussana (Grandmother), Neci Los'iirae (Grandmother, Adopted), Caedwen Camoryn (Grandfather), Cir’dian Nymphea (Grandfather - Adopted), Jakir Axem (Grandfather - Adopted - Deceased), Azel Bloodseeker (Grandfather - Adopted), Dak’ir Des’nox (Grandfather), Z’ress Oussana (Grandmother - Deceased), Artemic Camoryn (Grandfather), Maliyu Camoryn (Grandmother), Resia (Grandmother - Adopted), Meta Solary (Grandfather - Adopted), Izier Vincrute (Grandfather - Adopted) Other Family: Leithlan Camoryn (Uncle), Relien (Aunt - Adopted), Seiya Katashi (Uncle - Adopted), Saria Camoryn (Aunt) Fighting Style Hand to Hand Combat: none Sword Fighting: none Archery: Master Most Proficient Style: Archery Secondary Style: none Magic Archtype: Divine - Clerical Subtype: Priest Healing & Wards, Priest Healing TA Teacher: Elvira Students: none Artwork
  6. Time Lady of Kittens

    Upset_Ember, Llahir's Event Team Actor application

    No. +1
  7. Time Lady of Kittens

    [✗] [Rewrite]Lycanthropes, The Ferals Of Morea

    Yeah, it made a druid unsure whether Ferals were good or such. She kept her distance as she stayed with her wolves. IC belief is Ferals are "fake wolves" and has stated so multiple times. I would love to see ferals more like that than "I am a big dog helping you dr00ds". Honestly, I would be fine if C&C didnt work on them either. Make them be more beast than furry.
  8. Time Lady of Kittens

    [✗] [Rewrite]Lycanthropes, The Ferals Of Morea

    As a druid who has seen ferals up close I will toss my two cents. Starfelt, know my IC feelings are from what Lilly experienced. They are not a mirror of my OOC feelings OOCly - I agree ferals should not have any magic. Your feral attacking my druid over a comment, yea was a little infuriating at the time, but looking back makes sense as to why ferals should be a curse. I applaud that and think that should be a thing. Ferals should be uncontrollable in anger, should be quick to transform with certain triggers. I agree. But perhaps add in, they cannot be connected to magic in either form. Make them their own instead of something that is currently mostly controlled by druids. Icly- Lilly despises them, thinks they are a curse, esp on a druid if they attack druids.
  9. Time Lady of Kittens

    Four Month Long Connection Problems

    I am having the issue as well here. Oddly only on one account, MamaBearJade. If I cant log in on it, I usually can on other accounts. I hope this might add some insight as well.
  10. Time Lady of Kittens

    Ignored User Error

    I am unsure how many others use this function, but I have found a bug. I use the "ignore" function for mostly signatures that allow me with either how big or flashy they are. However, you cannot put staff members on the ignore list. I understand that having them ignored fully is a bad thing, but some staff members have very annoying signatures that I just wish to stop seeing as it slows down my browser. It also concerns me that if there is a member I have fully blocked because of the OOC stress they cause me, will it be removed if they become staff? I would like to be able to at least block signatures of members and staff to make my forum experience more pleasurable on my potato internet.
  11. Time Lady of Kittens

    Tell me how to make a good character and stick with them...

    Here is some advice from someone who did that for a long time. I still make new characters, but how I managed to stay with Lilly for 3 years and Ela for over a year. - I started both at a young age. This helped me develop their personalities and gave them more to life - Give your character a flaw they must get over. Ela is a hemophobic passifist cleric. Lilly was originally an angry brat who became a stern druid. - Find people to grow with your character. Ela had yelfir and a few others who made her childhood and adulthood interactions interesting. Lilly had her brother. - Don't tie yourself just to one group. Expand. - If you find yourself losing interest in RP on one character, have a secondary you can go to that helps buffer your sanity. I honestly believe in having 2 characters to help you experience various rp arch-types while still keeping them - Make a character sheet filled with specifics. What does s/he like? What do they dislike? Do they have fears? Allergies? Go indepth to learn about your character and find out what direction you would like them to go but be open to other directions.
  12. Time Lady of Kittens

    Defamation of the Clerics

    Ela shakes her head as she hides in the grove with her hurt companion. "Judge all clerics for the acts of a few..." she murmurs. "Even marmaln knows not all clerics are bad." She strokes the fur of her ker wolf and waits for the new day.
  13. Finished a total of 6 sprites since I opened my shop. Taking a short break from them for now to rest and have a "me" day. If you havent received yours, check PMs to see if your is needing approval.

  14. Time Lady of Kittens

    [I] WanderingFriend's Game Moderator Application

    you arent a bad person, and honestly might do well as GM. My only concern is your narrow sight. You assume one side of every story and ignore the other. I have had this experience with you and honestly, is the only reason I am unsure about you being a GM. Even after a year, you do not give anyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that your friends are in the right, and whomever is against them is in the wrong. I will not speak of which situation I refer to, if you really wish to know PM me. I will not downvote this app, if anything, yes you could be a good canidate. I just have reservations based on how you continuously treat someone you dislike, even in a public chat setting.
  15. Time Lady of Kittens

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    I opened three more slots. I will work on them in my off time between IRL and RP. Check often if you are on my slots as I do post progress. Please note the bank is not letting people transfer funds at the moment, so you will have to work out a time I can meet you in game to pay me.