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  1. I'm an Old Fart now. . 18 is old?

    1. Sythan


      Forums give you that rank if you have a relatively old account, and don't have a VIP rank.

  2. I-I don't even want to try and brain this out.
  3. Detective

    [Complete]The Moaning Maid Inn and Bar

    Cal blinks, he thought this was a 'moaning' bar.
  4. Have you seen my son?! His name is NEMO!

  5. How does one: 'Eat their own A**'. Someone told me to. But how?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      With a knife and fork? 


      I do not know 

    2. Hero_


      If I told you how I'd be banned for selling state secrets

  6. Detective

    6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Like. Speed it up!!
  7. Detective

    [Addition] Replicants

    This is very well written. Yes please!
  8. When rep returns, please go back in my feed to rep everything k? :)

  9. Detective

    [✓] Space; From Within the Void

    Cool, looking forward to reading it!
  10. Detective

    [✓] Space; From Within the Void

    Yes please, also could there be some star / galaxy constellations?
  11. Detective

    [✔]New Player Club!

  12. Detective

    [Your View] War Server

    Thanks god, been asking for this for a whole year now!
  13. Detective

    A City Burning, Rise of the Justicars

    ((Feelings mutual.
  14. Wait, so they freeze the world. . then unfreeze it to kill us? The Gods must be crazy?!?!