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  1. I'm an Old Fart now. . 18 is old?

    1. Sythan


      Forums give you that rank if you have a relatively old account, and don't have a VIP rank.

  2. Have you seen my son?! His name is NEMO!

  3. How does one: 'Eat their own A**'. Someone told me to. But how?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      With a knife and fork? 


      I do not know 

    2. Hero_


      If I told you how I'd be banned for selling state secrets

  4. This is very well written. Yes please!
  5. When rep returns, please go back in my feed to rep everything k? :)

  6. Cool, looking forward to reading it!
  7. Yes please, also could there be some star / galaxy constellations?
  8. Wait, so they freeze the world. . then unfreeze it to kill us? The Gods must be crazy?!?!

  9. Quietest event ever.

  10. "Fifty mina per head?" Cal muttered to himself, finding the bounty to be a little low. "Well, mina is mina and loot is loot." he says finally, moving off to recruit a few others.
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