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  1. Wanderer
  2. Lurd uf teh rungs...

  3. Am I.. no longer alone? O_O
  4. " The use of alternate characters purely to incite conflict is disallowed. For example, you may not create a dwarf character purely for the purpose of raiding the orcs and instigating war. " That's a rule. Yeah uhm.. seen a lot of this funny enough. xD

  5. Oh.. hello status.

  6. *spends exactly an hour contemplating this thread.* Gingers and red-heads. What's the difference?
  7. Yas.
  8. Duh? +1 (ilybae)
  9. "First." No seriously Ever? Wow this is actually farewell. Can't say I knew you too well rp wise, but ooc wise hell yeah man. xD Have fun doing life! (p.s, you'll be back)
  10. Uuuh yes.. Not OP at all. Seems very balanced. +1 Very detailed submission hands down.
  11. Second this ^
  12. Thanks for the update guys! ;)
  13. +1 All I read was the text of the topic. (Notreally)
  14. Cool. By the way what is 'Free?' is free a currency? :P