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  1. I'm an Old Fart now. . 18 is old?

    1. Sythan


      Forums give you that rank if you have a relatively old account, and don't have a VIP rank.

  2. [✓] Ferals: Protectors of the Thistle (Resubmission)

    I-I don't even want to try and brain this out.
  3. [Complete]The Moaning Maid Inn and Bar

    Cal blinks, he thought this was a 'moaning' bar.
  4. Have you seen my son?! His name is NEMO!

  5. On the State of PVP/Nexus

    My opinion is with the highest poll, all I'm sayin'.
  6. [Your View] Metagaming

    How I see it. In a real fight, say, four people. Unless you sent a bird off rply before the fight occurred, I'd like to think that logically, the fight lasts no more than 10 minutes icly. Which means, people who were birded only arrive way after the fight happened. Kids that claim to be on patrol, seen it a lot. For combat, when it is already underway and you have messaged someone via bird, you cannot get involved. Only to pick up the pieces. In crp, this all has to do with ic time, to ooc time. Use a system of ooc to rp time so that other parties cannot get involved till much later.
  7. Wonder what a 1000 degree knife would do to the whole nexus crafting system. >:D
  8. How does one: 'Eat their own A**'. Someone told me to. But how?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      With a knife and fork? 


      I do not know 

    2. Hero_Prodigy


      If I told you how I'd be banned for selling state secrets

  9. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Like. Speed it up!!
  10. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    Yeah, diamond armor. What everybody else has already said about it. Pret' much my thoughts.
  11. War Server Test Session TODAY

    I can now rp at 100ping? Hell ye'.
  12. [Addition] Replicants

    This is very well written. Yes please!
  13. When rep returns, please go back in my feed to rep everything k? :)

  14. Feedback

    Good show.