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  1. I appreciate your support. The latter most result (niccums removal from the GM Team) seemed far more unreasonable. I understand why I might have been rebanned, though I wish it had been handled a bit more professionally on the Admin's part. Regarding peoples ability to change referenced by Telanir, I think it's far too cynical to say they can't. In my case, when I was banned the last time, I had no intent to break the rules, but understood (with time) in retrospect where I broke them. A prime issue to take into account is where folks are coming from and the most RECENT behaviors from that individual. If one were to compare my behavior post-unbanning from Niccum, I tried to interact with the community, roleplay, and just have some fun. I very seldom in the, albeit, short time being unbanned, go into global OOC. I understood that going into global OOC would be imprudent. My recent behavior wasn't, at least not visibly, taken into account. I had been banned for over a year or so by that time. I know people change because I did. I don't drink as much anymore, I've tempered my views, and grown to appreciate other opinions; all aspects that were absent from me a year ago. To the point about taking other bans from other servers into account, I'd say that is improper for the admin staff. LotC ought to be treated for what it is; a unique community of players that are held to a standard some other servers might not hold them to. LotC ought to police behavior associated with LotC only.
  2. I have been rebanned for what I did two years ago even though I have been playing perfectly fine for the last couple days. Seems a bit unfair to me.

  3. Check out my ban appeal! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/171320-pius_malta-ban-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-1616359

    Smash that like button! Hope to be roleplaying with you all real soon!

  4. Get me unbanned pls.

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      I'll get you unbanned pius.

  5. Can I be unbanned now please

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      I believe in you Pius.

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      he's a good lad

  6. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!


    Sincerely yours in Christ,



  7. where are you

  8. This server is *****.

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      pius! :D 

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      wow you say it like it is pius i'd vote for you for president

  9. why am i still banned

  10. Hey.

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      That was your best comeback eh?

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      I'm being serious I'm a new man

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  11. Malta has fallen.

  12. I'd like to take a moment to honor David Bowie.


    David Bowie was a true American. He died for our sins at the Alamo fighting ISIS. She will truly be missed.


    Rest in Piece David Bowtie 1969 - 2015

  13. Viva il Papa

  14. Viva il Papa

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