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  1. Zarexan

    Tech Update

    Thank you for your hard work, Korvic. You’re a god.
  2. y’all broke the server, we can’t go back to 1.13.2 without losing Arcas, y’all fix it.
  3. big boi birthday 


  4. “Ah fock.” An injured Starbreaker says from a medical camp.
  5. Azdal readies his war-hammer and joins his fellow cha-cha real smooth soldiers.
  6. Zarexan

    Zare's Skin Shop

    Hi, keeping this short and sweet, send me a friend request on discord at Zarexan#5162. Prices and examples below. Examples: Full skins are $5 Outfits are $3 There’s really no point in requesting only a head, cmon now. Just gonna add this here: I’m not great with shirtless skins, I don’t realllyyy like doing armor skins, they usually turn out bad, and I don’t enjoy making Kha skins but I have made them before and can do so again. ALSO, I do these on my own time, it can take a few hours, a day, to a week or longer. I’d add mina prices but I’m poor and need moolah. Thank, ❤️ Have some music.
  7. Kindly stay away from the server this time, please. Wish you luck in life, mate.
  8. You aren’t the lorewriter and I personally brought this up with Zythus, due to the fact fire evocation is, like every other evocation, about conjuring and learning every aspect of the element, therefore, as FIRE EVOCATION is about conjuring every aspect, LIGHT is apart of those aspects, thus its VERY relevant. To make this lore as accurately as possible, DESPITE there being lore for conjuring light that’s a completely different magic as a whole, is to take a literal two seconds to add it, which Zythus says they did. I don’t see why it’s so horribly impossible for this to be done, or why you have such an issue with it, regardless this has blown up over me making a simple suggestion so let’s stop this here, yeah?
  9. Azdal hears news of this happening and lets out a long sigh, standing up within his home that lay deep in the city of the dwedmer, staring out to the ceiling of the cave thoughtfully. “T’slave es t’break t’vereh law of t’Brathmordakin, ah great betrayal tuh t’dwedmer as a people. Ye got exactly wot ye deserved, may ye find nae rest in t’depths of Dungrimm’s ‘all, if ye even wortheh of makin’ et t’ere, filth.”
  10. It was tho, before that lore it was canon, Tox neglected to mention it, it’s been canon for a long time as Fire Evocation involves conjuring all the aspects of Fire itself, smoke, light, heat, and the flame itself. I’ve had the magic for three years nearly, I know my ****.
  11. Might I request mention of light evocation, which is an aspect of fire evocation where, like smoke, the caster only casts a certain aspect of fire ❤️ otherwise +1 I’m loving your rewrites. FIRESTORM BEST STORM.
  12. No, no no, soul puppetry is hard-shelved I believe, so this wouldn’t work. -1
  13. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: CastResurrection DISCORD: Zarexan#5162 TIMEZONE: CST ={ RP }= NAME: Renwick Abernathy Morgrave AGE: Twenty-Two RACE: Adunian NOTABLE SKILLS: Blacksmith, Fletcher, Sword-Training, Armor-Training, Horseback Riding.
  14. Leyu thinks real hard on the fact this tradition existed before Destiny 1 :thonk: ((Added Coords to Marsumar for the event.))
  15. Festival of The Lost “Those we lost we shall honour.” Music [!] Fliers would be spread out throughout Arcas, calling notice to Marsumar’s Festival of The Lost! “Greetings denizens of Arcas, Marsumar will be hosting a Festival of The Lost, all are welcomed to attend if they wish, there will be games, plenty of food, pumpkin carving, and dancing, lots of fun in store for all who attend! However it is required that one attends in formal attire with a themed mask.” A date & time would be stamped at the bottom of the page! (Event is being held on Friday, the 18th, 7pm-11pm EST. Masks required, be it sugar skulls, or otherwise decorated and fancy masks. Showing up in full plate armr and a mask isnt formal, so pls, no.) ((MARSUMAR IS LOCATED PAST THE KORVASSA DESERT, -1645, 12, 1254. Easiest path is from Sutica towards Aegrothond, following the path over the temporary lily pads, and following the road to your right once you reach Korvassa.)) (its 2am and i wanna sleep pls let me sleep so i dont have to write anymore)
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