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  1. The Festival of Joining Dies Concordiae Karmesinfels cordially invites the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and its allies and vassals to celebrate the shared history of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and The Crimson Edict. A brief History: The Crimson Edict allied themselves with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan in the lands of Asulon under the Grand King Hiebe Irongut. Ventus Hennington, then Grandmaster of the Crimson Edict, swore an oath to fight alongside Urguan’s folk, and against Orennian tyrants. Time, place, and festivities: The Festival will
  2. An Open Letter to the People of Elysium Hearken unto me, people of Elysium. I believe the only suitable description of the Duke Eugeo de Astrea’s actions would be pure, and simple cowardice. It is not only foolish of him and his that he believes seceding is a possible solution to the war or will somehow he will evade it as a whole, but it is an insult to you as a people that he would give in so easily to the pressures of an insecure Empire, this act will bring about unfathomable consequence to your people and it is shameful that he does not see as much. This is not the first time a
  3. The Gates of Karmesinfels Rise -=- The Crimson Edict cordially invites its closest allies, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and any friends of the Kingdom, to a festival thrown in honor of the completion of Karmesinfels. There will be food, drink, gifts, and merriment aplenty. A contest will be thrown for the Best Dressed and the winner shall be awarded twenty minae, so dress well! Signed, Leyunia Zyltris, Bibliothecar of The Crimson Edict OOC: (This event is taking place tomorrow at 8pm EST at the Karmesinfels castle, which can be accessed by the Eastern Por
  4. "Seems awfully similar to something else that's been around for centuries. Also very ironic that it's set in the most racially oppressive capitals on Almaris." The Bibliothecar of The Crimson Edict hums, moving on with her day.
  5. It's adorable how often you quote me just to argue with me. However, it seems you misinterpreted MULTIPLE of my points for the sake of arguing, so I'll indulge you. You've clearly misunderstood what I meant by balancing physical and magical prowess, I'm not asking for anyone to be a bodybuilder with Voidal Magic nor am I arguing that physical penalties for Voidal Magic is unfair. 1. Physical drawbacks are fine, I didn't say your "Basic Equivalent Exchange" was unfair, as that is literally the most basic concept of Magic and everyone knows this. 2. Weapons should be
  6. I see several blaring issues with this piece of lore that I'm just going to bring up, despite knowing it'll go nowhere with this as Voidal Magic is the ST's favorite beating tool. A mage should still be able to avoid an attack in close proximity and maintain casting if they're a higher tier, higher tier should mean more experienced at balancing physical and magical prowess not completely running it into the ground. Physical strength weakening is perfectly fine and understandable, but not allowing something as simple as dodging a little bit is unfair. Anything more than
  7. IGN: Zarexan RP NAME: Azdal Starbreaker CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  8. You maybe, perhaps, ever so slightly considered "not"?

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFORTe2T15U Leyunia gripped the letter in her metallic hand as tears welled up in her eyes, the kid she'd known for nearly a hundred years, gone like that, it took a moment for her to fully process this, standing up and placing the letter down on a table with unsteady breaths. Crack. The table splintered as she slammed her fist into it, the tears finally streaming down her face as the news finally took its final blow. "Why is it I that must lose my family?" She questioned to no one in particular. "You selfish bastard, you didn't...come to me for help, nothi
  10. What in tarnation.

  11. “Hm, maybe he shouldn’t be hunting children.” An elf commented off-handedly, moving off.
  12. -=+=- Tenets of Marsumar The following tenets were all decided upon by the Council of Marsumar, they are subject to change, and not everything is covered in this document. Protection of the Community The community here is defined as the residents of Marsumar and members of the Edict as a whole, in accordance with their friends and allies. The intentional or unintentional harming of this community is expressly forbidden and will include several crimes. These crimes include but are not limited to: The theft of items from other citizens. Ph
  13. Kal’Ordholm Victory Festival Honoring the past of a glorious alliance. (Medininkai Castle Siege by Vilius Petrauskas) This stone month’s event is to celebrate the victory the Crimson Edict and Dwarves of Urguan achieved at the Battle of Kal’Ordholm, back in the realms of Axios. This celebration involves a mock-battle, followed by the burning of a Siege Tower, and of course, a large feast with plenty of drinks. Many items await those that wish to purchase them. (This event will take place on the 26th of July, 6pm EST.)
  14. IGN: Zarexan RP Name: Azdal Starbreaker Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
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