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  1. Clayphish


    Opal thinks back to Karrysov and his fall from power while tending her bokolo. "Huh ... I wonder if he did the mature thing and found a new, productive job in life where he eats normal food and earns a living wage, or if he did the angry toddler thing of not working, eating trash, and seeking revenge by ******* himself over ... I'm sure he did the mature thing. He lost his magic and government title, not his ability to lift 20 pounds and stand for eight hours."
  2. Clayphish

    Last Call for Students! [Accepting Students]

    Student Applications Full Name: Namyra Age: 256 Residency: None Major Subject: Hiebe College for the Mystic and the Arcane (Golemancy) Secondary Subject: Hiebe College for the Mystic and the Arcane (Arcane) Please compose a well-written paragraph, explaining why you’d like to attend the Holm Academy, and what opportunities you may pursue with your degree. I'd like to learn and help expand gollemancy into new regions of the art. While I understand that it's traditionally a dwarven magic and not one usually spread into elven cultures, I'm willing to learn the deep histories of the dwarven people and learn their ways to explore this fascinating art form. As for archanisum, I've seen it been used in public and am curious about exploring into the depths of voidal magics. ((Ign: Clayphish)) ((Discord: Clayphish/PorcelainPuffin #7446))
  3. Clayphish

    [Rewrite #3] Bryophites!

    I think there's something very key you're missing about bryophites. As someone who's played one for a very long time, I can definitely say that Opal is NOT a glorified descendant. Infact, she has no racial home at all. Everywhere she goes she's often discriminated upon and not allowed to join any society unless she pushes and pours her heart out and dedicates much of her time and reasources to a place. Even then, it's often not enough. While the lore is simple, the "culture" isn't exactly blaring, shiny, and copied off some crazy foreign one. There's something more real and natural about it where, as a bryophite, you walk the gray line of being treated like a monster and being treated as a person. You're both a functional being who can do anything a normal person could do, but you're without a birth right or guaranteed anything (especially safety) because you're a different color and skin material, even though you come from the same place as all these other people. It's an experience unlike some cookie cutter race of tribal goobers or crusaders, one where this THING has happened to you, and you're trying your hardest to be considered normal worth being called a person. But, people of your birth race and home just point at you and scream about your skin, call you "the plant", or just generally try to harass you until you leave. The experience is surviving that treatment, and the road to coming to terms with your condition and society, surviving the occasional genocide, finding happiness and family where none is simply handed to you, and having to build your worth around such a strange condition is all tough rp ... But really, when it comes down to it, you end up really finding out who honestly cares about you and having some really rewarding and emotional rp. You'd probably have to experience it yourself to truly understand.
  4. Clayphish

    [Rewrite #3] Bryophites!

    I'd like to point out that, yes, they're really the only neutral creature and also NOT A CLIQUE! You don't have to know anyone special or follow a certain religion or just be a part of an ooc friendship circle to become one. Most anything else plant or nature related must always love the forest of the aspects, but not with bryophites. You can just ... be you, and develop your own plant person with their own path a friendships, religions, and combative ability. That's not something you can do a lot of the time with CA races. Another key aspect of being a bryophite is the drama of becoming one (which can be dramatic, especially for a human in the race-purging sort of towns) and the long history of their race extreme survivors from all different backgrounds. It's for everyone and anyone to use in any direction they want with a planty, high fantasy kick.
  5. Clayphish

    [✗] Dwarven Constructs

    I don't think this is itself should be accepted, BUT it's an idea that could spark lore for maybe those crystals you mentioned. Making a sort of magic magic battery that could be used to make a handful of things (different things at different tiers) could be a good idea. I'd flesh out the crystals and build a lore based on where they come from, what culture they originated from, what all went into inventing them, etc.
  6. Clayphish

    Sleep My Love

    OOC notes: I like it, but I worry that it's a little limited just because the idea of balancing nature and civilization is complicated. It asks you if you agree if he is right or wrong in believing that nature is the greatest force known to man AND that civilization should be destroyed to protect the balance. I'd clear up which ones we agree with versus don't agree with, because my character would agree with it's power, but not that civilization should be destroyed. On another note, it's bared. People bare things, not bear. Bears are big and eat faces. Good job, otherwise! Keep it up :)
  7. Clayphish

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending]Zacho for ET

    Nicer feller. +1
  8. Clayphish

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    Yes, if you're 200 dollars on a Minecraft server rich. Actual months of magic training ic and magic come up to squat otherwise. They have the ability to enchant items so that they burn tainted souls when they contact the body. So if an enchanted morning star pierces the armor, it'll burn the baddy. But if you don't have the ability to name items, that ability is essentially null, leaving you to either beg at someone else's feet for their rename or go without it.
  9. Clayphish

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    The problem with defense for Ascended is that it relies on the ability to make tons and tons of named items, which is only possible for a few key higher ups. Anyone bellow that had to beg for their time and hope they're patient. As far as offense, the issue is the same thing because they added the ability to enchant items offensively, but they also need named to be useful. So right now, the only good Ascended is the one who can afford a 200 dollar donation to the server.
  10. Clayphish

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    That's a a debate that involves putting a definition on Creature. Because if it's just something that isn't a descendant, then suddenly Striga (who've led human nations), Auenguls, Ascended, God's, Spirits, etc become creatures.
  11. Clayphish

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    No, I'd consider it a person. It's senient in the mind, functions like a person, and is pretty un-rare. It's just a person made of different material.
  12. Clayphish

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    The general consensus is that it makes plant children.
  13. Clayphish

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Okay! New Proposal to address these issues: After a long debate with other Bryophite players, lore heavy members of the community and some outliers to my usual social circle, I was suggested a new means of reproduction that might help satisfy the community. Reproduction would not be done normally. Instead, it would be done through a sacred ceremony that has a deep intimacy to Bryophites, but isn't based off of the wiggets between their legs. It would be more ritualistic and magical. Let me know what you think!