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  1. -= The Ascended will Cry. =-

    "Isn't it possible that there's more to this story not being told? Orsul could've done many a thing himself before being attacked, like trying to drag off a fallen Ascended who still lived in order to milk them for blood for draughts. I know he's begged me several times for blood and I've always said no." Opal contemplates.

    Opal scratches her cheek, her usual wandering having lead her to dwarf lands yet again. "It doesn't suprise me that the people aren't chasing after half-breeds and Ascended like the political figureheads want them to. Even the most simple of people know when they're being taunted by their leaders with a scapegoat-stick and being told to fetch for no other reason than to give them distractions from actual political matters. Very few people are openly asking questions that matter for fear of death, but they're on the minds of people who understand that labels like 'heretic' are being thrown out to make them chase small, undefended populations like a dog being told to fetch a stick by it's master. How did a single house of dwarves defeat all the other dwarf houses in a secure Capitol city with only a handful of allies when Urguan took down the Oren Empires in the recent past? How come liches have safe places in Oren? When Devirad was formed of dark beings and those who spoke openly of the church of cannon being false, why we're the blades of war turned away from them and onto a small orc population and the only actual action taken against Devirad by Oren end up being a single public letter by a man in the church? The people understand when games are being played with them as pawns. It may be best to address questions like this instead of pointing at more vulnerable populations and screeching like a five year old child who's never been disciplined before."
  3. Ogdan's WT Application

    Great Rp'er, lovely Dw'ed, amazing dude. +1
  4. Jallentime's Magic Team App

    A big +1 from me! Very competent and patient guy. Even when other people lose their spark, he doesn't. Good luck, Jallen!
  5. [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    *Starts sharpening veggie chopping knives and enchanting them with holy magic.* "Ya dun goofed."
  6. Senor_Tortuga's Lore Team Application

    Good fellow! Really did an awesome job with Bryo lore. +1
  7. [CA] Byrophite Balorien

    I approve. I made dis.
  8. [✓] [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    Like Sky said, this race already exists. I am one! This is also a tad different then your run of the mill magical creature race. It's a neutral race that can go dark or light, and fills something that's been missing in lotc for some time. Outside of bryophites, there is no way to extent the lifespan of a character without delving into serious magics, dedicating one's self to a deity, or coming back as something undead. If accepted, this race will be able to take amazing human characters and give them a whole new chapter of life and rp, or just twist a new dynamic politically and socially on non-human characters. It's no longer just a "Special Snowflake" race.
  9. [✓] [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    Tortuga worked really hard on this and was very open to criticism of his work, which is something not a lot of people are. He did an awesome job and finally made something work and make sense for bryophites! +1
  10. [Ascended] [MA] Manatee ascends from the DEAD

    I'm Clayphish, Aka Opal, and I approve!
  11. The Removal of the Antagonist

    Agreed. Something is very wrong with an eventline that punishes those who took the time to participate, especially if they basically had no choice in the matter and got dragged along like they had nose rings attached to ropes. Not participating shouldn't be rewardable with safety and the ability to sit back and blame others as much as it should rarely be punishable given the fact that people have IRL lives and can't always schedule things in. I know this is hard, but careful planning should be taken in these eventlines, and player base tendency should also be accounted for. For example, in my experience, the human empires function similar to fire. It needs fed something to burn and prosecute, or else it fizzles out, or burns something that wasn't intended to be burned. In the old days, Iblees cultists, undead, and other such player bases could be hunted and prosecuted on basically a daily basis. With this eventline, they were left staring at the sky and waiting for something to come into reach, but when it didn't besides maybe two Justicars, they turned on the closest thing to burn, and other nations jumped in on it, too. This thing was the Ascended. I like arockstar and the others, and I think that it started as a good idea, but it lacked the creation of a ground level player base that would fight for the antagonist and make daily dynamic rp like human nations need.
  12. [✓] Necromancy Rewrite

    As much as I joke, it's lovely. Good job.
  13. MC Name: Clayphish Character's Name: Opal Fritz Character's Age: 135 Character's Race: Bryophite (Ascended) Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Ascended, Rapture Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): The Ascended are an ancient group of Aengul serving men and women who work to preserve the souls and lives of all descendants, no matter their race, politics, or personality. This being said, there are three basic skills that all Rapture Ascended have: Rapture Soulfire, Soul Mending, Soulfire Braziers, Psychopomps, and the two types of Infusion. Soul fire is one of the more basic tools for an Ascended, where the power of Aeriel’s judgement runs through an Ascened and is expelled as colored, holy fire. Whether it burns or not depends on the type of Soul Corruption plaguing the target. As a rule of thumb, descendants and pure souls of a special clause (such as Kha, Bryophite, Dryads, etc) don’t burn when the fire touches them, rather it provides a warm and tingly sensation. Dark beings, however, burn in a severity depending on the tier of the Ascended: Example: Opal takes a deep breath to gain focus, slowly allowing the warmth of her Ember to flow through her limbs and collect into her green palm in the form of a faint light. A few emerald green embers begin to form, collect, and fall from her hand until flames then arise from the cluster of embers. Before long, a steadily burning flame would rest where the embers once were. Rapture Soulfire: This kind of fire causes an enemy to grow weary quickly, draining stamina instead of burning like the old soulfire, or Ruin soulfire. This is meant to allow an Ascended to apprehend a dark being without killing them. It cannot go through armor or other objects, and does not spread over the skin of it's victim. Soul Mending: is one of the main functions of all Ascended, though is favored particularly by those of Rapture, and although it’s not as effective as clerical healing, it’s still effective for treating wounds. However, when an Ascended heals, the wound is transferred instead onto them. This process can be crippling in battle, but due to the extreme recovery time of Ascended (being something like x5 faster than a normal person), they can usually handle such injuries better than normal descendants. The doctor rubs her hand together, slowly conjuring small emerald embers that fall out from between her palms as Aeriel’s warmth follows through her. After a short while, the flames begin to appear, and she separates her hands to bring them down onto the wound. The fire sinks into the body of the patient, finding the wound and slowly mending it back together. However, the bryophite begins to wince as her own skin in the same area on her own body begins to tear open, the wound transferring from one host to another. Soulfire Braziers: are pools of fire within specific brazier dishes that can cold anything from an extra large, large, medium, or small flame, each of which is dependant on the amount of Ascended participating in it’s making. A single Ascended can make two small braziers with no AOE, but will burn a dark being who touches it. An Ascended can also make a single medium brazier, which is will affect Ten meters (ten blocks) around the area and cause dark beings to burst into flames within that area. A large one can be made between two Ascended and hold an area of 30 meters (30 blocks), and five Ascended can make an extra large one to cover the like of 100 meters (100 block). They must be recharged every two weeks. Opal decides to make a small brazier, hovering her hands over the dish and taking a breath to focus. After focusing Aeriel’s energy through her body and to her hands, the emerald flame bursts to life beneath her palms and over the dish. The flame burns and the brazier holds strong, and after a short while, Opal pulls her hands away to reveal the steadily burning flame on the brazier. Infusion: Within the Ascended lies the ability to infuse weapons and armor with their embers, causing attacks with infused weapons to do the harm of soul fire if made in direct contact with the body, but they may perform additional effects if manipulated extensively. A T5 infused set of armor can withstand about 10 strikes with dark magic before fading, and will protect obstruct attacks from things such as shade tendrils. These items need recharged every two weeks, and are no more powerful than soul fire or more powerful in mundane ways. Example: The bryophyte takes a deep breath, then gathers a small amount of emerald holy embers in her palm before spreading them over the length of an aurum blade. After a great length of time, steady concentration, and the continuous addition of embers to the blade, the infusion of the soul fire into the blade is complete. Psychopomps are the manifestations of birds that appear from tattoos on the bodies of the Ascended, first as ghostly forms that have no physical state, then after a minute, regaining a physical form. Creation of these birds is done as sacrifice of their body on hollow ground, and function as messengers for their masters afterwards once they have been touched by Ariel. They can be sent into the bodies of the dead to set the body aflame and cremate it, then guide the soul either to the soulstream, or to the monks, depending on the decision of the soul. These birds are weak to dark magics and if killed, will return as tattoos on the body of the Ascended where they can rest. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Opal would begin each lesson with a history lesson, and a small lecture on the importance of the Ascended in history and in today’s society. After that part of the class, she’d move onto the actual magic practice, making sure it’s equal part demonstration and student practice. On a few particular days, Opal will be bringing in volunteer actors to run through important scenarios that students may face to practice both healing and possibly dangerous situations (though the dangerous ones won’t actually be dangerous, more like being charged at by a man covered in pillows with a spooky paper mask wielding the medieval equivalent of a pool noodle) . Example: *Opal would be a few lessons in with the students, and be working on transferring and treating wounds with the transfer magic and mundane healing.* *After a short lecture on the history of whatever part of history they’re chronologically in, she’d begin the second half of class dedicated to exercises and demonstrations.* “Alright students! Today we’re going to practice a lesser known art within healing, which the neglection of has lead many healers to eventually get sick of people and quit healing! Can anyone tell me what this art is?” Opal asks. *Crickets ensue from the crowd, as per usual for students of anything besides maybe a debate team.* “It’s the art of ‘Emotional Sponging’! Yes, people are all complex and have their own personalities and ticks, but as a rule of thumb, they’re emotional sponges! When it comes to any interaction with people in or out of the Order, and especially in the critical times of healing an injured person, it’s important that your displayed emotions be positive and extremely stable, even if you’re having an absolute meltdown in your mind. Imagine now if you’re a dying man who’s also been in battle and you’re angry that you got taken down by means that you don’t think are fair, and now some stranger in white robes is there to heal you. Now, what would your, as an armored warrior with a decently large ego, response be if the healer told you to sit down, shut up, and let them set you on fire?” *Some student probably says something along the lines of punching the white robed person in the face.* “Grand! That’s exactly what we want to avoid. Now, instead imagine the scenario again, but with the white robed person agreeing with you that it’s unfair, then giving you a pep talk about how you can overcome that same enemy if you give them time to heal you?” *Some student probably says they would let them heal you* “Mhm! So what we’re going to do is partner up with a classmate, take a needle, and take turns being the angry warrior with a pin prick as a wound that we’re going to pretend is a lethal gash. Also, please don’t actually punch each other in the face or hurt each other other than the needle pricking. Just pretend if you’d want to, but otherwise offer them something that they could say to make you feel better and calm your pretend rage!” *Opal supervises and offers advice for the rest of the exercise,.* Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Yes.
  14. [Denied] Balorien's AT app

    +1 Sweet guy
  15. [Pending]Blundermore: Lore Team Application

    Been around for ages and still a nice guy. +1