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  1. “I don’t get their fixation on such things, anyhow.” Replied a spectral Kristoff in paradise, scratching his missing eye’s socket with a stump where his right hand used to be. “Back in my day people were going crazy over...oh what’s it called? Oh yes the printing press or whatever it was.” The man yawned, stretching back on a comfortable chaise longue in the heavenly palace where the saints reside.
  2. Application form (for detailed mechanics, please confer with the ruleset linked above) Discord: João#4069 Name (colony): Apostolate of the Word Archetype: Religious Community Mother Nation: None in particular, support from the Vatican Sponsoring Space Agency: The Catholic Church if allowed Colonial Leadership: Oligarchic Mission cla
  3. when will u and i play another frp like when we first met? also, nerd. when will u and i play another frp like when we first met? also, nerd.
  4. "Aenguls and daemons don't have gender please respect their pronouns thank you very much" says a monk
  5. Stephen nods, getting the news on the weekly mail service, confident that justifce will be done.
  6. Stephen nods, reading the work of his brother Wigbrechtian. He places it upon his home altar, dipping his head gently as he takes out his pipe, lighting it and taking a heavy drag. “The new Wigbrechtian Theological Movement, focusing on a personal relation with God and Theosis as well as the modus by which God operates on an individual basis with each believer ushers in a new time of personal and common piety in contrast with the more abstract and distant view of God in ages past.” He writes to a weekly canonist periodical being published later that Saint’s Week.
  7. ON SALVATION & SALVIFIC GRACE A THESIS ON CONDITIONAL ELECTION AND PREVENIENT GRACE Penned by Stephen Carolus, Wigbrechtian Tertiary, Esq. Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat granted by His Excellency, Abram Virgilius Calistovich, Archdiocese of Caeruleum The Rendering of the Void during the End Times, by Christopher FitzBishop, Circa 1677. ✠ DEDICATION This treatise on Salvific Theology is in part dedicated to His Holiness James II, to whom I swear fidelity as his most faithful son in God, to my friend,
  8. "Brother sun and siiister moon..." sings a Wigbrechtian friar as he works on his garden.
  9. Aedephon

    The End

    ****** rly be leaving fr ??? **** lotc tho bro keep ur head up king haven't been actively playing in a while and I don't miss it
  10. can you still play ghosts?

    1. Sorcerio


      Ghosts with already valid CAs can still be played, but no new ones can be created at the moment. 

  11. Prince-Abbacy of San Anselmo PINK João#4069 HISTORIA DE RELIGIOSI ANSELMINI Started by the hermit, Saint Anselm the Lesser, the town grew around the lonely hermit as shepherds and farmers seeked his holy wisdom, as well as defend themselves from country bandits in the hillock where the saint seeked refuge. Saint Anselm soon found himself with various disciples whom he took under his wing and thus made his own monastic rule, mixing heavy asceticism with a semi-cloistered lifestyle, with the Saint’s motto being: “Urbis Manemus, in Coelo Speramus”, In
  12. "Pfff being a Judite monk is way cooler." Comments Father Gideon, OSJ.
  13. “You little ones are cute.” Father Gideon, OSJ, comments jovially.
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