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  1. @Harrison can you recommend me for gm pls and thx
  2. now now, friends! i personally believe in second chances. i say leave him unbanned so he can show the community he is a changed individual! also who tf cares there are people a lot worse on this server anyways lmao
  3. "What a great idea! This will surely attract people to Metz!" Ser Alexander 'Bruce' Hornigold exclaims!
  4. i miss the good ol days, wem.
  5. why can't we all just get along. i sense there is too much hate within this community at the moment.. oh and and by the way drfate iblees sounds like a piece of poo who i can take on in a good old fashioned round of fisticuffs. if he's not too afraid of me, that is! i am the real antagonist of lotc.
  6. **** option A, I wouldn't be able to stand living on the same island as the gross elves
  7. go to gofccyourself.com if you enjoy having that super fast internet!

  8. didnt know you played space station 13

    1. Taketheshot


      CM is my life now. 

  9. sainti kaldwino de karlsburg orders his Mandingo to fetch his feather pen. He then dips it in flay blood and signs.
  10. im hosting a club penguin party to grieve about the loss of our beloved game if any1 wants to join.

    1. Tox


      press F to pay respects

  11. babadooks doesnt lead lorraine lol
  12. -1 he hasnt worked to unban feledrine jk +1 because you just threatened me
  13. +1 i love comic sans