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  2. [OOC] Username: Kaldwin_ Skype name: lol Timezone: EST [IC] Name: Alexander Hornigold Race: Human Why do you desire to join?: I have nothing better to do Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Depends
  3. didnt know you played space station 13

    1. Taketheshot


      CM is my life now. 

  4. "Who are you" Bruce Hornigold wonders as he eats pancakes with his good friend Lothar.
  5. "This changes nothing." Bruce says from beyond the grave.
  6. Bruce Hornigold sends a swift response back to the orcs, letting them know that he too is the rightful king of Lorraine!
  7. It was a cold rainy night at the Ostwick keep as Bruce Hornigold grit his teeth. The current acting Queen-regent, Anna Sophia had said all that he had wanted to hear, all that he could hear. The sound of steel could be heard rasping through the air as Bruce drew his blade. “You killed him! You killed the King and burned his body!” Exclaimed Bruce, his tone filled with anger. The surrounding palace guards were quick to draw their blades, each urging forth in an attempt to surround Bruce: ‘. . . If I die here, then the world will never know. I have to live. . . I owe Lothar this much. . .’ Bruce had thought enough, it was time to act. In a quick move out of what some would say as desperation, Bruce quickly darted to the side dodging a nearby guard’s swing! Ducking and weaving, dashing and bashing, the mighty Bruce evaded each attack with speed that can to some only be explained as God sent. Like John D’Amaury, Bruce ran without even the slightest thoughts of looking back. Diving off the side of the wall and into the palace moat, Bruce began swimming to safety as arrows whizzed and splashed past him, each unlucky enough to just barely miss their mark. Finally crawling out of the water and into the mud, Bruce stumbled his way forth into the nearby safety of the thick forest. He was finally safe. -=- A few days passed and Bruce had finally made it to a nearby supporters’ fortress. Barely having survived as the local mercenaries rushed to his aid, Bruce looked up looking both Wem and Arthur Jrent in the eyes as he stuttered out: “The. . . Que-queeen. . . Killed. . . The-the. . . King. . . Warn. . . Others--” Able no longer, the hero lost consciousness. The two notable war-leaders looked at each other nodding, and as requested, Bruce’s orders were followed through. -=- “I’m going to avenge you, Lothar.” Muttered Bruce as a tear rolled down his cheek gently before falling onto the wooden Lothranian cross he clutched in his tight grasp. “I mean it. . .”
  8. Ser Bruce Hornigold begins to sharpens his axe.
  9. Bruce Hornigold sharpens his axe.
  10. Bruce Hornigold would send a letter to King Caius Sigismund, giving His Majesty full support for this Proclamation.
  11. “War only serves as an excuse for tyrants. But passion has has overthrown tyrants and freed prisoners and freed slaves. Passion has brought justice where law once had no hold. Passion has birthed freedom where there was once only darkness and fear. Passion has helped souls rise from the ashes and passion has helped many build something better, stronger, and more beautiful. I have a dream.” -Bruce Hornigold Amid years of violence, turmoil, and confusion amongst the citizens and government of Lorraine, a single man saw the true path. A bearded man gazed across the lake that surrounded the city of Metz, his one eye squinting, surveying what was rightfully his. He sighed and turned, hand resting on the hilt of his blade, walking back towards a ramshackle fishing hut alongside the side of the lake. He pushed open the creaking oak door, taking a seat in one of the cabin’s dim corners. “So Bruce, what now?” Though Wem knew very well what he was doing, he needed to hear a decisive decision from Bruce. “Well Wem… we ride.” For two long months, they rode the wilderlands of Axios, garnering support from all continents. At last they arrived at their final location, just downhill from a secretive cave in the mountains. Soon enough, men started to gather. Day-by-day, more battle-hardened warriors from all races and groups rallied under one single banner - that of Ser Bruce Hornigold. Cavalry from Mardon, unyielding mercenaries from the Dwarvish foothills, Haensetic marksmen, and various ex-Dunamians. Ser Hornigold appeared from the cave, walking down the hillside towards his dedicated allies. They circle around him as he arrives with a small entourage, including Wem. “Men. Those who worship freedom and liberty among this harsh and brutal time of tyrants. You stand here with me today in order to support these virtues, those same virtues that have brought peace and happiness to many nations. Yet for years, Lorraine has continued to gradually lose sight of these virtues. War after war, pointless bloodshed followed by a rising death count of our boys. This is why we gather here today. I trust each one of you to aid in the return of decency to these red fields. Today is the beginning. Though it will be a struggle until the end, no true and honorable victory is without sacrifice.” The surrounding force silently nods in agreement, shifting in their armor. The sun beamed down on the earth, the group only protected by the large trees in the countryside. “This sacrifice and the sacrifice of the warriors of Lorraine who have come before us will not be in vain. This I swear.” Mumbling flowed through the crowd as they realized their importance in the coming future, in their honor and will as men of VIRTUE. “Madness has had it’s day.”
  12. Ser Bruce Hornigold sharpens his axe.
  13. Ser Bruce Hornigold sharpens his axe.
  14. sainti kaldwino de karlsburg orders his Mandingo to fetch his feather pen. He then dips it in flay blood and signs.
  15. i salute you, fellow fan