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  1. [Lore Submission] The All Father's Gift

    +1 i aint an expert, but this seems like some pretty solid lore
  2. House Rat [Recruiting]

    What a bunch of imposters.
  3. Atlas Q&A Stream

    Do you guys have a plan in case freebuild fails miserably?
  4. It looks like the only reason that LC was a thing was because it took a century to actually make the required materials due to nexus. Now that nexus is getting scrapped, it will take nowhere near as long to build a shitty home.
  5. jesus christ Judging by your comments, it is obvious you weren't around for Vailor when LC wasn't a thing (I think) and guilds did just ******* fine then. Guilds dont need to have their shitty builds ruining the landscape just because they want to have a constant cyber session away from the cities. Either live in a city like a sane person or dont make a ******* guild.
  6. [Denied]Narthok's GM Application

    +1 he doesnt call me retarded and i value that thanks friend
  7. [Accepted] [Trial]Stigwig's GM App Mk 2

    +1 he is a very competent mineman
  8. [Denied]Stigwig's GM App

    +1 because he unbans me from teamspeak
  9. Wapples' app

    -1 he called me mean names once. jk +1 please dont verbally berate me
  10. Norlandic Propaganda

    alright im bringing out the big guns
  11. [Denied] [Trial]Gameman

    alright buddy ur getting exposed in the next episode of the metagame. talk **** get hit you piece of poo
  12. [Denied] [Trial]Gameman

    +1 because he bans hero_prodigy
  13. The Order of the Blazing Sun

    "Power and the blood." says a loyal bannerman of Ashford.