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  1. better than kaldwin madness, which isn't saying a lot
  2. babadooks doesnt lead lorraine lol
  3. -1 he hasnt worked to unban feledrine jk +1 because you just threatened me
  4. Bruce smirks at the thought that the frog-boy becoming king, looking towards his pirate-crew with self remorse.
  5. "At least I've heard of him and not that 'Paul' fellow!"
  6. Bruce smirks loudly as he reads the paper. "This is the man I want. Great family values and the man for the people."
  7. +1 i love comic sans
  8. if its not it should be
  9. Lothar Soldier #3 watches his Archduke be teleported away with much confusion.
  10. A rebel smirks at the moving speech, wiping the tears from his eyes.
  11. "Nay, 'twas a replica!" Lothar Soldier states, proudly admiring both his Dwarven action figure and his Urguan crown authentic replica.
  12. "It has been with our Dwarven friends the entire time, friend!" Lothar Soldier loquaciously quips.
  13. "Well, according to the Skygods you require the actual item instead of simply having a tinfoil one!" states Lothar Soldier as he inspects the beautiful crown within his palms.
  14. "That fat Waldenian that now has their keep is more notable than these traitors."