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  1. Ok kids 20 bucks on steam to make me two skins

  2. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    Imagine being UnBaed
  3. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    @UnBaedYou say I cant fight in combat and yet what have you done? I tank, you stank. Nice try there, miss ‘weakest party member’ Nemir. If you want to blame the lost village? How about LadyMurderer. Sorry, I mean @LadyRebecca @SlothdemonsSays mr. nobody cares. Who are you again, you triple homo? Damn, you stick to your name. You really are slow, aren’t you
  4. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    @UnBaedMy god didn’t help me? Unlike your obscure unknown thing of a patron, mine took the book away HIMSELF. Something tells me he helped you more than your own worthless attempts at having a patron. Where am I? Not running away for sure. I’m out there to save you. You’re like a baby that cant crawl or take care of it yet. And what’s more? I bet you started the Nemlyon rumor. Probably because you’re always holding onto him for help. @Novastral Barny is a dinosaur from our imaginations. And when he’s tall He’s what we call our dinosaur sensation Barney's friends are big and small They come from lots of places After school they meet to play And sing with happy faces Barney shows us lots of things Like how to play pretend ABC's, and 123's And how to be a friend Barney comes to play with us Whenever we may need him Barney can be your friend too If you just make-believe him!
  5. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    Can’t hit a book? I tore it up for your weak ass. Saved you along with my patron after someone(guess who? You) messed up. Hurrdurr, there’s a big scary guy! Better ask him for a cursed book that I’ll read!!! Nemir the idiot dumb face strikes again. “Hey I’m neemur the idiot. My friends patron saved my ass and guess what I do? Instantly go knock myself into a coma xd”
  6. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    Eldritch blast? Im not some chicken hiding behind my allies because I cant stand to get close. “Oof I’m Nemir! Let me just walk up – Oh I’m already at 0 HP” Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’m not running away. At least, not as much as you when you try and play DND bucko. You can sit down and enjoy your homebrew class, we all know it’s because you can’t comprehend anything else.
  7. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    Aelfrun? You mean tragic(tm) murdered clan chick you wanna use in MY world? Calling me out on MY thread here? Alright kiddo, sit down and buckle up. I think playing a high elf named Nemir who hasn’t died yet because you’re dating the DM but is super depressed really reminds me of a certain poorly made LOTC character 🤔 Let’s review. Alpha belcher? I’ll concede there, but let’s be real you’re the alpha beta here. Playing a genderless character and lording over your belching powers? A 12 year old genderbender in disguise! Almost like that @Whiplash guy over there.
  8. Fury_Fire

    Roast Thread

    Is this how it’s gonna be? Is this the game you wanna pull? Sorry I don’t speak “I make bland characters so I try and steal the warlocks sugardaddy to be interesting”, coming all the way from fukkin silent hill over there where you live. Little miss ‘I can’t think of anything original so I take my own LOTC character and import them into dnd’ You can he he he ho ho ur way right outta here. This is my thread now.
  9. Will offer items or some irl $$$ for a skin or two needed for an event next map.

  10. Wasn’t there once a blind texture pack? With the only thing visible being wall edges(for traveling/jumping up a block when needed) and things that made a bit of noise(Water, etc)? I’d imagine it’s super outdated by now but it seemed interesting and not too hard to pull off, if a bit time consuming. I don’t know enough about making texture/resource packs to speak confidently though.

    1. Rickson


      Not sure about if it used to exist, but it’s a pretty cool concept. 

      Since you can stack resource packs too it shouldn’t be too hard to make.

    2. Destroyer_Bravo


      yes its called dwarfvision

    3. NotEvilAtAll
  11. Fury_Fire

    On running and rulechanges

    Honestly I dont care about being able to run twice, helps literally everyone... This though. This is a problem that’s been a problem for a very long time. I honestly dont give a **** on how its clarified, I just want it clarified in general.
  12. You’re getting very overly defensive and, as was said above, shooting yourself in the foot
  13. -1 No hate, you’re probably an okay guy but earlier today was kinda questionable and I genuinely think is deserving of a villainy blacklist. GM team may think differently who knows. Good luck.
  14. Fury_Fire

    Land Allocation (Freebuild vs Charter) [Your View]

    Its late and I’m too frazzled to really recall correctly, but did early vailor(Axios?) not have a system for this? If I can remember, I’m pretty sure a nation could do whatever the **** they wanted in their own land, give land to whoever, etc. It’s their call cuz their nation. Outside of that though was there not a system in place to allow anyone to essentially make a land charter app, needing like 20 people and having to pay like 10k or so mina? I think there was. I liked that.