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  1. Can anyone give me a list of all the ingredients that the alchemy plugins gives/details on them?

  2. Frick! I was waiting to outbid at the last second, my dumbass forgot
  3. It just occurred to me that the lore games due date was removed entirely...

  4. Current rules are a little iffy on combat default. It claims that once it’s decided, it’s locked in as such unless everyone agrees otherwise – Regardless of if more people show up to bring the number of participants above 10. The wording is a little odd but that’s how I’m reading it. Is this right or wrong? A lot of people tend to read things how they want it to be and not how it’s actually written.

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      Similar to how if PvP starts new parties cannot engage/change the ruling. I believe it is a bit different to CRP where new members can join though once combat is chosen unless an argument arises and a moderator rules PvP it stays to CRP.

  5. Fury_Fire

    Mother's Fall

    “What are the paladins, chopped liver?”
  6. Unpopular opinion villainy applications were a good concept. Granted many things were/are “Good concepts” and are ruined by poor execution. Wasn’t around for them either so I don’t share any bad experiences.

  7. My pet peeve is people collecting last names. I don’t have a reason, it just annoys me.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Skyrunner


      What you find it weird that people on this server keep adopting people well into their adulthood?

    3. SquakHawk


      i also have a problem with this, my homie really be named “firstname “the dude” lastname-lastname-lastname”

      i have a greater problem with people given multiple characters in some form or position of power and playing none of them, just collecting them 

    4. rotund_man


      adopting several large, adult sons to grow my dynasty

  8. @Literally any Dev/Admin Can someone restart the server? It didn’t last night, and that axed my plan of horse-breeding. Would have had the perfect amount for an event tomorrow but now I can’t breed :C

    Also noone else can breed my horses either, gonna make a dev thing about that one.

    1. 501warhead


      We’re working on getting automated restarts fixed again. We had some changes on the back end of the server a week or so ago that broke automated restarts.

  9. I sat here for an hour trying to translate that blackspeech and got met with edge, what the heck bro :C
  10. “What an interesting name. ‘The Black Hand’, in the tongue of dark creatures.” Was all Lefkos had to say on the matter, smiling and placing the notice onto his wall of sweet memories.
  11. Wish there was some way to protect horses. I’m not arguing that horse-thievery shouldn’t be allowed, but maybe paying some obscene amount of mina to have like 1 horse per player that can’t be stolen. So we can actually ride them places and be able to get off without them wandering away or some rando immediately hopping on them and running... Kinda like how nexus breeding worked I guess. Just a thought.

  12. @TheAlphaMoist Dont mind me I’m just pinging a friend who could use this
  13. How big can you make a T3 charter with the shovel?
    Same with T2

    T1 is 50

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      T1 – 50.

      T2 – 100.

      T3 – 150.

    2. Crevel


      Hey mate, here’s a link with information regarding the charter system.


    3. NotEvilAtAll


      0 blocks by 0 blocks

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