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    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Smh @Paleodidnt even PM me 💔
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    A skeleton rubs away his whiteboard marker eyebrow, redrawing it to be raised
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    A Way Through the Dark

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    [HOLY][MA] LadyAmayo

    Sure thing :^J
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    Darkness in Dominion leadership?

    A final slip of parchment returns. "It will be tested. For future reference, try not to make issues public until necessary. It turns it from an easy job to a giant problem."
  6. Fury_Fire

    Darkness in Dominion leadership?

    A single Cleric sends off a note to find the one who wrote this through courier, before sitting back and waiting. "You stress over nothing. She was a Shade, in the past - this much I know. Though I personally cleansed her with Tahariae's Light, removing away the blight that tainted her soul until she was pure once again. It might be best to remove this accusation - she was cleansed some ten years ago now. We had decided not to make it public for her sake - Who was I to complain, given the fact that she was willing to return to Purity anyways? - Tam'naeuth Terin"
  7. Fury_Fire

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Better than being range-pk'd at a moments notice with 0 chance tbh
  8. Yikes I was waiting for this. I normally ignore most grr comments but this one's important. Can you think of any current, relevant examples of me doing anything of the sort? Over the past year I've been making active, heavy efforts to try and push away that stigma. Avoiding those who it was made with, not getting involved in consistent fighting, etc. I cant deny it happened, though that was mid-axios over a year ago. I don't really think its relevant to anything anymore. Perhaps I'm being too selfish deciding it for myself, but I genuinely think I've changed and bettered such ways. There are still memes of it sure, but that's about it. If you think Im still doing anything, or have seen it and I just didnt notice or something, feel free to PM me over discord at Will(Fury)#6755 and Ill be more than happy to try and resolve the issue, instead of arguing over forums.
  9. I apologize. I hope you're having an ok day
  10. Three days you mathless monkey
  11. Username Upset_Ember, Llahir Discord Will(Fury)#6755 Timezone Central Standard Time. I'm active in the middle of the day and later at night. What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Warhawkes, Dominion, Sutica. Spooks/Undead, Clerics, Izkuthii Staff History None! I've never felt the drive to join staff as I do now. Once, almost two years ago now, I applied for LT in a brief moment of courage, but chose to back out after a week into their Lore Trial at the time. Ban History Yes. Once, I had dug from below the guardhouse of sutica an escape route hidden by a redstone door. I figured the knowledge of a guard captain was enough, but RO consent was needed and I was banned for a week with appeal required. In actuality, I think I was unbanned three and a half days in? Maybe four. Blacklist History: I've never recieved any form of blacklist; magic, villainy, or otherwise. What do you want to join the Event Team? I've found myself increasingly bored over the past few months of playing LOTC, not caring much to hop on and RP with people, or really be in the spotlight of any situation on my characters - often leading me to sway from large events, player run or ET run, as well as avoid conflict in general. At this point, through DMing games of DND and helping others out with their playthroughs I came to realize I find myself enjoying being at the head of a situation. I by no means mean to say as the 'star' of a situation like I always tried to be in the past, but controlling it. Or rather, creating my own scene and watching what others do when put into it, and having the environment react to such. I derive joy from this - seeing the outcome of my work and smiling at the joy it brings other players. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I am knowledgeable on many lore pieces, creatures, magics, and otherwise - and thus tell how to respond to them in an event scenario. I am calm and levelheaded, nearly impossible to actually anger in almost any situation. And even when I do get frustrated, I don't show it. In addition to this, I'm no slack off - Occasionally I'll need motivation, but by no means do I intend on sitting around doing nothing. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Quests, dungeons, high fantasy. Though these three are my main goal, I'm entirely willing and capable of working with many situations - as my main desire is to create scenarios where anything can happen, and base the outcome off of the attitudes of the players. What makes a good event? I believe there are several factors that decide this. The first of such would be the situation at hand. It's my personal belief that noone should attempt to 'make everyone happy' during an event. That is to say, an ET should never, for the sake of having everyone being perfectly happy, try to include "A little bit of everything" into their event. In my eyes this serves the opposite effect; making everyone dislike it, or at least think it mediocre, rather than truly enjoy it. Instead, an event should generally fit a few main niches that could possibly be branched off of, depending on how the players interact with it. The second point I have to make is the players themselves. This fits in with the above point; A Player needs to realize that not every event will be their walk in the park. Maybe its an encounter event, but the player likes whimsical nonsense. Or maybe it's a festival event and the player wanted to fight something. They need to know that anything being given to them is a service from the ET in question, and if they complain it should be of the quality of the ET and their event, not of the situation that failed to fit their wants. My third and final point would be the actual ET Member. Referring to both earlier points, they need to know that their event may not be what every person wants. They need to be okay with this, and just go through with it to the best of their ability, without trying to fit in unplanned niches purely to make a player happy. They need to know that not all Players will be kind about this, or other things - and will need to be able to calmly handle a situation, while at the same time not allowing themselves to be pushed around. Its their event, and no one else's. In addition to this the ET needs to be flexible, capable of bending their plans around the actions of the players. In short, the ability to improvise well. It should be noted that the ET in question, going along with the idea that it is their event and their idea and they need to stick with it all the way through, should not 'tone down' their events to fit the players. If Players come into an event ill-prepared, without enough people, or otherwise make dumb decisions, they may end up dying. The ET should not have the mindset of the "Players always win." This creates a fake and cheap atmosphere where the Players essentially know the outcome; the 'Hero' group saves the day from an evil creature. As a last note on the ET, they need to be fair and know when to stop, as well as not instantly create a situation where the players are forced into something. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: - Respite - Within the ocean east of the Warhawke's, and north of the Dominion, ships have found themselves growing missing more and more often. With the news spreading, a collector named Kelvin Baldsong sends out notices of hire, searching out six individuals to join him and his crew of four aboard the Windsinger; a smaller ship, just large enough carry the party to their destination. During such journey, Baldsong informs the party of what he knows - that being, hardly anything. He is aware of only the general location of the vanishing ships, and is reluctant to tell much else. During this process a thick fog would emerge out from the waters themselves in almost an unnatural manner, quickly blocking view of most else. During this part of the event, I specifically would keep note of how much they pressed for information, and keep in mind how much Kelvin Baldsong could take before snapping and telling them what he was after - in this case gold, riches, and artifacts. I am no fan of plot armor, and would give them none. How the party reacts is up to them; they could, for all I care, take over the ship and take everything for themselves. This plays into my point on the ET needing to be able to improvise. Shortly after the talking finishes, the ship finds itself suddenly dipping backwards, as though the front half of it. Upon inspection, they'd find that they had beached themselves onto a small island just barely a few hundred feet long. A small rock formation would jut out in the center, with the gaping mouth of a cave presenting itself. Around the island would be the wreckage of still mostly intact ships. Inside the cave however, would be a slick, wet mud "slide" going downwards. Should they chose to go into such they'd find themselves in a single long room; the beginning of a Dungeon, and run by an apparition, unbeknownst to them. Once they've fallen in, getting out would be difficult; likely leading them to go through this dungeon, clearing it room by room through its many challenges and puzzles, to the end room where the agglomeration of souls, the Apparition, remained. Though normally quite powerful, this Apparition would be weakened by its constant, active controlling of the dungeon. Behind him stood the exit. Still, I would try and maintain through all of this a sense of freedom for the players. Many rooms could be skipped if they chose, or they could go through them all. At the same time, they could leave whenever they'd like; I cannot stress enough that I hate plot armor. If they're creative they could climb out of this supposed mud slide. Instead of fighting the Apparition, they could talk to it, or flee it. They need not best it to escape. For the Apparition itself, this is where my previously mentioned knowledge of lore plays in; they're fickle beings with LT approval required to play. As a Mystic, and previous creator of one of these, I know how they function. - The Thieves Carnival - A new shop has made its way to town! The sign hanging from this mobile, wheeled cart would read out the name of it; "The Thieves Carnival". Standing at the counter is an elderly man with a long beard, going simply by the name 'Hal'. Despite the simple and presumably foreign name he held with him an air of intelligence, smiling kindly as he passed out numerous items to those who came; though only for trade. To get an item, one must give him an item. Though, after some time of this 'Hal' would close up shop, and through some form of magical transportation cause it to vanish! Shortly after, the items he gave out turn to dust. This is where my point of the ET needing to be 'fair' comes into play. By no means would an event purely made for the sake of stealing items from players ever work, and by no means is this scenario intended to do such. And again - plot armor. Dont do it. Hal would not be immune to being tricked in similar manners. He would not be immune to blows. His shop not immune to flames and fires of those enraged at his thievery. Whenever The Thieves Carnival vanishes, it would reform near some other popular location to be wheeled in, and repeat the same action. He could be found, or not - and go along with his normal tricks and steal from others, placing them within his special bag! If found, he could be forced to open the back - with each item then returning to their rightful owners. He could be maimed, killed, forgiven. Or, he could simply be convinced to open his bag and return the items. It all depends on how the players do it. This plays into the repeating theme of freedom in events I've been bringing up. Players are meant to interact with things, and I would never expect someone to play their character differently based on the fact that they are in an event. How they deal with this situation is up to them. And in doing such, I'd have no intention of actually removing their items from their person; playing into the Players themselves, I would at least have some faith that they would rp the consequences right. If not? Who cares. It's dust off my shoulder, let them do them. - Encounter! - Note: Generally, I'm not a fan of single encounter events, though I am willing to perform them if need be or people ask for it. I chose to include this to show how I would run a smaller event, rather than a larger one(Respite), or event line(The Thieves Carnival). Lately, a few disturbances had been noticed within the wooded islands east of Sutica. They were minor - tilted trees and disturbed ground. Out to investigate under a bounty granted to them to figure out what was happening, the party(roughly 3-4 in this case) traversed through the trees and untended wheat fields to find themselves face to face with a massive direbear, feasting on the flesh of a traveler who made the mistake of walking alone. Little to their knowledge, this space was marked as its new den - and it had a temper. It would charge the group for conflict. Being reasonable is key in this event. First of all, they could do further information gathering. Claw marks, paw prints, and other signs could very well indicate what sort of beast this was and its size. Claw markings on the trees surrounding where its new 'Den' would be located could give sign of what this place actually was, should the party connect the dots. Though, being reasonable also may work against the party. If they got within sight of it, and attempted to flee by dashing - that would fail unless they had reason to succeed(creatures, potions, tactics, etc). No person can reasonably outrun a bear. Next, simply the ability not to powergame - be reasonable on what would hit it and how much it would affect such a beast. Have trophies prepared, with detailed descriptions instead of half-baked attempts at them. Make it fun. Emote well. Be willing to compromise.
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    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    Will creatures with magical effects be represented at all? Azdrazi? Izkuthii? The demonguys? Paragons?
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    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    This is actually ******* cool yeet