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  1. So is this one not by matty because he got gassed after his call outs in the last? this is a joke. I love you korvic
  2. A man watches Xavis’ idle passing comment get so much attention, thinking to himself. “Damn that’s rough the dude’s just sitting there.”
  3. RP Name: Lefkos Amethil MC Username: Fury_Fire Discord: Will/Fury#3108 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Northgate Why Do You Wish To Come?: You know. What Skills Can You Bring?: Those of trained warriors and many Paladins.
  4. Lefkos would stroll through the high elven city. His nose wrinkled. Filthy. Filth, everywhere. He looked around and saw, past the nice clothes that those present wore, only the consistent lack of cleanliness upon the individuals. Perhaps, he thought, this is why they dress so nicely. To pretend the stink didn’t exist. To hide their greased hair behind fine jewelry and hats. Lefkos tried to turn his thoughts to other matters – like purity, for instance – but to no avail. He wretched and nearly vomited at the smell. To the astonishment of many, he turned and ran straight from the city. Next came Irrinor. He rested there, free from the reek of Haelun’or, instead replaced by forest-y smells and scents. Trampled earth, cow ****, leaves, flowers. Any of it was better than where he was. So at last, he closed his eyes and rested. Or he began to, before his eyes open and he looks around again. A familiar stench had met his nose. A familiar stench indeed, of body odor and axe body spray. In a sudden fright he stood and ran, seeing people pass by. How foolish of him, to think he could escape the smell here. The sweat, left for days on end on outfits and allowed to rise up and invade every orifice of his body, coming from the citizens present. Perhaps an ocean breeze would save him. Sutica came next. He walked in the city, not even bothering to care about the blatant idiocy and brainmelting powers of the people present. He took in a deep breath, smiling to himself at the smell of the ocean breeze, carrying with it salt. It seemed to drown out all else and he almost collapsed then and there – For he had not slept in days in his fleeing from the scent. But, on his descent to earth he caught himself. With wide eyes, he turned and fled, because even then the scent had returned. He had no more options. He ran, into the wilderness. Far from civilization and from anyone else before at last collapsing from exhaustion. And so he slept, alone. A fitful sleep, with dreams... Dreams of soap. But even the thought of such a rare and non-existent element brought him a splitting headache. And then he woke, in the dead of night. The monster had crept up on him once more... The horrible stench. And that is when it occurred to Lefkos, that perhaps the smell came from him. OOC: This a meme, but... Un-shelf lye.
  5. To be consumed by the void he studied so avidly, and be spit out again. It changed him. It was only slightly, though – this but one event in the shifting sequence of them that had made up the life of Lefkos Amethil. It began in the smallest of thoughts. When passing by an empty, unlit room he would feel the shadows dragging behind him, pulling at him to join them. But he had always felt this pull to the darkened crevices of the world; why should this effect him now? It didn’t. Next came the dreams, however. What started as flashbacks. To Marfelle, the horror, threatening to consume his mind. To him nearly consuming theirs in retaliation. To his almost two years of life spent within the void. To slaying Uxubor, and watching Phothaina be slain. Great feats, surely. But they were of no importance. If he was not present to accomplish them, someone else surely would have – for the world does not exist in a way where only one man can accomplish any given act. People just as stupid as him existed. People just as smart, too, and just as fast or strong. He could count off a list of people who bested him in each field. And besides, he had performed greater feats before. Why did it bug him? He didn’t even notice when the dreams stopped appearing as flashbacks, but as dreams again. Of a thundering sky, lightning flashing and blinding him every few moments. Beyond that, familiar sensations. A warm fire, a cold breeze, a tall mountain-sitting city. For a few moments he could recall his youth, the Crimson Hearth. He was homesick. Lefkos Amethil, homesick. What a revolting thought; but he could not help it. He had not felt such emotions in so long, he had forgotten he was as much of a man as anyone else. A call of mortality, he would claim it. So he planned and waited for a chance. He gathered rumors, intelligence, anything he could – he wanted a reason to go home. Patience paid off. Two reasons arrived. He would head home. And so as Ukrathis fell to the voidal Behemoth, and the tear in the veil closed he would immediately set out to view the progress. The ship, yet to be named, and one of the largest in the world. One capable of besting any ocean, and housing many men and women and children alike. It would be a voyage to be remembered. The journey was prepared.
  6. Fury_Fire


    I’m not against this. I’d rather just every 4 months the entire mine world get reset, but this decent. Only question is – Can nations have mines like this?
  7. I lowkey miss having 2 T5 magics, 2 T4, and 1 T3. Even if it was impossible to really enforce because people just swapped them out.

  8. Is anyone genuinely working on Ghost/Gravens for loregames?

    1. Sorcerio


      I believe it’s being handled with the Mysticism rewrite but I could be wrong.

    2. Zarsies


      howdy partner

  9. Ran into someone’s path ten minutes mining in a fresh mine

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