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  1. Hey Zarsies? I love you
  2. Actually post it coward
  3. Is anyone genuinely working on Ghost/Gravens for loregames?

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      I believe it’s being handled with the Mysticism rewrite but I could be wrong.

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  4. Ran into someone’s path ten minutes mining in a fresh mine

  5. NOTE: THESE ARE ALL MY PRIVATE THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS. AGREE OR DISAGREE, THIS IS HOW I WILL JUDGE SOMEONE IN MY EYES IF I SEE THEM CASTING MAGIC. Alright. So I’ll start off heavy here; I have powergamed in the past. Heavily. Or – Not powergamed, but it is better described as min-maxing accepted lore to my advantage. I like to think I’ve had a clean record since I was 16-early 17(Almost 19 now), but those stains are hard to get rid of. In full truth, I wanted to be THE Lord of the Craft. And to any reading this that witnessed that hellish faze of my life coupled with main character syndrome and dark magic fantasies; I apologize. First thing’s first: Reputation This is split into three different categories. Metagaming, Powergaming, and just.. Edge. They are important in that order. If you gain a reputation as a metagamer, that kind of deal will stay with you for years. As will powergamer, but it’s a lot easier to make yourself known as better to people you never met before, who will grow to argue that on your behalf. Opinions sway easier in that regard. As for edge; just don’t give off new player vibes. Make sure you don’t meme around consistently OOCly, and your emotes shouldn’t be god-tier long every time. But they should never be flavorless or bland. Self-Portrait Don’t portray yourself as an individual who has big-**** magic all the time. Don’t make magic flavoring emotes consistently. They make you look like you’re seeking attention. Don’t try and make magic guilds; they make you look like you’re seeking attention. If a problem can be solved mundanely, do it mundanely. A prime example is needing a rope to be tied. Don’t emote “Jesus waves a hand, the rope beginning to lift on its own and whirl around with expert skill! Soon, the sail of the ship was tied down in a firm knot.” The better thing to do here is... Tie the rope. Don’t just emote those three words, make it at least a sentence – but don’t make it a ******* paragraph either, nobody wants to read that ****. At the end of the day, only cast “flavor” magic rarely, and in small groups of 1-3 others beyond yourself. Not in public squares, and not to show off you casting magic for a simple task. An example of something to do? Say someone knocks a mug over – catch it before it hits the ground! It floats back up to the table. But outside of these rare-presenting cases, nobody should know you’re a spellcaster from your own actions unless you’re forced to fight. Emotes(Average) Don’t make all of your emotes massively long. If someone asks a simple yes or no question, JUST leave it at yes or no if nothing else requires your attention. Emotes that are just your words in response aren’t bad. We don’t need to know the way your character is breathing. Likewise, don’t make your emotes too short either. If you’re performing a “simple” action, leave it at just a few words. A slightly larger action, such as maybe pouring a drink and passing it over? A sentence. Outside of combat, the action-parts of your emotes should only be 2 sentences long as MOST. Emotes(Combat) Don’t fill your emotes with flavor. Don’t do “flavor” outside of small things. “With a flick of his wrist, the spell(describe the spell of course) fires!” serves the same purpose as “Jesus takes in a slow, drawn out breath. He reaches a hand up, grasping at the sky before throwing his hand forth and sending the spell relentlessly charging forth!” All it does is serve to confuse some people who may not be as familiar with the english language as you. Or make people get tired of reading these continuous emotes and miss important details. Now, unless your average emotes, your emotes here should be a bit on the larger end. LOTC allows you to have 3 lines of chat tied together. I would say, in your average combat emote with no magic and no speech thrown in, you should take up a max of 2 lines of text, and average at 1. The same applies to magic, in RARE cases going into 3. Also remember, REACT to attacks on you before emoting your own actions. It goes Reaction->Your turn for your emote. Essentially, if you are casting a spell, we’ll say... Firebolt. 1 connection – 2 cast. That 2 cast consists of “Form the firebolt->Throw the firebolt” If someone attacks you after you’ve emoted forming the firebolt, or throwing something at you etc. Don’t emote your reaction being sending the firebolt. Otherwise, you’re essentially forcing their emote to take place after your emote. That is double-emoting, even if you’re physically typing your emote second. This is a HUGE PROBLEM with magic-casters. If I ever see anybody doing this, I will personally be the one to report them if they don’t accept their need to change. Skins Don’t have a shitty skin honestly. Lips belong at the bottom pixel of your face, eyes are 2x1. Make sure you have eyebrows. Appearance is a lot of people’s first reaction to you. In turn with this, meme-usernames are fine but don’t have something cringe like “xX_shadowdragon_Xx”. Like, I get having that in the past as most of us got our accounts at a young age, but don’t have that **** here its kinda.. Small child vibes bro. Misc Whole bunch of other stuff I could talk about as well. Make sure the magic fits the character, make sure you aren’t making it the purpose of your existence, so on so forth. That’d make this comment way too long to get into. But those above things are the things people ACTUALLY SEE when they roleplay with you in brief bits of time.
  6. New post and poll upcoming today. It seems a vast majority are in a general agreement(No two thoughts are exactly alike), and I’ve seen some wonderful comments on this post that have genuinely changed my mind about a few things.
  7. I’m unsure if you’ve read the paladin lore we have currently in submissions, but take a look sometime. I dont think we have enough time to begin anew with our abilities/actual magic, if that’s what you’re implying(nor the mental brainpower to start over), but read our creeds! Paladins were always meant to be honor-based, but it’s never been officially written in and thus rather died off as concept. We’ll be doing that shortly, defining what honor is to a paladin, and essentially using that a way to branch an actual decent-person culture rather than function as holy zealots of war. I’ve already pinged Paladin chat, having a couple people write up ideas as the whole majority seems to rather agree with what you’ve said. If you have your own idea of creeds to add/change for this(as that is what determines our day to day rp), hit me with a message on discord. It’s a lot easier than performing this discussion over the forums and I want to hear more of what you’d suggest. Will/Fury#3108
  8. I worded it poorly. This is what I was generally trying to get at. I’m going to be editting things into the Paladin creeds to make them more focused on being good beyond the slaying of dark – thank you for bringing this to mind for me
  9. @Apostate Will do. @rotund_man That is a whole other argument entirely. Relevant, yes, but I was hoping to avoid that can of worms. The unfortunate reality is that we do exist as a large number of people, and the players who gain interest in such do so for the premise of protecting innocents from the vile. I believe this wouldn’t be an issue if dark magics that were not actually dark didn’t label themselves as so. That, and truthfully holy mages are not necessarily good either(Being a good paladin/cleric usually takes precedence over being a good person). Deity magic=/=Holy magic. Overall your point is a fair one. That’s a little bit based on RP culture, but in cases of Clerics – they were required to aid the needy and whatnot. I do agree there is a need for that kind of deal. Holy mages should be holy because they do good deeds all around, not just attacking the dark. It’s a good thought and one I 100% am going to take into account. I hadn’t quite viewed it from that viewpoint, and I’ll take a look into redefining “holy” because of it. I do have to disagree if you’re saying we should just vanish as a playerbase, though. I’ve written Paladin “good” to be based on the law of wherever they currently are. “Innocent” people are people who have not broken the law. But Ill have to do more on that, reading your comment.
  10. I am honestly astounded that so many people are picking that holy mages should have 100% free reign. That’s a shock.
  11. @Aethling My thoughts on that are simple. If someone is being toxic, that is not the fault of the lore. It’s the fault of the player. Server rules exist to stop instances like this. If I’m metagaming/doxxing/harassing dark mages OOCly as a Paladin, Paladin lore doesn’t deserve to get scolded for that. It’s out of character. It’s me. The correct course of action is to ban me. @ScreamingDingo I agree 100%. I like to think that this in particular doesn’t apply to the Paladins, though I’m a terrible self-judge. I wrote it without reading through our rival lores, but at the same time speaking to their lore-writers to discover how our interactions would be made. I believe @TheAlphaMoist and @Luv can attest for that. I’ve found a good enough system just to be, as mentioned in the post, to work with your enemies in the creation of the lore. I specifically mark this as the task of the “Holy” group, as they’re the ones who would be the aggressors. It is a slight annoyance to me however, that more often than not, “Dark” magics will write in holy as a weakness without specifically dictating which groups, or why or how. Even if it makes sense – like previous azdrazi writing that paladinism hurt them more than it did others, or shades writing in that contact with holy magic burned at their spells – it is still a laborious process on our end to do the research on that. @SquakHawk Boy oh boy. This one gets a bit into my own personal feelings on the matter. Imo, if something is not inherently dark, then do not label it “[Dark]” when writing the lore. Blood magic has always been a more neutral magic, I agree. But things like shades, where at any point you can have a take-over and lose control? Even if your character picks flowers and builds huts for the homeless and hates violence, that is still a danger. That’s how I determine dark; Is it dangerous, or does it require death to progress? Mystics count as this; Most of their creations required killing, and wights required 5-15 depending on if they were PK’s or not. Frost witches as well, requiring to feast on male flesh to exist. I feel this is a fair judge to determine dark or not. Don’t just label it dark because it has a theme of low hoods and black cloaks(Blood magic). Continuing with you, Squak. “Evil.” Yes. Holy mages should definitely exist with the purpose of destroying evil. Evil, however, should be defined. This is a case-by-case scenario, tying into my in-post comment on working with opposition. And to tie up your last point, I 100% agree as well that it should not be a predator-hunter scenario. I’ve made active efforts already to make interactions and conflicts with shades, paladins, and fw’s during their return relatively enjoyable on all ends.
  12. I am genuinely curious on what the collective agreement is on “Light vs. Dark” conflict. The LT have taken the stance that Holy users should not specifically label dark magics/creatures such as shades and naztheraks their enemies. I don’t understand why. As I see it, the point of being HOLY is being good, and the point of being DARK is being bad. Good guys attack bad guys, bad guys attack good guys. I’ll say, I’m all for the magics themselves not dealing explicitly “More” damage to a fair number of dark entities, as it creates a “Good always beats bad” scenario rather than a dynamic where the bad can win. But that change has already been made. Why should playerbases be forced to tolerate the existence of such entities, on punishment of disconnection from their gods should they deny that? When you make a dark magic MA, you are agreeing to be dark. It’s a relative given that people will hunt you for that. Granted, this kind of conflict should follow the rest of the server rules and not be toxic or volatile, but that’s an issue that shouldn’t be dealt with by placing ridiculous restrictions on holy mages. Given if any hurt an innocent they risk disconnection, forcing us to view dark entities as “innocent” forces us to ignore them, and that ends with large amounts of people complaining that we dont do our job. I don’t really know the dark-mage side of this as well, but the few I’ve spoken to with the exception of two have all agreed that this kind of rule is lame. I’d argue that, in the “good faith” clause the server is going, this should be entirely up to two player-bases interacting. When writing lore, discuss with your opposition. State your stances, then compromise. If one can’t be met, either drop it or have the LT involve themselves. Anyways, I could write pages on my thoughts. But one person’s thoughts don’t matter. What matters is statistics. Take your votes! We got a poll!
  13. Shades are holy mages.

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