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  1. “The claim of ignorance can only go so far, when any individual can walk within a city and see demon-folk wandering the streets.”
  2. “I will arrive. Though let it be known, no demands made were originated or derived from me or my own wishes.”
  3. Though the one to swing the sword and deem the death necessary, Lefkos could find no enjoyment in the death of Cassian. Even then, as the man took his last breaths, there was no glee from him nor his group. Only silence, followed by muttered prayers as his body sunk beneath the earth. His final wish would be granted, at the very least.
  4. The High Elf gives a quiet sigh, sitting within the confines of his home, locked deep within his own thought. He knew, of course, that the actions he took would bring forth consequences. He was ready for them. Though ready as he may be, it was not any easier due to such. He picked a quill up within his fingers and wrote, sending the message out for any who might be so inclined to receive it. “Let Lefkos Amethil take all blame. The Paladin order was unaware and had no actions here. I can say for utmost certainty that Cassian was a shade, though I will waste no breath arguing the fact, only explaining for those with a will to listen. And so I say – let the blame fall on me, the one who acted.” And so he prepared.
  5. I’ve already grumbled to @501warheadabout this a week or two ago, so it’s known at least. In my case, it was any time we unlocked a door(that had previously gotten evicted and relocked by us), the door/chest would auto relock by the old evicted individual. This is also the case if you completely destroy and replace the block.
  6. I’m not saying to change combat... But if we all made level 1-5 dnd characters with point buy.............

  7. How do people make gif pfp’s

    1. Kaelan


      take a gif, upload it to a third party website, upload your profile picture from url

  8. Does anyone rp real illnesses that aren’t “Super rare” and aren’t just character quirks? I’m actually curious and want to know

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Tox


      I one rped a cold and spread it to several people

    3. Skylez1


      Mysticism induced mania

    4. WuHanXianShi14


      eleyas once ate raw chicken and got salmonella

  9. Will pay someone a negotiable price to decorate the attached home. Requirements: - Main floor intended as a commons area. Preferably would have some form of balcony, but it’s not required if the roof is too fucky. Maybe have a bar/kitchen area in the middle if its at all doable, like an island type deal. If not that’s cool too. - Basement would need to work as a collection of normal sized rooms, maybe 6. We don’t need to worry about hitting people underground. https://gyazo.com/49064992ce8e15607d6497d9a829fcda https://gyazo.com/e6cc05c6bae9f975058263aaa3c72f54 Literally it. It’s mostly the creative freedom of the person decorating. I pay good. I’ll also provide any needed materials.
  10. bro you just posted cringe

  11. Halflings are into lolicon

  12. Fury_Fire


  13. Ascended are dark mages

    1. Boruto


      perspectively speaking? sure. they need to be nixed, blotted out and mopped as were the lesser races before them, ravaged, and simply torn, root and stem. red devils are roaming the sutican, and other elven premises, yet the ascended have shown naught but ineptitude. . what ******* hogswash!

    2. LithiumSedai


      Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

    3. Skyrunner


      This but unironically.

  14. Oh yes, more friction, give me that staff position!
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