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  1. Even if I know they were broken and game changing and people played races just for them, and the server is better off without them, I still miss racial buffs.

    1. KiausT


      Me too 

    2. KiiwiFruiit


      Me three, I miss running faster than everyone else

  2. A more serious reply: Drachen, the one who warned him, gives a quiet laugh and sends out his own fliers to meet such. “Come then, you irrelevant fucktoy with breast-implants. None in this world will actually care to try and hunt me. I doubt you’ll be given proper guards and shielding. Your information on us is false. Your guess on some of us was nice, but Vexalia? The only one who genuinely likes you and the one we had to trick and beat? You are entirely stupid. Let it be known that we warned you ahead of time; you would die multiple times, until eventually your soul leaves your body, only if you snitched. We told you wholeheartedly we wished nothing but the enjoyment of ourselves, and we would let all pass and move on with our lives should you simply move on with yours. So I pose a question to you: Why? Why is it that you seek this war of those you know to be nonviolent less provoked? Do you gain some sort of perverse pleasure from knowing that you’ve enraged others for your head, despite knowing not a person in this realm gives two shits about you to help you? Answer well.” @Quavinir_Twiceborn the above is in character rudeness ily
  3. Would anyone care to give an opinion on a bit of lore before it’s posted?

    1. KiausT
    2. Flamelynx


      sure message me on discord i helped do a shamanism rewrite 99% Neanderthal#6439

  4. Give me rep.

    1. _Hexe_
    2. KiausT


      Rp with me again and I will

    3. Lockezi
  5. Guys they forgot to take me out of the 7.0 server or take away my lc pex. Should I do it????

  6. Ghosts shouldn’t be able to be 100% invisible while they’re actively harassing people. Anyone else feel the same?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheElvenMage


      I totally agree. Already talked to flamboyant about it and he agrees they should get a nerf. Ghosts would make the perfect assassins cus they can just throw rocks at your head until you die while you can’t do ****. 0/10, will call pvp.

    3. Tato


      yeah nerf Tracer while u r at it cuz we gotta keep this FPS balanced

      o wait


      ok thats kinda salty but take it with love 💖

    4. _Hexe_


      spy camera ghosts r dumb asf, there’s a lot that can be changed w/ that lore imo

  7. How in the **** did you do literally any of this Nice
  8. Ok kids 20 bucks on steam to make me two skins

  9. Will offer items or some irl $$$ for a skin or two needed for an event next map.

  10. Wasn’t there once a blind texture pack? With the only thing visible being wall edges(for traveling/jumping up a block when needed) and things that made a bit of noise(Water, etc)? I’d imagine it’s super outdated by now but it seemed interesting and not too hard to pull off, if a bit time consuming. I don’t know enough about making texture/resource packs to speak confidently though.

    1. Rickson


      Not sure about if it used to exist, but it’s a pretty cool concept. 

      Since you can stack resource packs too it shouldn’t be too hard to make.

    2. Destroyer_Bravo


      yes its called dwarfvision

    3. NotEvilAtAll
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