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  1. “Yay...” says Helya Uuthlini.
  2. ohhehe

    when you don't play lotc

  3. ohhehe

    The Belvitz Massacre of 1696

    A young Sigfreid Ruric would look to Albrecht. “There’s more of my family?”
  4. ohhehe

    A Mother's Memory

    ((Aw I’m so sorry 😞 stay strong and try to enjoy the holidays if you can))
  5. ohhehe


  6. Maribelle falls asleep next to Astolfo, dreaming of how wonderful the coronation will be.
  7. ohhehe

    [Pending]Cooliomafia's Lore Moderator Application

    Pretty much yes +1
  8. ohhehe

    Community Meeting

    when are lore submissions getting a review and/or rewrites
  9. ohhehe

    [✗] [Soft Shelved] Satyr Rewrite

    Fae can’t learn Druidism
  10. ohhehe

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    +1 u should add them to the team