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    [Plant Lore] Psilocybin Schnibea

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    How dare you sully the name of the mighty EMPEROR. DIRTY ELDAR LIKE YOU ARE TO BE PURGED IN HOLY FIRE
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    How’d you get your Username?

    How’d you get your username? Was it a funny story? Maybe a happy accident? Mine, as you may know is Slothtastic85. Slothtastic is a very simple story. It used to be JungleSinOfSloth. Which was edgy as ****, I know. However, using the sin of Sloth I transported it over to Slothtastic. To show I’m lazy fella. The 85 part comes from my Dad’s high school football number. Which he started using in passwords and the like, and I got used to it. FangedBambi85 (soon to be changed) was brought in through my friend @morrisaye‘s PFP being that angry Scottish Deer. So after learning of Fanged Deer, I changed it to that. As well as my discord PFP.
  4. >Call yourself premium minecraft server
    >Server can’t handle events and is ran on a toaster

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    OOC: How do I Orc?

    You can also contact me, Slothtastic#7226. Though everyone above are also great folks who can help as well. We’ll guide you through the process of being an Orc!
  6. Wolfkite you still tryna cover for yourself? Jeez dude just stop already

    1. L0rdLawyer


      :shrug: I don’t appreciate being a scapegoat.

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    Gathering of the Slavers

    (Translated for better understanding) The new Snagagoth approached his second in command, the Snagaboss Mograh’Yar. His opponent in the duel for Snagagoth. “Welcome, brother.” The woman held a pipe full of green in one hand, and by her relaxed demeanor, Orgak guessed she was high. “I have some ideas on what to do with the slaves, would you like to hear them?” She asked, eyes red. Were Orgak not tempted by the Cactus Green, he might not have listened. But this was his business now, and some Green wouldn’t hurt. “Sure.” He said, sitting down upon the bench. Orgak gestured for her to hand over the pipe, which just then he realized how expertly made it was. Ivory, from an elephant. With carvings detailing the hunt. He took a few puffs from the tusk pipe before he handed it back. “I was thinking, we could build a road with the slaves. We have no road as of now, and we need one to trade and raid more easily.” Mograh took the pipe back, breathing the smoke into her lungs yet again. “Sounds like a good idea, we need a road if we are to transport slaves after all. And it’ll give ‘em something to do other than farm.” He grinned, tusks showing as the green took its effect upon the Blue skinned Orc. “I was thinking about more organized slaving times. When people are on the road more than normal.” He spoke. “I think we should test their strength. To separate slaves from sacrifices. Torture them for an hour. Those that break, become sacrifices. Those that keep going are slaves. Then we torture them for another hour to make sure they’re obedient slaves.” Mograh proposed. Orgak laughed, the idea of the slaves being tortured for yet another hour appealed to him. It might be funny to see them become relieved, only to be tortured again. The business was sealed. The next day, signs were posted in San’Khatun and ONLY San’Khatun (meaning no meta other nations), reading as follows: [!] THE SNAGAGOTH NEEDS YOU! REPORT TO THE SNAGAGOTH ORGAK’LAK OR SNAGABOSS MOGRAH’YAR FOR ASSIGNING TO THE KRIMPING TEAMS OF KRUGMAR. THE KRIMPING TEAMS ARE EXPECTED TO MEET A QUOTA OF SLAVES A WEEK. DON’T WANT TO GO KRIMPIN’? JOIN THE OVERSEERS! DO YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO JOIN THE KRIMPIN’ TEAMS? OR THE CUNNING TO JOIN THE OVERSEERS? ------------------------------------- New Rank: Snagaboss Current Snagaboss: Mograh’Yar (Micbox) Handler of the processing of new slaves and the assistant Snagagoth. Snagaboss brands, trains, assigns and leads snaga missions. If a snaga has no place in Krugmar, it is the Snagaboth’s duty to give them one. If there is need of snagas to build or do something, the Snagaboss oversees the operation to perfection. The Snagaboss also keeps them from escaping. New Teams: Krimpin’ Teams Krimping Teams are Orcs who are experts in their field of slaving. Made with up to 10 members a team, said teams will be directed to roads and hotspots to get as many slaves as possible, which they will then bring back to the Overseers, who will then take care of the Snagas from there. Krimping Team Format: Overseers The henchmen of the Snagaboss, the Overseers help with the processing and assigning slaves of the Uzg. As well as help with slave related laws and offenders of these laws. They are under the direct command of the Snagaboss and Snagagoth.
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    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    Just like to say, that Shamans are making their own rewrites. You just aren’t in Shaman Discord
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    OOC: What happened?

    We all went to discord.
  10. Why did Rosenyr die

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    2. B7W4


      Core decided to leave the server sadly 😞

    3. Cornivore


      Rosenyr is not dead. It is still going.

    4. Elennanore


      Not dead, just not as active. Pretty friendly little RP group you can interact with if you want, mostly just noobs and a few vets. Though it isn't as active as before, a few of the core members did leave.

  11. Once again, still looking for a skinner to do two skins for a human. One armor, one regular clothing. I will pay 3K each. PM me at Slothtastic#7226

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    give orcs and halflings land next map

    Orcs are active. Just today we had RP at homebase, round 7 folks from what I remember, some folks fought for Snagagoth and then after that to celebrate we went out and bandited the roads. Which we then stopped because we got guerilla’d by some darkies. @Unwillingly
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    Redemption for Incompetence

    They didn’t get their land given back. We confederated with the Horde, of which they had the land, then the Welves decided to declare some BS CBs, including rebellion for some reason, and despite Admins even saying that it was a mistake in the land claims, for some reason most Orcs decided ‘Hey this’d make for a very fun fight!’. And then we lost our tile. Again. Why we keep making these mistakes, I will never know.
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    [Creature Lore] Mirelurk

    Also, there’s already a water creature. Axolotyn which are also fish people, just aren’t used.
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    Redemption for Incompetence

    Orcs are a major race, as one of the four descendant races. Yet we’ve been so ignored by staff, that there’s only a few ET members that are our staff representation. Most staff apps are denied for being Orc players and considered toxic. Problem is, lots of that toxicity comes from being fucked over by staff. A major raid talked about still in Orc discord is when Caranthir froze half of the Orc party, told them to give up a hacker, and when none did he banned them all for hacking. Where the **** was the Admin’s help when multiple Orcs got banned because one was hacking? Why wasn’t it looked into more? Instead, one GM Banned those Orcs and got off with no consequences from what I know. In the past two maps, Orcs have lost their tile three times because of bullshit reasons and staff do nothing to help. Instead, they help cover scummy things up like the DPM incident. And Orcs have yet to be compensated for from ANY of the numerous staff problems we’ve had. Hell, I got banned for three days once because I went back to Spectate a raid. Even then, I didn’t even get into the city. Any Orcs that went back to spectate on the fight were immediately banned, yet despite us showing many Renatus accounts that had come back and were actually fighting, and reviving teammates only we were banned. I spoke to Tarrebear immediately afterwards about the accounts I had seen who came back, and had gotten other Accounts from the Orcs, yet none of them were banned. Only Orcs. There is little diversity in the GM team and staff knows it. It’s mostly restricted to Elves and Empire folks. Dwarves have like 2, and Orcs have none. And this is why we’re still being wrongfully banned, because once again, no representation in staff. TLDR; Get your **** together Admins. Stop denying all the Orcs that apply for staff, apologize or do something about the staff incidents we keep on having and stop ******* us over each chance you get. You’re only making us worse as you go along.
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    [Creature Lore] Mirelurk

    So this is a playable race? Yeah dude this is already denied. It’s waaay too barebones, and is just a blatant rip-off if Mirelurks from Fallout.
  17. Paying 6K for two skins, one armor one not. Pm me at Slothtastic#7226

    Human btw

    Edited by Slothtastic
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    [Req] Highlander Scotsman and Armor 6k

    I have two reqs actually, one armor one not. Please PM me on Discord, Slothtastic#7226 for the refs. I would like examples of your work before hand and I am willing to pay up to 6k for both skins.
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    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    Future reference? You expecting to join the ET team anytime soon? Especially with most of your events being giving OP ****, or you mainly just going on an applying for staff rampage.
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    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    Dude seriously stop. You can’t do **** like this lmao. You ain’t ET, and have no endorsements by any of them. Besides, this seriously seems like some Thanos **** so no
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    A most putrid of presences

    “‘E was fockin’ dead by the end of it. I witnessed the duel, and he was found to be dead. Checked his heartbeat. He had died.” A dwarf states boldly. (Yeah if you brought back Edel just now that’s against the rules. You made an official PK post, you can only take a PK off after one week. It’s been a lot longer. @wrenik)
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    Roast Thread

    No coochie for you izkuthii (I hope this is the right person I’m thinking of)
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    Roast Thread

    What do you mean purple boy
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    Roast Thread

    @Novastralimagine being killed by your own clan for insubordination as a barny orc
  25. Slothtastic

    Roast Thread

    @Fury_Fireyoure easy to forget.