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  1. Knightei


    IMPERIAL PRESERVATION YOUTH (IPY) Est. 11th of The Deep Cold, 1702 “Uni nationi DEO ducente.” WHO ARE WE We are the Future! We are the Young! We are the IPY! We are here to support our EMPIRE! We are bringing back what made the Empire the power it is! WHAT WE DO The IPY tell the adults of the Empire, what the children of today WANT! We help them raise funds! We help them put up posters and spread the word! We help each other learn and become the next great leaders of the Empire! HOW YOU GET INVOLVED The IPY take ALL children into the fold! Post a letter below to show your interest! If you are an adult, please sign up for the IPP. Name (RP/Mcname): Race: Age:
  2. Knightei

    February Community Newsletter

    As a proud Adrian, I must ask for a quick fix to this (Belvitz is the main town of Adria (like how Curon is not the name of their main settlement))
  3. Knightei

    Duma of the First Seed, 1701

    Peter nods at the summons, thinking of the upcoming Dumas arguing. “Eh, Ah think that this time we might actually get a wall, or at the very least a trench! And a lovely war to smite down them bears...” Peter grins, returning home to sharpen his blade.
  4. Knightei

    hated gm tries to see what server thinks of him

    Why are you still here (by that I mean forums and making amas), and who even were you, I legit can’t remember who you were in the WR.
  5. Knightei

    An Open Letter to Weak Wilhelm and the Curonites

    Peter hears of the letter, slowly picking the letters apart, ”T’crows will pick t’bear’s bones clean!”
  6. Knightei

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Ooh, if possible the: Beautiful Emerald Necklace (priority gift for characters mother) Blessed Dwarven Sword ign: knightei If not, enjoy giving stuff away! You’ve amassed a ridiculous collection size.
  7. Knightei

    when you don't play lotc

    Can relate
  8. Knightei

    The Adrian Duma 12th of Sun's Smile 1697

    Peter squints at the transcript, following the words with his finger as he reads them aloud. After 20 saints minutes and once he read his name he yells, “Wha’, Ah’m no fecki’ Adunanian!”. The grumpy /HEARTLANDER/ would then march off to moan at the Scrivener.
  9. Knightei


    Common Registration (Duel Only) (RP&MC) Name: Peter Tyrus (Knightei)  Age: 26 Race: Heartlander
  10. Knightei

    Knightei's Et App

    App Retracted
  11. Knightei

    Forum Discrepancies

    I have only one wish and purpose for this topic, and that is to ask where all of the White Rose topics and related items. I'd like to see some impact of one of the most memorable groups of the server, but I can't find anything about us. Thanks in advance.
  12. Knightei

    Skiddles' Second Forum Moderator Application

    Steven is a very level-headed and mature individual, and would excel as an FM. +1 #whiterosepowah