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  1. [!] Bartholomew Morris reads the missive and nods, preparing himself for the event in remembrance of his lost grandfather. Regardless of being on the losing side, Barty takes a moment to reflect on the losses of bothsides, and hopes His Imperial Majesty doesn’t forget his Pertinaxi heritage.
  2. The young man wanders through the crowd around Helena’s front gates, the sun beating down upon the mass of people. He looks up at the portal to the imperial jewel, a score of guards surveying the crowd, the heat causing aggravated exchanges to the traders and residents alike. Picking through the squash of bodies, the man squeezes next to a guard, who curtly nods in greeting. After a brief exchange, the young man says his thanks and heads under the portcullis to his new life. This man continues into Helena, drinking the sights as he pauses at the visitor centre. A conversation can be overheard, before a Dark Elf leads the man to the local tavern and shows him to a room to call his own. Morris Seeking Work Dear Fortunate Reader, This letter is a simple one, where I, Bartholomew Morris, am advertising my skills in order to gain meaningful employment. First let me introduce myself, for I am the son of Chadwick Morris, Ves Magistrate. I am ending my family's self-imposed exile and have returned to the Empire that has given us so much. For the skills I am proficient in, I have been taught legal frameworks, political theory, statecraft and, clearly, writing. Therefore I am asking for employment in any of those fields, whether as a legal clerk, government aide or other related field. Please send all offers of employment to Room C1 Aela’s Bed and Breakfast. Yours sincerely, Bartholomew Morris
  3. [!] A letter is sent to the Headquarters to the Honorable Livery Company of Thespians & Revelers. It would read as follows: To Viktoriya Pruvia-Albarosa, Regarding the Cease and Desist letter posted to Nauzica Stall #13, which is owned and operated by the Society of Barraman. I would like to point out the monopoly law previously mentioned, THE EXCLUSIVE CONTROL OF GOODS OF THE LIVERY COMPANIES OF THE CITY OF HELENA CORPORATION, 1769, does in fact lend to the Honourable Livery Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders the monopoly rights extended upon all items sold at the stall. This stall is a member of the aforementioned company. Furthermore, if one would read upon the monopoly afforded to your company, no where is a sword (which is not a traditional hunting weapon) listed upon said items, simply bows, crossbows and arrows. Therefore, I would suggest the removal of my property from the Cease and Desist letter, before a legal case is made for defamation of character. Yours Sincerely, Urthun Drumm, Master Blacksmith Society of Barraman Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders
  4. [!] A letter is pinned to the following premises: Nauzica Square Stall #4 - Grandaxe Goods Nauzica Square Stall #7 - Mika Goldhand Services Nauzica Square Stall #12 4 Nauzica Square - Carrington & Co 5 Silver Jubilee Fountain - Conhal & Co The missive reads the following: Cease And Desist Notice From the Livery Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders This letter is an official Cease and Desist notice from the Livery Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders (now to be called the Company). This is to prevent items ascribed to the Company, that is included in their monopoly, be sold by non-members (see THE EXCLUSIVE CONTROL OF GOODS OF THE LIVERY COMPANIES OF THE CITY OF HELENA CORPORATION, 1769). This letter demands this property to cease trade of: All Iron nuggets, Iron ingots and Iron blocks. All Gold nuggets, Gold ingots and Gold blocks. (Unless proof can be supplied that it cannot be used in the manufacturing of tools, arms or armament). All weapons of war derived from Iron or Gold, such as swords, and tridents. All tools of use derived from Iron or Gold, such as Shovels, Picks, Hoes and Axes. All forms of armour derived from Iron or Gold, such as chest pieces, leggings, helmets, boots, and shields. Failure to comply with this letter will cause the Company to enact legal action with the offending party to recoup lost earnings and force sales of such items to be halted. Continued sales of these items can only be done through a licence of sale issued by the Company. Contact the Company’s Livery Master, Porphyre Nicephore [carp#1818], for inquiry into this item. Signed, Urthun Drumm, Master Smith Society of Barraman Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders [!] Amended upon the end of the letter posted at 4 Nauzica Square reads: To my esteemed friends at Carrington & Co, Unfortunately we are required to take these steps as a Company to ensure the legality of the Company’s monopoly, where exceptions made would harm the integrity of the order. Instead, the Company would like to allow it’s constituents to enter negotiations with Carrington & Co, or other members of the Company of Mercers, for high-quality Iron and Gold for usage in their forges, as allowed by their Monopoly. Signed, Urthun Drumm, Master Smith Society of Barraman Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders
  5. Personally I think voting should just give a small amount of crowns. You are rewarded for voting still, but economy isn’t devalued. # of crowns awarded I don’t know, I’d have to do the maths, but its a better alternative. The primary source of injecting mina should be through the start of the map, events and a carefully controlled injection every month by admins via how much mina is leaving the economy each month
  6. Behind the swamps of Guise, a dwarf can be seen washing in the eponymous lake. Sludge and muck is slowly scrubbed from the stout figure, the flaming eyes scouring his body for the offending crud. Urthun looks across the lake, stopping his cleaning as he goes and sits down on the lake shore, shivering slightly as the dwarf looks back upon the events of the previous night. The five figures trudge from the swamp of Guise, chatter light as they head towards Kaedrin. The two aep Cynan, clad in brigadines and plates, lead the group with a cloth covered figure following. Bringing up the rear was a heavily armoured dwarf and a relic of the distant past, a Grand Sarient of the Teutonic Order. The party reach their destination, a simple trap door amidst the fields of the commonwealth that lies inconspicuous near the house it services. Contrary to common knowledge, the ladder that leads into the darkness belongs to the old Ves sewer network, and the horrors that now inhabit them. Four members of the group descend into the darkness, the Teuton standing watch from the surface. For all but the dwarf, they had all tread this ground before, the brothers again leading with a torch held to stave off the darkness. The labyrinthian nature of the Ves sewers forced the group to make turn after turn, passing corpses of dead ratmen, slain in previous excursions. The stench of sewage and rotting corpses assault the sense of the four, as they reach the furthest they’ve ventured yet. As the gloom pushes down on the descendants, they look to one another to confirm the need to move further. Splashing through the grime and sludge, the brothers and the dwarf look ahead to see a crossroads in the system, the three of them gripping tight their respective weapons, knuckles whitening. Merwyn looked back at the dwarf, and scowls as the cloaked member of their group had disappeared, harsh words to be spoken to Armade once this was finished. In this instant, his foot brushes against something at knee height. A great crack reverbs through the enclosed space as a deluge of rocks strike the warrior, Merwyn dropping like a sack of potatoes. Scittering is heard in the distance, eyes shining in the gloom as the the three are watched by their malevenant foe. The dwarf leapt to the stricken figure, moving the stones off of the still breathing human. “We s’ould scarper ‘n’ quick, ‘fore ‘dem rats come.” the dwarf would hiss through clenched teeth, Gawain nodding “Yes, the two of us will be overwhelmed if we don’t retreat.”. Gawain hands the dwarf the torch, before leaning over to pick up his brother. The three figures hurry from the sight of the traps, dragging the stricken man from the area. In the distance, a Ratiki stops and looks at the group, watching their tormentors retreat... There was always the next time.
  7. @Gusano This is a long shot, but have you tried clearing your internet browser’s cache? Usually it should update but it may be saving the old map and showing that instead. Otherwise you may have to wait for the more tech savvy of LOTC.
  8. Knightei

    Tax Day

    Stellar work as always, the voice acting especially was inspirational.
  9. Hi Swifty, Firstly, I believe this could of been posted in the original debate format, but nevertheless its not my place to moderate this. Therefore we should move onto your post. I do not believe the swing of 16 people in your screen shot (14 swing now as I write this) is a ‘mass majority’. This is barely scraping a simple majority. While this shows that yes, almost half the server don’t want firearms, almost half the server does. Which means we must actually weigh up the arguements. As mentioned in the main post, we aren’t asking for guns to be added as they would be seen in real life. Instead we wish for guns that are similar in power to crossbows. Also, banditry on the roads typically involves a group of people who are confident in winning the exchange. Therefore I don’t believe the use of firearms will change the balance of power on highwaymen to regular joes. Banning the use of pre-loaded guns makes that point moot. (I’ve only ever been held at swordpoint). Next cities have an inherent advantage by having walls, gates, large militias. Using guns will not change this. Same issues arise regardless of the tools used in the fights. Mass CRP is a pain unless everyone knows what they are doing, guns will not change this or impact it regardless. And yes, the multi-emote like crossbows is how the players wanting guns want them implemented. Again, no pre-loading so say hello to multi-emote readiness. Again, dodging crossbow bolts or arrows is ridiculous anyway, so again guns do not change the status quo. Olog charging is ALOT different to a projectile weapon, so I honestly can’t see the comparison. Therefore I’m sorry but I can’t see where this has any affect upon the status quo we already have in regards to projectile weapons. Next time, I think post on the main post, less work to move between threads.
  10. In all seriousness, one potential implementation of guns in RP is the use of volatite (yes I know this is against the redlines of the material but hear me out). The gun operates similarly to a matchlock, but instead of gunpowder propelling the bullet a consumable amount of volatite (the light stuff) is used instead. This is loaded into the gun similarly to the pan in a flintlock weapon, however the ‘pan’ must be removed, inserting the volatite behind the bullet, with the ‘pan’ replaced. This MUST be done to prevent the user from not blowing their face off while using the weapon. This means we have an emote chain similar to: XXXX takes a bullet from their person and inserts it into the end of their musket. XXXX removes the ramrod from the gun and begins to ram the bullet into the musket. XXXX removes the ramrod and replaces it, going to remove the cap from the musket. XXXX inserts a charge of volatite into the cavity and replaces the pan. XXXX aims at YYYY. XXXX shoots at YYYY. Roll ???? Profit This is ALOT of emotes and condensing 1 & 2 into a single emote may be preferable. Now, sourcing guns (as I posted previously) should be done from a gun smith who must be approved by ST and has the responsibility of showing the emote chain to buyers. That way, no misunderstandings should take place. Re-sale of guns would be an issue, yes, and to be honest I’m not sure how I’d fix that, but I’m sure there would be a way to halt these issues.
  11. As mentioned previously, you won’t be allowed to pre-load guns in crp (like crossbows), meaning a normal person could also throw a rock and halt the gun. Simple solution here.
  12. As mentioned by previous people in this thread, LOTC has full control and power over the implementation of single shot guns on the server. Therefore, they we can tone down guns to be on par with crossbows. Having a limited producer of guns would aid in the ‘rampant’ usage of them, as you can only use them when you have them in your inventory at the time. One condition of being a gun producer is that you HAVE to demonstrate the proper usage of a gun before sale to be completed. Everyone should then have an idea of how they work, and if they powergame it, they have been shown how they work and so should be punsihed without impunity. Introducing guns like the introduction of crossbows isn’t what some people here are aiming for, and a regulated gun market on the server could work.
  13. -ᛟ- Varendoz Smithy -ᛟ- The dwed heats the iron, readying it for the anvil. The Dwed trudges along the roads, now dangerous with bandits, hoping that they are busy elsewhere. He peers under his bushy brows into the moonlit road, the cart behind him creaking ominously. He peers over the fields near to him, frowning at the shapes in the distance. He drops the hand cart, the weight of the anvil causing it to drop heavily to the ground. He quickly searches his person, a slight tremble in his hands. Patting himself down, a pipe is procured from his apron, and is swiftly packed with pipe tobac. As the sparks of the flint strikes the dried material, the clouds of acrid smoke bloom outwards. A grunt of assent can be heard as the creaking of wheels continue into the night As time passes, the sound of a hammer hitting stone can be heard in Guise, the under croft of the old church ringing with the pressure. The noises continue into the night, as a small cart is unpacked and brought into the old crypt. As day breaks, a swarthy dark dwarf leaves the under croft, heading into the Varendoz guild house for an ale. To all members of the Varendoz, the dwarf Urthun Drumm, of the Society of Barraman, has set up his forge in Guise. Found in the under-crypt of the old church that inhabits the land, he will begin taking orders from members of the guild. For those not of the guild, you may also apply for work to be made however the time of the smith will be focused on others. The smithy will take orders for arms and armament alike, with prices discounted upon the display of a Varendoz badge. Repair of items will also be made free of charge after Varendoz hunting parties return, courtesy of the guild.
  14. Well this is a minecraft server, why not just have our guns be as good as a crossbow. and for the “it’ll be power gamed” a toothpick can be powergamed it’s not a valid argument
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