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  1. One of the posters manages to find its way to far off lands, landing in the lap of a family of Kaedweni peasants. After much haranguing they manage to persuade the town alderman to read it to them, for being lowly peasants they cannot read. The grandma gasps and the children scream, the mother goes pale and the father turns red. After much consternation the father of this family, the simple Tyrus family, loudly bellows. "That order is dead and gone! Our fore bearers spilt blood and gave their lives for the Rose and the Chivay dynasty! These people know nothing of the Kaedweni, so t
  2. Maigo, wandering the streets of Providence, notices this strange poster in the back alleys - for surely the ones in the main thoroughfare had been taken down - and pauses for a moment, reading it. He tuts as he continues reading the poster, shaking his head as he mutters, "A fool who advertises for his rebellion within the reach of the powers that be... But perhap that is the point? If this is how the Orenian operate, who am I to judge?"
  3. The Kingdom of Ratae The Colony ‘The archives do speak of a colony, ‘Ratae Corieltauvorum’ or so it was then… Perhaps they used to be of Elraic? It matters not, they diverged an age ago.’ Over one score year, two centuries ago, waves of colonists settled the coasts of Ratae Corieltauvorum. Emerald seas; golden sands; and plentiful harvests, Ratae was the poster child of colonial life for the citizens of Elraic. For the initial year, cities were built and land parcelled as civilisation came to their shores. Five primary coloniae dominated the area,
  4. - IC - Name: Maigo Place of Residence: Freeport Describe Your Order: PM - OOC - IGN: Knightei Base Skin: PM Reference pics: PM Payment Method [minas, USD, art/skin trade]: USD
  5. These status updates will be like gold dust

  6. If we can purchase a harddrive for the forums we can back stuff up to we'll be saved! Heres a 12tb hardrive, we did 1tb for 10 years, so like 120 years of forums right? https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-gb/products/external-drives/wd-elements-desktop-usb-3-0-hdd?utm_medium=pdsh2&utm_source=gads&utm_campaign=WD-EU-UK-PLA&utm_content=872092818218&utm_term=WDBWLG0120HBK-EESN#WDBWLG0120HBK-EESN
  7. - IC - Name: Maigo Place of Residence: Maigo's Home, Freeport (up the stairs from the smithy and continue in that direction, the home is on the left; the order can be left in the mailbox) Describe Your Order: A set of clothing that may be used on board a ship. Hard wearing linen shirt and trousers. A large 'sash' (obi) is required or a belt that can hold a sword upon it. - OOC - IGN: Knightei Base Skin: You can grab it here Reference pics: The top half; the bottom half; Payment Method [minas, USD, art/skin trade]: Minaaaaaa
  8. An old Oyashiman Daimyo, long past fallen his prime, reads the notice. Utter shame washes over himself as he reads the false words. He contemplates the blood that his family and masters have spilt ensuring Oyashima's freedom from the yoke of the Li-Ren, before his mind is forced to realise his culture being paraded by the oppressors. “The deepest rivers flow slowly.” remarks the fallen lord, the now Ronin.
  9. Yet again the green tags are stifling my roleplay! I want my legendary purple gear now!
  10. Why did you misspell Squawk and do we pronounce your name "squ-ak"?
  11. Godfrey for a good first pick regardless of his leg ups Solid second choice would be every captain of the salvus shields
  12. Just to reiterate what everyone has said: Well done on your first piece of lore; while its not perfect it would have potential! If, that is, there wasn’t a similar magic in place! But you seem fairly okay with this. I’d say, like the others, look at the current accepted lore. Both to find a good basis on how magic currently works on the server (point based systems are a little archaic atm) and what current lore is around. Remember: Lore can be little things too, so don’t fret by making a new magic and CA!
  13. Fallen Cherry Blossom 色は匂えど – Even the blossoming flowers 散りぬるを – Will eventually scatter 我が世誰ぞ – Who in our world 常ならん – Is unchanging? 有為の奥山 – The deep mountains of karma— 今日越えて – We cross them today 浅き夢見じ – And we shall not have superficial dreams 酔いもせず – Nor be deluded. Iroha, 1078 門前の小僧習わぬ経を読む。 ‘An apprentice near a temple will recite the scriptures untaught’ The wind whistled through the small village of Okura, the smell of a
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