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  1. 音楽 He kneels upon the deck of the ship, watching the lines of the waves in the distance. En-robed with a simple kimono, his hands resting upon his thighs, the man seems at peace with the world. The man’s eyes are drawn down to the wake of the ship, the frothing water curdling upon itself. A pattern within a pattern, at great contrast with the bulk that surrounds it. ‘We bring chaos to this world.’ the young samurai ponders. He takes a deep breath inwards, closing his eyes to savour this moment. As the bushi exhales, he opens his eyes once more. The scene he was gazing upon had changed subtly, but it would never live upto the moment he had reflected upon. His mind wandered down the tortuous path of the previous days, and his personal failure in protecting his shogun. He looks down upon his daishō, his twinned katana and wakizashi, tracing the lines of the Oyashiman steel. His eyes close as he bows to the blades, motionless for a minute as he gives respect to his soul represented there. The bushi sits up, before reaching to the tantō to his side and he contemplates the blade. The bushi is young, barely past his genpuku, yet he contemplates the life he has lead upto this point, the tantō resting upon his hand. He closes his eyes once more, placing the blade to his side as he resumes the position he took earlier, his hands resting on his thighs. Kawahara Nobusuke ponders the futility of his situation, other bushi have committed seppuku for the failure in the coup, yet Nobusuke took ship with his young lord. The young man reminisces upon a tune he remembers from court, quietly humming along to the tune. He sighs slowly, as he gathers his blades and returns to his quarters, prepared to serve the young Ishikawa.
  2. Proceeds to steal the build
  3. Just for pure LOTC history this needs to be pinned. Rocky also made a decent rep farm here, just sayin
  4. Bartholomew reads over the message, nodding grimly. “The Princess Imperial was the best choice here, hopefully the citizens head the advice and stay away from the demonic menace.”
  5. But that ain’t a bad thing, +1
  6. Tsor Elno! – rAtonhe yrocivt rfo het gemHnna!

  7. Barty shakes his head at the perceived treason in the statement: “Changing the government as it shall be run by the people and for the people.” He sighs as he speaks aloud, “Bloody fools speaking against our Emperor...”
  8. Bartholomew Morris channels his father, Chadwick, and his father’s twin, Bradwick. In this occult moment of prayer, the thought comes to him... “Who?”
  9. Bartholomew rejoices at the news of Haense’s proclamation, but sours when the news of the King’s suicide is spread. ”It is a shame their king was driven to this and one hopes that God takes him in regardless.” Barty crosses himself, “God rest his soul, long live the king. Long live the Empire.”
  10. Bartholomew pauses after reading the document, his head trying to put together the works he has seen. “So, the Aenguls Xan and Tahreal have been omitted? Or do they not exist or perhap be Daemons themselves? I have read a great deal on the pair of them, having their respective priesthoods of the Paladins and the Clerics. I find this strange then, that the Aenguls of Order and Purity have no place in the Hierarchia, if only they’d be placed in the order of Fire and Guardianship.”
  11. Urthun Drumm scratches his head, confused at all the merchants who scream at the Orenian Government not honouring trade deals when the recipients declared war on Oren thus breaking the NAP. Urthun shrugs however, as the stalls can’t possibly be stocked so would fall apart regardless.
  12. 50 upvotes and I leak CMU chats...

    @bungo won’t allow me without this much

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  13. Urthun Sighs at the development, remembering Jorvin being a level headed dwed. He’d shake his head as he returns to his forge in Helena, confused at the turn of events that has lead to war with his kin.
  14. Dude, the white lotus were chill benders from all four nations who wanted to keep the balance with the avatar Don’t diss uncle Iroh like that please White ROSE however was BEFORE cannonism, we killed elves for other reasons.
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