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  1. Hey lads, this is the off-topic (non-lotc) forum roleplay where old grognards still use the forums to live out our spreadsheet civ games. Hope you enjoy future correspondence in the appropriate forum.
  2. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 Spring 3251 War! With the conflict of Kempennen being realised across the border, the country speaks of the great honour to be found in battle. Trade with the Westmark Republic, exporting 10 tonnes of steel for four hundred Kawahara Yen each. Building of one town in the Province of Saiki. Building of one foundry in the Province of Saiki. Building of one gunpowder mill in the Province of Saiki. Building of one factory in the Province of Saiki. Building of one fortress in the Province of Soeda. Recruitment of the following regiments: one carabiners, four light cannon, four medium cannon, and two horse drawn rifled medium cannon. Both the 1st and 2nd Exploratory Divisions are sent to the Province of Soeda to take part in Military Action. The First Corps is in military action in E24. Condemned criminals are sent to see if the vault in the mountains can be accessed peacefully.
  3. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 音楽 A state of unease lays over the Shogunate as the winter settles in. The news from across from Lake Towada disturbs the leadership as a potential ally falls to infighting. As the land unclaimed around the Shogunate shrinks, news of the metal men in the north leads to discussions between men of flesh and blood about the potential expansion of the Shogunate in the future… Be it lay with their Germanic neighbour they are friendly with; the unholy men of iron to the north; the weakened state of Pith to the east; or even the mighty bear of Kempannen to the south. The generals Hirata and Sobuka greet each other, the two having not seen each other for months. “Our final adventure friend. The last frontier for the Shogunate before our noses must be bloodied.” Hirata would start. “Yes, and thankfully we have had this avenue to expand. We can manage for a few years now without war, no bloodshed for our people is always to be in need.” Sobuka replies. “Well, regarding that. We have other orders once we are done here.” Hirata says, handing Sobuka a folded piece of parchment. Reading it, Sobuka frowns and sighs, “I see.” he says, “Well it was inevitable.” The two Exploratory Divisions muster, the light playing off of the lacquered helmets. Muskets and rifles dip up and down with the step of the men, and the whinnying of horses are heard as the dragoons and Kazi Kihei scout out the land. The Shogunate is pacifying the last land available to them without bloodshed. The room, full of incense, look at each other in their kimonos, the shoji insulating them from prying ears. The faces of the Kawahara men are implacable, as their tradition demands, waiting for the first man to speak. One slowly raises himself from his seat, composed before he begins the meeting. “Greetings to all of you here. I have little to say but get to the point. The mongaikan have left us the great roads we use, ones we can never hope to replicate for many years to come. They also have left other Ibutsu, the relics of magic, that we are lacking in. The rise of those metal men in the north are proof of such gifts, and while we do not need to fear these iron warriors for now, we must seek out other ibutsu like them. They may be useful or not, and while the curse follows them; we must succeed. Many of you here have devoted your lives to the shogunate and some of you shall lose it in this search. We have given funds for your use in this search, and we expect the best from you.” Trade with the Kingdom of Procterland, eight tonnes of materials for one thousand and one hundred Kawahara Yen each. Building of one town in the Province of Kurei. Building of one foundry in the Province of Kurei. Building of two factories in the Province of Kurei. Building of two Gunsmiths in each of the following Provinces: Ayaba, Soeda, Iwata, Furano, and Gujo. Building of one steel mill in each of the following Provinces: Ayaba, Soeda, Iwata, Furano, and Gujo. Recruitment of the following regiments: one of Lancers, four of Dragoons, two of Carabiners, and one of Light Cannon. Both the 1st and 2nd Exploratory Divisions are sent to the last unclaimed province in the north (F32), in order to secure it for the Shogunate. The First Corps remains in Soeda, drilling and preparing for action… Perhaps later in this season? Orders remain standing waiting on some signal. The Gishi, the Shogunate sappers, prepare ammo & supply dumps for the army, improving infrastructure and stockpiling building materials for the army to use. Men are sent to scour the Shogunate and their lands for the location of ‘Relics’ from the outsiders, for now they have two thousand Kawahara Yen at their disposal.
  4. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 Autumn 3250 The land of the Shogunate is tumultuous with development. Families spread wider than before, immigrants flooding the border with promises of cheap homes and lands. The sound of hammer and nail, the patter of sandals and the braying of ass as the masses go to the new lands. General Akira would nod to his friend on the right, Sobuka having overseen the last of the accursed villages destroyed. “They were mere beasts, simple fodder for the Shogunate.” “That they were, the troops seem jubilant with the success we’ve had. Orders have been received to head northwards.” Sobuka would reply. “We’re heading East to pick up recruits. And to drill in our home Province.” Akira goes, nodding to the man, “Until next time.” “Yes General.” Producing 3 towns, 2 across the new province of Gujo and one within the partially conquered province of Kurai. Producing 6 Factories, 2 within the capital, 2 within Furano and 2 within Gujo. Producing one Foundry in Gujo. Training 500 Kazi Kihei. 1500 Lancers, 1000 Dragoons and 500 Carabiners. Trading 3 coal to the Commonwealth, 2 gun powder to the Mittelland. Non-aggression Pacts signed with Mittelland, Commonwealth and Westmark. The First Expeditionary Division continues to pacify F33. The Second Expeditionary Division marches to pacify F32. The Shogunate Corps returns home to Soeda (E23), to drill throughout the Autumn months. Research Continues...
  5. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 The Kawahara Shogunate, Mizūmi Riku, lay idyllic under the setting sun. The shouts from the mustering field slowly ease away as the recruiters and their new charges return to the training depots across the land. The wind blew, the winds of change. The Kawahara would continue their expanse under the sun. They are the future. Generals Hirata and Sobuka pour over the sand tables, the tent flaps shaking behind them. General Akira ducks under the entryway, nodding to the two others, “How goes the planning?” he would ask about the pair. “Well General, we have pinned down what the Shogun and Parliament have asked for, but we are being more certain of the land before we commit.” Hirata would reply. “Wise, wise… So what is the plan for now?” Akira responded. “We use our Kazi Kihei to screen the advance, followed up by the Gishi as they build the roads and infrastructure for the bulk of the infantry and cannon. Diplomacy is our first call, to invite the locals to the Shogunate, otherwise we drive them out and build upon their towns. Last resort is slaughter.” The answer came from General Sobuka. “What I would do, well done you two, the Shogun would be proud.” Akira said, “May God take you.” Kawahara Nobusuke, Shogun of his clan’s lands, shuffles the papers on his desk as Minister for Peace Kawahara Daichi outlines the diplomatic missions that have been sent forth. On the paper is outlined a non-aggression pact one of the nations outlined. As the minutes pass and the two converse, the envoys are chosen, men who are known to have a calm head. A few days later, they all leave the capital, Ayaba. They head to nations far and close afield, some by land and some by boat. The outcomes of their missions are to be decided Actions Troops are trained in a variety of prefectures, Totalling two Gishi regiments, two Line regiments, and one regiment of Kazi Kihei. [14 AP, 11S, 10750C] The ever moving industry of the Kawahara continues, with factories being built in all prefectures, two in Ayaba and Soeda, and one in the mountains of Iwate. [5M, 10000C] The First and Second expeditionary corps were sent to E20 and E21 respectively, pacifying the land for Kawahara expansion. [Mod Action] Diplomats are sent to various factions, [Mod Action]
  6. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 Culture: While the Empire to the south, the Yashida Bakufu, may have only started their reformation, the Kawahara reformed much earlier. Caused by necessity, and influenced by their more 'germanic’ neighbours, the Kawahara Shogunate is a Federal Republic, with a Shogun as a head of state. The laws of the land are debated by a modern parliament, with similar governorship and state senators wielding devolved power. The Shogun himself is head of state, with any citizen that can claim Kawahara blood eligible for the position. While this may seem like a small section, a revolt forced the government to accept blood relations through women and illegitimate children. Therefore a wide slice of society is eligible for the position, regardless if the power they wield actually comes from them. The people of the land are set into strict ‘horizontal’ strata, with children selected for apprenticeships in different professions and defined by their job from then on. While instituted with good intentions, apprenticeship acquisition has easily become corrupt in places, with the effectiveness of this scheme remaining in place in question. The separation of these classes can be broken by two things, summonings to work for the federal government or military service. Due to the more dangerous locale and violent surroundings, the Kawahara Shogunate retains the militaristic and Jingoistic history of their ancestors. History: Disillusioned with the light of the Emperor, the Kawahara left the Shogunate three centuries before. The reasoning for this is still murky to this day, some say the Kawahara enacted a great dishonour to the Imperial light and thus was banished. Some, especially within the Kawahara Shogunate, claim they saw the light of god himself, and thus the backwards Yashida must be left behind to seek progress. Regardless of the reason the Kawahara travelled by sea west and north, before travelling up a river system to settle their new lands. Surrounded by strange cultures, the Kawahara expanded out of necessity, embracing the local tribes in an act that would redefine them from their parent state. Diplomacy is a tool to be used. Regardless, the clan expanded their holdings over the first century and a half until the non-nobility, those not samurai, revolted. Giving the government an ultimatum, the fact that many Kawahara relatives lived through all the classes of the Shogunate, any that could claim the line is eligible for the shogunate where all citizens have a vote (well the right citizens). This supercharged the nation, giving a new sense of purpose as more and more people were inducted into the nation. As the ideas of the Republic grew, and the land control increased, the Shogun enacted a great Policy change. The Federal Shogunate of Kawahara had entered the modern age. Characters (Up to 3): Unique Units: Unique 1- Kawahara Gishi - Combat Engineers, trained to ease supply line building, analyse defences to speed sieges, and to build public works. Unique 2- Kawahara Tanegashima - Heavy Infantry who could shoot and fight, warriors trained like the samurai of old wielding muskets. Spoiler Discord: Given Location (Pick 3 Provinces): E22, E23, F34
  7. Situated on 2,500 acres in beautiful Stowe, Vermont, Trapp Family Lodge is a unique mountain resort featuring Austrian-inspired architecture and European-style accommodations. Our Lodge offers stunning mountain views, old-world comforts, and impeccable service, along with activities for every season. Along with our Lodge, we have multiple villas, guest houses and our activity centre! With over 80km of cross country skiing, cycling routes and more; there is nothing you can't do with the family! With acclaimed restaurants, reliably sourced by our farm and greenhouse, we ensure you'll be fed well, to go with the von Trapp brewery beer we have onsite also! Come to the Trapp Family Lodge today, to see where Maria flourished after the war. Application:
  8. ((Wrong forum, this is for forum rps not linked to LOTC))
  9. Thing is there is NOTHING wrong with claiming that you're part of a family tree even if its not from Aeldin. People will do this ANYWAY. I agree, some of the core Aeldin lore needs to be codified by the Aeldin Experts (see old human players), but shelf it? No my friend. Aeldin may be used by people for 'clout' but why on earth should a nation on our continents give a ****? Horens on this map should want to bash down on Aeldenic Pretenders and such; Humans claiming to be Haense royalty from Aeldin should be deleted. You won't solve this 'problem' by shelving Aeldin, just move it to somewhere else.
  10. Application Discord name (or you can just add me: wealthypiano#5651): in the disc Desired faction: Eastern BoS Chapter
  11. Turn 1 The County of Chrosty -Music- Source Riding down the roads of the ancients, a wide stone road kept in perfect repair by the magic it was imbued with, a troop of Imperial Hussars approach the gates of Somlniki. Clearly marked in the colours of the Chrósty, their feathered wings rustle as they ride in. At the head of the column, bedecked in black, is count Witold Książek the Marcher Count of Chrósty. One of the ugliest nobles in the empire, his face a mess of scars from both disease and violence, the Count is a well liked figure by the city folk. The procession makes its way through the engine city, the magical lighting flickering on as people gather under heated sections outside taverns as the night starts to fall. The troop enter the keep of Smolniki, the bastion walls bedecked in cannon, the new Arcano Flame-Cannons facing onto the causeway. The city, awash in light, is fuelled by several small augustine engines, allowing the populace to live an easier life in this frozen north. As he stalks the halls of his keep, Witold halts before a portrait of his deceased son. He looks at Dobrogost, like his father in temperament but his mother in looks, and takes a moment to mourn his passing. The all black of Witold would halt on this day, the count promised himself. He sighed as he went to mount the stairs of the fortress-keep, going to find his wife, Klara, a princess of Rowne. Klara, having been pregnant before Witold left for the Sejm, was due soon, Witold recalled. Tired, dusty and hungry, the count opens the door to the bed chambers. Klara, in bed, is holding a child. A baby, Witold’s child. The count pauses, his eyes taking in the sight as his wife speaks from the bed, “He looks just like Dobrogost did… We’ll name him after his brother, a hero of the Empire.” Weeks later, Witold and the Hussars ride out, nodding to the newest general he had hand picked from his retinue. Behind the shining line of cavalry is a series of Chrósty shock troops. Witold has heard of the bandits to the south, the havok they have started to play on his border. Having had enough, he marches to the ancient roads and they will crush these knaves, crossing into his neighbour if need be. They pass the masons and architects, the Arcano engineers amongst them, for they are preparing to add to a town to build a new Engine City, having secured Vaserium at the latest Sejm. Turn 1 Actions: Witold, his Hussars and some infantry march south to quell the bandits on the county's southern border. [Mod] Turn 2 Actions: To be decided after mod post over discord
  12. Going on from what Unwillingly and Niv has said, the REQUIREMENT of discord for LOTC should be stressed. Personally I think its almost impossible now for a person to consistently rp without discord nowadays. So the 'meta' level of LOTC that Unwillingly has said is important to explain to new players as its more of a make or break than knowing how soul stones work.
  13. Easy onboarding to a 'spook' CA? No need to know the clique? Seems like a good idea to me.
  14. Music County of Chrósty Culture of Chrósty Chrósty, being a march, is a hot pot for a mixture of culture and beliefs. Peasantry of the county are a mixture of both native Osvanti and resettled Kiralski, with both also representing the split in Jozsefite and Vaseric within the region. The harsh winters and Kemijar raiding ensures a difficult life for the peasantry itself, ensuring fortified towns bolstered with magitech engines to provide heating within the winter. The Jozsefites of the county resent this usage of magic, however outright refusing this aide is rare due to the severe winters that blanket the county, especially after the thermal springs of the region were cut off from across the border. A feudal society, the peasantry are beholden to their local lord, the baron or the count Chrósty himself. Those who live within the cities of the county however are beholden to their burgomeister, an elected official of the town that administers the people in the service of their lord. The noble class of the region is burgeoning and powerful, highly militaristic and disciplined, they control all the cards in Chrósty. Nobility of Chrósty are deeply Vaseric, ascribed to the central doctrine of the church. They sponsor the Magitech guild, specialised in the area with heating enchantments. History of Chrósty Source The March of Chrósty has existed on the Osvanti border for the two centuries since the initial push. The Lords of Chrósty, House of Lasko, held the border for the vast majority of that time, until 1682 and the extinction of that line. Sandwiched between the two rivers from the Tatra Mountains in the west, the Vistula River to the south and the Warta to the north, the great lake Mamry to the east, the Chrósty is a bastion on the border. Originally a simple county, they entrenched in their cold northern lands, the slow advance of the Vaseric faith bringing with it the aids to the living standards of the county. The fortified cities therefore gave rise to a heavily entrenched magitech guilds, the local guilds being some of the most skilled in heating enchantments, in order to keep the winter easier to weather. With the formation of the Empire, Chrósty sworn to the growing empire, the cultural Kiralski started to seed the land with migrants, encouraged by programs from the heartlands. This seeded land grew in population so that the northern border was secured, a flat plain where the Kiralski Hussars reign supreme. Great forts and cities, bolstered by Magitech have ensured a hard border in which the Militarily supreme Osvanti are repulsed at this short border, so much so that the skirmishes found on this border is the only real form of conflict that has been seen except for the Lewki War of 1665. This war saw the extinction of the Lasko line, the former barons of Lewki being raised to their place, the Książek family. Vaseric to the core, the rise of the Jozsefite sect has worried the county, the culturally Osvanti converting like their northern brethren, albeit with some persuasion due to the engine-fuelled comforts that the north requires for an easier life. Religious strife however is currently kept to a head, especially since the Trazimir to the southeast is close enough to give even the Chrósty worry. Religion The Chrosty are a mixture of both religions. The ruling Książek are staunchly Vaseric, and their investments in the Magitech guild has ensured that the population of the County has Vaseric leanings. However the close proximity to the Osvanti means that Jozsefite believers are not rare within the borders, and an uneasy peace remains between the differing sects. The House of Książek Source 1698 - Witold, Count Chrósty A formidable Marcher lord, Witold has held the northern border for thirteen years. Named by some in the Sejm as the ‘Northern Ogre’, he is known to be a repulsive looking man. However, the activity on the border keeps Witold engaged in skirmishing and has garnered a reputation of a warrior Marquis. A staunch Vaseric, he encourages the use of magitech throughout the County, ensuring the prioritisation of warming magics to keep the winters of the north as manageable as possible. The lord frequently skirmishes with the Hakala of Alaskylä, but both houses have a deep respect for their century long rivalry. Source 1702 - Klara, Countess Chrósty Klara, the wife of Witold, is the daughter of a southern house, a family from the heartlands of the empire. A formidable woman, and the second daughter of the family, she has taken to the north like a fish to water. An intelligent woman, well liked by her adopted homeland, she has championed the magitech guild and is deeply pious to the Vaseric faith. Source 1720 - 1739 Dobrogost, The Eagle of the North The son and heir of Witold, the Eagle was a great commander of men and a rising star of the Empire itself. A feared warrior and general, he led Witold’s Hussars and developed the battle plans to ensure the new amarta płomieniowa, the flame cannons, became a staple for the northern border. During the Fourth Trazimir War, Dobrogost led Chrósty’s men to war, being an officer for the Imperial Army. During the Imperial rout, Dobrogost led a foolhardy charge of the limited amount of Hussars left, gaining time for the Imperial army to leave but losing his life, and that of his men, in the process. Source 1723 - Otylia, The Maiden The only daughter and now heir of Chrosty, Otylia is an unmarried young woman. Charming and slightly learned, Otylia lives in the shadow of her now deceased brother. While still doted on by her father, she knows that the family is in dire straits if it is indeed to survive. At the tender age of 18, Otylia is versed in the dangers of the Sejm, her place in the empire, and the politics needed to ensure her families survival. Map of the Realm
  15. Its a shame vortex is being removed. While the plugin wasn't great (sorry its true) there were kernels of a good plugin in there. Sorry for your time spent Nick but atleast theres a positive change. (now make terra plug in have 24hr cooldowns and 12/6/3x drop rate for building mats/misc blocks/metals! No more walking, want more rping!)
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