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  1. **MC Names of all involved** Knightei **Description** To prevent wholesale slaughter of my lovely sheep, a mass buying of tokeballs were made. They were used to keep approximately 12 sheep to be stored in the balls within a chest. The sheep were captured during high server load, and released under no server load, and the sheep seem stuck with no ai. The sheep can breed with sheep not stored, otherwise they sit doing nothing **Date of occurance** 14/04/19 **In game specifications** Chadwick Morris – Persona; Sheep pen outside Ves / stored in home in Ves (PM for details) **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. Capture sheep using 12 tokeballs duing high server load 2. Store in chest and leave for approx. 15 hours 3. Use the tokeballs to release the sheep 4. ??? 5. Be very confused at why the mobs don’t work **Expected Behavior** Sheep are captured during high server load with no ai. Are released in no server load with ai. **Actual Behavior** Sheep are captured during high server load with no ai. Are released in no server load with no ai.
  2. Knightei


    Chadwick leaves Adria, watching the city as it begins to burn. He thinks upon the people, the feisty Adrians and the hub of merchants and commonfolk; their joy, laughter and dreams going up in smoke. ”Ave Imperium... It seems...”
  3. Knightei

    Minutes of Adrian Duma, 10th Owyn's Flame 1710

    Chadwick burns all reference to the month, wishing the famous minister would set up a commission on the teaching of Imperial Date nomenclature to those not of the great knowledge.
  4. ADRIAN DUMA OF HIS GRACE MARIUS I 10th Owyn’s Flame 1710 PREFACE With the auspicious crowning of His Grace, Marius I, as Duke of Adria, abiding by the Franciscan Articles His Grace called the people to the Duma. Before the Chancellor, Lord Morris, could begin the Duma, His Grace gave multiple announcements. Firstly, the man named as Conrad de Faltstaff approached His Grace, petitioning for a fief to call his own. Citing loyalty, skilled men and noble heritage, Conrad was granted the County of Leuven by His Grace, and was assigned a patch of land between Adria and Haense to call his own. Secondly, His Grace announced for the man named John Robichaud to step forth. Announcing that John Robichaud had completed his knightly quest, to duel 5 formidable men and win, His Grace saw fit to knight John Robichaud into the Marian Retinue. Ser John ‘the wise’ Robichaud arose and was formed as the first member of the Marian Lodge of Adria. Finally, His Grace had listened to the call of Marshall Khroll, in that the City of Ves has been slow in funding the City Guard, meaning their pay had been withheld. His Grace decided, in his generosity, to pay Marshall Khroll out of his personal coffers, a sum of two thousand minas, in order to ensure the brave City Guard of Ves are compensated for their sacrifices. THE ALDERMEN To begin the Duma, the Chancellor asked the people not of the Duma to step forth and select themselves as Aldermen. Upon rolling the Duma Dice, finding the numbers six and then four, the following men were selected Aldermen. Eughan Gull, Dragoon Donnue la Croix, Dragoon And with that, the Duma got underway PROPOSAL ONE Proposal One was given by Cottage Lord Matthias Rutledge, and due to his concern of the youth of this city turning to alcohol, proposed the Duchy set the drinking age to 16. His Lord Varoche, Paul E. O. P. L. E. F. Horen-Varoche, noted the age of supremacy was 14, so therefore the drinking age to be lowered to this, so therefore the law was amended to have the minimum drinking age cut to 14. Taking this to the vote, the Nae’s had it, following a strong bloc of votes from the Military, along with support of the Lord of the Tavern of ves. PROPOSAL TWO Proposal Two was given by Marshall Khroll, on behalf of the Dragoon’s Captain, Junar. They aimed for the construction of the Barracks for the Dragoons. The proposal was tabled, as the Duma felt the City of Ves Council PROPOSAL THREE Proposal Three was given by Baozhen Yehenara, representing the Myre Cottage Lord on behalf of Alfred Myre. The proposal asks for a more formalised system of adoption, wherein the courts must decide upon the eligibility of the parents. First, Lord Varoche and Marshall Khrol determined indentured servitude would operate as a fine alternative, however the recent change in the City of Ves law (Circa Third City of Ves Assembly, 1709). An alternative was proposed by the City of Ves Mayor, Emmeline Grunwalder, to begin a Cadet school, with the aim of giving the orphaned children of Ves a good start in life by discipline and hard work from the City Guard Taking this to the Vote, the Yea’s had it, following an almost unanimous decision. PROPOSAL FOUR Proposal Four was given by the Ducal Historian, myself Chadwick Morris. The proposal was concerning the fact the traditional ducal seat of Varoche was given to Lord Varoche for services to the Duchy, however this has left His Grace without a seat to rule from, using the Palace of Varoche when and need be. Therefore the proposal was to construct a new ducal palace, exactly one meter higher than that of the Palace of Varoche. This proposal drew incredibly heated arguement. Lord Varoche vehemently opposed the proposal, citing it to be an insult to the County of Varoche. Cottage Lord Ruttledge and Ducal Seneschal, represented by City Clerk Nedric in lieu of Alfred Myre, argued instead for the construction of homes rather than another Palace. The Military bloc however started a bidding war to increase the height of the palace. To placate the bloc, the Proposal was ammended to be taller than the Palace of Varoche by one and one half meters. Taking this to the Vote, the Yea’s had it, follow an incredibly close vote. PROPOSAL FIVE Proposal Five was also given by the Ducal Historian. The proposal was to form an Adria Criminal Code, derived from His Grace’s second seat of the Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska. The proposal also included a rider for the position of Ducal Justicar, a new council position to act as judge for matter external of the City of Ves, and for matters of High Treason. The role would act in conjuction with that of the Magistrate of the City of Ves, and both roles can fill in for the other in event of absence. The Proposal at first was met with agreement, until the notice of the Consanguinity law, which would disinherit Lord Varoche. The Ducal Historian admitted he overlooked the complications and agreed to ammend the law out of the Proposal. The Proposal was then brought to vote, where Lord Varoche noticed the rider and declared the Proposal must be voted nae. Taking this to the Vote, the Nae’s had it, an almost unanimous decision save the Chancellor and the Ducal Historian. PROPOSAL SIX Proposal Six was given by the City Clerk. Proposing the second city charter amendment, the city council was to include a rotating seat of aldermen, as outlined in Third City of Ves Assembly, 1709. The proposal was not chosen to be discussed. Taking this to the Vote, the Yea’s had it, a unanimous decision. PROPOSAL SEVEN Proposal Seven was given again by the City Clerk. Proposing the third city charter amendment, the city clerk receives the petition and the money for the title of Patrician for the City of Ves. The Ducal Historian required a clarification that His Grace still decides on who is granted the title of Cottage Lord, where Lord Varoche agreed to the ammendment. Taking this to the Vote, the Yea's had it, a near unanimous decision. PROPOSAL EIGHT Proposal Eight was given by the Cottage Lord Rutledge, proposing the end of the Duma. Taking this to the vote, the Yea's had it, a unanimous decision. And so concludes the Duma of 1710 Penned by Chadwick Morris esq. Ducal Historian On behalf of His Grace, Marius I Duke of Adria, King of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Kusoraev, Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Valwyk, Rostig, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Lord of Markev, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera
  5. Knightei

    Crow Chronicles, Vol. 2

    Chadwick smiles while reading the paper, eyes sparkling with the possibilities ahead. “This requires more reporters for His Grace’s Duchy!
  6. Knightei

    Royal Levy Ban, 1709

    Chadwick smiles, sitting in the Morris Society Hall in Adria. Reading the missive, and speaking to no one in particular. ”Interesting move, shouldn’t affect us here however, it is only for the Realm of Haenseti-Ruska, where the Duchy of Adria is in the Crown of Renatus! King Marius is wise to acknowledge his separate demesnes.”
  7. Knightei

    Alimar Arts & Attire Store

    Chadwick nods, reading over the advertisement once more. “Ah, the industriousness of my fellow man, I must ask this fellow about the services so beautifully demonstrated.”
  8. Knightei


    After reading the imperial missive, Chadwick reads the missive from Adria, upon completion he laughs, smiling, throwing his head back. ”You must give it to Paul for being a skilled politician, the man is wise in his years and clearly his care for his people exceeds that of his ambition. I recall an elf calling checkmate upon the imperial missive. I do believe that elf was sorely mistaken.”
  9. Knightei


    Chadwick nods, reading over the missive before frowning. ”The emperor has the right to ask of them to expel the enemies of man... But at what cost? Why not ask his half-brother Duke Paul in a diplomatic fashion?”
  10. Knightei


    Chadwick smiles, giving a small cheer! “Huzzah! May the Morris Rise!”
  11. Chadwick nods, signing, “Should be a welcome home apart from Helena.”
  12. Knightei


    Chadwick reads the missive, shooting out of his chair and yelling, ”Holy f***!”
  13. Knightei


    Seated in his office at the heart of Helena, Chadwick Morris, esq. reads through the statement, eyebrows shooting up at the ‘Bonded Servants’. “I do hope this section is a joke, or we can atleast see a full law given on this, for imagine the scandal of an elf holding the contract of a human! Or even the comparison of this to slavery...” Chadwick nods slowly to himself, slouching in his chair and writing to members of the Imperial Preservation Party.
  14. Knightei


    Chadwick, director of the IEC replies to the voter’s request: “Dear Sir, The IEC requires your name, not your skygod tag. Kind Regards, Chadwick Morris, esq. IEC Director”