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  1. Falkorani The Confederated Kobold Tribes MAGIC / SORCERY: Dragon Cult BRIEF DESCRIPTION / HISTORY: In the depths of the earth, they say, are great draconic hoards kept by their serpentine masters. Armoured bodies lay upon countless lifetimes of wealth, however only the foolhardy can seek to slay the owners. The alternative to this, is to worship these Dragons as gods; for what else could they be? Amongst the dark, critters scutter and none more so noble as the very descendants of the dragons themselves, the Kobolds. Colonies are birthed and destroyed in the dark with their wars against the other warrens, when they are not exterminated by other foes. They fight and die in the dark, escaping their destruction to find new homes. Rarely however, they escape the cycle of violence. The tribe of the Falkorani initiated something odd, an alliance with their peer, the Sapiruna. Recently devastated by a goblin assault, the crippled tribe was contact by Chief Earth Splitter to join together, for their Lady Below could protect them. Given no alternative to survival, the Sapiruna accepted; beginning the confederation. To the Falkorani’s surprised, The Lady Below was pleased with the sudden addition of the new tribe, for the previous hoard was added to her own. So she bestowed upon one of their own, Great Maw, a gift, Xarreth. His body twisted into a new form, Great Maw became her Lady’s champion, and headed the banner of the Falkorani. Now the tribe saw a new future, consolidation. Over the next fifty years, the Falkorani grew slowly, taking other Kobolds under their wing but avoiding the ire of their larger neighbours. However they would take note eventually. In the year 180, they put forward their fealty to the Empire of Anduvia, an overlord that would take them as they were in order to survive; and expand in the mountains. LEADER / NOTABLE CHARACTERS: Chief Earth Splitter The unifier of the Falkorani, Chief Earth Splitter has ruled the confederated tribes for close to seventy years. He is old and careful, yet wiley enough to subdue sufficient Kobold tribes under his banner to form the Falkorani, better to worship their overlord. Of course, he wasn’t alone in these efforts. Xarrerth The chosen champion of The Lady Below, Xarreth was once one of Earth Splitter. Once called Great Maw, their faith was rewarded with his new name and form. He was the banner around which Kobolds could muster. MAP LOCATION (ONLY WITHIN OR NEAR TO ANDUVIA): Pm'd UNIQUE UNIT: Gloom Stalkers Kobolds, owing to their size, avoid direct confrontation with their foes. Instead they’d rather trap, ambush and tackle them piecemeal; so enters the Gloom Stalkers. On a massed battlefield, the Gloom Stalkers are no different from some skilled archers. Again, that is not the Kobold way. They strike in the night, roving in small bands to avoid detection. In Anduvia there is not many who can boast a greater guerrilla fighting force. POINT OF INTEREST: Falkorn Deep Tunnels The Kobold tunnels of Falkorn are some of the most extensive in the world, running deeper and denser into the earth than even the dwarven mines. They unearth secrets, relics and… More for the Falkorani.
  2. "Now, now children." Osberht says, "I am not a monster from the north, I came from near Hausenberg." "But you look funny." A small Korynn goes, "You must be monster from north." "No, no, I came from the south!" the exacerbated mercenary goes. The gaggle of chuldren surround him as he marches along the river front, his eyes continuously darting upwards through to the water ahead. There must be parents around here somewhere, some one to tell me where I am precisely. The compass in his mind points south-south-west, useless really to tell him where in Korynn he is. "Where are those blasted canoes." Osberht mumbles as the children natter below him. In half a mind to simply outstrip the children by increasing his pace, he stays slow enough for them to follow. Their parents would look for them eventually. -------- The sword sings in the air, cleaving through the haft of the spear infront of him. The flash of certain knowledge, that of death, spawns in the footmans eyes as the blade hits his breastplate. The body crumples as the whirlwind moves on, a sprawl of bodies behind him as Osberht moves with inhuman quickness. There is a reason people seek his services, no one can match his ferocity when its unleashed. The dust on the plain obscures the view of the man, rain pounding down and causing the earth to churn under the weight of the armies. Osberht pauses, feeling the change in the air. The Count d'Arkese has fallen, and Osberht's skills can avail him naught. He can feel the trumble under foot, the smell of horse sweat. "****." Osberht states, noticing the enemies heavy horse turn its attention on him. Osberht is inhuman, yes, but not a god. The first horse is cleaved in two, the second's rider is smacked out of the saddle. The third holds his ground as Osberht hacks the shield apart; before a lance bursts out his chest. Osberht's mouth foams with blood, before he skewers the rider before him in a final burst of adrenaline. He falls to the ground, his life escaping him. Osberhts eyes open, a fertile valley ahead of him. ------ The canoe creaks as Osberhts ferryman carriers him towards the Nad’ynnar. The sights of the valley such a change from the dustbowls of the last few years. He sighs as he thinks to another master's death, his own too. Well that was the past now. The rumours of the river drying up intrigue Osberht, for he knows when he is needed.
  3. Osberht, the Immortal Sellsword The gasp rent the silence of the barren wasteland, startled birds flying into the amber sky. The rays of first light shine upon the dirt as it parts around a man's form. He sits upright, clothed in simple rags. He shakes his head, shaggy dark hair covering his eyes as his mind is tugged to the far horizon. A mountain range breaks the skyline as he rises from the dirt and begins travelling home. The Immortal Ronin Osberht has been in service in these lands for decades, maybe even centuries. The origins of the man is unknown, and is stronger and faster than almost any other mercenary. This however, means he does not die in battle for his corpse litters the many battlefields of the world. Yet, Osberht always returns. Some say he is a different man every time. Some say he never truly dies. The Hearth Osberht is drawn to a building in the valleys near the great river. His home. He unerringly knows its location, a needle in his mind shows the direction of the hearth like a compass. Within his home is duplicates of his arms and armaments, buried beneath it is his supposed wealth. Decades of service have lead rumours of his wealth.
  4. House of Rewi 10,421 A terrible habit, tapping your pen. It shows weakness, and impatience. Unfortunately, I cannot help it, for I am not of the highborn. They make pains to display this during our dealings. Alas they always fold, always give in to me, for how can you resist the man with the ships? He is the one that enforces his will upon the stars and yet… It always feels empty. I must find more in this void. The earth churns from the mechanised plow, cresting like a wave and falling back amongst the sodden loam. The plow, being dragged along with thirty others, is being used for the first time on Brixolara. Systal looks over her shoulder towards the destruction that has been left behind her, the flattening of forests and more to make way for the farms. A shame, she muses, all this to feed our people. The day speeds along, the minutes blend into hours, blending into days as Systal remains in her seat, tabbing stimulants and nutritional packs from the cockpits stores. Acres upon acres of land ready to be seeded. Her eyes glance up as an alert sounds in the cockpit, ground instability ahead. She presses a series of switches and a small craft floats from the back of the slowly moving tractor. Adjusting the goggles on her head, she slaves the still drone to her controls and moves it towards the suspected fault. Sensors radiate photons as an underground stream is located, one that would spoil the efficiency of the crops in the area. Systal sighs as she calls in the problem, … Nexus-23, this is Plow-241 coming in, over… … Plow-241, this is Nexus-23, what is the issue?... … Nexus-23, I have found a cat-epsilon earth instability, shall I proceed?... … Plow-241, that is a negative, return to Nexus. Nexus-23 over and out… Her face cruncing, the blood rising, Systal curses, her arms flailing in rage. Her over-time bonus, one she has racked up for a week in the cockpit, is now finished. She almost broke the record of 8 days in the cockpit. … Plow-241, this is Nexus-23, we have had an issue with Plow-176, re-route to plot 45-alpha-6-P and re-start plowing procedure, over… … Nexus-23, copy that, Plow-241 re-routing… … Plow-241, still a chance for that record, Nexus-23 over and out… +Datalog+ -Species- Glycine Mays -Origin- Cross-Hybridisation of the Soy and Maize Plants -Nutritional Quotient- High -Growth Efficiency- High -Taste Profile- Poor -Details- A staple in southern space, the Soy-Corn plant is a versatile and bland food-stuff, replacing a whole host of other species. Militaristic Actions The Fleet remains still. Diplomatic Actions Espionage - REDACTED [10 I] Espionage - REDACTED [5 I] Economic Actions Colonisation of the Los Nontaria Pass, a Tech World. [50,000 C] Colonisation of Sunzolla, a Mining World. [75,000 C] Construction of ten farms on Brixolara. [100,000 C; 10 M] ‘
  5. House of Rewi 10420 A.E. music The long glass pane wrapped the length of the horse-shoe room, a viewing gallery, into oblivion. Almost perfect darkness, the only reference is the studded view of the firmament unbroken apart from a black void in the outline of a human figure. The man surveys the distant void, taking in the views of the galaxy that can be perceived by the human eye. The great band of diffused light that comes from the arm of the Galactic core, gives a faint glow upon the man as he turns to return to the room enclosed by the gallery. A simple, almost spartan suite comes into view as the pressure door cycles open, closing on the man as he goes to take a data-terminal. His hands play upon the reports that are competing for his attention; production cycles, training reports and dossiers on individuals; all skimmed over as Akahata sails between the stars, ensuring his domain remains stable. The assorted vessels hover near the space-lane entrance, two simple corvettes there to deter civilian ships from coming near. But these are the first ships House Rewi was allowed through. These are the chosen, the successful applicants among billions. Some of the brightest, toughest and determined individuals from across the systems. Domicles left, taken eagerly by immigrants wishing to follow their path, these are the pathfinders. Fleet Bantu assemble together, taking just one jump to settle the first world, while fleet Ratae settle the second. Preliminary scans show that the people of the Bantu are the fortunate ones, but who knows in this new path? Nevertheless, the klaxons sound among the scattered ships as one-by-one they enter the paths to the new worlds. Two months drift by in the typical space boredom, the first week is exciting for those that have not travelled before, but the grey-haze of inter-system travel quickly loses it’s excitement for all but the most dedicated fans of space. Underlying all this however, is a jubilance that slowly swells. Its roots were seeded years before when Lord Akahata himself made the proclamation for the colonisation of the far rim. Unlike the ERTC, the colonists did not require a boatload of cash to sponsor themselves, simply aptitude. The tests that ensured they could survive the rigours of both space-travel and colonisation weeded many out; the contractual obligation to the House of Rewi to ensure a viable breeding population of humans in the shortest timespan turned some away also. Now are just those that wish for greater amongst their children. The two fleets drop out of the hyper-lane, a green and blue orb below them as the colonists face’s light up. Fleet Bantu is fortunate indeed, for they will never grow hungry again on a world such as this. The probes are sent down to find landing sites as Ratae re-align to the next hyper-lane, a single marker showing their path. Humanity expands once more amongst the stars, another exodus of mankind begins. +Datalog+ -System Name- Deemia -Primary Import- Fuel -Primary Export- Military Hardware {Naval/Land} -Habitability- 97% suited to human life -Cultural Festivities- Breaking of the Border {Festival to celebrate the establishment of Deemia, and the outer reach of the Corpath Dynarchy, a long dead kingdom. Coopted for celebrating the Third Empire, the current festivities are to celebrate the independence. Multiple athletic events occur on this day. See here for more details} Claustin {Gift giving day set in the middle of ‘spring’. Origin unknown, similar festivities galactic wide may point to an early Exodus origin. See here for this holiday archetype, see here for early-Exodus theories.} Militaristic Actions The fleet remains motionless for now. Diplomatic Actions Diplomats are sent to the Order of Crescent, to establish a communication window and to explore the possibility of closer ties. [MOD] An espionage network is set-up in the USSC. [5 I] An espionage network is set-up in the Order of Crescent. [5 I] Economic Actions The frame of a new Armoured Cruiser is layed down, the RS Sayonara. [50,000 C; 25 NP; 9 M; 2 A; 2 T] Agricultural colony established in Brixolara. [50,000 C] Industrial colony established in Pulmoania. [75,000 C]
  6. -House of Rewi- “House of Rewi? That desolate corner of the galaxy? Why would one wish to hear about that crap pile… Diplomatic research? Well if you must, you best break it up into three. The culture, the history of the Nehemai, and Akahata’s past. I can’t help you with the first two but the former… Let me point you to a man that I know.” -Akahata- “The 'House of Rewi' as it is so called is not an ancient stellarchy like that of Matareka or Orteau. Nor is it an expanse like Altaire or the Fourth Empire. It was born out of forty years of petty wars and destruction from the most isolated section of the Empire. Born by the hand of an orphan and, rumour has it, a pirate.” The allure of the stars captured Akahata, the snatches of talk through ventilation shafts and the sight of every Imperial warship commissioned, and it became his obsession. All-consuming, the stars are the most gluttonous receptacles for human dreams and hopes, for better and for worse. Akahata’s childhood is known only to the man himself, his homeworld glassed by the House of Storms. While he was a fully grown man by this stage, he still refuses to speak of this time. The recorded history of Akahata begins with Aokigahara, the Dread King himself. The victims in the trading fleet were lined up against the bulkhead, and the Pirate king stalked the lines before proclaiming that the youngest of each crew would survive. The rest would feel the cold embrace of the void. And so Akahata found his place in the Pirate fleet and for seven years he served the insane admiral of death. After the fall of Kaumai, most men looked at themselves and thought about how they would continue in this galaxy of hate. Most then realised they have no ability in this new world to change their lot in life and therefore continued, but not Akahata. He made his lot and slipped out of Aokigahara’s fleet with his Cruiser. Years rolled by and the fleet grew as it tore across the galaxy in the chaos of war. The ‘Manticore’, an experimental capital ship, was secured in a daring raid into a driveyard in a warzone, a tale for another time. The fleet of Akahata then lay upon what was once the stellarchy of Nehemai. -Nehemai & Culture- “Oh Nehemai, the fallen outer-rim. They lasted nought but five years after the fall of the Empire, with FWA, USSC, roving ship captains and that damn strange Crescent Order.” The Stellarchy of Nehemai was unremarkable until seventy years ago, and the rise of the FWA and Free colonies. Isolated from the galactic core, the men and women of this land remained staunchly Imperial, and with the coming of the civil war, republican after they were ignored by the Starcast throne. Remaining stalwart during the war, the fall of the Empire was the death knell for the cluster of systems that remained. It took naught but three years before the Stellarch Nehemai was assassinated and all sense of unity was lost. FWA refugees fleeing Altaire and free colony sympathisers began the tearing of the borders, where the fleets of Nehemai began to form their own personal fiefs. And as such was the status quo for eight more years, with changing hands and minor border squabbles until the fleet of Akahata arrived in the system. Three decades of conquest, Akahata himself at the helm of the Manticore as the region was engaged in war, the USSC and Order of the Crescent forcing neighbouring pockets. Akahata, during this time, was the target of reprisals from the deposed lords, becoming disfigured from an attempted gassing. A decade more passed before the current year, leaving the region in an uneasy stasis, volatile with the changing winds of the galaxy. Now the people within the space of Rewi live in uncertain peace. Having gone through the persecution of the Captain-Lords, this new ‘Lord’ has unified fifteen systems and all their idiosyncrecies. The zeal and fire of the neighbouring powers may simmer beneath the surface but the promise of new lands, Far Rim colonies uncontrolled by the ERTC, is barely keeping this undercheck. -Unique Military Units- To be Decided -Nat Idea- To be Decided E
  7. Kingdom of the Heavens Bantu baseZulwini Spring/Summer 1791 umculo The mood upon the streets is sombre as the people of Langa hear of the newest island discovered. Murmurs continue as the men and women of the Heavens begin to realise the King’s new mind. Expansion of the people of the Heavens so they could achieve their birthright. The mood turns jubilant as some other reports come to bear, the purchasing of arms to prevent their use by pirates on the open market. Other reports are willfully ignored. The building was plain and the people within hushed. Darkened windows and eyes upon passerbys. The King’s shield lay above the door but no other marking to show what it signified. The men within laboured over reports from the field. Perhaps the nation will be safe? That may or may not be true. Actions The Southern Battle Groups are spread amongst the valleys to secure more lands. [Mod] One Light Cruiser is send accompanying a scientific mission to explore ‘Installation 0078’.[Mod] Fifteen Thousand Currency is invested into a new internal espionage organisation by order of King Bangizwe. [Mod] Research Project ‘Voice of Heavens’ commences. The project is centred around improving long-range communication for telegraphs to be something simply better. The new world requires long-range planning. [Radio] - Continuation, 2 turns remaining Project ████████ - ████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███ ██ ████████████████████ ██████ [██████] - Continuation, █ turns remaining Economy Construction of two new cities, Ceza and Zwide. [60,000 C, 20 M] Construction of one Trade Depot, one Logistics District and five Materials Industries in each of Dayeni and Zungu. [145,000 C, 6 M] Construction of a Government Seat in Langa. [20,000 C, 2 M] Money invested into the Jena Pact. [5,000 C] Purchasing 30 NP. [6TP]
  8. The following signature is added to the pact: King Bangizwe Zulwini
  9. Kingdom of the Heavens Bantu baseZulwini Fall 1890 umculo The mild winter air whistles through the stalls of the Bazaar. Despite the cool atmosphere and the lack of the usual sounds of the cold, the Bantu people show a riot of colour and patterns as some subdued haggling occurs. Spotted around the bazaar however, are some faces that are becoming more common by the day. Katsumore clansmen and Aadrensveld merchants browse the wares, buying in bulk to take items home, as the trade agreements come into effect The low-lying clouds slowly part as a knife-like prow pierces its suffocating veil. Burnished steel glints as the morning sun batters down upon it. Located to the fore, with numerous portholes, the Bridge lays bare the men and women of the UWW Langa. Some operate telephone wires through the ship, taking reports from engineering, the flight decks, observation ports on the other sides of the ship, including above and below. Some men grapple the large wheel at the helm, connected hydraulically to the exhausts of the Vitriol engines as the cumbersome whale of a ship sheds off its silken cloak. Captain Muzikayise observes his men as he walks slowly around the map table at the back of the bridge, before a man enters the room. Commodore Thatha nods to his inferior and glances to the table, “All is well captain?”. “Yes Commodore, we travel with great speed across the accursed oceans. The corrosion from the spray below is of little concern.”. “Good, we don’t want to lose our nation’s pride and joy now do we! And our Pilots?”. “Also good sir, the sorties we send out to find new land spoken of are revelling in their freedom. They are taking bets on which shall be the first warrior to spot the land below.”. A chuckle escapes the Commodore, “As I am sure men are taking bets for the biggest prize on the first hunt, little changes with our people in that regard.”. Down upon the flight deck, Chipo walks from his Flight Commanders briefing. He shall be taking the South Western Quadrant, alongside his wingman Zenzele. He runs his fingers through his tight curls, his form-fit flight suit is adorned with the traditional bead frontage that displays the Pilot’s family. Proud of his heritage, he smiles as he remembers the bet he made earlier. “You ready?” Zenzele asks, his eyes darting towards his Granship. “Always Zenzele, and we’ll be the ones to bring glory to our families.”, came Chipo’s reply, as he likewise looks to his own Granship. Sleek and poised, it sat like a leopard upon the upper flight deck of the Langa. The serial number of the fighter is surrounded in a dark pattern unique to Chipo, the rest of the plane painted in bright paint underneath and neutral tones from above. He mounts the frame as he goes to sit down in the cockpit, signalling to the ground crew that he is ready to take off once his checks are made. Gracefully, the ship is moved in it’s cradle to the main deck, and once signalled, Chipo and Zenzele’s fighters lift from their cradles before screaming off to the South-West. The first days, the fires rained from the heavens. Were the spirits displeased with us? We do not still know why, the knowledge of the past is lost. The great caverns of Izintaba Ezidala took us in. Alas, for the sky fire collapsed some, and tribes were lost. But we endured, until one day the M’dali came to us. They showed us the light upon the dead world we came to. They taught us how to find clean water. The way of the Hunt that we had lost once before. The Bantu were saved. Actions Battlegroups are sent forth to secure both the land to the south of the Bantu peoples, and the land on the other side of the Underway in order to construct new cities for the people. The locals are subjugated peacefully if possible. Two are sent north and three south. [Mod] An exploration fleet is sent westward, composed of UWW Langa, it’s carrier fleet, and two escort destroyers. The ship will not travel far and retreat back to the Bantu if the westward lands are threatening the carrier, the destroyers ordered to hold a picket to ensure the Langa’s escape. [Mod] Trade deals are signed with the Eastern Katsumore Clan and Koninkrijk Aadrensveld-Rhynsland. Research Project ‘Voice of Heavens’ commences. The project is centred around improving long-range communication for telegraphs to be something simply better. The new world requires long-range planning. [Radio] - Continuation, 3 turns remaining Project ████████ - ████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███ ██ ████████████████████ ██████ [██████] - Continuation, █ turns remaining Economy Construction of two new cities, Dayeni and Zungu. [60,000 C, 20 M] Construction of a Trade Depot and two Materials Industry in Sihlalo. [32,500 C, 2 M] Construction of two Luxury Civilian Districts in Mfabeni and one in Chinso. [30,000 C, 3 M] Production of 5 Trade Vessels. [5000 C, 5 NP, 5 TP] A loan of 20,000 is given to Koninkrijk Aadrensveld-Rhynsland.
  10. Kingdom of the Heavens Bantu baseZulwini 1890 umculo Green hills sway under the wind coming off of the sea, the salt air bringing a tang to the air. Yapping can be heard as Horn wild dogs chase down an antelope. That is, before the sound of a small granship comes racing through the valley, another hot on its heels. Marked by the King’s emblem, they race over the summit towards Langa itself. The sounds and smells of the Bazaar lay heavy in the air as people barter, the sounds of singing and laughing heard from all around. People praying to the Heiromar, albeit in the Bantu’s strange way, and the undulation of voices around a bar where a water buffalo roasts upon a spit. The Bantu are a fortunate people, given the grandest land of all, and this is but the beginning. The granships move through the air past the great dome, entering through a rift in the side. The Architect Simphiwe watches through the observation port as a gaudy Church ship touches down, Bishop Ntuthuko disgorged in all his finery as he begins to chant. Simphiwe bows his head as the first prayer that must have been uttered down below. The landed ship has more priests and holy men leave the bowels as they begin to disperse through the city, bedecked in their beaded reinments. Simphiwe looks back, seeing the other planners, architects, foremen and more that have gathered on this freighter’s deck. Contracted by King Bangizwe himself, the Great Hands Company was to construct this old-one city back to habitability. Simphiwe smiles faintly as the initial reports were pored over once more, the sheer marvel of the construction and how it has lasted is astounding to the Bantu men. “The roads need -” “The pipes along this -” “The construction of -”, the numerous voices were finishing their respective meetings around the table. Simphiwe rolls his shoulders slowly under the leopard skin cloak before he begins. “Men, we have a task ahead! We have been charged by the People to great works! A new city based on the ancients! We shall learn much as we strike the earth, and open the sky!” It is a hive without any bees to build the walls with golden bricks of honey. A cave cluttered with a millstone, calabashes of sour milk claypots of foaming beer sleeping grass mats wooden head rests tanned goat skins tied with riempies to wattle rafters blackened by the smoke of kneaded cow dung burning under the three-legged pot on the earthen floor to cook my porridge. Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali Actions Claim Trade Hegemon A Scouting Party of 1 LC and 2 D to the south to discover the lay of the land in the peninsular. [Mod] A Scouting Party of an infantry battlegroup is sent through the Underway, to establish a beachhead for further settlement. Ambassadors reach out to the fellow southern nations of Varnyn and Reismark [Mod] Other agents are sent forth [Mod] Consecration of Sihlalo [Mod] [10,000C] Research Project ‘Voice of Heavens’ commences. The project is centred around improving long-range communication for telegraphs to be something simply better. The new world requires long-range planning. [Radio] Project ████████ - ████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███ ██ ████████████████████ ██████ [██████][Mod] Economy Conversion of 26 TP to C [195,000C] Construction of the southern Domed City, to be renamed Sihlalo [1 AP, 20,000C, 5M] Construction of 18 Materials Industry [180,000C]
  11. Bantu baseZulwini Kingdom of the Heavens The Kingdom’s Banner Listen here young children, for I shall teach you the history of our people. uMdali saved us. We, theBantu baseZulwini, were shielded by the wrathful fires in the Conflagration,our feared Ukuvutha itself. But we the Bantu stayed strong, and our spirit was unbroken. In those days we were children to what came before and after, but uMdali was kind. First, the lesson of the hunt, for we stalked the lands and forests to assert our place in this world. Yes, the uMdali taught us first, and the lessons we teach you now come from those times! Next came the fire, and yes we were scared, Ukuvutha was fresh in our minds. But the Bantu are strong in spirit, something you must uphold! Remember, the Bantu are the uMdali’s chosen for the amazulu, and you will guide us to that place! No, young one, I am much too old to realise that dream… It is the young’s birthright. As we spread amongst the plains, we encountered others on the plains. They were like us, and joined the Bantu. You would be hard pressed for their names however, for it was many years ago. Some, however, decided that their tribe was destined for the stars, and attempted to subjugate the Bantu! Yes, the unbroken souls were hard pressed before our King. Yes, the first King, Langa succeeded his father as a clan chief amongst the Bantu. He swept the plains with the Bantu united and defeated these enemy clans! Langa pressed his advantage, and the Bantu expanded until the days of Langa became few in number. The King’s last decree was to settle in a great city upon the site of his death, and central of his plain. Yes, our fair city of Langa comes from the reign of our first king. Much has grown, for the uMdali were kind to us. The years cycled past as the Bantu expanded in our peninsular, until the first granship was invented. Ai, it is a fine thing, the granships, one that captivated our people. For now we could almost touch the amazulu, and we took to the skies. I can see all your faces now, hungry to pilot amongst the skies. Well, I am sure King Bangizwe has room in his hangers for you all! But yes, we took to the skies, and our neighbours warred. But now, the vitriol is dwindling… Yes, you will have to defend our land and secure our future young ones. But that is the story of the Bantu baseZulwini, and you should be proud of your birthright. National Idea Desire for the Heavens The Bantu baseZulwini have an innate desire to fly Granships, and as such their trading depots are some of the most heavily populated by trading vessels. As such, the hive of commerce which occurs there is more numerous than elsewhere. +1 TP from Trade Depots Traits Military: Advanced Logistics Economic Focus: Trade Hub Society: Globalist Deficiency: Coal Army Doctrine: Air Power Naval Doctrine: Carriers Economy Type: Trade PoI Airfields of Langa One of the largest granports in the south of the world, it is a hub of trade goods. The expanse of docking space available to the skies is obscene, all laid across a vast bazaar and market below. Some say anything can be found in the Granport. Acts as a Trade depot in Langa, provides an extra 2 TP. Uniques Langa-Class Carrier When King Bangiwze noted the voracity of the Bantu people towards Granships, he realised how many pilots would wish to have a craft they could fly of their own. As such, he embraced the plan for the multitude of small ships in his fleet. The Langa Carrier is one of the largest in the Continent, boasting a second flight deck that many Bantu call home. Carriers have +3 capacity. Umkhonto Bombers The Bantu way of fighting with the spear requires only a precise strike to be effective. As such, the Bantu baseZulwini embraces this philosophy, with great emphasis on using the underslung torpedoes to hit Granships with great precision. Impi-Class Light Cruiser The Bantu Light Cruiser is aimed at hitting enemy lines hard and fast, a spearhead that allows the airwing of carriers to stream into the gap they have made. They are more heavily armoured than their contemporaries to allow for the beating they may take. Light Cruisers have +1 armour.
  12. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 Summer 3251 音楽 Blood has been spilt, first on the land of the Shogunate and then across the river. Great spits of flame erupt as balls of iron are hurtled to one side or another. Men, toiling under the hell fire. Away from the Yodo river, the tributary to the Sugon, there is angst amongst the people as news and rumours of the magicians of Iurd spread. Perhaps, this is something to be capitalized on? The wind swept the dew covered grass as the Kazi Kihei patrolled the banks of the Yodo. Lightly armoured in the distinctive Kawaharan style and his trusted rifle slung in a mount, Takao scans his eyes across the horizon. The rumours in the camp are on all out war, with the Maritime Commonwealth being invaded and the joint Pith and Procterland bombardment of the Kempennese capital signalling it is the start of the attack from the Shogunate. There has, however, been no indication that this will be the case. Takao’s troop continues on up the river, an hour passing before they sight the Outsider bridge. The colossal structure defies common sense, the very stone of the bridge seems to warp reality around it and make it seem more real, almost, than the world around it. As they continue on their way, they notice another troop of horse riders. Riders without Sashimono adorning them. Takao let loose a shout as the Kempennese Lancers come into view, the war cries of his compatriots sounding out as they raise their rifles and start to load them. Trotting ever closer, Takao watches as the Kemp horse spots them and turns, retreating back to the bridge. Cowards, he thought as his mind drifted away from a possible reward from presenting the first head of the war. --- Shiro’s spade split the clay-like earth beneath him, the thwap of the metal sounding out amongst the choir of digging. They began the work four days ago, ordered to start construction under the very nose of the Kempenese. “Do you think they know about this fort being built?” Kou naively asked the older men. “If they don’t they are mōmoku!” came back the response from the burlier Norio. The men were all professionals, construction workers contracted by the Shogunate government to build on the border. Some men turned down the offer, citing too great a danger, but Shiro figured that since war wasn’t declared they were safe. “If they didn’t know about the fort, Kou’s questions would make them realise quick!” Shiro said in jest, laughing with the rest of the men as the teenager blushed. Shiro stood, arching his back to relieve the pain of the days digging. He looked around to see the beginnings of the fort take shape to the parties north, work having started there previously. His eyes glanced northwards to see the glint of sunlight from the mouth of a cannon, pointing across the river Yodo. Hopefully they won’t be needed. As the day dragged on, a bassy boom could be heard, followed by a whistling noise and a much more immediate explosion. Shiro’s head rose suddenly as he saw men being scattered nearby from a cannon shot. More explosions were sounded as more Kempennese cannon open fired upon the builders constructing the fort, Shiro diving to the ground in cover. The sound of men screaming was cut through by a sharp shout from a shogunate Gishi, the military engineers overseeing the fort construction, “RUN YOU NOROMA, TAKE COVER!”. At this insistence, Shiro started to scramble to his feet, the Kawahara cannons firing back over head. Glancing left he saw Kou on the ground screaming, taking a moment to process that his legs were gone. Adrenaline pumping, Shiro ran to relative safety behind earthworks the Gishi had constructed. --- Smoke obscured Hataka’s view as the strong smell and taste of saltpetre permeated the air. Ears ringing, he stands with his ramrod , surging forwards to ram the wadding down the barrel. His arms are burning as he continues with the bombardment. According to the Rikugun, they’re holding their own against a larger force. Pride swells in his chest as a cheer comes up from the observation post nearby, another Kemp cannon gone! A cannon ball smacks into the earthworks in front of the cannon, snapping Hataka back to reality. The whistling as the cannon ball deflects over head as the cannonball is loaded into the muzzle by Shin. A toothy smile comes from the wizened man, his back stooped from carrying the heavy cannon balls. Stepping forwards Hataka forces the ball down the muzzle, looking up to Katashi who was standing with a burning lint. Behind him, the barrels of earth and gravel are rolled out of the path of the cannon as Hataka and Shin go to drag the cannon into place. “Hi!” came the order as Katashi lights the fuse and the cannon fires again, rocketing backwards against the blocks in the floor. The sound reverberates in space again as the barrels of earth are rolled back. The artillery men look to one another as the officer returns, “That's enough for now men, you get a rest.”. Cheering and laughing to one another, the group step back and sit on the grassy bank, removing the wads of cloth stuffed into their ears. “How much longer sir?” Katashi asked the officer, “We’ve been pounding away for days, they can’t have the stomach for it much longer.” “Not long, some of their batteries have been spotted moving away. An hour at most before the last of their cannons fire.” Came the reply, as Katashi nods. He looks up as a neighbouring cannon crew steps up to the plate, ready to fire. They go through the motions and as they roll back the earthworks, a distant boom sounds. Light flashed as the cannon is enveloped in an explosion, the Kempenese cannoneers firing true. As the smoke died down, the men run over seeing the destroyed cannon. Mangled bodies and tortured metal surround the pit. Hours later, Katashi hears the order to stand down. The Kemp artillery retreated. Down below a shout can be heard as men begin building the fort once more. The Kemp aggression to prevent the fort was for nought. 色は匂えど – Even the blossoming flowers 散りぬるを – Will eventually scatter 我が世誰ぞ – Who in our world 常ならん – Is unchanging? 有為の奥山 – The deep mountains of karma— 今日越えて – We cross them today 浅き夢見じ – And we shall not have superficial dreams 酔いもせず – Nor be deluded. The creaking of the door sounds out through the shop, the apothecary raising a brow from the stockroom. Taking a moment to compose himself, he hears multiple heavy footfalls, a cold flush going through him. He glances at the window nearby, considering the route he’d need to escape before a voice sounds out, “We know you’re there, and before you run, there are men in the alley.”. Shaking his head, the apothecary walks out to the main shop, ruefully looking at the rows of vials in the small space. He knew that someone would come for him, but his eyes widen at the men displayed in front of him, none of them seeming from the circles he makes money from. “We have heard rumours about you, that you know of people that are normally shunned.” Came the reply from the first man. “I… I don’t kno-.” “Not the criminals you associate with, the magicians.The shogunate has summoned them, to combat Iurd.” Confusion passes the apothecaries face, as the men sit him down to speak about these matters... Trade with the Westmark Republic, exporting 8 tonnes of weapons for seven hundred and fifty Kawahara Yen each. Recruitment of the following regiments: two Gishi, four line infantry, two Kazi Kihei, one light cannon, and three medium cannon. Upgrading the fortress in Soeda to a polygonal starfort. War Actions. Men are sent to find Magicians and Magic users throughout the Shogunate… And to entice those in neighbouring nations to the Shogunate also. [4000 Yen] Diplomats are sent to Westerveld and the Yashida Shogunate.
  13. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 Spring 3251 War! With the conflict of Kempennen being realised across the border, the country speaks of the great honour to be found in battle. Trade with the Westmark Republic, exporting 10 tonnes of steel for four hundred Kawahara Yen each. Building of one town in the Province of Saiki. Building of one foundry in the Province of Saiki. Building of one gunpowder mill in the Province of Saiki. Building of one factory in the Province of Saiki. Building of one fortress in the Province of Soeda. Recruitment of the following regiments: one carabiners, four light cannon, four medium cannon, and two horse drawn rifled medium cannon. Both the 1st and 2nd Exploratory Divisions are sent to the Province of Soeda to take part in Military Action. The First Corps is in military action in E24. Condemned criminals are sent to see if the vault in the mountains can be accessed peacefully.
  14. The Kawahara Shogunate 川原 音楽 A state of unease lays over the Shogunate as the winter settles in. The news from across from Lake Towada disturbs the leadership as a potential ally falls to infighting. As the land unclaimed around the Shogunate shrinks, news of the metal men in the north leads to discussions between men of flesh and blood about the potential expansion of the Shogunate in the future… Be it lay with their Germanic neighbour they are friendly with; the unholy men of iron to the north; the weakened state of Pith to the east; or even the mighty bear of Kempannen to the south. The generals Hirata and Sobuka greet each other, the two having not seen each other for months. “Our final adventure friend. The last frontier for the Shogunate before our noses must be bloodied.” Hirata would start. “Yes, and thankfully we have had this avenue to expand. We can manage for a few years now without war, no bloodshed for our people is always to be in need.” Sobuka replies. “Well, regarding that. We have other orders once we are done here.” Hirata says, handing Sobuka a folded piece of parchment. Reading it, Sobuka frowns and sighs, “I see.” he says, “Well it was inevitable.” The two Exploratory Divisions muster, the light playing off of the lacquered helmets. Muskets and rifles dip up and down with the step of the men, and the whinnying of horses are heard as the dragoons and Kazi Kihei scout out the land. The Shogunate is pacifying the last land available to them without bloodshed. The room, full of incense, look at each other in their kimonos, the shoji insulating them from prying ears. The faces of the Kawahara men are implacable, as their tradition demands, waiting for the first man to speak. One slowly raises himself from his seat, composed before he begins the meeting. “Greetings to all of you here. I have little to say but get to the point. The mongaikan have left us the great roads we use, ones we can never hope to replicate for many years to come. They also have left other Ibutsu, the relics of magic, that we are lacking in. The rise of those metal men in the north are proof of such gifts, and while we do not need to fear these iron warriors for now, we must seek out other ibutsu like them. They may be useful or not, and while the curse follows them; we must succeed. Many of you here have devoted your lives to the shogunate and some of you shall lose it in this search. We have given funds for your use in this search, and we expect the best from you.” Trade with the Kingdom of Procterland, eight tonnes of materials for one thousand and one hundred Kawahara Yen each. Building of one town in the Province of Kurei. Building of one foundry in the Province of Kurei. Building of two factories in the Province of Kurei. Building of two Gunsmiths in each of the following Provinces: Ayaba, Soeda, Iwata, Furano, and Gujo. Building of one steel mill in each of the following Provinces: Ayaba, Soeda, Iwata, Furano, and Gujo. Recruitment of the following regiments: one of Lancers, four of Dragoons, two of Carabiners, and one of Light Cannon. Both the 1st and 2nd Exploratory Divisions are sent to the last unclaimed province in the north (F32), in order to secure it for the Shogunate. The First Corps remains in Soeda, drilling and preparing for action… Perhaps later in this season? Orders remain standing waiting on some signal. The Gishi, the Shogunate sappers, prepare ammo & supply dumps for the army, improving infrastructure and stockpiling building materials for the army to use. Men are sent to scour the Shogunate and their lands for the location of ‘Relics’ from the outsiders, for now they have two thousand Kawahara Yen at their disposal.
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