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  1. "God bless Adria." Fyodor Tuvyic says.
  2. Such shitty fuckin changes lmao. classic staff move to make an arbitrary change and then refuse to elaborate because “all i am allowed to say is x” x = big fat nothing burger imagine a world where staff actually spent time fixing things that are broken instead of implementing changes that even further break the dynamic of the game and trust between its players. Can’t have shit in detroit.
  3. Curunir Maeyr’onn reads over this most recent proclamation, wondering unknowingly to himself where exactly the Asulir is.
  4. If you weren't initially a part of a magic or CA community you shouldn't be trying to rewrite its lore as your own.

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    2. Neviah


      the added link holy shit squak LMAO

    3. Adelemphii


      racial buff plugin but only for golems @squakhawk

    4. monkeypoacher


      if you feel like your goblin lore is original you should write a short story about it, or a homebrew ttrpg setting or something. the whole point of LoTC is to take the setting other people created and build on it. imagine telling a new player who earnestly wants to delve into ancient forbidden lore to discover how to be a necromancer "No" - because the guys who played the old left and no one else can be necromancers out of respect for them. what??

  5. i love vampires lmao

  6. Hit me up if you want to play a golem.

  7. Lotc. Lotc never changes.

  8. "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya." Answered Curunir Maeyr'onn to this.
  9. THE BALLOT ((MC Name: Bvrzvm)) Name: Curunir Maeyr'onn Vote 1: Luthien Maeyr'onn Vote 2: Luthien Maeyr'onn "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya"
  10. "Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya." Curunir Maeyr'onn said aloud upon this proclamation.
  11. Delete corcitura please

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    2. alexmagus


      @HIGH_FIREwhat would you count as a very rare good corc rper.

    3. HIGH_FIRE


      @alexmagusSomeone who rps out the curses properly and works to build something of the vampirism, rather than using it's life lengthing properties or using it for strength and healing to do anime protag rp

    4. Unwillingly


      let ppl have fun

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