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  1. These are some cool clarifications and additions, but with Striga having been removed for unclarified lore issues only to have some of their features as proddy and tentoa said, taken and further implemented into Siliti I find a bit questionable. No hate to Siliti here; as someone who really appreciates vampirism I can acknowledge the potential that this can add to rp. But with that said if a rewrite for Striga is ever intended to be made, soaking up their features into other pieces of lore is going to make it that much harder for a new write to be made.
  2. Fyodor eyed the flaming crater in Dobrov, scratching his head with a grimace. "She really did it..."
  3. Count Fyodor Carrion pulled his blade from the torso of a fallen dwarven enemy upon the deck of their steamship as a deafening silence befell the scene of the battle then concluded. He glanced upwards to find the host of that ship dead and defeated, bellowing a victorious cheer alongside his eldest son and countrymen as he lifted that blade up into the air.
  4. Fyodor Carrion, Count of Dobrov, tries to find his name on the invite list and fails.
  5. Fyodor Ostrovich sighs in disappointment.
  6. A certain Elverhilin in some far off place regards the memories of his cousin fondly, their time in the sons, and their time spent bantering at one another for simple entertainment. A somber look finally overcame his expression as he let out a heavy sigh and lifted a palm to his forehead. How long had it been since he'd felt loss? Since he'd felt anything? "We will remember him," the elf thought to himself before rising from his spot under a great looming oak to continue onwards... The memories of Zolvan would indeed, never fade.
  7. What is thy name? Curunir Elibar'acal [OOC: What is your username and Discord handle?] Maclunkey#7147 What is thy race? Mali'thill From which talonii do thou hail, if mali’thill? Elibar'acal Art thou pure? Yes If not, do thou wish to be? N/A What is thou age? 37 Dost thou pledge thy troth and loyalty to the Silver Mother, Larihei, and her state? Yes
  8. Fyodor Ostrovich read over the missive in silence, pallid features flashing a deep red as he read over the names on the page, a warped scowl marking his countenance. In a fit he tore the parchment to pieces and cast them into the nearby hearth.
  9. Gonna create a medieval metal band and slay people with my epic lute riffs. Based and musicpilled +1
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