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  1. Yes, I'm making this golem.
  2. Kypris'dionne dances and whips her hair back and forth.
  3. ((Minecraft Name:)) Luvette ((Skype:)) Luv.jpg Name: Kypris'Dionne What are your current voidal talents? Arcanism, Transfiguration, and Telekinesis. Do you accept any and all consequences of participating in a relatively unknown and untested voidal craft?((Simple yes or no)) Yes.
  4. But are Strigae really a thing?
  5. Position applied for: Steward + Tavern Tenant Name: Kypris'dionne Race: Mali'aheral Do you currently live within the Dominion?: No Do you have any relevant experience?: Yes, I helped in the Caliphate in Vailor and Celein, ((OOC for organization on my behalf)) MCname: Luvette Timezone: EST Skype: You have it
  6. The deed is done, and so am I.
  7. Kypris will be teaching this young sorceress.
  8. Kypris is in fact teaching this girl some stuff!
  9. Kypris'dionne smiles from The Lodge, she'd chuckle before putting down the copied parchment. She'd lean over the mali'ame woman who stood next to her before breaking out into laughter. "I knew they'd come around."
  10. I did indeed make this thing
  11. Can I be the snake?
  12. https://gyazo.com/a0838a3a94b8c58d963e9a0a3d9bc4db Are you drunk?
  13. I don't think this is appropriate